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Ubersuggest Review Summary;

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There is a free version of UberSuggest, though the paid version is cheaper than some competitors.

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Ease of USe

Honestly, I find it easy to use and navigate around. Everything is in a sensible place.

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Using the free version does limit the number of searches. But if you are simply using this for keyword research and competition then it should have everything you need. 

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Support seems available for those who are paying for UberSuggest, you get 24/7 email support included in the price.

Summary: In a world full of keyword tools, content creation tools and competition tracking platforms, UberSuggest is a 'free' alternative. Potentially good for those just starting out

  • There Is A Free Option (3 Searches Per Day)
  • The Keyword View Is Clear To See At Least
  • You Are Provided With A Clear Set Of Data Points (Searches, Cost Per Bid etc)
  • The Free Option Is Limited
  • The Rest Of The Layout Can Be Confusing (Tabs Within Tabs, Lots Of Clicking)
  • Pricing May Not Be for Everyone

For many, Neil Patel is the embodiment of Search Engine Optimisation, a highly successful marketer, who came to fame with his in-depth knowledge and understanding of SEO and how to succeed with ranking and building profitable websites. 

Boasting over 2million visitors per month to his site, he is someone that still seems to have his nose close to the ground and is still knowledgeable (though some do argue he is a little old hat these days).

Over the years Neil has created a number of tools that Entrepreneurs could use, especially those looking to increase revenue or subscribers to blogs and sites. One of those tools is a keyword research tool, that allows bloggers and marketers the ability to understand the keywords that they may want to target. 

Keyword research is vital for anyone focusing on blogging or wanting to use SEO for their traffic strategy. Today, we will dive into Neil Patel's UbberSuggest, pitting it against a few other tools and seeing if it's worth having this tool in your belt. 

What Is UberSuggest?

To put it simply, UberSuggest is Neil Patel's answer to AhRefs, SERanking or KeySearch essentially, it is his own keyword research tool. 

Designed to allow anyone to start analysing and understanding different keywords, be it for adverts (and understanding the CPC of different keywords) or for bloggers and website owners who may want to focus on creating engaging and useful articles to rank within search engines. 

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UberSuggest is part of the larger range of tools found on Neil's platform, when I originally started this article Ubbersuggest was on it's own, as per the image above, only covering the keyword ideas and content ideas tools, but it has now expanded and engulfed the others. 

Ubersuggest Review 7 Ubersuggest Review

As such, it's probably easier to say that Ubbersuggest has now become a hub, or the name for a variety of SEO focused tools that can be used, and is no longer simply a 'keyword research tool'. 

What Features Does UberSuggest Have?

As mentioned before, UbberSuggest has a number of tool within it's arsenal these days, with more mini tools and areas being added as the months go on. 

The features are broken down into 3 main areas;

  • Keyword Analyzer
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Explorer 

They then have their own overviews, data and information, depending on what you are looking for. As such I will look at each individually below.

Ubbersuggest Keyword Analyser 

First up is the tool or area that I believe was originally seen as 'Ubbersuggest' and that is the Keyword Analyzer. Though even this has changed and increased in size and information these days. 

Housed within here, you will find;

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Keyword Lists
  • Content Ideas
ubber suggest keyword overview

The overview pretty much does what it says on the tin, it provides a highlevel overview of the other parts. Showing you the search volumes, ranking difficulties, current cost per click and even the total number of backlinks and domain authority the Top 10 websites ranking for that keyword have. 

It also provides the top 5 or 6 keyword ideas, search volume statistics (overtime) and again a few content ideas that may be of use. 

This overview is great if you just want a quick review of a keyword before deciding to go further. 

Keyword Ideas

The keyword ideas is essentially your keyword research tool that is very similar to AnswerThePublic, Keyword Chef, SERanking, or let's be honest, any keyword research tool you find. 

ubber suggest keyword ideas

The way the data is laid out is probably most like AnswerThePublic or Keyword Chef, providing you with related, questions, comparisons etc. Allowing you to quickly find or dive through the different ideas that are shown and giving you an idea of the kinds of keyword or article that could possibly rank. 

As well as the list of ideas, you also get access to;

  • Ubbersuggest SEO Difficulty 
  • Ubbersuggest Paid Difficulty
  • Cost Per Click From Paid Advertisement
  • Search Volume

Of course, data such as the ubbersuggest SEO difficulty is something that Ubbersuggest creates themselves, using their own algorithm or data sets, again much like other keyword research tools. They take a number of different points, and come up with a number, usually out of 100. The lower the number, in theory the easier it is to rank for. 

But, much like other tools, the ubbersuggest SEO difficulty isn't always accurate, so you should always take that particular dataset with a pinch of salt.

The different tabs are really useful, and let you filter your list, for example using the Comparisons tab, I can see that I get a number of different keyword ideas.

ubber suggest keyword ideas comparisons

Though, as you can see, I have found that I lose all information when I click these tabs, so I can no longer see the SEO difficulty of say 'ubbestsuggest site audit' or 'ubbersuggest vs Ahrefs'.

This does render this part useless in my eyes.

Keyword Lists

The latest addition to the Keyword Analyzer are is Keyword Lists. 

