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As with most W+ Products, it has a low Front End Cost. For the core product, you get a lot, check below for further details. 

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Ease of USe

The actual process is fairly simple, but it can take a little time to set up. 

The Online Student - Content


James knows exactly what he is talking about, and the training is solid. 

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I would say this used to be the biggest issue in the past. They have upped their game 

Summary: Affiliate One is the latest low ticket training from the 7-Figure Super Affiliate James Fawcett. It's a step by step training on what James does these days to run his business in 2022. Essentially an updated version of past training such as Breakout Reloaded or Breakout Code. 

  • James knows exactly what he is teaching, and is proof that this method works
  • Each section is easy to follow, with DFY content and help a long the way
  • Easily broken down into manageable steps
  • Infinite scalability (in theory)
  • Easy for beginners to get going with due to the nature of the traffic and method
  • You are going to need at least some extra capital to get started (I would say around $100)
  • There is a small element of luck involved when it comes to scaling/seeing a positive ROI to begin with

If you have ever spent time on sites such as Warrior+ or Digistore, you have probably heard of, or known about a guy called James Fawcett. He is what is known in the industry as a Super Affiliate. 

Someone who has succeeded with affiliate marketing, usually generating at least 6 or 7 figures in commissions from his efforts. James, is no exception.

Having pulled in around $1.1m in 2021, using his own own style of marketing (though as you will see, not an unknown style) to help catapult him too that status. 

This Affiliate One Review is designed to give you an in-depth view of his training, methods and of course, if it's worth picking up. 

What Is Affiliate One?

Affiliate One is the latest in James's catalogue of low cost training that focuses on showing others the steps that he took to get to that super affiliate level.

affiliate one review overview

It walks you through everything he does to generate 500, 1,000, 2,000+ pay days through affiliate marketing and email marketing, and of course the $1.1m+ in affiliate commissions in 2021. 

If you have checked out the BAM Review then some of this Affiliate One Review may seem familiar, as it does overlap and the content is similar, though BAM in more in-depth and comes with group support and a ton of live videos reviewing strategies. 

What Is Inside Of Affiliate One?

As you can probably see in the image above, the Affiliate One training course is broken down into 4 main areas, 

  • Affiliate One Fundamentals
  • Affiliate One Process
  • Email Marketing On Steroids
  • Affiliate One Traffic

With an additional area going over some of the Affiliate One bonuses James provides, as well as an overview of the Upgrades, because as with all W+ products, there are upgrades. 

Again, if you are familiar with courses such as Breakout Code or Breakout Reloaded, this overview will look very samey. This is by no doubt, an update-to-date 2022 version of past training. 

With better traffic ideas, better converting pages, higher commissions and new products to go find and use. So stick with it to find out if it's worth you grabbing. 

Affiliate One Fundamentals 

This section covers to key areas, the mindset you are going to need to learn and start thinking about, and a general overview of the strategy that James teaches within Affiliate One

I have personally never been a massive fan of 'mindset' or changing your brain to think of success. It was something I never had when I got started, for better or for worse. 

Then, I met some dude called Jacob and his SAA program, and that whole thing got flipped upside down. A lot of people simply give up after a few days, or throw in the towel after watching a single video or section, and they never recover. 

They constantly look for that next 'thing' that will help them, and never focus. Removing that from your mindset can do some pretty powerful shit. 

After you have learnt a few mindset principles, it's onto what you are going to learn over the course of this program. There are some great ideas in here, especially if you want to start promoting higher ticket options (think $500+ per sale). 

This updated, new 2022 spin on how to cash in on higher ticket products, and where to find them does become the backbone to a lot of this. 

Affiliate One Process

So at the heart of the Affiliate One Process, is of course promoting 'hot products' and building up a list of potential buyers and followers for years to come. 

This section will cover how to find yourself a variety of products to promote and to show to your potential customers. It won't come as a surprise that some of the products can be found on sites such as W+, ClickBank or DigiStore, as these are 3 of the most popular affiliate marketing marketplaces. 

As well as teaching you the exact ways to build the pages and assets you will need to promote these products. An area I know some people struggled in the past was this exact part, as it is the most technically challenging, but thankfully the instructions are pretty clear. 

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James does also include some DFY pages/funnels, so you can click import, update a few words and links and be on your way. 

He also talks about the email marketing side of things, which is how you are going to be following up with your new list and introduces you to a tool called an autoresponder. 

Again, don't worry if the terms are alien too you, he is going to talk you through the whole thing!

Email Marketing On Steroids

Moving nicely on from finding the exact products you need to build, how to capture leads and of course, how to actually make more or promote these products, is the email side of life. 

James drops a complete email masterclass, explaining the steps you need to follow to once again copy exactly what he does when he sends out emails.

