How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing

Using ClickFunnels for Affiliate Marketing is very much a multi-style effort, allowing both vendors and affiliate marketers to make money from the platform. 

This article has been written to look at both sides of the coin, to help understand how it can work in unison to increase revenues for affiliates or product sellers, using ClickFunnels to sell their own items. 

We will look at the vendor side of ClickFunnels and how it can help people selling products earn commissions from ClickFunnels and even generate commissions from their affiliates. 

We will also look at the other side, how ClickFunnels can be used by affiliates to earn their commissions selling other peoples products, or even ClickFunnels own products. Of course using a lot of the features available to affiliates as part of their marketing efforts. 

How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing - Vendors

A lot of the core features of ClickFunnels means that they can be used by both vendors, and affiliates in their efforts to earn money. But, the way they are used may be different, or how they are utilised can earn money for both sides.

Clickfunnels Will Make Upselling Simple

One of the biggest selling points of any funnel software, is of course the fact you can create funnels, goes without saying really. Funnels take people from being a simple lead, to a full on customer, but also forever increasing that customers value by showing them more products to ultimately add onto their initial purchase. 

Vendors can use these funnels to take someone from purchasing say a $7 low cost product, to eventually being shown a $100+ product further down the funnel. This initial low cost offer entices customers into the funnel and then provides them with upsells, downsells or even crosselling opportunities. 

A lot of people hate this practise, and see it as deceptive, with the initial product only being say $9 or $14, but then the final total amount being over $500, and it's quite common for marketplaces such as Warrior+ having products on sale that have 4 or 5 different products inside all trying to increase the value. 

Clickfunnels Assists With Follow Ups

If you are the owner of the ClickFunnels platinum tier, then you can use ClickFunnels inbuilt email handlers, or 'Follow Up Funnels' as they call them. 

These follow ups can be set to deliver highly targeted emails, text or even social media messages to those who have purchased products, opted in to getting some information about a book, or training, or even those who have abandoned a cart without making a purchase. 

Clickfunnels Creates An Easy Transition

Clickfunnels makes the process simple. A visitor is directed to your page, likely through a link on your blog, social media, or through an email. Then they opt in when they enter their email address. After they enter their email they will be automatically directed to the sales funnel.

The sales page can contain a video, seminar, article, or freebie. It doesn’t matter what you choose to use as the bridge page. There will be a button of some sort that enables them to make a purchase, or obtain a freebie.

How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing 2 clickfunnels for affiliate marketing

If they make a purchase, they will be funnelled to a thank you page. If not, they will be targeted with marketing for the product until they either make a purchase or unsubscribe. Clickfunnels makes the funnelling process easy. You’re work is done, just keep targeting potential consumers with the affiliate link and your webpage link.

Clickfunnels Allows Funnel Variations

This is relevant to both vendors and affiliates alike, one of the key aspects of building funnels, is the testing, being able to understand which version of a landing pages, sales page or even checkout converts the best is vital. 

This allows you to make A/B variations to each part of a funnel, showing different text, images or even just the layout of pages to increase optimisation.

For vendors this means you can play around with nearly every aspect, forever tweaking and improving those metrics to ensure the best possible outcome and customer value. 

How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing - Affiliates

The flip side to ClickFunnels, is using it to sell other peoples products, doing so usually falls into 1 of 2 categories or styles. 

  1. Capturing leads and optins via optin pages to build an email list 
  2. Building pre-sales pages to then re-direct to an affiliate product via a link

Both of these styles use very similar methods, and to be honest, they cross over quite a lot. 

ClickFunnels Allows Near Unlimited Page Styles

As ClickFunnels is essentially a drag and drop page builder, you have creative freedom to create your optin pages, or sales page as you see fit. 

This means you can create your pages to reflect the product you may be promoting, or the offer you want to provide. A good example of this is the OneFunnelAway funnels that you can see floating around. That match the look and feel of the OneFunnelAway Challenge itself, providing essentially a pre-sales page and an optin form, before passing the user to the actual product. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Another good example is the Legendary Marketer funnels that can be used to promote the 15 Day Builder Builder program, allowing you to add your own videos, bonuses or even text that explains why you enjoy the legendary marketer products and offerings. 

Funnels Can Increase Your Earnings

As I mentioned above in the Vendor part of this article, the number of upsells and downsells included in funnels can of course, increase an affiliates earnings. 

If you are an affiliate for a product, and the vendor has added more products into the mix, you will ultimately earn more from that initial sale, you won't always get extra sales, as not every customer will purchase an upsell or a cross sell, but a % will, and that is a win win for you. 

Easily Capture Leads

Although ClickFunnels can be buggy at times, especially with email marketing platforms such as GetResponse, I do find that I can still add my leads into an autoresponder of my choice and be able to start the follow up process within that email platform. 

I can then send those leads back to sales pages that I have created within ClickFunnels, or they can be sent to affiliate products or services as part of that follow up.

You can add tags and push optins to different email lists, depending on what page they signed up on, or how far they got within the funnel, allowing to you split your email lists up depending on the desired outcome.  

Combine The Two - Promoting ClickFunnels As An Affiliate

Obviously, you can also have a combination of the being a semi vendor, or affiliate, promoting ClickFunnels products, using ClickFunnels. Which sounds quite meta when you think about it. 

ClickFunnels can be a great platform to promote, as they offer more than just a funnel builder to promote, and of course, have a large number of funnels that can be utilised to increase commissions. 

The Clickfunnels affiliate program is easy to join, and even free to sign up for, and the products on offer can span across a number of markets, so you can usually find a product to meet your audience. 

For an indepth analyse of their affiliate program, be sure to read the Clickfunnels affiliate program article, but here are a few highlights. 

Clickfunnels Offers Great Commission

There are a number of different tiers and price points within the platform, but most of the products will earn a 40% commission. This can be earned on the books, services and even the ClickFunnels builder itself. 

If someone signs up and purchases the monthly subscription, you will earn up to 40% per month (you do need to gain 50+ monthly signups to earn the max amount though).

sticky Cookies - For Life

ClickFunnels uses a sticky cookie model, and also a subscriber for life model. 

When a visitor utilises your affiliate link for Clickfunnels, even if they don't purchase straight away, if they do sign up and submit an email, they become yours for life. You will then earn a commission from them no matter what they purchase. 

Clickfunnels Offers Commission on Related Purchases

Anything sold by Clickfunnels is included in the forty percent commission. If your visitor purchases Clickfunnels then upgrades their package, you will earn a commission on it. If they choose to purchase Russell’s books, you will earn a commission on those as well.

How To Generate Leads For ClickFunnels

If you are looking for different ways to earn commissions with ClickFunnels, I would recommend going through the Affiliate Bootcamp, or checking out Gregg Jeffries CF Domination.

Both offer some great ideas on how to get that ClickFunnels dream payment.

How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing - Final Words

So that's a wrap, as you can see ClickFunnels can be useful for a variety of projects and marketing opportunities, including for vendors and marketers alike. 

Giving everyone the opportunity to create funnels, landing pages, upsells, cross sells and earn from a variety of products and items for sale. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to use ClickFunnels? Drop them below!

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