High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular business model that allows you to make money online by promoting products or services of other companies.

As an affiliate marketer, you could choose between two slightly different commission models: high-ticket and low-ticket marketing.

High-ticket involves promoting expensive products that offer high commissions, while low-ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting cheaper products that offer lower commissions.

This article will explore the differences between high ticket vs low ticket affiliate marketing and hopefully help you choose the right one for your business.

It's probably worth keeping in might, there is no wrong answer here, especially when it comes to building your online business.

Understanding High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

High-ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting products that have high price tags. These high ticket offers can range from $500 to $10,000 or even more. From experience, the average commission is around $1500 per sale, which usually means a $2000 - $3000 price tag.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions of 30% to 50% or even more for each sale. Resulting in a pretty decent income, if you can keep driving traffic to your offers.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 2 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High ticket affiliate products typically have a lower conversion rate, but the high commission per sale makes up for the low number of sales per day.This can mean you can get 1 - 2 sales per month, and generate more money online than the average 9 - 5 job.

Depending on the niche you target, you can find a variety of products and services for sale to promote, such as online courses, done-for-you services and even e-commerce stores.

Pros and Cons of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:


High commission per sale: You can earn a substantial amount of money from each sale due to the high commission rates.

Fewer sales needed to reach your income goals: Since high ticket affiliate programs offer high commissions, you don't need to make as many sales to reach your income goals.

More experienced and committed customers: High-ticket products attract customers who are serious about making a purchase and are more likely to have a higher level of commitment.

Less competition: High ticket products typically have fewer affiliates promoting them, which means you have a better chance of standing out.


Higher cost for the customers: They will obviously come at a higher price tag, which may deter some customers from making a purchase.

Longer sales cycle: It may take longer to make a sale since customers may take more time to make a decision when purchasing high-ticket items.

Fewer potential customers: Since high-ticket items have a higher price tag, there may be fewer potential customers who can afford to purchase them.

Need to have a high level of expertise in the niche: To promote high-ticket products successfully, you need to have a deep understanding of the niche you're in.

You usually have to own it: A lot of high-ticket programs want people to know what they are promoting. So you have to own the product to promote it.

How to Succeed in High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Choose a niche that you are passionate about and have expertise in.
  2. Research and find high ticket products in that niche.
  3. Build a website or blog to promote the products.
  4. Offer valuable content and build trust with your audience.
  5. Use paid advertising to reach a wider audience.
  6. Build an email list and use email marketing to promote the products.

Examples Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs;

There are hundreds, if not thousands of high-paying affiliate programs that people can join, though a lot of them require you to own to actually promote them. Below are some of the top affiliate programs that I personally have seen success with, or have known others do well in.

Super Affiliate Accelerator

One of my favourite affiliate marketing, sales and even mindset courses that you can find online. SAA is now seen as one of the pinnacle courses for understanding sales and building authority within the Social Media and Affiliate Marketing Space. 

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 3 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Beginning in late 2019, this medium - high ticket offering is a great offering for those who want to build themselves using free traffic on social media and who want to leverage other high ticket products. So they really focus on showing people how to sell some of the products in this list, and actually helped me sell products within this list with strategies other than SEO or paid ads etc. 

You do have to own the product to be able to product the different tiers (ranging from $1500 - $5000 per sale for SAA and $100 for SAI) and you will have to be approved to promote it. If you are approved, then you can earn 40-90% commissions on the products on sale. 

Check out the full bonus package if you are interested in utilising social media and building an online presence, with the potential to earn up to $2500 per sale. 

Affiliate Escape Plan

Brian has to been one of the most successful Legendary Marketer affiliates they have had, if not possibly the fastest to generate $100,000+ commissions with LM. 

His unique methods, and focus on promoting LM have obviously done him very well. Affiliate Escape plan is his $997 course that shows people how to generate traffic and sales to pretty much any product you want, though with a focus on Legendary Marketer. 

You can become an affiliate by going through his 90MinuteChallenge and then applying to become an affiliate. You don't need to own the course to promote it, but it's probably worth understanding what Brian teaches, as well as getting access to a number of his Done-For-You funnels and content packages.

