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eCom Elites Review Summary;

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As with Franks other courses, I feel that it's a reasonable price, considering the amount of content within this course. 

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Ease of USe

I said the same about Franks Savage Affiliates, I don't like where the course is held, as it's annoying to navigate, but the videos are easy to view and content can be found fairly quickly. 

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Packed full of content, Frank is transparent about what package includes that course information, and that's refreshing in this industry. 

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As with most courses, I have never really had to contact support. I have found with most of Franks items it can take 48 hours to get a response. 

Summary: A well put together and ram packed course designed for varying degrees of knowledge. You can know nothing about eCommerce and still get a store up and running fairly quickly, or know some and learn more about traffic, ads or even ways to increase conversions and open rates. 

  • full of useful information from start to finish
  • useful tips and tricks to increase conversions rates and open rates
  • Some really clever ways to gain traffic, not just paid for Advertisement (as most people focus on)
  • really Well priced for the amount of valuable content
  • Not A Huge Fan Of the platform - I don't like where the training is held, but that doesn't take away from the content
  • it is Centered around shopify - (Most courses are, and the content is transferable)
  • he can sometimes go off on tangents (but that's true to franks teaching methods)

Standard $497 $197 / Ultimate - $697 $297

Are you looking to start a profitable drop shipping store? If you are, it is likely you are looking for proven strategies to help you get started. Nowadays, online courses are one of the most efficient and convenient ways to give you the guidance you need.

However, there are a great number of ecom courses and drop shipping courses out there. It can be overwhelming and difficult to find the courses that are actually useful and full of beneficial information. Fortunately, that is where eCom Elites comes in. 

If you have read the about me section, then you will know that I actually got into eCommerce, dropshipping, purchasing wholesale and even flipping products on Amazon & eBay, long before I created this blog, or got into writing about my fun journey. 

ecom Elites Review - The DropShipping Model

I looked at getting into DropShipping when I realised I was running out of space for holding inventory while at University, seriously the rooms are tiny! I had little to no idea what I was doing, didn't really know what it was called, and actually stumbled upon Print on Demand as one of the products I started with. 

I discovered Franklin Hatchett courses after seeing a few YouTube videos about DropShipping and eCommerce in general. 

At first, I was sceptical. Was this online course too good to be true? There was only one way to find out. I decided to try it out myself and let me just say I was surprised. That being said, let’s dive into my ecomElite review and find out exactly what this online course has to offer. 

What Is Ecom Elites?

Written by top eCom expert Franklin Hatchett, the eCom Elites Shopify DropShipping courses for beginners offers a great blueprint to building a highly profitable online business. It is a comprehensive, content-rich course that  breaks down the entirety of the eCommerce business model. You will learn a variety of techniques that will help you manage build and manage a lucrative online business with drop shipping. 

ecom Elites Review

The course features over 175 educational guidance videos along with a step-by-step guide that takes you from starting your business to helping it thrive.

Mastering Your Online Business with eCom Elites

The eCom Elites primarily is obviously focused around DropShipping, but also Shopify and how to utilise the platform to get set up quickly and easily, usually within a few hours if you are determined. 

The eCom Elites program shows you how to establish your drop shipping business and how to optimise your marketing strategy. This way you can achieve financial freedom faster.

With the guidance from Franklin's ecom training, you will learn how to be:

1. Someone With An Easy and Simple To Follow Course

This online course makes it easier for you to transition into online entrepreneurship. The lesson modules are full of practical tips and tricks that are easy to learn and put into action. 

2. Someone Utilising a Valid System for Improved Profits

eCom Elites is a program that has proven itself over and over again. So when you are choosing to use eCom Elites, you are using a system that has shown real financial success for many other entrepreneurs. 

3. Someone Not Weighed Down By Their Work

As much as you might want to be more independent in your work, you probably don’t want to spend majority of that time sitting at a desk. Luckily, the lessons taught in eCom Elites are automated and easy to absorb one time.

4. Someone Learning At The Rate of an eCommerce Veteran

eCom Elites ensures that you won’t make any rookie mistakes. With this course, you will easily join the ranks of many talented entrepreneurs and gain guidance from a seasoned entrepreneurship professional. 

eCom Elites teaches you to elevate your approach to online entrepreneurship. There are so many entrepreneurs trying to get their ideas out into the world and eCom Elites ensures that you have a leg up on your competition and can stand out in a sustainable way. 

What’s Inside eCom Elites?

One of the things I really enjoyed about these ecom courses is that Franklins methodology is broken down and delivered in smaller modules. This makes the information so much easier to absorb. Not to mention it makes learning the new methods far less intimidating and as you work through each module, you truly feel like you are making progress. Here are the different modules that come with the eCom Elites online course:

1. Creating Your Store

In the first module, Frankling sets out clear instructions on how to set up your online store. Although “Shopify” provides great templates for your online storefront, it takes a little bit more work from scratch to make your store stand out. Franklin provides the right shortcuts you need to get your storefront up and running in no time. 

