How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Are you an affiliate marketer, or looking to start your own niche site? If so, Amazon Affiliates could be a great way for you to make money. In this blog post we'll cover the basics of what is involved in setting up and running an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site.

We will also look at how to make how to make money from Amazon affiliate niche sites, it easier than you might realise.

Firstly, you are going to need to create yourself a website, or a blog. An amazon niche site, and a normal 'affiliate' website are basically the same thing.

If you are interested in how I set up my own sites, from start to finish, then be sure to checkout BlogFocused.  

Setting Up An Amazon Niche Site - Choosing A Niche

You are going to have to think about the type of niche you want to focus on, or the type of products you want to talk about or create a website around. 

It can take sometime to do so, but try to think about; 

  • Topics you are passionate about
  • Hobbies or activities that you do in your spare time
  • Topics you are knowledgeable about

A lot of new bloggers or affiliate marketers try to go for the big topics or niches such as Sport, or health or even the dreaded make money online niche, but they can be hyper competitive and quite off-putting for beginners just getting started.

Choosing A Host

I like to try and use hosts that hit 3 particular areas

  • Easy to navigate / use
  • Good up time & support
  • Cost effective 

A lot of hosts such as BlueHost can be cost effective, with a decent uptime, but then fail on the easy to navigate and use (Even though I rarely recommend them these days, students still ask for help with sites).

Whereas WPX are easy to navigate, set up and use, with an outstanding 'up-time' and really good support, but are on the more expensive side, especially if you are just getting started and don't have a huge budget. 

So, for those just starting out, I have to recommend SiteGround, the first 12-24 months are heavily discounted, so provide a year of cost effective hosting. They are also super easy to navigate, with clear and informative buttons and tabs to find your way around.

Plus, they help you get your site installed with WordPress, or whatever you fancy installed, taking you through each step. 

Getting Your Website Set Up

As previously mentioned, these days it's quite easy to get a website 'started'. SiteGround will guide you through a setup wizard, taking about 4 or 5 steps, by the end of it, you will have a fresh install of open source platform. 

Hugely versatile and with thousands of themes, apps and looks, WordPress basically provides infinite possibilities. I also see it as beginner friendly, even to those who have no prior experience with building websites. It's the core of all my websites and the platform I encourage all my students to build their sites upon. 

Forget about sites such as Square Space or Wix, you will have a lot less freedom than you do here. 

Ways To Monetise Your New Site

You don't have to specifically be a website that simply looks at Amazon products and talks about them, there are a number of ways to earn commissions with the Amazon Affiliate program, the following are just a number of examples on how you can utilise their program to make money from. 

Of course, the majority of these ways will include adding affiliate links into articles and documents, but there are other ways to increase your sales and bounties. 

Reviewing Products

When people talk about Amazon Niche Sites, they usually mean websites that review or talk about different products that can be found on Amazon. 

Now, this may be simply listing out 'The 10 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners', across large niches, coming up with lots of different pages containing 10 -20 affiliate links within them. 

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites 2 How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Of course there are a variety of ways to build or create these kinds of pages, with some going for long form, tons of information and basically running mini reviews with pros and cons. 

While others prefer to provide short, compact mini descriptions that provide an opinion piece about the product in question. 

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites 3 How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

How you decide to create these style of pages, really is up to you, I personally prefer the mini reviews, as it provides Google with more content and data about what you are writing about. 

You can link these style articles to one of my favourite styles, full product reviews. 

These articles usually focus on one product, for example this type of article. An article of this type will typically contain a few thousand words, but provide a really in-depth review that gives the reader a real idea of the item you are writing about. 

You will also usually only add affiliate links to one product, though on occasion it may be 2 or 3 if you decide to add 'alternatives' as part of the article.

If you happen to be in a niche such as writing or literature, you can always link to 

Help Guides

A different type of article that can work really well when it comes to making money with amazon affiliate niches sites, are Help Guides, or How To articles. 

They are a great way of increasing trust on your website, as well as introducing readers to products that they may not have known could help them with a particular issue. 

A great example of this can be offering toolsbooks or even podcasts at a stretch that can help fix a bike, or increase a vegetable plot yield. 

These help guides can actually be a great way of introducing your readers and audience to products, without throwing them into their face. As well as offering a wide variety of ideas and tools that can help them with their issues. 

Banner Ads

You don't need to have a website solely devoted to reviews or 'Top 5' etc to make money from the Amazon affiliate program. You can of course take advantage of their banner ads. 

