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For a premium theme, this is a steal. The theme comes with a number of plugins and extras that will save you 100's per month.

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Ease of USe

Quick and easy to install and get set up. Shopify isn't the easiest UI to use, but this theme has done as much as it can to help with them.

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A well laid out theme that has been designed to increase conversions. It is bundled with a number of apps and extras to help you sell.

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A bit like other products sold by Franklin, it can be slow, but you will get an answer and help. 

Summary: A nicely built, fairly priced and well laid out theme that has been designed to help you increase your conversions on your Shopify store. Franklin knows what helps sell, especially for DropShipping sites, so take it from a guy who has done it for years! 

  • This Theme Is Designed To Sell, Especially For DropShippers
  • Pre-Built Plugins & Apps Save You $$$'s A Month
  • Easy To Customise
  • Well Priced
  • Simple And Clean
  • Versatile And Can Be Used For Multiple Niches
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Some Of The Apps Are No Longer Allowed By Shopify
  • Images Sometimes Grow - Usually Down To Shopify Though
  • Apps & Extras Do Look A Little Plain (As Apposed To Paying $$$s For Specifically Designed Apps)

Starts From $97 (Save Up To $150 With Above Link)

This premium Shopify theme has been built by a guy called Franklin Hatchett who has been responsible for the DropShipping training, Ecom Elites and also my number one rated Affiliate Marketing course Savage Affiliates.

The man knows his stuff when it comes to online business, from both a DropShipping and Affiliate Marketing point of view, so it was no surprise that he was going to create a Shopify theme that could potentially increase conversions and lower your overall monthly spend on the platform. 

I will have a look at the different aspects of eCom Turbo, including what apps you get, how easy it is to install and configure, but also looking at some of the potential weaknesses of eCom Turbo, if there are any. 

What Is eCom Turbo & How Does It Look?

eCom Turbo is a premium Shopify theme, that has been built from the ground up to help you increase conversions and profits. 

The theme is what I would call a minimalist design, aimed at not throwing tons of information at people, and just giving them the core aspects of what they need. 

ecom turbo home screen

As you can see, the theme centres on large images and bold wording.

With many of the catelogue and home pages focusing on simple, large and easy to notice buttons and calls to action. 

ecom turbo cta button

Every page within this theme is designed, and focused on just getting you conversions. 

It's not there to be clustered with images, descriptions or anything big and fancy. 

ecom turbo review - ecom turbo product page

As you can see from the product page above, there is a price, a large add to cart button, a clear photo and then a few scarcity apps that come as part of the theme. 


eCom Turbo Features & Apps

eCom Turbo comes with lots of features, all of them designed to either increase conversion rates or increase the sales.

I will run through each one, and give a little overview of it's a good feature or not. 

Discount Code / Email Grabber

So, this is actually one of the features I don't like because I feel it's not as polished and finished as other features. It basically pops up when a customer is on your site and will allow you to grab their email address, in exchange for a discount code.

You can then use this email address to send product ideas too or try to convert them if they don't end up buying from you the first time they visit.

ecom turbo popup

There are a number of free apps that you can download and find that will allow you to do the same thing, I, for example, use the Wheelio App - It is a little gimmicky, but I feel it has a much higher conversion rate when it comes to email capture.

Upsell & Cross-sell Apps

One of the best ways to increase your customers' checkout total is to show them products that compliment or go well with the item they are already buying.

ecom turbo related products - Ecom Turbo Review

As many of the experts say, it's a bit like when you buy a burger from your favourite takeaway and they ask if you would like fries with that, or would like to supersize your order, they know you want the burger, and they know what people like to purchase when they buy the burger and they definitely know that if they offer you something bigger for £1.99 you are probably going to take it.

You could potentially turn a £10 checkout into a £15 or £30!

Similar apps usually retail for around £10 - £25 per month, so again you have saved yourself quite a bit of money if you use this feature.

One downside is that you have to manually add these products and you can't do any AI style product selecting, but for a free feature that can be easily added to your products, it's an absolute killer.

Scarcity Timer and Inventory Countdown

There are a lot of apps that offer this feature, and in my eye, they are all a little dodgy. Scarcity timers and stock level countdowns are meant to add a level of pressure to potential customers.

These tactics work well for customers who have been targeted via Facebook, and can help turn someone from a 'maybe baby' to a 'YES!' No one wants to miss out hot selling products.

ecom turbo add to cart button

But, you need to be careful, such tactics are a little unhanded and dishonest.

