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For the amount of content and information, you can't really go wrong.

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Ease of USe

Plenty of easy to follow videos, DFY templates and guides. 

The Online Student - Content


Packed full of content and information.

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The Facebook group is live and active, with 400+ users posting wins and answers to questions. Can't complain.

Affiliate Legion Review Summary: A great little training course created by one of the Top 1% affiliates on W+. A low cost way to get started with affiliate marketing, with plenty of content, DFY templates and information. 

  • It costs $7 to get started - That's a really low entry cost 
  • Plenty of different methods to get started with (including free methods)
  • Dan actually uses your affiliate link (if you follow his steps) to try and generate you sales. I don't know any other product that does that. 
  • Some modules are still missing (should arrive in April)
  • You will need to spend some additional $'s on funnel builders - Though it is possible to do it 100% for free

Affiliate marketing has been around for many years and has become a popular online business model. It is a performance-based marketing strategy where an affiliate promote a product or service to potential customers, and earn a commission for each sale made through their referral link.

While affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business, finding the right affiliate marketing platform and training can be a daunting task. In this article, we will review Affiliate Legion, a new training course provided by one of the Top 1% Warrior+ Affiliates Dan Khan. 

What Is Affiliate Legion?

Affiliate legion is an online training course, aimed at showing people a number of different traffic styles and methods to generate sales and commissions via affiliate marketing.

It covers a variety of different methods, including free and paid traffic styles depending on if you have money to spend or not.

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The in-depth course itself is run by Dan Khan, a super affiliate, who has generated hundreds of thousands in commissions over the last few years.

Run as a low cost monthly membership offer, or a lifetime membership depending on how you want to pay for it.

What Is Inside Of Affiliate Legion?

Affiliate legion is broken into a number of different step by step programs, each focusing on a slightly different traffic method.

Including beginner friendly styles, quick start methods and a few more in-depth methods for those who may have an established audience.

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Once inside your Affiliate Legion account, you will see the following modules;

  • Welcome!
  • Money Will Always Match Your Mindset
  • Money System
  • Traffic (The Lifeblood Of Online Business)
  • Outsource For Hands-Off Beach Money .
  • Email Marketing & Email Mastery
  • Youtube Mastery
  • Upload And Outrank Competition . After Uploading (Very Important!)
  • Facebook
  • Millionaire Jumpstart
  • Paid Ads
  • Interviews With Millionaires And 6-Figure Earners
  • Resources

As you can see there are quite a few different areas that you can focus on. As I wanted to create the single best review of this program as I could, I will dive a little deeper into each part below.

Of course, there is a welcome part, this introduces Dan, as well as Philip and Bill. Philip is one of the trainers who teaches part of the course (and also has a program that goes further into those particular methods). Bill is Dan's affiliate manager, and support guy who runs the Facebook lives and group, as well as helps on the giveaways and support.


A huge part of success, with any kind of business model, be it affiliate marketing, or selling your own products, is actually believing in yourself.

I'm not a huge 'believe you are a millionare, you become a millionair' bollocks, but there is a certain degree of having the belief you can succeed.

In this module both Dan & Philip go through different tips and ideas on how to start changing your mindset. As well as encouraging people to post the reason why they started and what they want to achieve.

I noticed while writing this Affiliate Legion review that more course owners are including mindset modules, possibly because holding people accountable for their reasons to start a business can increase success rates?

Money System

This style of affiliate marketing focuses heavily on funnels and email marketing. As such it's key to get a funnel set up to capture leads and show them offers.

This modules goes step by step through the basics of the affiliate marketing business model, as well as how to choose a niche (there are so many out there). After, they explain how to find your dream audience and of course those all important funnel steps.

You will need to pick up some kind of funnel builder, Dan Khan does recommend ClickFunnels, but if you are just starting out, then I would look at a free platform such as GetResponse or

Edit: Dan has actually updated the training to offer additional training on how to setup the funnels with WordPress, Aweber and Systeme. 

Traffic (Philip)& Outsourcing

Traffic is the life bloody of any business, be it an affiliate business, an e-commerce business or even a website selling cleaning services.

Without traffic, you don't have eyeballs on your offers, no leads and zero sales. Resulting in a business that will eventually fail.

Philip specialises in social media traffic, so a lot like Legendary Marketer, he uses TikTok & Instagram to generate traffic and sales.

This whole module explains the exact steps you need to take to get this set up. From how to create the accounts, finding content and even scaling and growing.

