Dream Car Profits Review

Dream Car Profits Review Summary;

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Considering the cost of most affiliate marketing courses ($150+ for anything worth it) this is good value.

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Ease of USe

It uses the ClickFunnels membership area, so easy enough to navigate and mark off lessons.

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The content and the information given is solid and it obviously works. Jacob has provided real life examples and demonstrations for the lessons.

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I have reached out twice and both times had very speedy responses, can't fault him there!

Summary: This is Jacob's first course / training since winning the Dream Car challenge from ClickFunnels. He obviously knows what he is on about and provides some decent value. The training itself is quite short, but then again some PDF courses are sold at the same price, so you can't argue too much. I think it's worth investing in, if you want to learn a few interesting techniques. Read below to see the rest of the Dream Car Profits Review. 

  • Jacob Obviously knows his stuff
  • the information found within the course is decent and provides lots of value
  • good for beginners or those wanting to find a cheap course to explore some more unique Techniques
  • no takeaways or Downloadable worksheets 
  • the Additional videos feels like a pre sales pitch for Legendary Marketer (though he does explain how it can be used to boost your monthly clickfunnels Income)

Currently $97 (check out the latest price above)

Note: From the looks of it, Dream Car Profits has closed, instead Jacob focuses is time on Super Affiliate Accelerator & Super Affiliate Intensive. This review will stay to provide my views on his first training. I would recommend checking out his new course.

You could be forgiven if you have no clue who Jacon Caris was, and to be honest, I didn't until a month or two ago (possible 3). He is a very young, very recent ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner (that cool affiliate program whereby someone throws an extra $500 - $1000 on top of your commissions as a bonus - It's amazing).

Riding on that success train, it seems that young Jacob has decided to create himself a little course to help explain how he managed to do this (spoiler alert, a lot of hard work and dedication, this man grinds like a a beast). 

The question today though, is, is the Dream Car Profits course any good? And is it worth your time or your money getting it, there is only one way to find out lets crack on with this Dream Car Profits review (or you could watch his video, that would probably explain quite a bit as well)

What Is Dream Car Profits & Why Did I Sign Up?

Quite a good question, even if I do say so myself. 

Dream Car Profits, is a short course, and yes, this is not the length of Spencer Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course, or even the stupidly cheap and jam packed Savage Affiliates course, this is a very much Jacob's first crack at creating a course, and to be fair it's pretty good. 

One of the reasons I signed up, and paid money (yes, it does cost money) for the course, is because I am always interested in what other affiliates are doing, and I love learning and becoming better, especially those you manage to crack the nutritiously hard ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Yep, even with 90% done for you funnels and easy ways to get traffic, it can on occasion be a bit of a slog! So if someone is going to explain how to get it done easier, or cheaper, I am all ears! 

Dream Car Profits Review

From what I know, Jacob followed 2 main mentors to get him to where he is today, the aforementioned Spencer and then after getting that sexy Dream Car winner title, he found a group called the Legendary Marketers (cheesy...). 

If you are wondering if Jacob is the real deal, and if reading this Dream Car Profits review is worth your time, check out the ClickFunnels Dreamcar dashboard, that's a pretty decent back office and this is from March, imagine what it looks like these days!

Dream Car Profits Review

Dream Car Profits Membership - What's Inside?

Let's delve a little into what you get as part of your Dream Car Profits Membership, and what's included in the course.

Now, if you head on over to the main page, and do decide to get started, it's worth nothing, don't use a throw away email when the first free lead generation popup appears, that's used later to send all your membership information. Oops!

Also, as part of the sign up process, once you purchase the Dream Car Profits Course, there is an up-sell to grab some email swipes or learn to create nice emails, I picked it up, as I was quite interested, but to be honest, this time I would not say it's worth the extra cash to get it. The up-sell itself is around $7 - $20? I can't quite remember, and due to that original mess up by myself, I no longer have the receipt to check! 

The course itself is made up of 6 different 'areas' and I will be honest and have to loosely call it an area, as it's more a single video focused on a particular area. 

So the course is broken down into the following modules;

  • Dream Car Profits Core Strategy
  • Blogging With A Twist
  • Video SEO
  • Adwords & Bing
  • FB Groups
  • Coaching

You are also given a bonus section based on the Legendary Marketer Affiliate System, which I will cover a little bit, a little later on. 

I am obviously not going to explain exactly what is given in each area, as that would mean I have just taken the information and thrown it here! 

Dream Car Profits Core Strategy

So this section is the overview of the course, it lays the foundation and explains and I would say motivates you to want to start taking the ideas given and make them your own.

The video itself is around 20 minutes long, and goes through a slide deck with Jacob explaining the different strategies that he used to generate around $100k in commissions and win the dream car. 

Blogging With A Twist

One that I was quite interested in, as I do enjoy blogging and I am always learning and improving on my own blog, and a few others that I run. 

Again the video is around 20 minutes long, with some really good takeaways, including information on keyword research and how to do it effectively, as well as a technique or two that Jacob has used to help his blogs stand out from the crowd. 

If you are new to blogging, or you haven't delved a lot into this area, then Jacobs video will provide you with some interesting takeways. 

For me, there wasn't anything that I would say jumped out and took me by the hand, but still a decent starter video. 

Video SEO

Used as an accompaniment to the original video, many affiliate marketers forget the power of video and how useful it can be (or how easy it can be with tools such as Content Samurai).

It's great to see Jacob dropping a few knowledge bombs here. 

Much like the blogging with a twist, Jacob provides the background to this particular area, with his own take on how to succeed with ranking videos or how to start achieving success with videos and YouTube etc. 