If you have a product that is selling well, and you really do have low stock, then do use it, but if you have 5000 in stock, don't stick up a '100 left and selling fast!' it's just a little dodgy.

But you can use it to say when sales may end, i.e '2 days left until price rises' and this is perfectly fine (as long as it's true)

Sales Ticker

This little popup is a gold mine.

Again, a bit like the cross-sell/upsell feature, it's a simple but effective feature, that could swing a customer into purchasing from your store.

It works by putting a small popup in the left-hand corner of the customers' screen, telling them that someone has recently purchased a product from your site.

social proof app with ecom turbo - ecom turbo review

Now again, you can get apps that offer full AI features taking recent customers names, checkouts, locations etc etc etc... but you don't need it.

In my opinion, I would react the same way to seeing a popup saying that 'John from New Jersey purchased an amazing phone case' as I would seeing 'Someone awesome purchases an amazing phone case'.

Bump the checkout discount

So, you have got a customer who has purchased £15 of items, but what if they spent another £15 and you gave them a 20% discount, sounds like a good deal? Or maybe if they spent an extra £5er you knocked 10% off!

In the customers' mind, they are getting a discount on their checkout and saving themselves some money, and you are bumping up the amount sold, and only have to give a little bit in return.

What Else Does eCom Turbo Come With?

One of the things I wanted to ensure I got across when I wrote this eCom Turbo review, was all the little bits and pieces you got with this theme, and as you can see, there are a lot.

Additional Trust Badges

The theme comes with a folder full of bespoke 'Trust Badges', these are simply graphics that can be added around the theme, usually in the header, or below product pages to show your potential customers what level of security they get on orders, your refund policies and even customer support number.

extra trust badged with ecom turbo

Shopify will process most payment types by default, and you can also add other payment options of your choice such as PayPal. This allows your customers to use a variety of payment processors depending on their country. 

It also adds an extra level of trust, as companies such as Stripe and PayPal will always fight for their customers, so if anything goes wrong, they will ensure you fix it. 

Step By Step Guides On How To Set Up And Customise The Theme.

So many theme developers either give you a 500 page PDF or some videos that 'kind of' tell you how to set your theme up, or how to change things or customise certain part of it.

eCom Turbo Review 50 ecom turbo review

Franklin goes all in with this, he has added 25 in depth videos on every aspect of eCom Turbo, from getting your shopify site, to installing the theme all the way to changing checkout button colours. 

He has thought of every possible question that someone may have, and answered it with a video. 

Bonus - DropShipping Training

Since Frank has moved his products over from what can only be described as an awful platform called to Kajabi, I have realised that there is some bonus training that comes with getting this theme. 

eCom Turbo Review 51 ecom turbo review

He has included simple videos on stuff like actually setting up a Shopify store all the way up to how to find products to sell, including some that could be sold right now (well, at the time of the video, but it gives you an idea).

If you really want to succeed, or increase your chances of success or want more in-depth training, then I would highly recommend getting eCom Elites alongside this theme. You can read up on the course here.

What I Liked About eCom Turbo

Honestly, I love the simplicity of the design.

It's clean, well laid out and has been designed to just get the customer all the information they want quickly and without a ton of fuss. 

The theme was quick and easy to set up, and with access to those help videos, I could find answers the pretty much all the questions I might have had, including how to change certain layouts, images and colours throughout the theme. 

eCom Turbo Review 52 ecom turbo review

It is worth noting that this theme also doesn't break the bank, the unlimited licence is currently $197, which means you can use this theme on as many stores as you like, for one price. 

I would also say that the bonus eCom training is really helpful, and can be a great start for those who are looking to succeed with DropShipping. Frank gives you a lot of beginner tips and examples of products that may help you. It's not a full course, but it's pretty useful as a bonus. 

Finally, I loved the fact I didn't need to install a ton of different apps. Yes, I would sometimes replace one of the inbuilt ones with a free one, or a paid version as I preferred it, but for someone just starting out, it's perfect. You can save $$$'s per month by using the apps that come with this theme.

What I Didn’t Like About Ecom Turbo

My main issue is actually with Shopify, not with the theme itself, and that is the inability to change the core of the theme. Having set up stores on WooCommerce in the past, you get a lot more freedom.

When I originally wrote this review, there where some buggy apps, thankfully these seem to have been solved, so they have now been removed from this updated review. 

One thing I have said is that I feel that even though you get a lot of apps with this theme, some of them are just not pretty. 

