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Affiliate Escape Plan Review Summary;

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It's free to join, you can't really complain can you!

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Ease of USe

It's built on ClickFunnels, so fairly easy to navigate and find your way around. Though ClickFunnels always has it's quirks!

The Online Student - Content


A few number of hours of content and videos, with funnels and ideas for you to try out. I'd say you get a lot. 

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I can't really say if it's brilliant or bad, as I have never needed to get any support. I will update when I know.

Summary: A free course from a Legendary Marketer super affiliate, with access to funnels and additional content to help you succeed with promoting their platform. 

  • brian knows what he is on about, and has a proven track record
  • it's free to join
  • Some great advice, and solid actionable takeaways that can be put into use straight away
  • it comes with a free cloneable funnel
  • ClickFunnels is always a little buggy when it comes to membership sites

Update - Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0

Brian recently updated his affiliate Escape Plan training, and no surprise, it's called Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0. Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 is also now a paid course, though comes with heaps of new content, bi-weekly coaching and more. As such, I will be looking at creating a new review to cover this new paid version.

BUT, if you came for Brian's Brewers FREE training, then he released his 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge, which I will be creating a brand new review on. Mainly because it does change in terms of format and information provided and differs from the Affiliate Escape Plan review below. 

As such, you may find that links below that talk about his old Affiliate Escape Plan, now show his new free training, but may also show his new paid option. 

Brian Brewer is a fairly well known super affiliate inside of the Legendary Marketer affiliate space, absolutely blowing up in 2019/2020, doing fantastically well with the LM affiliate program and hitting 2x Platinum (over $200k commissions) in a fairly short amount of time. 

Alongside Legendary Marketer, Brian is also pretty well known in the ClickFunnels community, due to the fact LM and CF work hand in hand with the each other. 

Today we are going to take a dive into Brian's free training, the Affiliate Escape Plan

What Is The Affiliate Escape Plan?

The Affiliate Escape Plan is a new course by Legendary Marketer Super Affiliate Brian Brewer. The course focuses around Brians own success with Legendary Marketer and how he has managed to generate over $200k in commissions with the LM platform, as well as increasing his email lists, recurring commissions and of course selling his own products. 

If you haven't checked out Legendary Marketer, I would highly recommend going through the 15 Day Business Builder, as Brian says is the perfect place to get started, as it really kicks off the whole process of building your own affiliate business. 

The Affiliate Escape Plan is based upon 3 different phases, with additional bonus round, and a section of past mastermind replays, which are well worth watching.  

What Is inside Of Brian Brewers Affiliate Escape Plan?

As mentioned, the course is split into 3 phases, focusing on;

  • Phase 1 - The Affiliate Escape Plan
  • Phase 2 - How To Be Strategic With Social Media
  • Phase 2 - The Missing Link 

Those 3 sections are of course the main bulk of the training, and each phrase is further broken down into 5 or 6 different training videos.

There are also 3 additional sections; 

  • Adding Additional Streams Of Income
  • Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing
  • Mastermind Replays

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing then the getting started video is a brilliant place to begin your introduction, and I have to give credit to Brian for that.

Even paid for training rarely covers the basics or the 'starting area'. 

Phase 1 - Affiliate Escape Plan

To kick this Affiliate Escape Plan review off, it makes sense to look at Phase 1, though you could argue that the 'Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing' is the first place, but I will do it by the same list that Brian provides. 

Affiliate Escape Plan Review 5 Affiliate Escape Plan review

Phase 1 has 6 separate lessons, introducing you to both Brian, and of course Legendary Marketer (as it comes as no surprise that Brian would recommend them, they are a decent platform).

Brian introduces the concept of affiliate marketing, and why it can be a powerful method of building an online business, it's no surprise I am a big fan of it, considering this blog and many others are devoted to promoting and showing it's abilities. 

Some videos come with access to additional documents or content, such as lesson 3, which includes access to a whole Google Document helping you choose and pick a your product or niche. 

The document itself is pretty well put together, focusing on the big 3 as people call them, i.e. Health, Wealth and Relationships. 

Other Lessons such as Lesson 5 - The 6 Figure Framework really goes into depth on how Brian has successfully leveraged ClickFunnels + Legendary Marketer, and he also gives you the ability to clone his funnels

Note - The funnel clone is no longer free, but it now does come with a variety of new content, including swipes and scripts. It's worth the $9 investment, which can be grabbed via his 90 minute challenge

Affiliate Escape Plan Review 6 Affiliate Escape Plan review

Seriously, you can clone one of his most successful legendary marketer funnels. You will find all of the instructions on that page, you will of course needs ClickFunnels and an autoresponder (GetResponse is a decent go to). 

Of course, some may see this as Brian offering a 'business in a box' style funnel, and I am going to be honest, I see it. The funnel is semi set up to be cloned, but there are a number of pages and areas that can be used on their own to just promote the 15 day challenge, and Brian does talk you through that. 

The final video Brian Brewer starts to talk about how he has become omnipresent, a term used by Dave Sharpe a few times. It's all about having the illusion of being everywhere. For example, you will often see Brains videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and I have seen them appear on Instagram (though I have never checked if he has an account there as well).

 This neatly brings us to the next phase, how to find traffic and bring in leads, using his favourite method, social media. 

