The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing

Whether you're an experienced affiliate marketer or just starting out, it's always important to have a solid system in place to help you grow your business. Funnel builders have been around for a while, and can be a super useful way to generate leads and even commissions in a simple, focused path. But, they can be confusing, expensive and sometimes bloated. 

Today we are going to find some of the best free funnel builders for affiliate marketing, to see if we can add an extra income stream, or lead generation tactic to your business. 

This type of software isn't just a tool that helps you generate traffic to your website; it also helps you keep track of your visitors and send them the information they need to become customers.

It's always worth bearing in mind that free funnel builders are going to have limitations. That may be on the number of pages, how many funnel steps or even the number of emails or contacts that you can capture. So don't be discouraged if you see caps or limits, remember these are the best free funnels builders for affiliate marketing that we could find. 


Now, I know what you are thinking, GetResponse isn't a funnel builder, but let me explain. 

Whether you're looking to increase online sales or grow your business, GetResponse has a wide range of tools that can help you do just that. Whether you want to create beautiful landing pages, run ads into your funnels, or send perfectly timed emails, these guys can help you do it all.

Plus, they do it for free.

They have moved on from just being an email marketing service, they are really started to bring more tools to the table. As part of their changes, they have introduce a number of different pricing plans. Ranging from a free account that still offer you exactly what you need to get started, to complete marketing suites at their higher prices. 

So, GetResponse allows you to create landing pages and thank you pages (resulting in simple, but effective funnels). So, yes there is an arguement it's not a full 'funnel' but the majority of affiliate marketers don't need every aspect (up-sells, down-sell,side-sells, backward-sells). They need a solid landing page, or capture page and a bridge page or thank you page. 

The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing 2 Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing

The free plan is a good way to test out their software and see what it can do for you. The free plan offers you 1 landing page, signup forms and the ability to capture up to 500 email addresses. 

That's a perfect amount to get started with, especially if you are trying to get started with a low, or zero budget. If you want to grow, then their costs per month is reasonable, with 1,000 contacts costing around £13 / $15 per month. 

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A fully fledged funnel builder that made a dramatic appearance in 2022, has been giving ClickFunnels a run for it's money. Especially within the Legendary Marketer scene. 

Offering a 100% free account, that gives access to 2,000 contacts, 3 full funnels and even the ability to create a blog. Systeme has become the go-to funnel builder for new and even experienced affiliate marketers. 

They have a growing selection of landing pages, funnel steps and templates for you to choose from. So you can select one of the ready made pages, tweak it to your liking and be ready to go in record time. Check out the How To Create A Funnel With article to learn more. 

The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing 3 Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing

With an inbuilt auto-responder, CRM and domain management suite, you don't actually need another program or platform to grow or build your online business. makes it easy to start building both Sales funnels and affiliate marketing funnels. Plus, you can also now import done-for-you funnels with their added sharefunnel tools.

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A platform that has admittedly fallen out of favour with a lot of affiliate marketers. Some may argue shouldn't make it onto The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing List due to shortcomings, but let's talk about it. 

GrooveFunnels is, a funnel building platform, that does come with a 100% free plan, so it does fit the criteria for the article. Unfortunately, it can be quite buggy, they have been accused of not paying affiliates, and even promising new tools and features and never delivering on them. 

Now, if you just want it for funnels, then I would say you are fine, and if you steer clear the paid for plan, then you are good. Yes, I actively tell people not to buy the plan, even though I am an affiliate. 

The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing 4 Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing

They do have a variety of templates, funnels and landing pages that you can use, with the ability to drag and drop different elements onto pages without a huge pain in the arse, so that's at least something. 

I would again only recommend GrooveFunnels if you don't get on with one of the other free funnel builders found in this article.


I know, once again you are going to scream that Aweber isn't a funnel builder and how can they be a free funnel builder. But wait. 

As with their competitor GetResponse, Aweber have introduced new additional tools and features to start competing with the all-in-ones and the funnel building platforms themselves. 

With a 100% free tier to their pricing plans, Aweber allows you to capture 500 email addresses, with 1 landing page, which can be built with their drag and drop page builder. 

The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing

They have a ton of landing page templates to choose from, including simple optin pages, to full on sales like pages designed to provide your potential subscribers with knowledge and information about what they are getting in return for their email. 

They do include thank-you pages, or they can simply send off to URLS once an email has been submitted, so again this will work well for affiliate marketing. 

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Often overlooked, ConvertFlow can actually be super powerful, though this is one of the few on this list that requires integrations with other platforms. 

The free tier of the ConvertFlow platform gives you access to 1 website, with the ability to build landing pages, quizzes and funnels. 

There are hundreds of templates that can be customised and changed to meet whatever niche you require, or action you need to complete. 

As mentioned, unlike the others on this list, ConvertFlow doesn't come with it's own autoresponder. As such, you will need to connect to an email platform such as Aweber or GetResponse. 

As such, I would only recommend this one if you need to create slightly more advanced funnels, including quizzes. You are also stuck with 250 conversions, which is half of most of the other platforms. 

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The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing - Which Is Your Favourite?

So there we have it, some of the best The Best Free Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketing for you to get started with. 

Of course, this list will be kept up to date as new platforms come and go, and old funnel builders or all-in-ones offer new pricing tiers. 

What funnels have you tried in the past, or are you going to pick up?