AliDropShip Custom Store Review

The dropshipping business model has become exceptionally popular for a good reason. This opportunity allows the average person to start a business from home without the need for buying an upfront inventory, which can cost thousands of dollars. An every day user can set up a store, or get a custom store created for them at a cost a lot lower than a standard business. 

Dropshipping also gives you an opportunity to sell almost anything you want, be that jewellery, clothing, or even smartphones. At the same time, you do not have to deal with the shipping - as the dropshipping supplier would ship the product out to the customer on your behalf.

AliDropShip Custom Store Review

While the idea behind a dropshipping business is relatively simple, but getting things going can be a little challenging. This is especially an issue with people who are new to the world of running an online business. We take a look at how the AliDropShip Custom Store option could be an ideal solution that allows you to get everything you need to start selling - without lifting a finger from your side.

What Is A Dropship Store?

First, let's consider what a custom dropship store - or just a regular dropshipping shop in general is. A dropship store is really self-explanatory. It is an online shop that takes advantage of a dropshipping program.

You would select products that you are interested in selling - and then list them on this online store.

The store would take advantage of an e-commerce system, which allows visitors to add products to a cart and then follow a checkout process.

The store would be connected to a backend that allows the customer to pay for their order and sends you the shipping details, along with the products that the customer decided to buy. You will then usually process the order from your side, but some systems give you the added benefit of automating the processing as well.

AliDropShip Custom Store Review: What Is This Program?

AliDropShip is a company who created one of the most successful dropshipping plugins for the WordPress platform. While the company did aim to make the process of setting up a dropshipping store as easy as possible with their plugin, there are still a lot of people who are not sure how to go about the entire process.

This was when the company decided to launch the AliDropShip Custom Store service. With this service, you are given an opportunity to sit back and have a team of professionals in the industry of dropshipping set everything up for you.

AliDropShip Custom Store Review

The AliDropShip Custom Store service includes various packages that ensure you are able to get access to a product that will suit your budget, and still give you a complete solution that can be used to make money from home.

All stores come with the original plugin developed by this store pre-installed, along with a professional theme and some products added for you.

AliDropShip has a team of highly qualified and experienced developers who are responsible for the development of these custom dropship stores that are offered through the package. Each project also comes with a dedicated account manager, who ensures you, the customer, gets exactly what you expect out of the package that you decided to buy.

AliDropShip Plugin vs A Custom Store

If you have taken a look at AliDropShip before, you would have noticed that the company has two different products that you can take advantage of.

Both of these products are excellent for people who want to set up a dropshipping business. The two include the original AliDropShip plugin, which is now also available with WooCommerce integration, as well as the Custom Store service.

It is important that you compare to the two and understand which one will truly satisfy the needs that you have in mind.

The plugin is a product that you can buy if you would like to set everything up yourself. You would have to go through the process of registering a domain and getting hosting for your website.

You will also be responsible for installing WordPress, along with this plugin. There may be a need for other plugins as well, along with a theme that will provide visitors a more pleasant experience while browsing your online store.

When you decide to rather opt for the Custom Store service, there is no need to go through this entire process by yourself. Instead, you leave everything in the capable hands of the experts who offer their services at AliDropShip.

What Are The Benefits Of The AliDropShip Custom Store Program?

The biggest advantage that you get when you buy an AliDropShip Custom Store is the fact that you do not need to do anything from your side. The company developed a relatively simple system that allows you to purchase the package, provide them with some basic information, and then you leave the rest to the development team.

Let's take a look at some of the major advantages you get, including some important features that the package include:

  • The store will be ready to promote and make you money when it is delivered.
  • You get a premium domain name with a .com TLD.
  • Professional niche research is included in the package to ensure the products sold on your store are in high demand and will give you an opportunity to make money.
  • A choice of various payment gateways to ensure you can withdraw the profits you make on sales.
  • You get full access to the system after delivery, ensuring you can make appropriate customizations to your website as needed.
  • Up to 200 products will be uploaded for you - ready to be sold to your customers.
  • Real-time tracking of orders ensures you can process them as they come in, reducing delays, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Easily accept credit cards and allow customers to shop on your store regardless of their location.

The package also comes with the AliDropShip plugin, which saves you $89. This plugin makes it exceptionally easy to add new products to your website.

Since the license will already be activated, you simply need to download the Google Chrome extension and follow a few steps. You can then browse the AliExpress platform and click on the extension's button if you find a product you would like to add to your website.

How Does The AliDropShip Custom Store Offer Work?

AliDropShip wants to make things easy for you when you decide to take them up on the Custom Store offer they have. Thus, the company developed a simple four-step system that allows you to place your order and get a ready-to-use website that you can use to make money through a dropshipping model.

AliDropShip Custom Store Review

The steps that you need to follow:

  1. Start by taking a closer look at the three packages that the company offers. Each package comes with a set of unique features that you should consider, while also taking your budget into account. Choose the package that suits your needs and budget, then complete the checkout process directly on the AliDropShip website.
  2. Once your order has been received, you get a personal account manager who will get in touch with you. The account manager will ask you for some details to assist them in the processing of your order. During this phase, experts in the field will do niche research to find the right products for you to sell on your store.
  3. After the final decisions have been made, you can sit back and wait for the team at AliDropShip to complete your website for you. During this time, no action is needed from you, as everything is handled by the developers at the company.
  4. The final step is the delivery of the website to you. The company will provide you with the login details to your new website and give you some pointers on what to do next.

