How To Install AliDropShip

Dropshipping offers an excellent opportunity for people to set up a home-based business without the need for significant upfront investment in an inventory. An estimated 23% of sales made on the internet were fulfilled by some kind of dropshipping program in 2017. This account for an estimated $85.1 billion in sales.

There are many ways to get started with dropshipping, but finding the right products and getting them up on a store is often a challenge.

This is where the AliDropShip plugin comes to the rescue. We take a look at what this plugin is and provide a step-by-step guide to installing it on your WordPress store to set up your dropshipping shop.

What Is AliDropShip?

AliDropShip is a WordPress plugin that comes in two different versions. The first is a standalone plugin that gives you the ability to import products from the AliExpress platform to your website easily. The second is an alternative version of the original plugin that fully integrates with the WooCommerce eCommerce system that is also available for WordPress.

The plugin comes with a number of great benefits that will give any person a kickstart to their career as a dropship store owner. Let’s consider some benefits that should be noted:

  • The ability to choose from thousands to millions of products in any niche you can think of.
  • Orders can be sent directly to the AliExpress platform from the WordPress backend.
  • Only pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to the plugin.
  • Updates are provided for free, forever.

You can read a full review of AliDropShip here.

How To Install AliDropShip Plugin?

The installation of the AliDropShip plugin needs to be done before you will be able to set up your store. You will need to decide if you want to go the stand alone all in one plugin or if you want to set up the WooCommerce version.

First, you will need to grab the plugin from the official AlliDropShip site. Once you have gone through the checkout process, you will be given access to a Zip file to download - this is the plugin that you need to install on your WordPress website.

If you have decided to opt for the standard AliDropShip plugin, then simply follow these steps to install it:

Sign in to the back-end/admin area of your WordPress website

Go to Plugins > Add New

How To Install AliDropship - WordPress Plugin Tab

Click on the “Upload” button, which will be located above the area that allows you to search through the official plugin database

You can now either drag-and-drop the Zip file you downloaded earlier into the box that appears or click on the "Browse" button and find the file

Add A Plugin or Drag And Drop To This Screen

Once the uploading and installation of the plugin have been completed, you will need to activate the plugin. Simply click on the “Activate” link that appears on the installation screen.

Note: If you decided to opt for the AliDropShip WooCommerce plugin, be sure to install WooCommerce from your WordPress dashboard before uploading the Zip you downloaded following the purchase of the AliDropShip plugin.

How To Set Up AliDropShip Plugin?

After activating the AliDropShip plugin, you will be given access to a wide range of themes that come with the product. If you decided to buy the WooCommerce plugin, you would be able to use any theme that is compatible with this eCommerce system. On the other hand, if you bought the original plugin, you should take a closer look at the themes that the developer makes available to you.

Currently they offer 7 free themes for the standard AliDropShip WordPress plugin, you can find more information about them here. You can also look at investing in premium themes to look at really making your store stand out. Check out the details for El Greco & Andy Warhol.

If you have opted for the AliDropShip WooCommerce plugin, then you can now get access to WooCommerce themes that work in conjunction with AliDropShip.

Install the theme that you prefer by logging into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to “Appearance” > “Themes” > “Add New”. Click on the “Upload” button and then browse for the theme file. Once installed, click the “Activate” link to apply the theme to your website.

How To Install AliDropShip 4 how to install alidropship

The final step is to configure the AliDropShip plugin. You will need to enter the license key that you are provided with once you have successfully made a purchase on the company’s website. To get into the plugin, simply click the new “AliDropShip” menu item that appears in the backend of the WordPress website you are using the plugin on.

Adding Your AliDropShip Licence Key

Before you make further configurations to your dropshipping website, connect the plugin to your AliExpress account. To do this, you will need to use the Google Chrome web browser. Download the official AliDroPShip Chrome Extension. After the extension installs, click on the new icon that appears in the menu bar of your browser.

You will need to follow a couple of steps - enter the URL of your online store where you installed the plugin. Click on "add." You will need to login to the WordPress account that is connected to the website and click the "Authorize" button to finish the connection. Now, simply browse AliExpress and click on the extension's button in your browser when you find a product you would like to import.

If You Ever Get Stuck

Some of the steps can take a little bit of time, but if you follow each on carefully you should be fine. If you ever get stuck, AliDropShip have crafted some brilliant quick start and help guides to sort out further issues, including more obscure ones. Head to the main site and click the FAQ's at the top of the page.

How Much Is AliDropShip Plugin?

One of the best things about the AliDropShip Plugin is the fact that the product comes with a once-off fee. Many of the eCommerce platforrms today tend to charge a monthly fee (Such as Shopify). These fees can sometimes reach over $100 per month, which calculates into the thousands per year.

AliDropShip is a plugin that costs $89.

Once you have paid this amount, you can use the plugin on one Dropshipping store that you own. You will receive continued support and updates to the plugin will be provided to you at no extra charges.

How To Install AlIDropShip - Conclusion

With dropshipping being a lucrative opportunity, many people are looking at starting their own online store without the need to buy entire inventory upfront. There are many ways to set up a dropshipping store, but doing everything the manual way can be time-consuming. Consider installing the AliDropShip plugin to give yourself access to thousands of great products, while also making importing products to your store quick and easy.

How To Get AliDropShip Set Up For You?

For those who just want to get started with building up their ecommerce empire, it can sometimes be annoying trying to go through all the steps to get something like AliDropShip set up. I feel ya, I am lucky, I have done it tons of times,and didn't have time constraints, but not everyone is that lucky. 

Well, AliDropShip gives you a number of options to help you

Website Set Up

You can request (well, pay) the AliDropShip team to do all the installation steps for you and this service includes;

  • Creating a database
  • Installing the latest CMS WordPress version
  • Installing WooCommerce (optional)
  • Installing AliDropship plugin or AliDropship Woo version
  • Installing WP template
  • Website transfer to another domain

For just $39 you basically get AliDropShip installed and ready to be customised to your liking. That means you don't have to sort out WordPress, you don't have to go through the AliDropShip set up steps and you don't have to install any themes. 

You can literally just login, and start customising. If you want to take this service, check out this page

AliDropShip Plugin Set Up

For those you just want to login in, import some products and go, then you can go one step further than just the standard website install, you can also get them to set up the AliDropShip plugin as well. 

This service includes

  • Email notifications setup
  • Homepage search engine optimization
  • Currency converter setup
  • Pricing formula setup
  • Business branded email
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Payment gateways integration

That basically sorts everything out for you, you just need to find those products and be on your way. The cost is $69, so be sure to check out this page to find out more information.

AliCustom Store

The final option you can do, is actually probably the most complete, and comes with a ton of benefits. AliDropShip offer custom stores, now if you haven't actually purchased the plugin yet, then this may be a good option. 

Prices start from $299, but includes unique designs, domain names, imported and ready to use products and basically everything you need to get started. It also includes the price of the plugin. 

If you want to find out more information about AliDropShip custom stores, then check out this review, or read through this page.