How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing

Trying to use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing might be an awesome way of generating income, especially if you are great at ads and funnels.

Clickfunnels makes affiliate marketing easy. You’ll always have the option of using affiliate links to generate revenue, but using a funnel could be so much more lucrative. Funnelling does a few things that make it more successful than any other affiliate marketing process.

Clickfunnels is one of the best programs used for building funnels. 

There are three specific things that make Clickfunnels your best option for affiliate marketing strategies.

Clickfunnels Assists With Follow Ups

Clickfunnels will collect important information from your website’s visitors.The most vital piece of information being the visitor’s email addresses. This is done on an opt-in page. You can then create multiple follow up emails that target the visitor as many times as you wish. These emails will continue to automatically subject the visitor to the items you are marketing, again and again. This results in more customers, which means more money for you.

Clickfunnels Will Make Upselling Simple

Clickfunnels creates a funnel that ultimately leads to a sale. Once the visitor opts in, providing you with their email, they will be directed to a sales page. This page can offer a free gift- a seminar, how-to, visitor, e-book, or training of some sort, or go straight into a purchase.

Freebies are great at generating traffic to your website. Once the visitors subscribe to the freebie they can be directed to another page that tries to upsell. Whether they purchase the upsell, (item you are marketing), or not, they will receive emails that continue to promote it.

Clickfunnels Creates An Easy Transition

Clickfunnels makes the process simple. A visitor is directed to your page, likely through a link on your blog, social media, or through an email. Then they opt in when they enter their email address. After they enter their email they will be automatically directed to the sales funnel.

The sales page can contain a video, seminar, article, or freebie. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use as the bridge page. There will be a button of some sort that enables them to make a purchase, or obtain a freebie.

If they make a purchase, they will be funnelled to a thank you page. If not, they will be targeted with marketing for the product until they either make a purchase or unsubscribe. Clickfunnels makes the funnelling process easy. You’re work is done, just keep targeting potential consumers with the affiliate link and your webpage link.

Clickfunnels Allows Funnel Variations

You literally create your own sales funnel with Clickfunnels. You can add in multiple pages to increase the amount of money you make. A few examples are

Bonus Page- The product you are marketing may offer you bonus options to give away with the product you are selling. When visitors click on the bonus, it will send them to the cart. Offering bonuses helps sway buyers into a purchase.

Buyer’s Opt In- Creates a list of emails for you of people who purchased. Allowing you to create another set of emails that may encourage the customer to make a second purchase. Allowing you to make more money off of a previous customer.

Affiliate Marketing for Clickfunnels

Think you can handle affiliate marketing?

Consider selling Clickfunnels. It’s a legitimate product to market, and the commission is better than average. You can use the program to market the program. It’s simple and convenient.

There are a couple reasons Clickfunnels would be a great candidate for you.

Clickfunnels Offers Great Commission

The commission on Clickfunnels is forty percent. That’s a pretty good percentage on it’s own. Some would even say it’s industry leading. There’s more to it! The commission for Clickfunnels is reoccurring. That means you will earn forty percent month after month. You will earn money off your customer for however long they choose to continue usage of Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Tracks Cookies

When a visitor utilises your affiliate link for Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels uses cookies to track the visitor back to you. This is great because some visitors will not purchase right away. They may take time to think about it, get distracted, or need extra incentive. Suppose they return to Clickfunnels later and purchase the program. Clickfunnels will know that you exposed them to the offer and give you commission.

Clickfunnels Offers Commission on Related Purchases

Anything sold by Clickfunnels is included in the forty percent commission. If your visitor purchases Clickfunnels then upgrades their package, you will earn a commission on it. If they choose to purchase Russell’s books, you will earn a commission on those as well.

Clickfunnels Offers You Even More

You will also receive a five percent commission on the sign ups of any affiliate you brought to Clickfunnels. That means that after your visitor purchases Clickfunnels, they may choose to become an affiliate themselves. If they do, you will earn a five percent commission on each of their leads, as well as your own.

Clickfunnels Offers Weekly Payment

Many commission earnings are only available for payout once a month. Clickfunnels is different. They offer weekly payout, provided you make payout minimums. This is especially beneficial if you’ve really put in the work and are earning thousands of dollars each month.

To benefit from affiliate marketing with Clickfunnels, you will need to attract visitors. The best way to do this is to advertise the webpage link everywhere.

Paste it on your social media accounts, email it to your friends and family, encourage them to forward the email, advertise on your blog, or at the bottom of your videos. You can maximise your earnings, by maximising your exposure.

Another great way is to run solo ads to your funnels, for example finding a seller on Udimi who can provide you with 'Make Money Online' or 'Business Opportunity' email lists can help you build your funnel traffic 

Using funnels assists greatly with marketing. Especially with affiliate marketing. People are normally already aware of the benefits. They already know about the product, and they know what it does.

All you have to do is provide the bridge. You cement the purchase. The leg work is done, you just have to get them to the shopping cart.

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