GetResponse Alternatives

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A well known saying within the marketing community is ‘The Money Is In The List’, with many suggesting that having an email list is the backbone to a successful marketing business. There are a number of email marketing platforms, with GetResponse being a firm favourite of mine, but today I wanted to find some GetResponse … Read more

Clickfunnels Alternatives

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There is no denying the fact, when it comes to funnel building platforms, or websites that allow you to build landing pages quickly, ClickFunnels usually comes out on top, or at least somewhere near the podium finish. For years they ruled the roost, with plenty of competitors appearing, and then disappearing, or simply never fully launching. … Read more

Simvoly Review

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The Simvoly Review Summary;PricingIt has an unlimited free trial, and it starts at just $12 per month to start accessing more features. Plus the option to white label reduces that cost. Ease of USePossibly one of the easiest page builder, and funnel builder I have used in recent times. Easy to build pages and funnels, without … Read more

GrooveFunnels Review

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GrooveFunnels Review SummaryPiricingThere is a free tier, but it’s hard to tell if the lifetime access is actually worth it.Ease of USeIt is fairly easy to navigate around the platform. Though some of the UI is not easy to understand (tabs changing from affiliate to vendor without much of a reason)FunctionalityPotentially this could end up … Read more

DropFunnels Review

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DropFunnels Review SummarypricingConsidering how much you get for it, this is more expensive than a standard blog hosting, but you get a lot more for your money here.Ease of USeI found the whole experience really easy, I did experience a few blank pages or crashes, but navigating and setting stuff up was easy. FunctionalityPlenty, considering they … Read more Review

The review Review Summary;PricingThere are 3 different price points, I feel the lower two are probably worth it more than the final price.Ease of USeSome areas are easier than others. The editors are nice to use, but some of the platform gets lost in menus, sub menus and random buttons.FunctionalityWith funnels, blogs, ecommerce, affiliate programs, webinars … Read more