How To Promote Legendary Marketer

In recent months interest in the 'Online Business Building' platform, Legendary Marketer has dramatically increased. With hundreds of Legendary Marketer Affiliates spreading information about the site on social media, and email, it has exploded in popularity. 

With thousands of affiliates, some of whom have gone through the full program, and others who have never looked past day 2 of the 15 day business builder, there are varying degrees of success stories. 

As such, we are going to explore some of the best ideas on how to promote Legendary Marketer, to help you become a super affiliate. But, first and foremost, to be eligible to be an affiliate, you need to actually own one of their products. 

I would say it's worth investing in the products that you can afford, at least picking up the 15 day business builder challenge

Tools & Platforms You May Need To Get Started

A lot of the methods and style we run through are going to require optin pages, email follow ups and at least a way of capturing leads. 

Legendary Marketer themselves recommend ClickFunnels + GetResponse or Aweber, which is a pretty sound setup. ClickFunnels comes with pre-made share funnels, and you can import follow up emails into both platforms.

This reduces the learning curve, or time playing around with thinking about what to send or how to set new funnels up. But, it's also an expensive option costing around $100 - $150 per month, depending on the level.

Alternatively, you can utilise free builders such as Or, better yet, skipping the need for any of these platforms, but more on that later. 

Following The Legendary Marketer Programs (Funnels & Ads)

This is going to come across as obvious, but a lot of people join programs, buy courses or follow 'gurus' but never actually take the steps laid out for them.

The 15 day business builder explains exactly how to set up the funnels, generate traffic and bring leads into any program you want. They even focus on the Legendary Marketer platform, so it's easy to follow along. This method does look at Facebook Ads, or Instagram ads to bring leads into funnels, but they have also started to branch out towards TikTok as a traffic method. 

Picking up the 15 second leads is a $1 course that focuses on the TikTok style, so with the Legendary Marketer funnels set up, you can then start to build your profile and presence on social media with the information found within that training. 

Social Media (TikTok)

Social media can be a brilliant place to promote or talk about different platforms and products, as pretty much any video can go viral. Seriously, while Social Media platforms constantly try and outdo each other, tweaking and changing their algorithms, any video can be picked up and sent to space. 

TikTok is one of those most volatile at the moment, with the ability to get in front of thousands, or even millions of viewers within a few days or hours. 

How To Promote Legendary Marketer 2 How To Promote Legendary Marketer

People like Dom have built up following of 100's of thousands of entrepreneurs and newbie marketers looking at starting an online business. With constant videos being put out, some getting thousands of views, others just getting a few hundred. But, each video is getting eyeballs on Dom and his link in his bio/comment section. 

How To Promote Legendary Marketer 3 How To Promote Legendary Marketer

Other videos such as the two above, have been seen by a combined 50,000 people. This can result in tons of new leads, sales and followers, ready to learn more or get started. 

Legendary Marketer have their own 15 second leads training, definitely worth sitting down and going through that training. 

Social Media (Facebook)

There are multiple ways to utilise Facebook to help promote Legendary Marketer, and it will partly depend on how comfortable you are with different tactics. With a few different authorities within each style and method. As such there are a few people and places you should check out if you want to grow a particular traffic method or content style. 

Most of these tactics will revolve around your profile, and should include a group that can be used to build a community or area for leads and members. I would recommend checking this out if you want to learn the best way to build up that authority and following.

How To Promote Legendary Marketer 4 How To Promote Legendary Marketer

A huge method at the moment is utilising Facebook (and Instagram) reels and stories allow you to use the same videos (though shorter) from other sites such as TikTok. Or you can create brand new ones, while building up a following. Affiliates like Brian Brewer have done brilliantly with Facebook stories, and he even provides DFY content that can be used. I would highly recommend checkout out his free course that explains how to start utilising these methods, and even provides DFY funnels that we will talk about below. 

The second part, is more about authority over time. This can be built by traffic from other platforms, but revolves around using your profile and Facebook group to provide additional information and content that can help people on their journey. 

Facebook groups can be a brilliant place to increase the trust, as it allows people to talk to you or engage with your content on a smaller, even 1-1 basis. Each piece of content, be it posts, lives or videos can be created to revolve around Legendary Marketer and what they do. Explaining the 15 day challenge, the Marketing Club or even the Blueprints if you own them. 

This does take time, but can help you build up a high level of trust within that group. Jamie Gardener has built his entire business around his group, and created a workshop on the way he brings people in via his group, how he opens conversations and brings in leads with this method. He regularly pulls in $30 - $40,000 per month using exclusively Facebook and has helped a growing number of students to hit 5, 10, 20k+ months with these methods, which can easily be put towards promoting Legendary Marketer.

How To Promote Legendary Marketer 5 How To Promote Legendary Marketer

Lastly, is possibly the core of Facebook marketing, and it encompasses the above tactics, and allows you to master and utilise the other methods while at the same time bringing in those blueprint sales or mastermind sales. That is of course, finding the right place to start posting your content and how to find your audience. 

