How To Find Solo Ads That Work

If you're looking to build your list or promote a product, then solo are one of the many ways to go. But finding high-converting solo ad offers can be difficult and time consuming. This article will open your eyes to the world of solo ads, and show you how find solo ads that work, how to understand the metrics you need to come to that conclusion, as well as helping you find places or people to help you get decent solo ads. 

What Are Solo Ads?

Before we go any further, it's probably worth going back over exactly what solo ads are, if you haven't checked out the beginners guide to solo ads, I would highly recommend it, especially if you are brand new. 

A solo ad is a one time 'blast' that is sent to a provider email list, or added as part of an ad campaign, to a promotion or link of your choice. It can be landing pages, offers, articles, or any number of links. But usually they work best with an offer and a landing page

For those just after a high level, quick overview, have a look at the below diagram to see how they work.

How To Find Solo Ads That Work 2 how to find solo ads that work

The majority of the time, you, the customer would find a solo ad provider, to purchase a set number of clicks or visitors to a particular landing page.

The solo ad provider, usually called a vendor, will create either a brand new PPC campaign (using adverts to drive clicks to landing pages that then offer your landing page as a secondary) or they send out email campaigns to their lists. Most of the time using a link rotator to swap in/out your landing page link to ensure the right number of visitors see it. 

The landing page that you created will capture that email address and show the offer too them, thus allowing you to then send follow up emails and more to hopefully turn them into buyers.

For those looking for a solo ad god, check out James, and see how he is making solo ads work for him. 

Where To Buy Solo Ads & How To Find Solo Ads That work On Them?

This one of the main points to master when it comes to finding solo ads that really do work, finding either a decent marketplace, or vendor within that marketplace that can provide you with high quality clicks and visitors. 

If you haven't checked it out, I would highly recommend the Breakout Code 2.0 training, and the Little Black Book offer. It is an upsell, but it provides you with some of the best vendors and marketplaces to get high quality traffic (plus the numbers to prove they work). 


One of the most popular sites, Udimi is a solo ads marketplace, designed to offer a variety of sellers, at a varying degree of prices. Udimi allows anyone to sign up and browse through their hundreds of sellers, finding one that fits your criteria. 

How To Find Solo Ads That Work 3 how to find solo ads that work

You will find everyone from; large sellers, with hundreds of reviews and lots of repeat customers, down to new sellers who may have 1 or 2 customers and are out trying to prove their worth. 

Traffic from Udimi can be hit and miss, but we will go through a few steps to increase the chances of finding a decent seller. 

Udimi actually offer a number of metrics you can use, including;

  • 'I got sales'
  • 'This is a good solo'
  • 'Number of repeat buyers'

High Number Of Reviews

One of the metrics that you can use is looking at the number of 'good solo' AND 'got sales' markers left on sellers marketplace listings. These can give you at least some indication if a seller is going to be decent, though each solo is different, a higher number of positive reviews increases that chance. 

How To Find Solo Ads That Work 4 how to find solo ads that work

Looking at the image above, you can see 2 main items that stand out. 

  • Seller A has got 775 'Good solo' ratings, 11 'Bad Solo' ratings, but also a 42% 'I got sales' rating. 
  • Seller B has got 766 'Good Solo' ratings, 0 bad ratings, and 38% 'I got sales' ratings.

Both of these sellers look to be quite good, with Seller A getting a few 'bad solo' ratings, but having a high number of 'got sales' ratings pretty much evens it out. If I was going to buy from these, I would test ride both of them, as well as looking at the next metric we will look at below.

Note - When I look at choosing sellers, I try to weight up all 3 of these ratings, though I am sometimes cautious of people who have never had a bad rating, especially after 700+ sales, as it can sometimes suggest they are offering bonuses or additional clicks for good ratings (There is no way of knowing this without buying from them, but worth keeping in mind). 

Repeat Buyers

A brilliant metric, and one that should always be combined with 'good' ratings and 'I got sales' ratings, is the number of repeat buyers, or the total percentage of repeat buyers. 

