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If you have read through the 12 Ways To Make Money at University post, then you will have noticed that one of those ways which can help make you a semi healthy side living, is to get paid to do surveys online.

But many people are quite sceptical and claim that you never get paid, or the payouts are not worth the time. Which may be the case for most people, but for others earning a few extra $'s a month could be more than worth their time. 

What are online surveys?

Online Surveys are defined as questionnaires that are carried out online (surprising that). 

The majority of the time, these surveys are being carried out by large companies, or brands looking for information from customers or potential customers. 

For example, if a big brand such as Nestle has recently created a new chocolate bar, but are unsure if people like it, they will send out a survey too their partners getting as many responses as possible. 

These surveys are usually 1 - 2 pages long, with a decent number of questions, that could be about anything from the latest ad campaign too asking about TV's or cars. 

Can you really make money from online surveys?

If you put your mind too it, and you have the spare time in the evenings, usually around 2 or so hours, you really can make a decent money. 

It may never buy you a sports car, but it can potentially pay for your rent or your mortgage each money. 

Sites such as TakeSurveysForCash reckon you can earn as much as £300+ for a survey. 

Now that kind of money is not typical for EVERY survey you take, but even if you only recieve 1 - 2 or these a month, you could have possibly helped pay for part of your rent. 

That doesn't include other surveys you will get that earn you £5 - £50. 

Other options include using sites such as PickMyPostcode who offer surveys as one of their draws, every survey you answer (you get one a day) adds too your bonus, which soon adds up!

who fills these surveys out?

Anyone really. 

It's more suited for people who have a few hours a day to spare, or don't mind providing their opinion for monetary gain. 

Everyone from students too stay at home parents could benefit from joining the below sites and providing their time and opinion for money. 

Get Paid To Do Surveys Online 2 Get Paid To Do Surveys Online

Where Do You Find Online Surveys? 

There are a number of different sites and places that offer different survey types. 


Websites such as the amply named SurveysForCash offer their members the ability to make up to $500 per survey. From past experience, these are some of the highest paying online surveys that are being offered.

They give their members knowledge and experience on how to find good surveys, as well as giving you a step by step guide on where to find, how to complete and tips on getting the very best. 

From looking at their current live stats, they are offering members a number of surveys for people to watch TV programs, or read articles and sites, with an average payout of $120.

These surveys do take longer (some can take 2 hours) but do offer a higher yield for your time. With one of the their offers taking over 3 hours, but paying out over $300 for the time. 

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Gold Opinions

GoldOpinion differs slightly from SurveysForCash by the fact they actually look for opinions (or premium surveys as they call them) as well as your standard survey type. 

Their surveys are usually much shorter, around the 5  - 15 minute mark, but do pay out a lower amount with the average earning potential sitting at the $5 - $15 range. 

Though being paid $60 an hour for easy work, is a great thing to do in your spare time. 

GoldOpinion is an ongoing membership site, that constantly give you access to surveys to fill out. So you are essentially paying to get access to a stream of questionnaires or surveys, rather than having to wait around or trying to trawl and find new ones. 

They do offer a 7 day free trial, which could be a good way of seeing if it works for you. If you manage to get access to some surveys or opinion polls within that 7 days, then it might be a good sign, else I would cancel before that 7 day trial ends. 

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Another website that's name tells you what they do. 

As with GoldOpinions, Paid Surveys at home specialises in smaller, quick surveys paying out the average of $5, but for a much shorter length. 

This website also looks to offer a few bonuses in addition too their 300+ surveys that they currently host, including being paid to drive and even some extra knowledge on working from home. 

Looking over the site, you are more likely getting surveys from brands looking for general opinions, such as 'Do you like eating mars bars' rather than 'Please watch this TV show and provide us with a report / article on what you liked / disliked about the show'.

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Helpful tips for filling out online surveys

Dedicated Email

One of my biggest tips for joining these sites, or any type of survey or opinion site, is too use a dedicated email. 

Creating an email such as or something means that you only ever get emails related to your surveys too this address. 

Schedule Time

To be effective as this, you do need to dedicate a few hours a day to filling these in. 

I used to fill surveys in while sitting in lectures, or while watching TV in the evening. 

Within a few hours I could either get 1 or 2 higher paying surveys done, or a number of smaller ones without taking much effort. 

Be open and honest

These brands are looking for honest opinions, not just someone who wants to fill out surveys and provide rubbish. 

From past experience, I have seen providers banning people or removing them from their lists because the user has just filled in the surveys with rubbish. 

The survey may be anonymous, but they do have an ID attached too it and they can always remove that ID from getting access.

Be ready to wait

With the higher paid surveys, it can take a while too get them. 

I would not expect a $500 survey to appear in your inbox every week, they are higher paying for a reason, they are special. 

Remember to update your payment preference

From experience, check what the default payment method is. 

Some sites will use your signed up email as a PayPal email, or will send vouchers etc tied too certain email address, so always check that you have the correct payment email and address details!

Finally, Good Luck

Doing surveys for money can be a bit boring a times, but can offer you a few extra $/£'s a month for relatively little brain power or work. 

It can be a great way of supplementing your income and I wish you all the best in your journey to earn money through surveys!

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