Phase 2 - How To Be Strategic With Social Media

Traffic is one of the biggest problems that many marketers face, be it for running an ecommerce store, a dropshipping store, or an affiliate marketing business. 

Without traffic and without eyeballs on your store, links or offers, then in reality you have very little, other than a fancy looking website. 

Phase 2 is broken down into 3 core areas, each focusing on a different traffic method. 

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

It doesn't matter your style, you should find something that works for you, of course I prefer running websites and using SEO to promote products.

Affiliate Escape Plan Review 7 Affiliate Escape Plan review

But, TikTok gives you the ability to go viral almost instantly, Facebook can give you an almost unlimited number of leads (with a little elbow grease) and YouTube is still an untapped marketer when it comes to SEO and ranking new videos. 

The videos themselves are around 20 - 30 minutes long, and Brian does a great job of explaining how to set up a TikTok account or the styles of videos to create on these platforms. 

As well as ways to share or re-use videos on multiple platforms. 

Phase 3 - The Missing Link

The final phase within the Affiliate Escape Plan training is 'The Missing Link' focuses around helping you understand the sales and conversion process. 

It's all well and good finding leads, or capturing an email address or name, the real magic comes from turning them into commissions and sales. 

Affiliate Escape Plan Review 8 Affiliate Escape Plan review

Brian delves into what I would class as 'mindset' training, something I used to laugh at many years ago...

It really can help, though not in a 'woowoo' kind of way, there is no magic, it simply comes down to you realising that you really can do this, and you need to trust in the system or program you are focusing on. 

If you have struggled in the past to convert people, or to believe in yourself, then Phase 3 is worth sitting down and watching. 

Bonus - Additional Streams of Income

This bonus video is not a huge surprise, considering Legendary Marketer actually encourage their affiliates to increase their streams of income and to find programs or platforms that can be used hand in hand. 

Funnel builder, or landing page platforms are usually mentioned due to the fact a lot of Legendary Marketer training revolves around landing pages and capturing leads. These include platforms such as; 

You will of course also see autoresponders or email marketing programs promoted, this is because you need to be able to email those freshly captured leads. Again you will see programs such as;

  • GetResponse (affiliate friendly)
  • ActiveCampaign (takes a while to become affiliate friendly)
  • Aweber (hit and miss)
  • MooSend (still playing around with these guys)

This particular video focuses on utilising Brian's funnel clone, which can be accessed here

Bonus - Not Sure What Affiliate Marketing Is?

As mentioned earlier, there is a pre-course video aimed at offering information to those who may have not heard of affiliate marketing before, though I would have expected if someone had found Brian Brewers funnel or training then you have probably heard of affiliate marketing and how it works.

It's a video taken from his YouTube, so not something specifically shot for this training, but that's not exactly a bad thing, as once again the video is precise and too the point. 

Mastermind Replays

The final bonus section, is a collection of mastermind replays, which is a paid for upgrade for those who want some additional training and help. 

The mastermind is a monthly 2-3 hour zoom call that  takes place within a private Facebook group (which you always get access too). You are also given access to the past masterminds and replays (the ones you can see, but can't access within the training).

This upsell will put you back $97 per month and does say you will have access to the mastermind group, past replays and the ability to do Q&As as part of those calls. 

I haven't purchased the Mastermind, and I am unable to find a ton of information about it, but Brian does have a few of his students regularly appearing on the high scores, which would suggest that they are getting something of use from his sessions. 

Who Is Brian Brewer?

It's probably a little late to cover this, but Brian is an 8 year veteran with affiliate marketing, and is a currently 2x platinum super affiliate for Legendary Marketer. Meaning his has personally earnt $200k+ from affiliate commissions with Legendary Marketer (pretty impressive feat in my eyes). 

Who Is Affiliate Escape Plan For?

I would say that the Affiliate Escape Plan training can be used by both people completely new to affiliate marketing and those who have more experience and time. 

Considering the content, and the fact you can pick up a free funnel with additional training around it, I would say anyone could pick this training up and give it a go.   

Affiliate Escape Plan Pricing - How Much Does It Cost?

Possibly the best part about this, is that it's free to join. Yep, a few hours worth of training, a funnel and a ton of knowledge is provided to you for free. 

The only part that costs money is picking up the additional materials Brian speaks about, or his $97 per month mastermind. 

Note - Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 is now a paid course, which does cost $997, though it does offer a 3x payment plan for those who want to break it up. If you want to access Brian's free course, then check out the 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge.

Is The Affiliate Escape Plan For You?

If you are someone who has signed up to Legendary Marketer in the past, and you are struggling on ways to promote it, then yes, this is something for you. 

Of course, even if you haven't done the 15 Day Business Builder challenge yet, and you are interested in understanding Legendary Marketers methods and styles, then checking this course out alongside it would be a great way to go. 

Affiliate Escape Plan Review Conclusion

Considering that this training is completely free and covers a number of different areas, with Brian offering a ton of information, I would defintly say that he has produced a really good course. 

Legendary Marketer is a decent platform, and they do teach you a lot, but Brian has offered something that can be consumed alongside the 15 Day Challenge, or even the Marketers Club to help Legendary Marketer affiliates increase their chances of success. 

Have you had success with the funnel or the training, or have further thoughts on what Brian is offering, then let me know below. 

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