I believe this is from a different training that Philip sells himself, so getting this for free (essentially a bonus) inside of Affiliate Legion is pretty decent.

The key to this style is to be consistent, as any video could suddenly get a boost from the media site, and become a viral hit. Yes it can be hit and miss, and it takes time, but hey, it's free to get started.

Email Marketing & Mastery

Emails can actually become their own traffic source, fed by all of the other methods put together.

With the ability to send an email whenever you like, blasting your new email list with links and offers, it really is a powerful asset to have.

Dan teaches this module, explaining how his own email campaigns help generate tens of thousands of dollars in commissions per month.

Some unique ideas on emails to send, as well as some Done-For-You templates that you can pick up, and tweak to fit your audience.

YouTube Mastery & Outsourcing

Back to Philip to run over the giant that Is YouTube, this time focusing on how to create both faceless, and personal branded videos.

Some great ideas on the type of YouTube videos to focus on, including a number of videos that you can actually use as inspiration or as a base for your own videos.


One of the biggest social media platforms, I was quite surprised to see a step by step guide to using Facebook inside of this course.

I admit it's an area that can be really hit and miss. With a lot of people simply doing Facebook marketing, or organic marketing as it's also called, wrong.

Dan khan and Phil do throw a lot into this particular method, which is good.

Facebook can be a great place for a beginner to get started, as again it is a free way to get going.

Paid Ads & Millionaire Interviews & Resources

These modules are still awaiting content, Dan Khan has mentioned a few times that the content is being constantly updated, and as such some modules will appear later. 

I will come back and update this particular section once the modules have dropped. 

Who Teaches Affiliate Legion?

So this is a joint effort between Dan Khan and Philip, both of whom are very successful affiliate marketers, who obviously know what they are talking about.

Philip looks to focus on the organic side of marketing within Affiliate Legion, and Dan picks up the paid ads, and the email marketing.

Who Is Affiliate Legion For?

If you are a complete beginner, or something who has possible purchased other products and maybe not felt like you belong, or you haven't seen the benefits from those other courses, this could really be the one for you.

How Much Does Affiliate Legion Cost?

It's worth noting that Affiliate Legion is a 'funnel' product, which means it does start off cheap at $7 per month, or $97 for a lifetime membership licence.

There are indeed a number of upsells, which is no shocker for anyone reading this affiliate legion review.

Some of the upsells include;

Done-For-You Assets ($37), which allow you to essentially kickstart your TikTok/Instagram and YouTube journey. With a load of different assets, images and ideas to use straight away.

The Affiliate Legion Abambassador program ($297), bumps our commissions from 30-50% to 75%. A lot of Warrior+ affiliate programs offer this as part of their product. If you are keen on promoting this product as an affiliate, then you will definitely want to get this.

Finally you can pick up the Affiliate Legion DFY Money System. Whereby Dan khan will basically set everything up for you.

All of these upsells can be found within your Affiliate Legion account once you log in, so you don't have to purchase them straight away.

Affiliate Legion Bonuses?

There are a number of Affiliate Legion bonuses you will find as part of your membership. Though this does depend on if you decide to get life time licences, or not.

For example, if you decide to get the $97 lifetime licence (which does make sense) then you get access to the 'Traffic Mastery' training course. Which is a separate membership to Affiliate Legion, so should be seen as a whole new traffic training you can go through.

You will also see a number of case studies, these are run by Philip, essentially as a jumping off point into his own in depth course that focuses on social media.

You will also see a number of interviews, and of course you get access to the monthly giveaways as part of your membership.

Is Affiliate Legion Legit & Right For You?

Are you someone who is new to affiliate marketing, and you need an in depth course, with monthly giveaways and someone who wants to try and get your first sale?

If so, then yes, I would say that this is right for you. Especially considering the low $7 monthly cost.

It's always difficult when writing a review to know if a product would fit your particular circumstances, or needs. I believe that Dan has done a good job of offering a number of alternative traffic sources and methods to get started, including free traffic sources as part of your membership.

Final Thoughts - Affiliate Legion Review

It's time to wrap this affiliate legion review up, we have run through all of the modules, the DFY content and everything you get as part of your membership.

Affiliate Legion is an amazing product, considering you can get started for $7 per month with plenty of free methods to get going with, the DFY templates and the fact that Dan Khan will blast our his members affiliate links as part of his offering, makes this perfect for new affiliate marketers.

Of course, if you are just going to sit on this stuff, then I would say the affiliate legion program isn't for you, as you do need to take some action to start seeing those results. 

Affiliate Legion

From $7 per month