However, this training module makes sure you know more than just a few clever hacks. In this module, you actually get detailed information on niche and general stores and how you pick your store type. This way you know you are able to maximise your resources and profits from the very beginning. 

This module also includes lessons on how to handle products in your store. You will learn about product customisation, shipping rates, promotions, and even taxes. Additionally, Franklin discusses coupons and how they can help improve your conversion. 

2. Sourcing Products

The second module dives into how exactly you source the products you plan to sell from your online store. This module provides closely guided training to help you find the perfect products to sell from your store. You will get to play with niche selection and have an opportunity to be inspired for how you want to potentially expand your product line in the future. I really enjoyed this module because it is getting constantly updated with new ideas and information so I always feel in the loop. 

This module also teaches you how to find the right suppliers for you and how to build strong relationships with them. Finding the right suppliers is key to having a successful drop shipping business, so this is definitely a step Franklin wants you to get right from the beginning. 

3. Facebook Ads & Traffic

The third module has to be one of the most important modules in this course because this is the module where you learn how to really start making money. In this section, Franklin teaches you how to properly set up your ads so you are maximising profits. 

This module will teach you everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook. You will learn about setting up your business account, conversions, bidding, performing data mining, and creating a variety of ads. You will also learn how to scale your platform traffic for growing audience numbers and sales. For more convenience, this module will teach you how to automate your sales so you don’t have waste your time on activities that don’t generate revenue. Franklin traffic methods will ensure that will spark a spending spree in your customers. And naturally, as Facebook constantly evolves, this section keeps up with all the changes. 

4. Instagram Ads & Traffic

Sticking to social media platforms, the fourth module shows you how to generate truckloads of traffic to your store. Specifically, Franklin focuses on how to harness the power of influencers for your company. In this module, you will learn how to pinpoint the right influencer for your store without having to overpay.  You will also learn efficient methods of showing your product to your audience rather than just blasting an ad everywhere. 

It should be noted that this section is not as intense as the Facebook section. This is mostly because Instagram is a little bit easier to manage. However, the lessons provided in this module provide you with an edge on Instagram. 

5. Email Marketing

In this module, you will learn how to improve your sails by using email campaigns the right way. With 14 informative videos, he will teach you how to set up your email campaign using either GetResponse (get 30 day trial with this link) or MailChimp. 

Email marketing is one of the key aspects of a marketing campaign, but it does not always trigger action within customers as quickly as you might need. 

ecom Elites Review

Done properly an email marketing campaign can double up your income. As such, you will learn his special method of setting up your autoresponder to optimise your success and keep customers engaged anytime they see your emails. 

The videos in this section will show you a variety of engagement methods. You will learn about sending out newsletters, how to improve opening rates, and even how to construct good leads. 

6. Chatbot Traffic

This topic is definitely something I have never seen in other eCommerce courses, but I’m glad he included it because chatbots are quickly becoming a popular and profitable tool. In this module, he will teach you the ins and outs of chatbots and how to set them up for yourself.

ecom Elites Review -ecom elites chat bot

Franklin will show you how to use chat boxes, alert boxes, and chat flows can greatly improve your engagement and your sales. This is definitely an area of potential you don’t want to leave untapped. 

7. Establishing Funnel Traffic

In this module, Franklin teaches you to build more advanced sales funnels that will shoot your profits through the roof. It is definitely an advanced topic that you might not be able to pick up on first try. However, it is nice that he still informs you of it so you are prepared to incorporate it in the future. 

8. Improving Your Google Ads

This section will teach you how to drive your traffic sources to a new level using Google Ads. You will discover how to create Google Ads, how to manage the platform, create text ads, and even set retargeting. With this section, Franklin wants to show you some hacks on leveraging Google Ads to get the most out of low cost marketing. 

With the help of this module, you will be able to learn how to use the Google Shopping Ads, how to perform keyword searches, how to layout and structure your ads, and so much more. Additionally, it will teach you how to gain visibility for your ads on YouTube. 

The one downside about this section is that it is only included in his ultimate eCom package. As such, you do have to spend more money to access it, but it is definitely worth the investment. 

9. Gaining Organic Google Traffic

This module focuses on search engine optimisation. According to Franklin , SEO or search engine optimisation is important to access converting free traffic. Here, he will share his special strategy that will unlock the SEO gates of Google. SEO itself is not a simple topic and takes time to learn. However, it can become a sustainable stream of revenue over time. 

10. Top Secret Bonus Content

The last module contains a bonus round, for fun ways of getting just a little more traffic and ultimately more sales. 

About The Course & Videos

One thing that I enjoy about how he creates his courses, is that he doesn’t just hand you all this pre-made content and videos and leave you to figure it out on your own.

Even though his instructions are made incredibly simple and easy to follow, when you join eCom Elites, you get the added benefit of his secret group, that he runs, and comments on pretty much every day.  