If a seller has a decent number of repeat buyers, it usually indicates that people are actually happy with the results, they have made sales, the open rates are good and the click rates etc work really well. 

How To Find Solo Ads That Work 5 how to find solo ads that work
How To Find Solo Ads That Work 6 how to find solo ads that work

If we take this final metric into analyse, we can now see that Seller A has a slightly higher repeat buyer rating, this means that 23% of the sales are from repeat customers, with people coming back to buy again. 

Taking this into account, I would be more inclined to check out Seller A, just due to the fact there does seem to be more repeat buyers coming back for more. 

Large Buyers Using Them

You are not always going to be able to spot this, or know who the large buyers are and it can take some manual work (you can just get told the exact sellers large buyers use), but on occasion you can spot a trend. 

Each seller has a feedback and rating list, whereby you can see what other buyers have said, within these lists you MAY find repeat buyers with big orders. 500  - 1000+ at a time. 

How To Find Solo Ads That Work 7 how to find solo ads that work
How To Find Solo Ads That Work 8 how to find solo ads that work

As you can see from this particular seller, they have a number of repeat buyers (3rd July, 25th June are both the same guy), as well as a lot of high traffic runs, in the 500's, rather than smaller 50 - 100 trial runs. 

With people willing to spend roughly $300 a time (and 500 the max this seller can do per time), it shows they are providing high quality traffic. 

Check The Stats (Open Rates/Clicks)

The final stage for finding solo ads that works, especially when it comes to Udimi, is checking your stats. You will usually hear people telling you to buy a test run, sometimes 50 or so clicks. 

To really understand the seller, you are probably going to have to shell out a little more than that, I recommend looking at around 100 - 200 if you can afford to do so. 

With a decent converting signup page, you can expect 40 - 120 new signups, which is a starting point on understand open rates and clicks. These two metrics are just as important, if not more important than the others.

A high open rate shows the new subscribers are active (and not dead, bot traffic) and a high clickthrough rate suggests the offers or emails you are sending are hitting the right tone with your subscribers. 

Test your new audience out over 5 - 10 days, checking each email as you go. The better the open and click rate, the better the traffic (usually). 

Note - If you want decent reporting, plus the ability to build your first 1,000 subscribers without having to pay for a platform, check these guys out.

Traffic Blade

Away from marketplaces, there are of course other platforms or places you can buy solo ad traffic. One of these sites, is called Traffic Blade, they are a single vendor, solo ad specalist. They just provide solo ad traffic for their clients. 

Unfortunately you can't see as many metrics as you can with say Udimi, and a lot of the tips or tricks you are going to have to use, are ones that you can measure yourself. 


These guys have got heaps of reviews, though of course it's difficult to see full stats, but they do have some big marketers (including people you will find on Udimi) providing their feedback and review. As far as I am aware, there is no kickback or insensitive to leave a good review, so these guys have done it willingly. 

High Tier Countries

A point you will also find on Udimi, is the % of traffic that comes from Tier one countries. Countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe are seen as high quality, countries who have money willing to spend and want to buy whatever it is you may have. 

Compared with countries such as India, Africa or parts of China whereby the quality can be a lot lower (higher traffic exchanges) and people just trying to find free goodies without ever wanting to buy. 

TrafficBlade offer either an 85% or 100% Tier 1 country option, depending on budget, though the difference in price isn't that much (I would personally pay the extra $10 per 100 visitors).

Pre-Warmed Traffic

A service that Traffic Blade offer is again something that may be difficult to prove or track without running numbers yourself, but they do claim that their traffic is 'red hot' and that these people are waiting to find the next 'hot item' etc. 

Of course, this would have to be tested with test runs, checking open rates and clickthrough rates. 

Learning From Big Buyers

I actually spoke to a number of Warrior+ vendors and a few big buyers who all mentioned Traffic Blade as their secondary, or first source of traffic when it comes to solo ads. They are more expensive, at $0.79 per visitor for the expert package, roughly 50% more than you would see on Udimi, which is why they may be the secondary place to purchase their solos. 

