How To Make Money Online Without A Website

For the longest time ever, people have always preached that the only way to make money online, is with a website. But that isn't always true. So today I will review a 5 different ways and show you how to make money online without a website.

Before I dive right into the other methods, it's worth noting that I believe having a website, or even a small blog can be hugely powerful and should never be overlooked.

It can help you;

  • Build your own brand - People are more likely to purchase through your links if you have a reputable brand or something they can relate to
  • Get stats about readers, visitors or buyers allowing you to tailor your content to those people
  • Collect emails or leads, and re-market to them
  • Increase your reach via natural SEO

Anyway, enough about that, let’s get you a few ways to make money without needing a website.

Instagram & Social Media

Can you tell it’s 2020 yet?

Instagram is still a huge deal these days, and many of the big accounts do not have a website, blog or landing page to their name.

A decent sized, or well targeted Instagram account can successfully earn money via a number of methods and tactics, without coming across as just another 'meme/ad account'. 

Health and Fitness, food or any image based niches do really well on Instagram, due to the nature of the social media site. But you would be surprised at the wide range of accounts that can be successful. 

How To Make Money Online Without A Website - Instagram

Check out the above account, they post pictures everyday of their kitten and 2 cats. That's all they post. 

People love it, they get to see awesome pictures of cats, looking super cute, and the owner of this account is probably making a fairly decent amount of money from simply sharing these images. 

The profile has a link that takes you too a landing page (hosted by a different company) which then shows you merchandise store (hosted by yet another company and dealt with by them), calendars and then also the ability to get personal videos made for you. 

If this one account manages to convert just 1% of their followers, and manage to sell 1 item to that 1%, profiting around $5 then they have made $54k.

You don't even have to make content yourself, I managed to grow an account by getting images created for me on Fiverr and simply sharing those images.

YouTube or Video Sharing Sites

YouTube is as powerful, if not more powerful than having a website, as it allows you to build a brand, a tribe or even a following, by coming across as a real person. 

Many popular YouTubers within the fitness industry, technology, food, and even the make money online industry, do not have blogs or websites to accompany their videos. 

You can succeed in a number of ways, including using the same tactics someone may use when writing a blog, but instead creating a website. 

Many YouTubers will review products, do 1v1s, how to guides or simply just create awesome videos about anything! Below these videos they will ad the same links you would see within an article, 

- YouTube How To Make Money Without A Website

Check out the video above, it has had 1.3m nearly 1.4m views and has been live for nearly 2 years. That means this 1 single video has had 1.3m people see the Amazon Affiliate link.

The case retails for around $200 and for that particular category you make around 5 - 10% commissions. If we take the same 1% of people may have clicked through, resulting in 10,000 visitors and then maybe 10% of those people purchased the case, we have 1,0000 people purchasing. This guy may have made between $10k - $20k over the last 2 years, from one video. 

Now we are guessing a lot, and trying to take the industry averages on click-through rates and Amazons own conversion rates, but it's a great estimate none-the-less. 

PPC / Adwords / Ad Exchanges

Quite a risky one this as many of the big advertisers HATE straight up affiliate links and prefer having what is known as a bridge page between (basically a page used to warm a lead up before giving them the affiliate link).

There are hundreds of millions of billions of websites out there, and a huge number of advert exchanges or marketplaces who do allow for straight up linking to affiliate offers.

A lot of affiliate marketers enjoy success with sites such has MaxBounty or ShareASale who advertise websites or lead generation offers that can be promoted via ad exchanges such as OutBrain or Ooffy. 

These offers are usually called CPA's, or Cost Per Action, including getting people to download apps, provide an email or possibly get a quote for a service. 

If you don't fancy doing that, then you can find products on the normal sites such as ClickBank or Warrior+ who do actually allow for straight up direct linking via standard ad networks such as Google Ads, or Bing. 

If you want to dive into PPC and all things ads, I would defintely check out Spencer Mechams Affiliate Secrets Course, he is a ClickFunnels super affiliate, who managed to get this 200+ paying customers via ads only. He definitely knows what he is on about when it comes to using Ads and affiliate marketing. 

Funnels or Lead Pages

This leads me quite nicely onto this, as many marketers who do ads, such as Facebook or OutBrain will use landing pages, or bridge pages to capture leads, before sending their possibly customers off to the offer they originally promoted. 

A popular one these days, and it allows you to essentially ‘have a website, without owning a website’…in a weird way.

Products such as ClickFunnels allow you to build some decent landing pages, bridge pages and of course full funnels, without the need of hosting a huge website. 

That means you can build landing pages or bridge pages that help warm up leads or potential customers that have come from your other sources.

For example, if I wanted to sell a really popular training guide, I could build a one or two-page funnel, that shows potential customers all the cool things about that course, it could have videos, testimonials and general pre-sell goodies.

ClickFunnels - How To Make Money Online Without A Website

You can then add your links through that landing page, straight to the affiliate offer checkout pages (you essentially become the sales guy/girl).

The good thing about ClickFunnels is that they have templates and funnels built for that kind of offer! 

If you have never created a funnel, or have zero clue what they are, then you can check out their 30 Day Summit, which is ClickFunnels way of showing you a variety of different ways to use and succeed with funnels. 

These funnels are hosted by ClickFunnels, so you don’t need your own website to do it. It is usually a good idea to buy a domain name, but they can be easily purchased for a few $ from sites like 123Reg or NameCheap and it does increase the overall trust of your funnel/bridge page (nothing worse than seeing

Email Marketing / Email Blasting

This type of promotion sits quite a bit with the PPC / Ad Exchange.

It can be very hit and miss, and two email blasts are never the same. But, again it can work.

A number of email blast providers or solo ad providers as they are called, such as Udimi (one of the most well known Solo ad marketplaces) allow you to craft an email, that MAY contain your affiliate links and send them to huge lists of potential buyers.

Now this method really works much better if you have a hook, or something to get people to want to open emails, think free videos, free training, free eBooks, and in exchange, they provide you with an email (you can use this method with the ClickFunnels stuff mentioned earlier) and then once they give you their email, you then direct them towards your affiliate offer!

Many solo ad providers don’t allow direct linking to affiliate offers as it increases complaint rates and can reduce the number of emails actually getting to their lists, so I would recommend either finding a company that allows it, or build that bridge page, get your own list and send people towards that.


And that’s it, a brief guide on how to make money online without a website, or a blog. There are so many different ways you can succeed, so why not try and play around with a few. 

Maybe you have some of your own ideas? If so, drop them below and give your own verdict on how effective they are!

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