The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500

Not everyone has lots of money to spend on affiliate marketing courses, training or even masterminds. Lots of entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their business, saving and skimping as much as they can, putting all their commission back into their assets, but on occasion it's worth while splashing out on a course. So today, we are going to have a look at some of the The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500.

It will be a mix of monthly programs, and fixed price or one off courses that all come in under $500. For the monthly ones, I will look at the cost over 12 months and see if it's worth it for the price per month.

I have also not put this list in any particular order, as they are all worth it in their own rights, so be sure to check out each one before making that decision! 

Legendary Marketers Marketing Club ($30pm)

Kicking off this article is the Legendary Marketers, Marketers Club, a pay monthly affiliate training course, designed to teach you all about the different aspects and parts of affiliate marketing. 

The Marketers club is the second product on offer from the guys at Legendary Marketer, and is a brilliant transition from the Business Builder Challenge, designed to build upon the knowledge and information you learn in that training to take you up a notch. 

The training is great for those who know nothing about Affiliate Marketing and are still deciding if it's for them, or what style they want to master. 

The majority of the training is aimed at funnels and ads, which can be a great way of getting started with Affiliate Marketing quickly, but for those without much capital may find it a little more difficult. I would compare this with Wealthy Affiliate, but then I would also add that it's better. 

You have more up to date training, newer training every month and you get access (if you want and are accepted) to a much better affiliate program.

Check Out The Legendary Marketer Review | Grab The Legendary Marketers Club

Easy1Up - Elevation ($25 + 5)

Coming in a little lower than some of the others on this list, the Elevation training is actually only $30 all in, but that doesn't mean it's missing value or not worth investing in. 

Elevation is the 1st product from the Easy1Up platform, it has 23 videos up to an hour long each, offering you the foundation to affiliate marketing. 

Focusing on

  • What affiliate marketing is, 
  • How to craft an offer, 
  • How to attract buyers,
  • What auto responders to use and how to cultivate an email list 

The list goes on, and for $30 you are getting a huge amount of value.

The bonus part, you are instantly added to their affiliate system, so you can resell or promote the training, as you see fit. 

Click here to find out more information and get a sample of their training.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 ($197-$297)

A brilliant 'all round' affiliate marketing course, the original Savage Affiliates was the reason that I got back into Affiliate Marketing, and even kick started this very blog 

Recently updated with new modules and videos, Savage Affiliates 2.0 is great for those who are just starting out or who want to learn the broad range of affiliate marketing styles. 

The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500

The course is broken into lots of different modules, some focusing on blogging and SEO, others going towards paid ads, funnels and even email marketing. It has something for everyone.  

I would say the the larger majority of the training is focused on building up a blog asset and focusing on content and then email marketing, with the second largest being about building landing pages and funnels. 

To date, this is one of the best affiliate marketing courses for under $500, considering the sheer amount of content and value within the course. Frank Hachett really did smash this one out of the park with Savage Affiliates 2.0.

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ClickFunnels Affiliate BootCamp Summit (Free + $100)

If you are focusing on ClickFunnels, or you are interested in getting started with funnels in general, then the OG of boot camps, might just be for you. 

The Affiliate Bootcamp, used to be a free coursed based on taking a complete newbie in affiliate marketing from 0 to hero, in 100 days.

I think ClickFunnels realised that the training wasn't quite giving their users exactly what they needed, the videos where out of date and basically rubbish. 

Around June, July 2019, possibly a little earlier, they closed it down, re-vamped it and then put out a much shorter, more concise version. 

The Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is now made up of videos and interviews from 15 of ClickFunnels biggest affiliates. 

The training is actually different from most of the other courses you will find on your list, as it's all about tapping into multiple peoples heads to get at what they would do to succeed with affiliate marketing. Rather than just having one person teach different methods 

If you are feeling stuck, then it's well worth taking the time and energy to go through it. Especially as it costs nothing. 

Join The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

Easy1Up - Elevation Elite ($100 +$10)

Moving up the product tiers within Easy1Up, the next stop is their $100 product, which greatly expands upon the videos you found in Elevation. 

The great thing about these platforms, is that if you purchase the higher tiers, you get access to everything below and only pay 1 admin fee.

Elevation Elite opens up access to some, interesting, traffic methods, as well as ones that people are probably used too. 

They hit methods such as

  • Live Events,
  • Solo Ads, 
  • Creating your own products, 
  • Google Plus (which doesn't really exist these days),
  • QR Codes!

And method such as YouTube and social media. 

As with the lower entry on this list, the value for the price is brilliant, plus you get access to resell the training so you can start implementing some of the training straight away and have a product to promote. 

Click here to find out more information and get a sample of their training.

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away ($100)

As part of the big revamp of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp, there was also a secret training course being created. It was designed to show basically anyone how to build their own funnel. 

Be it a vendor trying to sell a training course, a dentist collecting leads or an affiliate marketing trying to promote weight loss tea, this training course is designed to get you there. 

The course itself is around 30 days long, focusing on the the idea, the execution and then the growth and after care of your new funnel. The best part is it actually comes with some pretty awesome bonuses. 

For your $100, you get all of the following. 

One Funnel Away Bonuses - The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500

As you can tell, the books and the videos alone are worth the cost of entry, everything else is just value on top of value. 

Join The ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

Dream Car Profits ($47)

A course that I picked up around the middle of 2019 just after Jacob scored his Dreamcar status for ClickFunnels

At the time the course was $47, and to be honest, it was packed with some pretty decent strategies for improving your affiliate marketing game. 