You can get some of these in the 90Min challenge, so definitely check that out if Brian's course is something you want to promote. 

Authority Hackers

For many these guys are the G.O.A.T's when it comes to blogging and building websites that stick out from the rest. They have been building and showing people how to build authority style sites for years. 

High Commission Programs - Authority Hacker

They offer a number of different courses, depending on the skill levels, with Authority Site System coming in at $997 or Authority Hacker Pro (Which only opens a few months per year). They also have a core vital course which retails at $997. 

Applying for the Authority Hacker affiliate program is possibly one of the hardest ones on this list, they do require a proper website (A blog is probably going to go in your favour), with a few thousand visitors per month, and those visitors actually being relevant to the course. If you are successful then you can potentially earn up to $1979 per customer. 


A plugin and product I used a lot when I was DropShipping, AliDropShip is a brilliant tool for those who wanted extra freedom when it came to building their own DropShipping site. 

The plugin itself only costs $89 to purchase, but they do offer a number of premium services, including Done-For-You stores, and the potential to earn up to $890 per customer. 

They do seem to be moving away from the highly customised stores, so I am not sure how long this particular option will stay.  

Affiliate Secrets

Now on it's 3rd iteration, Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is Spencer Mecham's flagship offering, teaching people how he became a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate, as well as a huge affiliate for a ton of other companies. 

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 4 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The updated version comes with all new training on social media, blogging and ways to increase sales and leads via email and of course funnels. Spencer has also managed to help 15+ of his students become dream car winners, and there are well over 500 students inside of the Affiliate Secrets course. 

A well rounded, affiliate marketing course, you don't need to own the course to become an affiliate, though it does definitely help if you are keen on promoting it. With a price tag of $1497 or with the ability to pay via payment plans, affiliates can potentially earn around $700 per sale (or a little more with the payment plans)

Legendary Marketer (The high ticket stuff)

For anyone in the make money online, online coaching or even webinar space niches, Legendary Marketer is a well known brand. With their signature 15 Day Business Builder, they have grown in the online education space, largely to the success of their marketing strategies on TikTok and social media. 

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 5 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

As well as their $1 - $50 products, they have a number of $997 - $5,000 offerings such as their masterminds, Blueprints and Traffic University courses. With any lead given the option or opportunity to purchase any product, and with 30 - 50% commissions across the platform, Legendary Marketer is a solid option for anyone looking at high ticket products.

Plus they offer decent, in-depth training for anyone wanting to get into Affiliate Marketing, with the added bonus of potentially being able to promote their products. You need to have at least done the 15 day business builder challenge to be able to apply to become an affiliate.

SEO Affiliate Domination

Much like Authority Hacker, SEO Affiliate Domination is an in-depth training course that focuses on SEO and how to utilise blogs and search engine traffic to generate commissions. 

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 6 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Though, Greggs style is a little different than others, it has won him numerous awards and hundreds of thousands, if not million+ in commissions with various programs and courses these days. 

Greg's method and style is pretty unique, and there are very few who teach this particular method, which means it has a high potential customer base, but very few affiliates promoting it. 

From product costing from $200 - $3,000 SEO Affiliate Domination is a pretty decent high ticket product to add to your roster. I would highly recommend actually going through the training (I believe that may be one of the requisites for becoming an affiliate now), mainly because of the unique method he teaches. 

Understanding Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

Low-ticket affiliate marketing involves promoting products that have lower price tags, usually under $100, with the average commission being around $20 per sale.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 7 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions of 5% - 80%+ or even more for each sale. Low ticket products typically have a higher conversion rate, but you need to make more sales to reach your income goals.

You will find that many of these products are part of what is called a funnel, or a series of products that can increase the initial sale beyond that low commission. Potentially taking a simple $7 commission to $00's and even on occasion $000's. 

Pros and Cons of Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing:


Lower cost for the customers: A lot of programs are affordable for most people, costing just a few $'s to purchase. This makes it easier for you to promote them to a wider audience.

Shorter sales cycle: Since low ticket offers have a lower price tag, the sales cycle is usually shorter. Customers don't have to spend much time researching before making a purchase decision.