Check The Stats (Open Rates/Clicks)

Much like Udimi, the final test for finding solo ads that works, is checking your stats. TrafficBlade have got 100 visitor packages, both in the expert and Beginner sections, these will cost you more than the standard Udimi prices, but in theory these should be better conversions.

The optin or conversion rate these guys go for is 30%, so you should be getting 30ish high quality signups (which is always better than 60 low quality signups). 

As with other platforms and site, you want to monitor these new subscribers, checking how active they are and if they are clicking through. TB offer a 7 day follow up, which I would recommend grabbing and tweaking yourself. 

Again, high open rate and clickthrough rates suggest a decent traffic source. 

Wayne Crowe

The final vendor on this list, is Wayne Crowe, he used to be big on Udimi, then split off and basically sold this solos on his own platform. I assume to save on the fees, as well as allowing him to sell his own training and products. 

Wayne is pretty big in the solo ads world these days, though he pretty much exclusively sells them from his own OSLP system

As with TB, it's more difficult to check how good the solos are, though a lot of it comes from trust and running your own tests on his traffic and offers. 

You can find reviews and info about the OSLP system and his products, which may help, and you will always find people who have used them to run traffic and offers. 

Testing And Reviewing Data

For Wayne, I would always say it's worth running a test solo ad. Reviewing your signups, clickthrough and open rates. 

Pricing is the same of TB, starting at around $99 for 100 visitors, so again higher than Udimi, but the traffic is 100% Tier 1, and captured via PPC (so no swaps or random people). 

I would expect that his email list is also built from his affiliate programs, so you buying a product, or being part of his program, MAY get you added to a solo list (though I don't know if that is the case). 

How Much Do Solo Ads Cost?

Prices can vary so much these days, from experience, I have found solo ads that cost a little more, $70 - $100+ per 100 visitors are usually of better quality, as it means the person has spent more to attract that lead to begin with (or at least let's hope they have). 

Ones that cost around the $35 per 100 rarely give results, and from testing them they are usually low quality, or not interested in offers etc. I have said similar in the past with services such as 10DollarSoloAds. If people are selling them for that cheap, then they could have used burnt out lists and are not that responsive. Other methods include generating their lists and leads via a shady methods (pop-unders, traffic exchanges) or they are not of the country that they stated they where and are being routed via VPNs to pretend the yare Tier 1. 

Do not be afraid to pay a little more for a solo ad, if your initial testing has proven to show good open rates, clickthrough rates and even sales. A solo ad should make you money. 

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

As with any traffic method, you will have good days and bad days with it. It will ultimately come down to if you can find a vendor that works for you, and you are willing to put in the work to email and communicate with your subscribers. 

If you buy a solo ad, and then do nothing with it, or simply leave the list to die, then you haven't utilised it and monetised it too its full potential. The same with SEO or PPC style traffic methods. 

At the end of the day, a Solo Ad should make you money, it should provide a return on that investment, either via the front-end offer, or via a follow up email exchange. 

How To Make Money With Solo Ads

The most basic format for those running solos ads or using solo ads to grow their email lists and build their business, is via either providing a free gift/eBook on a landing page, then after they have signed up, show them an offer for a product. Once they have signed up, you can then promote other offers and products too them, this is usually seen as a follow up. 

Others will use solo ads towards certain products, for example using Legendary Marketers pre-made funnel landing pages to capture emails, and let Legendary Follow up with them, which again with a decent provider, isn't a bad idea, though you may need to warm them up further before they buy anything beyond the $7 business builder. 

How To Find Solo Ads That Work - Final Thoughts

Solo ads come down to testing and finding a few vendors, or platforms that work for you, but don't become complacent. Talking to the solo ad buyer god himself James Fawcett, always check your stats and ensure that you are getting consistent open rates, buyers and clickthrough. If you start to see a drop, or things start to go south, do not be afraid to stop using them and move on, re-test and find someone new. 

Have you got any other tips that might help people find solo ads that work for them? Drop them below and share the wealth.