How Much Does An AliDropShip Custom Store Cost?

While a lot of services that offer you access to a custom store that will help you start a dropshipping business tend to charge a monthly fee, the AliDropShip Custom Store service only requires a once-off fee for the actual design and development of the website. The prices are also very reasonable when we compare it to other custom solutions that are currently available.

You can choose between three different packages if you are looking to get a custom store from AliDropShip. Taking a closer look at each of these options and then choosing the one that does not only suit your needs but also your budget is really important.

The three packages include:


All the tools necessary for a fast and easy start to your dropshipping business



  • Niche Research
  • Premium Domain Name
  • Unique Professional Design
  • Mobile Ready
  • AliDropShip Plugin
  • Unlimited Choice Of Products
  • 50 Products Set Up & Ready To Sell
  • Unlimited Monthly Orders
  • Real Reporting Metrics
  • On Page & Onsite SEO (Including Indexing & Social Bookmarking)
  • Facebook Page Set Up
  • A Personal Manager Designed To Talk You Through This Process

Includes additional features and marketing tools for your business rapid growth



  • Everything found in the basic +
  • 100 Products Ready To Sell
  • Twitter Account Set up
  • Instagram Account Set Up

It should be noted that the Ultimate is really geared for those who don't want to do anything to start attracting customers, with your promo video, social media accounts and the social media tool, you can set it up and start letting it do it's own business while you sit back and relax.

Don't worry if you do choose the other two, your store is still ready to make sales, but you will need to do a little work on social media or promotion, whereby the Ultimate gives you a little bit of a head start. 

While these prices are once-off, you will need hosting for the website that you will use to sell your products on. AliDropShip offers hosting at a price of $48 per year. This gives you access to unlimited storage space and bandwidth, which makes this a generous offer. You also get a free SSL certificate with the purchase of hosting from this company.

If I am honest, that is a pretty good deal, considering most ecom hosts will charge around $10 - $50 a month, though this does depend on numbers. 

In some cases, an AliDropShip store coupon may be available. This can help you save some money when buying one of these packages.

The good thing behind this, is that you don't need to pay high expensive platform fees, while you sort out advertisement or wait for the SEO techniques to start ranking, this gives you a little leeway with how quickly you need to start making money (obliviously you want to become as profitable as quickly as possible, but there is a little less pressure)  

Do You Need Experience Before Buying An AliDropShip Custom Store?

One of the major advantages that come with taking advantage of the AliDropShip Custom Store service is the fact that you do not need extensive experience to get started. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, then you do not need to do any coding on your side.

The team at AliDropShip will handle all the tasks involved with the development of your website. Once the team delivers the product to you, you can simply start promoting your online store and process the orders that come in.

There is no need to worry about factors like not having experience in business or management, or even in sales. If you do find yourself struggling once you have purchased an AliDropShip Custom Store, then the support team will be available to provide you with the guidance that may be needed to help you find your feet.

Note - you will need to start to learn about advertising, social media promotion and need some basic business knowledge to keep things afloat (even if you are learning on the job, it's helpful to understand these things). If you want a head start, or need guidance, then a course like ecom elites may be beneficial.

What Do Customers Say About AliDropShip Custom Stores?

When looking at an offer like the AliDropShip Custom Stores that this company sells, it is important to not only take into account the claims made by the developers but also see what customers have to say. The great news is that this offer has a lot of reviews - and the opinions expressed by people who have made use of the service offered by AliDropShip in the past are mostly positive.

AliDropShip Custom Store Review

We found reviews on the official website that represent the company, but also on a number of third-party platforms. This includes TrustPilot. The reviews suggest that customers get a professional service from AliDropShip when they decide to order a custom store and it does seem like these online shopping platforms do well, as long as the customer follows through with the marketing tips and strategy that is provided to them after the website is done.

Also, considering some of the stores that AliDropShip have made, you can probably do a bit of reviewing yourself, some of them are just stunning. 

AliDropShip Custom Store Review

Custom Stores vs Pre Made Stores

One question that I get asked a lot, or at least I get asked more about these days, is 'should I buy a pre made store, or a custom built store'. Now I will go into more detail in a separate article, but it's worth mentioning it here.

There is a big difference between buying a pre made store, and investing in a custom store. 

A custom store, such as the ones given by AliDropShip will be tailored to your needs, they will be crafted to fit around a niche you both decide, and then built with you in mind. 

A pre built store, will be something someone has either done themselves, or farmed off to someone on Upwork or Fiverr to fill with random products, that loosely fit together, with little to not research. 

Now, a premade store may (at least at first seem) cheaper, but you will more than likely spend time, effort and money figuring out the products that work for whatever niche you decided to buy your pre made store for. 


Setting up an online store to start your own dropshipping business may seem a bit daunting. Even when using a product like the AliDropShip plugin, you still have to set up a website, along with an e-commerce system, and consider additional factors like shipping and payment.

With an AliDropShip Custom Store, you get everything done for you, with prices starting from under $300 - and no additional fees payable for keeping your store. In this AliDropShip Custom Store review, we shared some of the most vital details about this feature to help you see if it is right for you.

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