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10x Commissions Machine Review Summary;

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As with many W+ programs, the original cost is quite low, but it does have up-sells. As with others from John & Cynthia, they are relevant and not over priced. 

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Ease of USe

Easy to follow, easy to access and fairly easy to implement.

The Online Student - Content


As always from these two, the content is useful, and too the point. Well put together videos, and a ton of knowledge has gone into this.

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Never had an issue with support, John has always been able to answer questions I have had about the program and his other programs. 

Summary: A well put together course focusing on how people can increase the chances of conversions and success, with downloadable content, done for you pages and really well put together training videos. With years of experience, John obviously knows what he is on about, what works and how to achieve success.

  • Well Put together videos and content
  • provides downloadable / ready done for your pages and email campaigns
  • a well priced training course, with reasonable upsells
  • as with all warrior+ products, the price you first see, may not be the price you pay (they all include upsells and downsells) - annoying for some, but you can still succeed with johns core training (one reason I like his stuff)
  • you will need to purchase tools to succeed with this method, or be using a page builder platform or similar already 

At time of writing, the price for entry was $12

Being able to convert people, especially those who are oddly focused on price vs value can be a very difficult task, especially as the thin line between what is seen as 'valuable' for the price has been blurred so much these days. 

Platforms such as W+ and even marketing 'gurus' such as Russel Brunson, have done a good job of promoting 'The Bonus Stack', supposedly away of over delivering on the price of a product, even when the product only costs $1. 

Personally, I rarely do bonus stacks, other than high ticket products or services, whereby I like to over deliver by offering additional complimentary software or training and sometimes even support.

Sites such as W+ or JvZoo have hundreds of affiliates all fighting over the same promotions, each offering odd or badly put together 'Bonus Stacks' in a bid to try and out-do the next marketer who may have also caught someone's eye. Usually including their own kidney, first born child or their house in the hopes of grabbing that $7 commission. 

Thankfully, John has created something that explains how people can tailor their bonuses, or offers that compliment the program or product being sold.

What Is The 10X Commissions Machine?

The 10x Commission Machine training is a new course by the same guys who created The Collector, a really well put together training program on using YouTube and launch traffic to generate traffic. 

This particular course takes some of those methods, as well as a few other methods and then shows people how to increase your chances of converting people.

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The 10x Commission Machine (I need to start calling this 10xCM or something!) is a 4(ish) module training program, with 1 core training module, that focuses on how John uses his experience and expertise in terms of providing bonuses and bonus stacks. 

The concept isn't new, offering a bonus stack has been around for a while, but being able to get the balance right is an art form, that few people seem to be able to pull off.  

The core module is made up of 14 individual lessons, each building upon the last lesson, ending in setting everything up and how to start generating that core ingredient that every business needs, traffic. 

What Is Inside The 10x Commissions Machine?

As mentioned above, the 10x Commissions Machine is split into 3 or 4 modules, but the majority of it falls into Module 2, but I will run through each module to give you an idea of what is included. 

Module 1 - Starting Out

Everyone has to start somewhere, and module one does just that. It's there to introduce John, and introduce the 10x Commissions Machine training, giving you an overview of how it works, and what John will be explaining in the coming modules. 

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There is also the ability to grab the fast action bonuses and the ability to book a call with John, as part of one of the upsells, probably well worth the investment if you are completely new to affiliate marketing and looking to get a months worth of support and guidance from someone who has been doing this for a long time!

Module 2 - Main Training

This is the main bulk of this 10x Commissions Training, with 14 lessons, taking you step by step through John's methods. 

The first lesson runs back through how this particular method works, giving you the high level overview of the whole process, with John clearing setting out how to generate traffic, how to utilise the 10x commissions process to find those buyers and of course how to then generate those commissions. 

Traffic Set Up 

The next few videos and lessons are all about understanding how the generate traffic, the heart of any business.

With the main two looking at creating a website (or blog) such as this one, and the slightly faster, easier to rank method of YouTube. if you are wanting to dive into a really in depth launch jacking method and how John utilises other people search traffic to bring in customers, then it's worth checking out his other training The Collector

I do enjoy John's videos on setting up a blog, he does explain to people how to get free hosting via 'The Wealthy Affiliate' platform, which is a good alternative for those who don't want to or can't afford to pay for hosting straight away. 

The third way in which you can start to generate traffic is via email, John runs you through setting up a new Aweber account and even provides his own 7 day follow up series that you can use to get you started and your new leads excited. 

Finding Those Products

As with any training, you need to know where to find products you can actually promote and earn commissions from. 

It will come as know surprise that this 10x Commissions Machine training looks at the big 3 in the 'Internet Marketing' or 'Make Money Online' niche, I.e W+, Jvzoo and of course ClickBank

With the first 2 sites basically having an unlimited number of products being launched almost daily, you are not going to be shy of products to promote. Some sites and affiliates essentially make their living from this near endless supply of launches and products from just Warrior+, without even needing to look at another platform. 