Those who run blogs, diary style sites or even news websites can add the Amazon Store banners into the normal advert rotation. The banners can be taken from different departments or Amazon products, depending on what your website is dedicated too.

If you run a news website, then adding banners for Amazon prime, or Audible may work well with your audience, whereas if you are running a blog devoted to movies, then Amazon Prime would be a brilliant product to promote. 

Of course, running an Amazon niche site allows you to include links within text, but also on the sides of your website. 

Amazon Store

These types of Amazon affiliate sites used to exist long ago, before people would create review sites or run help guides etc. Essentially taking Amazon stock and Amazon listings, add them to their own sites and let people checkout on Amazon itself. 

They lost popularity as many of the plugins and even Amazons own tools made the stores look outdated, and it was difficult to keep pricing up to date without trying to use complicated APIs or slightly hacky workarounds. 

A store can be created as an additional part of an existing website, or even another platform, such as Instagram or Pinterest. These types of stores are now called Influencer stores, and allow Influencers to showcase products that they use, or recommend to their followers. 

Most Amazon Affiliate Stores work better as a secondary part of a site, as trying to run traffic to them specifically can be difficult, due to the nature of having to directly compete with Amazon themselves. 

Podcasts, Films or Other Media Associated Sites

Another variation on the standard affiliate niche site, is that of the Podcasts or Film style websites. These websites are typically placeholders or brand sites for either the Podcast or Film themselves, or a fan website or 'reviewer' that talks about different forms of media. 

Both work quite well, though in slightly different ways. 

The 'brand website' usually exist as a place to provide details about certain episodes of podcasts or indie series and even cartoons and artists. The content on the site will centre around the actual medium, providing additional information about topics covered or seen within that particular format. 

A good example may be a fitness podcast that can be found on Spotify, they talk about a number of books, a TV series and a product within that particular episode. Beneath the download link or link to listen to the podcast can be a number of links or images about said products. 

The same can be done for other artistic mediums, if they include certain products, or if the producers or directors want to direct people to the tools and items they use. 

Those who create audiobooks, books or other content that may be specific to the Amazon platform could recommend Amazon Prime Video, Audible or Amazon Prime to their audience to let them know that's how they can enjoy the content. 

You usually receive a fixed bounty from these offers, rather than a % of the checkout, so be sure to checkout what you can offer. 

Increase The Number Of Amazon Marketplaces You Promote

Each Amazon marketplace and offer have their own locations, audience and affiliate program, which can be a complete nightmare. 

It doesn't matter which style of monetisation you go for, be it straight up affiliate links, banners or stores, if you want to promote these products beyond one particular country, you will need to sign up to multiple affiliate programs. 

This does mean that if you wanted to promote to the UK, American, Italian and French audiences, you will need to sign up and then manage these programs, plus find a way of being able to promote these across multiple sites. 

The Amazon American Affiliate program has a tool called OneLink, that in theory allows you to use an link, and it will workout all the other platforms that you are associated too (you do have to link them) and then it will do the clever location tracking. 

In reality, it's cumbersome and rarely works, usually ending up with your American affiliate link usually being shown to your French visitor, they then leaving and you loosing the sale. 

These days I prefer to use tools such as GeniusLink, which allows you to add your different affiliate/store IDs from the different Amazon marketplaces and then produces special links for you to use. 

GenuisLink will do the heavy work of finding out what country they are reading your content from, and then automatically provide them with the right Amazon marketplace, with the correct affiliate link added. 

This means that you can easily generate 1 link that will cover X number of Amazon Marketplaces, without trying to play around with their broken and pretty rubbish tool. 

GenuisLink will cost you money, though from experience, the additional cost you incur will pay for itself within the 1st couple of additional purchases you are able to make from the other marketplaces. Especially as it costs around $5 per month for 2,000 link clicks, and if you are not getting an additional $5 after opening up the other marketplaces, something may be going wrong. 

How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites - Conclusion

As you can tell, there are so many different ways to run or build these kinds of sites, and they don't all have to be straight up review sites or simply 'Amazon affiliate stores'. 

If you are someone who enjoys other mediums or areas that Amazon may provide access too such as Amazon Prime Video or Audible then you can still earn money from their content. 

The biggest way to make money, or increase the money you make from your Amazon Affiliate niche site is of course join more programs and expand out your reach. Doing so will allow you to get your products and items in front of a larger crowd, not simply 1 location or marketplace, especially as your sites should be being picked up by a number of different countries. 

Can you think of additional ways to make money from amazon affiliate niches sites, if so, drop them below.