More potential customers: The affordability of low-ticket products means that there are more potential customers for you to target. This can help you to generate a higher volume of sales.

Easier to promote: Many of these products are easier to promote because they are affordable and don't require much convincing. You can focus on highlighting the product's features and benefits rather than having to persuade customers to make a significant investment.


Lower commission per sale: By definition, these products will have a lower price tag, which means that the commission you earn per sale is of course going to be much less than a high ticket item.

Need to make more sales to reach your income goals: Since the commission per sale is lower, you need to make more sales to reach your income goals.

Less committed customers: Customers who purchase low-cost products may not be as committed to the product or brand as those who purchase more expensive products.

More competition: Lower-cost products often have more competition, making it harder to stand out and make sales.

Lots of affiliates: Most low ticket programs don't need you to own it, as such anyone can join and promote, resulting in hundreds of ads, articles or Youtube videos promoting those products.

Overall, low-ticket marketing can be a great option for those who are new to affiliate marketing or who want to target a wider audience. It can be an effective way to generate a high volume of sales, but it may not be the best option if you're looking to earn higher commissions or have a more committed customer base.

How to Succeed in Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Choose a niche that you are passionate about and have expertise in.
  2. Research and find high ticket products in that niche.
  3. Build a website or blog to promote the products.
  4. Offer valuable content and build trust with your audience.
  5. Use paid advertising to reach a wider audience.
  6. Build an email list and use email marketing to promote the products.

Examples Of Low Ticket Affiliate Programs;

To be honest, there are hundreds of thousands of low-ticket offers that people can join, with very few requiring you to own it. Though I would recommend you actually grab it to understand what it is.


The MOS program is actually free to sign up for, though you need to pay/upgrade to become a full affiliate for the program (Upgrading costs $200/£200+).

With the added ability to share and basically give away a huge course, for free is actually a pretty decent lead gen opportunity. There are around 50 different affiliate programs inside of the course itself, including some of them found on this list. So along with the $100 you can earn for those who decide to upgrade themselves, you can earn both low and high commission sales within the program. 

It can be seen as a bit of a MLM due to the fact you have to sign up, to promote and earn commissions, but it can be seen as essentially owning your own copy of the product and someone can go through the free training and learn a ton. 

90Minute Affiliate Challenge

The low ticket, or starting offer from Brian Brewer, the 90minute affiliate challenge does require you to sign up for the free course to promote it. But, it does allow you the ability to earn 40% across the products he offers (including his own high ticket Affiliate Escape Plan).

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 8 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

It's a great little product, giving people the 9 secrets that helped Brian become the super affiliate he is today, with the ability to grab DFY funnels and even DFY content, each under $40. You can also generate 40% on the lower cost products such as the 'clone my funnel' which is actually worth grabbing.

As with a number of these products, there is also the ability to generate commissions from his main course, which is a higher ticket product at $997. 

Wealthy Affiliate

A platform, or program (depending on how you see them) that has been around for years, Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 separate tiers of monthly commissions.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 9 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

You earn a % on every month someone stays with them, with the ability to generate higher commissions if you upgrade your own account. If you are into blogging, and you want cheap hosting, continuous training and hundreds of helpful bloggers, then WA is definitely a site for you. 

The main downside to Wealthy Affiliate is that they are promoted by pretty much every person who signs up, no matter the niche, and they do a lot of negative marketing (essentially saying everything else is...not the best and the only answer is WA). 

But, they do offer good training, and the ability to generate monthly commissions from $20 - $60 per month depending the packages and if you are a member yourself. 


A bit cheeky as it's my own product, but BlogFocused does allow those who own it to earn commissions if they want to promote the product. Teaching people the exact same steps I have used for years to build profitable, income generating blogs, with as little jargon, fluff and technoBS as possible. 

The course takes place across 4 weeks (spread out with the aim to provide as much possible information in easy to follow chunks). Resulting in $100 per sale commissions, plus the ability to earn commissions from a free course, it's an awesome little product. Even though I do say so myself!

ATM Profits

This a great low ticket offer, coming in at around $8 per sale (it costs $14 - $20 to purchase). ATM Profits shows people how to start YouTube videos, as well as how to succeed with email marketing.