The email discount popup looks bland, it doesn't look eye catching and yes you can update and edit it, but you don't have a ton of control over it. 

eCom Turbo Review 54 ecom turbo review

The image is obviously using the out of the box version, so I haven't changed the colour, but you have no way of adding backgrounds or changing the layout, which I would love to do.

For me I found that Wheelio just worked better for capturing emails. 

The other app that left me a little underwhelmed was the social proof app, it was limiting to the options of layout, but you can at least update the colour schemes to fit with the rest of the website. 

How Easy Is eCom Turbo To Install And Customise?

Installing Shopify themes is really easy, you simply need the Zip file or folder with the theme inside, and you can upload that onto the shopify store of your choice. 

Nothing complicated and simple to do. 

Customising the theme itself comes in two separate parts. The 'Theme Settings' and the on page sections. 

Theme settings are essentially updating and configuring all the inbuilt apps, and it is really easy to do.

eCom Turbo Review 55 ecom turbo review
eCom Turbo Review 57 ecom turbo review

Every field that can be edited has a text box, font size and then font colours, some even have background colours. Each one is easy enough to find and you can turn each on or off individually as you see fit. 

The sections part allows you to update the main section, i.e the home page with all the different parts you may want to show. 

By default there are a number of collections, some testimonial, product sliders, blog sections, about us sections and loads that can be turned on & off, much like the apps

eCom Turbo Review 59 ecom turbo review
eCom Turbo Review 61 ecom turbo review

Other pages can also be edited, using the standard Shopify page editor, these of these pages will take the standard theme layout. 

Where Can I Buy eCom Turbo?

The only place you can buy eCom Turbo from, is from here. Anyone saying they can get eComTurbo for free, or they can get ecom turbo for cheap, is either lying, or selling you an outdated version, and you will have no way of getting an update. 

Who Is eCom Turbo For?

I would say that eComTurbo is for those who are just starting with DropShipping or eCommerce and want a theme that isn't one of the standard Shopify themes and have a little bit of money to spend to make their store pop. 

They want something that allows them to stand out from the crowd a little, and gives them the ability to start increasing their conversions. 

It is also for those who have taken that first step to buy a premium theme, as this is one of the cheapest premium themes out there (that at least look good and has been designed to convert, as apposed to a badly put together $60 from a junior developer). 

Finally, if you are looking to reduce your monthly app budget, as well as having a simple, eye catching design without being cluttered, then this is going to be perfect. 

Is eCom Turbo Worth Buying?

So my final thoughts are really positive.

I genuinely liked the eCom Turbo theme, and I used to use it on my ow Shopify stores. 

I loved the fact that so much of the theme was customisable, and that it came with loads of extras and apps that meant I didn't have to pay an extra $100+ a month and is definitely the big selling point.

Oh, and did I mention they have a 30-day money back guarantee?

Any questions? Drop them below or let me know how you have got on with the theme!


From $97



Ease of use









  • Designed to sell
  • Prebuilt Extras
  • Easy to customise
  • Simple and clean


  • Extras look a little plain
  • Images can become larger

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      Yes, variants can be added easily via the orbelo app. These variants will then appear within the eCom Turbo theme, and can even be improved by showing swatches to allow your potential customers to switch their choices quickly!

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  6. Thank you so much for this! I just purchased the theme and I have to say, I love it!

    I am still tweaking and trying to find ways of increasing conversions, but I am sure I will get there.

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    I am looking at purchasing a shopify course, or ecom course, have you got any ideas or places to get one?

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    • So glad that you found it useful! I love the fact that you save money on apps and you can save time not having to configure each app to work with another!

      As for ecom courses, or specifically Shopify/DropShipping courses, I would look at ecom elites (used to be called ecom empire). You can find out more here – HERE

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    My current free one was ok, but was lacking a little.

    Just picked this one up and have been pleasantly surprised.
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  16. Why would you recommend this Theme?? People, myself included use Google to try to find unbiased reviews as to make an informed purchase. As someone that is familiar with how websites work, I was shocked at how glitchy the them is.. I spent more time taking screenshots for support that never got back to me. Most of these reviews are obviously fake. I already know that my review will get blocked.

    • Hey there,

      Personally? Yes, I would recommend it. I did find an older version of it a bit buggy and glitchy but new versions are much better.

      But then again I’ve always found themes a little glitchy and annoying and I’ve been building stores and site for quite a few years.

      And I always try to provide an unbiased opinion, so if I don’t like things I’ll happily tell people 😂

      Have a great day!

    • Hmm, that’s not good. I may be able to help, depending on the issue. The support is usually within quite odd.

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