The Bonus Activation And Set Up

Of course once you have a blog, or channel set up, you have an email account ready to go to start delivering those all important emails, it's time to set up the stuff that this training is all about. 

Bonus Pages.

These things are the bread and butter of this particular course, and once again John has made it extremely useful, even providing you with a complete downloadable template, which you can plug into the bonus page builder that he recommends.

The videos explain how to set these pages up, and how to start delivering this page to people. 

John also dives into how to increase buyers through these delivery pages and ways to improve your conversion rate. 

As I have mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of throwing tons of bonuses at people, as I feel it can reduce the initial value of the training, but this is a method that works, especially for a certain traffic method and particular audience type. 

I have found in the past that people who look at W+ products seem to be the ones who will dive around to see how to get as many products as possible for their money. John looks to focus on those people to make commissions. 

Alternative Traffic

This is a little split up, especially as this is such a big module, so this probably should have gone with the last few videos about setting up your traffic source. 

These videos again look at how to increase your traffic, or how to capture more visitors and potential leads from these traffic sources. 

There is also a video a little further on that looks at using ClickFunnels as an alternative or addition to capture leads specifically, this could be used in conjunction with solos or your other traffic methods.

Plus of course the ability to use John's own version which could save you a lot of time and effort.

John does also investigate the growing trend of organic traffic, or free traffic as people like to call it. This method utilises social media to start bringing in potential leads and even commissions, something that has worked really well for me over the last few months. 

He does explain how people can set up profiles and start to generate leads this way, such as outreach, group work and of course the all important sales conversations with people. 

Finally, the final videos within this HUGE module look into solo ads and away of increasing commissions via branding. 

For me, the branding part was amazing, and shows how he has managed to increase his own authority and stick his own brand on top of his work and promotions. 

A really in depth module, with a lot of content, I would have loved it to be split into smaller modules, maybe into the headers I used within this 10x Commissions Machine review, just to make it easier to do or sort, but I guess it is all tied together. 

Module 3 - Next Steps

This is a short module, well, it's one video so it's incredibly short, but it's really just a conclusion video. 

You are also give the opportunity to book a call with John and take him up on his offer of his advance training, something that I have mentioned in the past can be really useful for those just starting out. 

Module 4 - Bonuses!

It's a Warrior+ product, never be surprised that you are going to get a cheeky bonus or two. 

As with everything else within the course, John has picked a few additional extras that compliment, and even build upon what he teaches, something that is rare in this world. 

These could actually be used as your own baseline for your bonuses.

Who Teaches The 10x Commissions Machine Training?

The training is given by John Newman, an avid Youtuber and reviewer of a huge variety of affiliate marketing products who has learnt how to use free traffic methods and sites such as YouTube to generate consistent paydays, day in and day out. 

Who Is This Training For?

I would say it's for anyone who has looked into trying to do launch jacking or even solo ads and has failed to make a big impact. 

The 10x Commissions Machine method essentially allows you to take on this style and content and increase the chances and likelihood of success. 

How Much Does 10x Commission Machine Cost?

So this is a W+ product, which usually means there will be the core product cost, and a number of additional upsells or downsells to help you, provide more information or simply automate certain parts for you. 

The core product at the time of writing this was $12.95, which for the content is pretty decent. That gives you access to all the core training and information required to get going. 

10x Commission Machine Upsells 

The first upsell is Johns Advanced training, or 10x Commissions Machine Pro. It costs $47 and gives you access to more training that goes into more detail about his free and paid traffic strategies. 

It also includes access to a case study that could be useful to follow. 

The next offer you will see is the 10x Commissions Machine DFY, as the name suggests, this includes access to weekly DFY bonus pages for a year, so essentially 52 different bonus pages that you could offer to others. This comes in at $47, or about $0.90 per bonus page given to you. 

Following that is the Double Re-seller Rights, for those who maybe don't have a product to promote, or can't get access to any products yet, this gives you the ability to keep 100% commissions across the entire funnel, as well as the 'The Collector' funnel. So you have access to 2 funnels, with 100% commissions for 1 price. Considering that price is $67, that's pretty good. 

Finally, an offer that will be shown a few times when you are inside the product area, the ability to jump on a number of coaching sessions with John himself, as well as get access to a months worth of email support. If you are new or simply struggling then this could be really useful. The price for 6+ years worth of knowledge and expertise is only $197, again probably worth that if you are having some real problems. 

Is This Right For You?

If you are someone struggling with affiliate marketing, unsure what launch jacking is, or simply can't seem to get conversions with the traffic you are running, this could be the right training for you. 

Learning how bonuses, the right offer and of course the right traffic all come together to start generating commissions could be highly valuable to anyone who is either starting or wanting to push yourself forward. 

10x Commission Machine Review Conclusion

Again, another fairly solid training from John, he goes into really good detail on his methods and what he does, as well as offer some amazing takeaways and DFY pages. His stuff always feels well made, in-depth and on point.

With years of experience and knowledge, John is someone who should really be followed, as he really does eat, live and breath what he teaches, and doesn't simply churn out course after course without ever practising this stuff. 

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