You can actually pay to get 'reseller' status, which essentially allows you to bump your commissions on this product, plus 3 others.

This product also has 5 or 6 other upsells as part of their funnel, so you can potentially generate a 'hich ticket' sale if someone purchases the full funnel.

End Game

Another great low ticket offer I have promoted for a while. End Game teaches people how to generate sales via solo ads, and was created by one of the top W+ Affiliates.

As with ATM Profits, there are a number of offers within the funnel, which could potentially add up to $200 - $400 per customer.

You don't need to own the course, but I would recommend getting the Reseller rights to increase your commissions (Usually bumps from 30/40% to 60-70%).

Legendary Marketer (The low ticket stuff)

We have already spoken about Legendary Marketer due to their high ticket offers, such as their Blueprints and masterminds.

But they are possibly more well known for their $7 business builder challenge, which shows people how to build an online business in around 15 days.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing 10 High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

They also have a number of products between $1 - $200 resulting in $0.49 - $100+ commissions, depending on the item purchased.

Legendary Marketer is of course a funnel, so people will see a variety of products as they go through the courses and training.

12-Minute Affiliate - Easiest System

This particular program has been criticised in the past, including by me, mainly because it's a business in a box.

You make your money by promoting the same training and platform. Recently they have actually pushed towards helping people succeed with email marketing and multiple niches (not just the make-money online niche).

With a reasonable $12 - $20 front end, earning you around 50 - 70% per sale. As with many of these offers, this program is a funnel, with multiple offers.

You don't need to own the product to promote this, but you do need to be a ClickBank affiliate.

High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing: Which One Should You Choose?

After analysing the pros and cons of both high and low-ticket affiliate marketing, you may still be confused about which one to choose. The decision largely depends on your goals, expertise, and the niche you choose.

If you have expertise in a specific niche and are passionate about high ticket products, then high ticket affiliate marketing may be a better fit for you. The commissions are higher, and you'll need to make fewer sales to reach your income goals.

However, if you're just starting with affiliate marketing, then the lower ticket affiliate marketing options may be a better option to get your feet wet.

You'll have a larger pool of potential customers, and the products are easier to sell.

You may also consider mixing high and low-ticket offers to diversify your income streams. You can promote high-ticket products to a smaller audience and low ticket products to a larger audience. This way, you can benefit from both higher commissions and a larger pool of potential customers.

Another factor to consider is the type of audience you want to attract. High ticket products attract more experienced and committed customers who are willing to invest in their goals. On the other hand, low ticket products attract a wider range of customers, including those who may not have as much disposable income. Understanding your audience and their needs is essential in choosing the right affiliate marketing strategy.

FAQs About High Ticket vs Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

Q: Is high ticket better than low ticket ? A: It depends on your goals, expertise, and chosen niche. High ticket products offer higher commissions, but require more effort to sell. Low ticket products offer lower commissions, but can be easier to sell.

Q: How do I find high ticket products to promote? A: Research your niche and look for products that are expensive and offer high commissions. Look for products that solve problems or provide value to your audience.

Q: How do I find low ticket products to promote? A: Look for popular products in your niche that have a good commission rate. Look for products that are affordable and solve problems or provide value to your audience.

Q: Do I need a website to promote affiliate products? A: It's not necessary, but having a website or blog can help you build trust with your audience and promote products more effectively.

Q: Can I promote both high and low ticket items? A: Yes, you can promote both types of products in your affiliate business.

Final Thoughts:

High-ticket affiliate marketing and low-ticket affiliate marketing are both viable business models in affiliate marketing. The decision to choose between a high ticket and a low ticket depends on your goals, expertise, and niche you choose.

High ticket programs offer higher commissions and require less effort to make a full-time income. However, it requires more expertise and knowledge of the niche.

Low ticket offers usually provide low commissions but can be easier to sell due to the lower price point. Many will also lead to high ticket commissions with the right funnel and offer. It requires more effort to make a full-time income, but it can be a good starting point for beginners.

Ultimately, it's up to you to choose the model that aligns with your goals and interests. By understanding the differences between high-ticket vs low-ticket affiliate marketing and following the tips in this article, you can build a successful affiliate marketing business.