He happily replies to countless questions daily and even makes videos as per your requests or questions. Moreover, when you join eCom Elites, you are joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. So just know that you are not on this journey alone. 

All that being said, I think it is fair to say that this is one of those ecom courses that definitely stands out from the crowd.

Again, at first, I was sceptical. However, once I purchased the program and started delving into each module, I realised I had been missing out on so much.

My Results

After a few months of working with the Franklin Hatchett course, I found that my online business was thriving unlike I have ever seen. My engagement and revenue rates were growing exponentially. 

On a different level, I was feeling more confident in my skills as an entrepreneur. Even though it does take some time to get through the course and some time for the lessons to take full effect, I still found myself in more control over my online business.

Moreover, the eCom Elite’s program connected me with many other entrepreneurs who have shared their experiences and advice with me. It is great to know that Hatchett is not just trying to make a profit but is also trying to help you connect with other entrepreneurs because everyone needs a strong community. Plus, it helps that this program is one of the more affordable ones on the market. 

Overall, I really enjoyed eCom Elites program. I have learned so much more about the ecommerce industry and now I feel more prepared to take my online business to the next level. The eCom Elites program is an easy to access and easy to use course that will get you right on track with your online business.

You will learn everything from the basics of establishing your storefront to how to diversify your marketing strategy and your product lines. All of his tips and tricks are sure to give you an edge and help unleash the true potential of your business.

Who Should Use eCom Elites?

eCom Elites is the perfect course or program for young entrepreneurs who are barely starting their first business. Ideally, all the tips and tricks provided by Frank, will help you avoid rookie mistakes and set you on the right track from the very beginning. 

However, that is not to say that a seasoned entrepreneur can’t learn anything from Franklin. As the business world evolves and becomes more competitive, there is always something new for an entrepreneur to learn. In the same way, a seasoned entrepreneur would want to utilise the eCom Elites program to help them grow their knowledge and improve their skills if they want to stay ahead of the game. 

Where Do You Purchase eCom Elites? 

To purchase the program, visit the eCom Elites homepage. You will find that there are two different packages available, a standard package and an ultimate package. The package you choose is entirely up to you. They are both quite similar except the ultimate package has access to some bonus modules and two of Hatchett’s books. The standard package costs $197, and the ultimate package costs $297. 




  • Over The Shoulder Store Setup Training.
  • Full Product Research Training Using My Methods
  • Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Training. 
  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training.
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training.

Now, I know what you are thinking. That’s pretty pricey. However, when you think about the wealth of content your receiving, the real value of the packages are much higher.

To be more specific, the real value of the standard and ultimate packages respectively are $497 and $697. So Hatchett is really cutting you a great deal. Moreover, it is a onetime payment for an awesome course that could really take your entrepreneurship skills to the next level. 

Final Verdict

There are a number of other ecom courses and drop shipping courses that you could choose from, but none of them are as well-designed or as thought out as the eCom Elites program

You can really tell that Franklin Hatchett worked extremely hard on this course. Not only is all the information easy to learn and well-organised, his content is also rich with valuable information that is difficult to find elsewhere. 

Moreover, he presents techniques that actually work. He utilises methods that have been tested and proved by him and by other talented entrepreneurs. Franklin teaches you exactly what you need to hit the ground running. Even better, he ensures that you are not growing your online business by draining your own bank accounts. Each of this methods can be implemented on budget. 

Lastly, this course will not leave you hanging dry if you make a mistake or hit a bump in the road. Signing up with eCom Elites not only connects you to Franklin Hatchett but it also connects you to community of other entrepreneurs who can all give you support when you need it. Bottom line, it is a great program that will take your online business to the next level. 

I hope my ecom Elite review helped you gain a better understanding of this great program. Let us know if you have any concerns or questions!

eCom Elites

Check For Discount



Ease Of Use







  • Packed Full Of Content
  • Good Price For The Amount Of Content
  • Clear And Easy To Follow Videos
  • Great For All Levels


  • Can Get Distracted When Teaching
  • Can Take 1- 2 Days To Reply To Question Or Support

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  1. Hi James,
    This review is so helpful!
    I have a query though, is the course relevant for starting a business in the UK?

    • Hi Isabel,

      DropShipping can be started anywhere, it’s one of the beauties of doing it. As long as you have an internet connection.

      This course isn’t going to teach you the legal side of starting your own company, taxes etc. That part you would need to find elsewhere.

      Hope that helps,


    • I am a newbie and planning to get the Alidropship basic package. Will this course help me or is it another dropshipping course not related to Alidropship?

      • Hello Wendy!

        So the course is more focused on Shopify, and how to start a Shopify style store.

        The core mechanics though I’d say are still relevant. to run ads, find products and find suppliers.

        How you create your store is of course up to you, I do actually have a few reviews of the Alidropship products and services, I really enjoy their products 🙂

        Reach out if you need any help or if you have more questions.

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