Reels currently allow you to hit a larger market, as they are usually public, but lives or posting content on your own profile will usually just be seen by friends, or people you are connected with. As such, you will need to start building up a baseline of followers so that platforms know the kind of people they should push your content towards. 

I personally do this via groups, as they contain the exact audience that would be interested in something like Legendary Marketer, or any affiliate marketing product. I would highly recommend checking out the Super Affiliate Accelerator review to see how Jacob and Jamie both utilised other peoples groups and their own groups to bring those high ticket sales in. 

There is also a secret training that Jacob did quite a while back, that can still be used to this day, called Legendary Marketer Platinum, which can actually be utilised along side Facebook Marketing. Though you need to grab SAA through this link to get it. 

Solo Ads 

This, will be a controversial method, as so many people see Solo Ads as a huge waste of money. Which it can be, as with any paid traffic method, if you do it the wrong way, it simply won't work. 

The aim of solo ads is to build your own email list, full of people who want to be shown 'the way to succeed'. With Legendary Marketers change to funnels and how you store leads, it's actually easier now to capture and promote whatever you want to your email list. 

Solos are a cheaper way to promote offers, and can work better with low ticket or funnel focused products, such as LM. If people don't take the LM product, then you can move them onto other products. 

If you are keen to learn about Solo Ads, and how to market them correctly, I would highly recommend checking out BAM. It was created by possibly the top Solo Ad Affiliate Marketer. You can give the full BAM Review here to understand what you will find inside.

Blogging & SEO

A method I have really enjoyed, Legendary Marketer has great potential for promoting via SEO and Blogging. As LM becomes more popular on other sites such as TikTok or Facebook, so do the number of searches on Google or Bing. 

Blogging and the approach to SEO can be done in a number of different ways. The style will really depend on if you want to sit and write content or not! 

How To Promote Legendary Marketer 6 How To Promote Legendary Marketer

As LM can be quite challenging on the small number of keywords that do appear, I would say the better approach would be a mass site approach, or the very unique method that someone like Greg Jefferies focuses on. He essentially looks at building sites that cover lots of different, important keywords that can bring in leads and commissions from all over the internet (such as the example above). 

It's a very simple, but highly effective method, that allows you to cast thousands of hooks, waiting for those leads to bite. With so many 'make money online' keywords and similar searches happening daily, this blogging style also allows you to capture people with optin pages (building up your email list).

I personally use SEO to promote products and platforms such as LM, you can find out more info here

Utilising Done-For-You Funnels (Any Traffic Method)

One secret to learning how to promote Legendary Marketer, is utilising other peoples work and effort. 

Why re-invent the wheel if someone is happy to hand over some of that content, or in this case, funnels. Legendary Marketer already give you DFY lead funnels as part of the 15 Day Business Builder, but there are plenty of other styles out there that can help you improve conversions and sales. 

One of those happens to be Brian Brewers own funnel. You can get a slightly older version of the funnel here. But the new version with DFY email campaigns and bridge page sequences can be grabbed from within the 90minute challenge. It has a an offer to grab a ton of Brian's content and can give you a boost in terms of bringing in leads. 

The funnel is made up of optin pages, bridge pages and a number of additional funnel steps designed to build trust and authority with those leads, which can really help with any of the traffic methods above. But more importantly it has email sequences for those all important follow ups with your potential buyers. 

Brian also utilises a DFY style business, with his full Affiliate Escape Plan a complete step by step guide to escaping the 9-5 promoting products (such as Legendary Marketer, ClickFunnels, the AEP itself or a variety of other products).The escape plan also includes and provides DFY videos, social media posts and more. 

All of which can be utilised to help promote Legendary Marketer.


Legendary Marketer is within the 'make money online' niche, which to be honest is a huge niche, allowing for a large number of topics and videos to be produced. 

A lot like blogging, content can be created to funnel people towards different products and platforms. 

How To Promote Legendary Marketer 7 How To Promote Legendary Marketer

Take Spencer Mecham, of ClickFunnels Super Affiliate Fame. He has created tons of videos that talk about different techniques, ideas and ways to get started in the affiliate marketing world. 

Including videos that talk about Legendary Marketer, and how Spencer makes money with their platform (thus funnelling people towards their platform). 

The beauty of YouTube is that you don't need a ton of different tools or products to get set up. You can use free screen recorders like OBS Screen casting and simply talk about ideas and products, without needing to spend any cash. 

Taking the time to talk about what Legendary Marketer teaches, going through the products or talking about what they teach allows you to hit those wanting to know more. 

Conclusion - How To Promote Legendary Marketer

You may have realised that a lot of these methods can be used in conjunction with each other. You can use social media such as TikTok or Instagram to create short videos, re-use them as YouTube shorts and then make longer videos on YouTube. 

Others may be able to utilise Facebook marketing and then funnelling people towards blogs, or even straight up products and videos about LM to introduce the eco system to those interested. 

With lots of DFY funnels or content that can be used to promote Legendary Marketer, or make money online content, you should find something to get you started. 

Don't forget, you are going to need to own at least 1 product, and also apply for affiliate status to be able to promote legendary marketer