I did enjoy the fact that Jacob highlighted a few videos and even websites that Incorporated their videos (or even other peoples) to help boost a site, as well as a YouTube channel. 

Adwords & Bing

A insanely difficult area to really succeed with (at times), and one that can take hours, days, weeks or years to fully master. PPC can be a completely nightmare to get right and can end up costing a lot of money if you fail.

As with the others, Jacob explains the core concepts, providing that foundation knowledge to build upon. He does also talk you through some good campaigns he has found, and even some useful tips on targeting or trying to get the low hanging fruit. 

He also dives into his own ad manager and talks you through setting an ad up, I always feel that it's brilliant when people who have succeeded with PPC and ads show the tips and tricks that they use, such as finding less competitive keywords, or words of wisdom when it comes to setting the actual advert up. 

I like the fact that Jacob is keeping up with changes to bidding and trade marks, including ClickFunnels recent changes, he has even provided a few tips on different keywords to go for. 

FB Groups

A strategy that I haven't fully utilised, (See this pitiful place!). 

Dream Car Profits Review

This is actually a little goldmine of helpful information and he really does provide some valuable information and strategies for utilising the potential traffic source. 

Dream Car Profits course and Jacob explains just how amazing a Facebook group can be, it may take a lot of work to get a Facebook Group set up and running, and it can be a bit of a catch 22, as people flock to people who are successful, so you need some exposure and some success before people start falling behind you. 

If you are aiming to get to the 100 monthly subscribers, then building a strong foundation is crucial, you can even use the group that you create to share your own journey. 

Just remember not to spam your group in other peoples groups, it will get you banned. 


The final 'core strategy' that Jacob provides his wisdom on, is coaching.

A bit like he has started to do, and started to capitalise on, coaching can be a great way of helping others, building a relationship with your potential buyers, your email list or even your readers is brilliant, because people are more like to buy something off someone they trust. 

I provide training and even email guidance when people pick up funnels or courses etc through this site, as I want them to succeed as much as possible (the more you succeed, the happier I am and the more likely you are to tell your friends!)

I don't believe that many people really use this method of gaining followers or building their email lists, and definitely not increasing their referrals or even affiliate commissions via coaching, but that's usually because most people are learning, and don't feel that they have the experience to coach people. 

As I start to head towards the 2 year mark, and this blog grows even bigger, I will look at using that method, I already do it for a lot of eCommerce and helping people with their Shopify stores or AliDropShip stores, because I have a ton of knowledge and advice! 

Bonus -Legendary Marketer Affiliate System

So really, this is more of a sales video than anything massively help.

The video itself explains how Jacob decided to try and find other income streams and other programs to promote (yes the link in the videos are affiliate links, but that's not surprising, most courses have them in, it's how some are sold so cheaply!). 

The video does explain how the LMA system works and a little about their income streams etc, but really it does feel a bit like one of those webinars you sit through where you feel you are getting information, but in reality you probably haven't taken much away. 

What I liked About Dream Car Profits?

The course itself is nicely broken down into sections, and Jacob does deliver on his promise of giving you a number of different traffic strategies and ideas to kick start you on your own journey. 

The advice he gives, is solid, and he provides his own real life examples, which is nice and does help you feel like you are on a journey together. 

The course itself is short, and too the point, roughly around an hours worth of content, not including the sales pitch, so the whole thing doesn't take ages to get through and can easily be re-watched a few times to help you nail down the strategies. 

The coaching and FB Groups videos I found particularly helpful, as other courses I had taken in the past didn't really tap into these areas, so that was refreshing to find. 

If you are looking to top up your knowledge, or wanting to find some advice on either some different methods, such as groups or coaching, then I feel that Jacobs Dream Car Profits course could be for you. 

What I Didn’t Like About Dream Car Profits

After going through Franks Savage Affiliates training nearly 2 years ago, I did feel a little underwhelmed with the amount of content, though I admit they are aiming for different markets. 

It's also worth noting that 'lots of content' doesn't always equal good content. I have paid a lot more than both courses for a lot less content, but actually provided more value. 

The course does only cost $97, which is not a massive cost for a short training course, and if I am honest, I have paid more for similar courses. 

The videos where well put together, but I felt it could do with some 'take aways' or home work, such as some of the slides or notes that Jacob was using. 

The extra video around email, wasn't anything amazing and didn't blow my mind. With no written examples of good headers or subject lines, it felt like it had been a little rushed. 

The final video really does feel like a sales pitch, and it makes you feel like the end goal is to try and guide you towards that other platform (not always a bad thing if that platform is helpful, and Jacob seems to think it's a great place).

Pricing And Access

The last time I checked the pricing was still $47, as with many courses, they do sometimes rise, especially if he is going to add more content in the future. 

Edit: As I expected, the price is now $97 (I did warn you)

Getting access to the platform is easy, as long as you don't use a fake email when you get Jacobs original video! 

I would encourage you too check out the information on the sales page and give the video a watch, as the tips and tricks are not for everyone. 

Final Verdict

For the price, I originally felt like it could do with more content, but content doesn't always equal value. Just look at the PLR courses you find (50 videos for $50..and none of them provide any value)

He does provide some really good information, and strategies and as I mentioned two strategies I personally hadn't thought about much, so implementing them could be highly valuable. 

I think if you are 100% new to Affiliate Marketing and you want to learn the foundations or some baseline strategies, then this would be a good added extra that could go on top of something like Savage Affiliates.

Dream Car Profits Course










Ease Of Use



  • Does Provide Useful Information
  • Easy To Follow Videos
  • Some 'Under The Radar' Strategies
  • Not That Expensive For An Affiliate Marketing Course


  • Not A Ton Of Content (Though What You Get Is Valuable)
  • The Single Upsell Isn't That Useful

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