How To Create A Funnel With

Funnel builders, including have become a staple for a lot of marketers, businesses and individuals looking to promote ideas, sell products or even capture leads. 

All of these platforms can offer different steps, tools and ways to build their funnels or pages. As such, it's time to learn how to create a funnel with

What Is

If you have found your way to this page, I am going to assume you have an idea of what is, though there is a possibility you are new or haven't seen all the tools and opportunities they offer. 

As Systemeio recently announced their free plan, they have become more popular, especially as they offer pretty much all their tools as part of that free plan. 

The platform includes access too;

  • Sales Funnels (Drag & Drop Builder)
  • Email Campaigns & Autoresponder
  • Website/Blog Builder 
  • Affiliate Program
  • Automation & Flows
  • Your own course &/or products to sell 

As you can see, you get quite a lot thrown into the mix, but today we are just going to concentrate on just building a funnel with Systeme.

Getting Started 

This may sound stupid, but you are going to require a account. 

You can sign up to the free plan, there is no need to start paying, especially if you are only going to create 1 or 2 funnels. 

How To Create A Funnel With 1 How To Create A Funnel With

You can actually sign up with just an email, which makes things so much easier. 

Once you have thrown in your email, your account is ready to go. 

Creating Your First Systeme.Io Funnel

Now that we have an account, it's time to crack on with creating your first Systeme.Io sales funnel. 

We are going to want to head on over to our 'Funnel' tab found within the Systeme platform. 

How To Create A Funnel With 2 How To Create A Funnel With

Clicking the 'Create' button will offer you a number of options to help you choose the type of funnel you want to create. 

How To Create A Funnel With 3 How To Create A Funnel With

Depend on the end goal of your funnel, will ultimately help you decide which template you want to pick up. 

It's worth noting, you won't be able to run the evergreen funnel unless you have the Webinar Plan from Systeme. Else you just end up with an optin funnel/build an audience funnel. 

For this particular example, we will pick up the 'Build An Audience' funnel.

Note - The domain can be updated later, especially if you don't currently have one and isn't critical to getting this funnel set up and sorted. 

As before, the type of template you choose will determine the steps and even some of the designs you are shown when the funnel is 'created'. 

How To Create A Funnel With 4 How To Create A Funnel With

As we chose the Build An Audience funnel, we are provided with an;

  • Optin Page / Squeeze Page - Designed to capture leads
  • Bridge Page / Thank You Page - Designed to increase trust and repour with your customers

 As this is your first time creating this funnel step, you will be given either templates, or a blank canvas to choose from. 

How To Create A Funnel With 5 How To Create A Funnel With

The template you choose, will of course depend on the type of funnel you are trying to create. So if you are giving away books, or free information, then pick up one of the book style landing pages. 

If it's just a simple optin, then again there are so many to choose from, including super simple email, name and button pages that can be set up with just a few minutes. 

For this run through, we will go with one of the simple, name + email captures, that contain a few additional links that we will look at removing, or updating. 

How To Create A Funnel With 6 How To Create A Funnel With

Each of the elements can be updated, and changed depending on the theme/colour or end goal you are trying to achieve. 

How To Create A Funnel With 7 How To Create A Funnel With

One of the main elements you want to edit is your main call to action. As this will change, depending on the desired outcome. 

Clicking on an element will open up it's own settings on the left hand side. For this button, you will want to keep the action as 'send form'. 

This will submit their email to your inhouse email list. 

You will want to update the re-direct to 'to the next step', as by default it's set to 'no re-direction'.

Updating the re-direct means that your leads will now be sent to the bridge page. 

If you just want to send them to an offer, (say for example you are running solo ads), you can change it to 'custom URL'.

Other areas you may want to update include wording, or social media elements. Again, each icon or area can be updated, simply click, open the settings and change the required areas. 

Don't forget to save your progress. 

Next up is your thank you, or bridge page. This page is designed to pre-warm your leads, either by providing some background about you, information about the offer, or a bit of both. 

How To Create A Funnel With 8 How To Create A Funnel With

Again Systeme provide you with loads of different templates, each providing a different style or outcome. 

Once again, for this example, we will go for a bridge page mix. 