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 This is both from an automated point of view (such as the example autoresponder shown above) as well as the cash-on-demand email blasts that he sends out. 

He also dives into an area that many marketers simply ignore, which is swapping out offers and testing what is hot right now. Many simply keep focusing on 1 single offer, forever.. and slowly burn the list out. With a few smart ideas, James switches this up a little. 

Affiliate One Traffic

The key to any business, is traffic. No matter what you sell or advertise, you need eyeballs on those images/pages or videos. 

Without the eyeballs, you can't really expect to sell anything, because if people haven't seen the offer, what are they going to buy!

In this case, around 90% of the traffic within AffiliateOne will come from solo ads, which is no surprise. Though James does start to introduce other elements and sources such as groups or social media. Though this is really as a secondary for those who fall off email lists, but do sit within your groups and is more scattered around the course in general. 

This section also dives into tracking, and understanding where your conversions and sales are coming from. This is key if you are trying to grow, and build your list and business. 

Who Teaches The AffiliateOne Training?

The super affiliate and now 7-Figure marketer James Fawcett. This is one of James's first, solo training courses, with no partnerships or joint ventures. 

Who Is Affiliate One For?

With some of the tweaks to how to scale, and a lower requirement to get started, beginners could actually pick up Affiliate One and start following along. 

James runs through ways to manage cashflow and scaling, which in the past would have potentially been an issue, as new marketers would have run out of cash fairly quickly. 

Of course, even experience marketers can get started with this, and can actually help you scale a lot quicker, resulting in bigger pay days and of course higher commission months. 

Affiliate One Pricing - How Much Does It Cost?

The core price, or at least the front end cost is $17.25, but you can find it on discount on occasion. So it's worth checking this page to find the current (and only official) price. 

This gives you access to all of the sections above. 

Are There Are Upsells?

Of course, this is a affiliate marketing product, it by law has to have an upsell because Russel Brunson says so!

But yes, you will find a number of upsells that at least offer something that works alongside the core training. 

Fast Cash Accelerator - $37

This additional offer provides you access to 

  • Buyer Traffic Sources
  • DFY Assets

With the ability to use the same traffic sellers as James, his emails swipes and more. 

Essentially allowing you to pick up campaigns that are currently running, and working and just swap out a few words here and there. Oh, and of course your affiliate links.

10x Auto-Commission Multiplier - $67

Plug into James's autoresponders, and how he uses automation to still bring in sales and commissions without needing to sit in front of the computer. 

Affiliate one does include some of the automation (first few days), but this helps you extend that out and do more with your time. 

DFY Packages - $197

A pretty big one, this is a whole package of everything you need. 

  • Optin Pages
  • Videos
  • Landing Pages
  • High Ticket Offers / Offers

You can import them into ClickFunnels and autoresponders of your choice, turn them on, send traffic and be on your way. Essentially a business in a box.  

Inner Circle - $197

This gives you access to James, with weekly calls/training and a group training to start picking his brains. If you are stuck, or a little lost, then you can leverage him to get you on the right path. 

Super Reseller Bundle Lite - $97

Finally, a upgrade that I do really like, which is a huge bump to all of his older products, giving you 80% commissions.. This can be really helpful when it comes to promoting products. 

It's one of the ways James managed to get to where he is, as it allows you to take home so much more cash, for the same amount of effort. Rather than say earning $80 on a $197 sale, you can get $150 or so, which is an insane bump. 

Affiliate One Bonuses

Some products come with bonuses, either hidden/secret bonuses or known. Affiliate One has both.

Yep, James tells you about; 

  • Affiliate One Affiliate Approval
  • Quickfire Commission Methods
  • Affiliate One Funnel
  • 3 Day Follow Swipes

You will also find a hidden, and also, amazing masterclass that shows one of the ways James managed 10k in 30 days (brilliant for those just starting). 

Plus, if you do decide to grab Affiliate One (through this link), then you can also get access to James's older products (this is actual access to the product, not approval on the affiliate side). 

Grabbing any one of the upsells then gives you access to yet another 20+ bonuses (crazy right!)

Is Affiliate One Right For You?

This will depend on your circumstances, and if you want to get into this type of marketing. 

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or you don't want to do something like blogging or putting your face on camera with YouTube/Social Media, then AffiliateOne is the most up-to-date training on this style of marketing. 

The only training that would be more complete is BAM, though that is a high ticket option designed for people who really want to get stuck in with both feet. 

Affiliate One Review Conclusion - Should You Get This?

Affiliate One is a new, updated version of a process that has worked well for James over the last few years. It takes everything that has helped James succeed, put a new spin on it, mixing in some high ticket back-end ideas and of course new and improved ideas to increase conversions and sales. 

Definitely worth grabbing if you are interested in this style of marketing, or you are experimenting with different ways to get started. At under $20 for this course, it's a steal considering the content you will find inside.