Even though the course is shorter than others around the same price point (The One Funnel Away Challenge for example), I still think it's full of a ton of value. 

The course is split into 6 different videos, aimed at different areas from adwords & bing, to SEO and blogging. Now, you might say it's not groundbreaking, or anything new, but Jacob does offer some golden nuggets, especially for the price. 

It's a training course that I would say any entrepreneur would want on their metaphorical shelf. 

Read The Full Dream Car Profits Review | Access Dream Car profits

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge ($7)

Still one of my favourite low cost introductions to Affiliate Marketing, and something I did not truly understand the value in until a few months back. 

The 15 Day Business challenge takes people from absolutely nothing, to having a funnel or a website set up, with ads and the ability to turn those ads on, to promote products of your choice. 

The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500

Now the challenge does focus around using Legendary as the target of the ads, but you can use the information given to you for basically anything you want.

Each day is locked until you physically unlock it by doing the tasks given to you. Ensuring that you actually do something, rather than just sitting on it and staring into space. Check out the challengeAccess The Challenge

The challenge costs $7 to get started with, and can actually be done a lot quicker than 15 days, if you take action and do the steps given to you. 

If you are looking to have someone guide you, or provide advice, then this quick start challenge might the low cost course you have been looking for. 

It can also then be further enhanced by taking the Marketers club, as found above. 

Check out the Legendary Marketers Review | Access The Challenge

Exitus G100 ($100 + $300)

The lowest level of the Exitus Elite & Genesis Library platform, the G100 is all about teaching you the core offerings of Affiliate Marketing. 

The actual cost for this is technically $400, as Exitus comes with a $300 admin fee, so if you are looking at something at the $100 mark, then the offering from Easy1Up may be better suited (more on that soon).

G100 is split into 5 sections,

  • Internet Marketing (10 Videos)
  • Email Lists Secrets (10 Videos)
  • Big Business Blueprint - How To Build An Online Business (42's huge)
  • FB Live Blueprints (10 Videos)
  • Crypto Currency Secrets (8 Videos)

So you do get a lot of value for your money and they cover a few different areas, so you are not going to be short on information or videos, but it's worth bearing in mind, this training is actually $400 worth, not the $100 it leads you to believe. 

I would say, with the price included, it makes sense to go for the G500 (again, as I said above this actually equals to $800 with the admin fee) but you get so much for your money with these two other levels included.

Learn more abut Exitus Elite & Genesis.

Easy1Up - Vertex ($250 + $25)

You might have started to see a theme with the Easy1Up training platform.

Firstly, they have training that suits pretty much every budget, and secondly their admin fees scale inline with the products and level you buy. It's roughly 10% of the value of the product you are buying.

Vertex takes everything you learnt in the first 2 levels, and now starts to introduce mindset training, and more information about crafting offers, launching products and even how to really hit your email list building hard. 

They have also provided a 3 part series about Affiliate Marketing Survival, which I think sounds amazing, as it makes me feel we are all preppers hiding away trying to get through some kind of Apocalypse!

Again, as with the others, you can start to use the traffic secrets and your new winning mindset to promote these products. 

Click here to find out more information and get a sample of their training.

Exitus 250 ($250 + $300)

I know, again Exitus are strictly playing around with the real cost on this, which is why I put the full cost above, because I am a nice guy. 

The second Tier from Exitus, opens up all of the training to do with mindset, list building and how email marketing works. 

As with G100, it's in depth, there is tons of information and more videos than you can shake a stick at, but it is technically around $500 for this, you do also get access to everything within G100, so you are getting a lot of information for your money. 

Learn more abut Exitus Elite & Genesis.

Easy1Up - Vertex Elite ($500 + $50)

The final one on this list, is the middle offering from the Easy1Up guys. 

This time this product actually does just push the boundaries for (under $500), so I can only apologies, but it's worth adding it due it ties in with the other products that are provided. 

Vertext Elite opens the doors to it's own version of the Business Builder Challenge, in a huge two part course that takes up a large majority of this tier. 

There is also a section about DropShipping, which I ignored if I am honest and then two more sections about traffic methods.

For me, having lots of different traffic methods that I can play around with, is never a bad thing and as long as you are disciplined with it and don't try and do them all at once, it can be amazing. 

Click here to find out more information and get a sample of their training.

Super Affiliate Intensive ($100)

Probably one of my favourite on this list, though mainly due to the amount of information found inside of it, or the little lightbulbs that are turned on for most people as they go through it. 

SAI is structured as 4 videos, or pillars if you want to be fancy, focusing around the SAA framework, known as MOCA. For $100 you get access to the following;

  • 4 Day MOCA Blueprint
  • Interviews with SAA Students
  • MOCA Implementation And Strategy Call

In true Russel Brunson fashion, you also get a number of bonuses as part of the $100 price tag. 

Check this page out to find more information 

Conclusion - Can You Really Get Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500?

Most people believe that you have to spend $$$$'s on courses and training to get started with affiliate marketing, and that's just not true, you really can find affiliate marketing training for under $500. 

You can really get stuck in for $30 a month, or even grab a challenge for $7. 

If you have $100 you can pick up some great courses, if you can stretch up to $300 you can pick one of the best training courses I have ever taken and still go back too every single day.

For those feeling flush you can get access to a platform that offers you 100% commissions and the ability to resell training and platform access starting from just $30.