How To Create A Funnel With 9 How To Create A Funnel With

This bridge page will be used to include a cool product video, and then some information about the product below it. 

How To Create A Funnel With 10 How To Create A Funnel With

As with all of's elements, clicking on the chosen point will open your settings up. 

Pasting the link from the video sites of your choice will embed the video onto the page. You can choose if you want to autoplay it, or show controls etc as well.

If you own the video, then you can also upload that to Systeme using the 'video type' dropdown. 

How To Create A Funnel With 11 How To Create A Funnel With

Lastly, you want to update or change the wording found below the video. This can be anything from product information, images from the product, or even screenshots of you using or enjoying said product. 

If you want to add new sections, then Systeme has a drag and drop page builder, with the ability to add elements, or whole blocks or sections. 

How To Create A Funnel With 12 How To Create A Funnel With
How To Create A Funnel With 13 How To Create A Funnel With

Simply choose the item you want and drag it onto the page in the area you want it to show up. 

You can also decide if you want to display your components on mobile, desktop or both. If you don't want certain sections to be available, for example videos or images that may not look as tidy on smaller devices, then simply select the chosen section, scroll to the bottom of the settings and uncheck/check the devices you want to show/not show. 

Adding Your New Leads To A Campaign / Other Actions

One thing that does a little shit, is the automation, and you have to do it after you have finished building your pages. 

When you have a new subscriber adds their details to your optin page, you are going to want to add them to an automation. In this case, we will add them too a campaign. To find the automation section, you need to go back to your funnel overview, select the right step and then click on automation rules. 

How To Create A Funnel With 14 How To Create A Funnel With

For this automation, we are using 'occurs when a contact has just subscribed to a form'. 

From here, you are going to want to 'Add an action'. You will see that there are a number to choose from, including tags, sending certain emails or subscribing to a campaign.

A campaign is the same as an autoresponder and consists of a number of emails sent at a particular time. 

How To Create A Funnel With 15 How To Create A Funnel With

For this article, we decided to add a tag, and subscribe to a campaign. You can attach any number of combinations of the actions, such as add tags, remove tags, send emails, add to campaigns etc. 

Once you have chosen your actions, click save rule, and you are ready to go. 

Additional Settings For Your Funnel

Pretty much every setting you need to change, update or play around with can be found on the left hand side of the builder. Including the 'page settings', which include the overall font, colours and sizes.

How To Create A Funnel With 16 How To Create A Funnel With

This will update your page to use the same style across all of the elements (really useful if you don't want to play around with separate fonts). 

Adding A Custom Domain To

One thing that will help your funnel really pop, is using a custom and branded domain. 

I would suggest picking one up from NameCheap, as the name suggests, they are pretty cheap and offer some decent rates on domains. Systeme offer a great step by step on integrating domains. 

Checkout the  complete guide here as it goes into great detail on the different parts you will need to update to get your domain working. 

Importing Systeme.Io Share Funnels

As with ClickFunnels, provides the ability to share ready made, or custom built funnels across Systeme accounts. 

This allows the barrier to entry to be so much lower, as completely new funnel builders or marketers can find, import and use someone else's funnel, without spending hours trying to figure it all out. 

Importing a funnel is quick and easy, first you need to find a share funnel. They can be found by searching for 'Systeme share funnels' or by looking for exact funnels. 

A good example is the Legendary Marketer funnel for that can be found here. Each funnels is shared via a unique link, which is tied to your account. If you don't have a account, then you will be asked to sign up and create one before you can import it. 

On import you will see an overview of funnel, including the steps and a domain/URL you want to associated it with. 

How To Create A Funnel With 17 How To Create A Funnel With

The funnel is now ready to be edited and updated, as per the different ways above (if required). 

How To Create A Funnel With Systeme.Io Conclusion - Next Steps

There are so many different variations of funnels, pages and sections that you can build with, thankfully with their ability to share and import custom built ones makes this so much easier. 

Currently, there doesn't seem to be a central area for these share funnels, so you have to spend the time searching and finding the perfect one. 

The actual funnel builder, or page builder is pretty easy to use, so you won't have too much trouble replicating your favourite funnel, and should be fairly quick. 

Do you have a favourite page, or funnel you want to replicate? Drop some ideas below.