A way of organising and saving the keyword reports you get or the research you conduct into your own reports and lists. 

For example if you are doing some research on SEO, you may want to have keywords from multiple seed questions added. Such as 'SEO', 'AHREFS, ' Ubbersuggest' etc. All being added to that new 'SEO list'.

This provides you with a number of topics that you may want to talk about within your SEO category or particular overarching silo. 

UberSuggest Content Ideas Tool

This is a fairly new feature that UberSuggest has been adding. It does not seem to be as robust or useful as some of the other tools mentioned, and it seems like they should focus on their core features instead.

Ubber Suggest Content Creation Tool

If I am honest, I found this semi underwhelming, with zero content ideas being given for their own product keyword. Even though plenty of websites talk about and write about UbberSuggest, I get nothing back.

No websites, no estimated number of visitors, no information about backlinks, it just simply provides blank. It has done this on a number of searches, simply refusing to provide anything. 

UberSuggest Competitor Analysis Tool

One of the tools that originally sat outside of the Ubbersuggest toolkit, competitor analysis is now firmly sat inside. 

This particular set of products allow you to analyse websites and URLS to get a variety of data points back.

Within here you will find;

  • Traffic overview
  • Keywords by traffic
  • Top Pages by Traffic
  • Similar Websites
Ubber Suggest Competitive Tool

As before, the overview is there as your quick glance, to see what people might be up too. Using one of the big guys in the industry, SmartBusinessTrends you get some pretty decent data coming back, with total number of ranking keywords, traffic stats, domain authority and backlinks. 

A great way of seeing what your competitors are doing well with and if you want to try and focus on similar keywords.. *gulp*

Keywords By Traffic

If you are particuallry interested in say, what keywords does a particular site rank for, and how much traffic they get from those keywords, then the Ubbersuggest keywords by traffic tab is a good place to start. 

It provides you with a table of the popular keywords the site is ranking for, basically within the top 100 position, and then tries to guess the traffic and SEO difficulty for those keywords. 

Ubersuggest Review 8 Ubersuggest Review

As you can probably guess, SBT ranks for some pretty spicy keywords, and does take some of the larger slices of the traffic pie. Even when ranked on the second page of some of the keywords, he is still managing to get a few visitors. 

With keywords such as the infamous Legendary Marketer, pulling in roughly 5,400 searches per month, at position 4 Chris gets a estimated 290 or so visitors, or roughly 4% per month. Or the newly launched Groove Funnels keyword combinations, SBT sits at the 2nd position mark, but takes in 10%-20% of the traffic from those review keywords. 

A great tool if you are interested in how much traffic particular keywords pull in. Though it is only an estimate, and I believe Chris's own data does show that these numbers are on the low side. 

Top Pages By Traffic

Following on from the ubbersuggest keywords by traffic data set, you then get given the Top Pages by Traffic tables. 

It works very much the same way, though of course they are providing the actual articles and pages, with estimates on;

  • Visitors, 
  • Social shares
  • Total backlinks

Combined with the table above, you can really start to research your competitors and their articles to see what they are doing right, or possibly could be improved upon with your own writing and traffic building ideas

The backlink information is interesting, especially if you believe you may have a better article, as you can use this list to see if anyone is linking to particular pages that you feel could be swapped out for a link to your article. 

Similar Websites (New)

Finally within this particular area is the 'Similar Websites' data stack. No surprise here, it gives you a list of websites that have similar ranking keywords for the website you are looking into. 

So if you fancy seeing how well you compare to competitors or if you are even in the same league as them, you can start to analyse and understand your position. 

SEO Explorer

The final part of the UbberSuggest platform, is the SEO Explorer tab. The smallest of the 3 tabs here, containing;

  • SEO Analyzer
  • Backlinks

Two tools that actually produce stand alone reports that allow you to make informed decisions on the future of your site and content. 

SEO Analyser

The first of these two report makers, the SEO analyser is essentially an SEO report, providing you with scores and an overall idea of the state and health of your site. Though the data isn't that accurate. 

Ubersuggest Review 9 Ubersuggest Review

You get a variety of different scores, such as how your on page SEO is (links, load speeds, keyword density etc) across your site, as well as the number of keywords you are appearing for and the total number of backlinks linking to your site. 

UbberSuggest also provides you with what they see as errors, or warnings. Such as slow loading speeds, broken links, or other possible problems you may have that would effect your  SEO scores.

SERanking provides something similar, and I am going to be honest, I prefer the look and feel of Ubbersuggest, but the accuracy of SERanking is a lot higher and clearer. Worth running if you are new to blogging.


The last of the tools, or reports I guess is the Ubbersuggest backlinks report, useful for understanding your domain authority, diversity of links and how many backlinks are being noted against your site. 

Backlinks provide a path back to your site, and help search engines such as Google start to understand your value and worth in this vast online world. 

Ubersuggest Keyword Chrome Extension

There is a Chrome extension that will provide you with keyword suggestions in your browser for the page you are on. It's not groundbreaking, but it does provide some useful information if there is no UberSuggest desktop application installed.

Once installed you can use it to play around with websites and keywords to analyse their traffic and content. Semi useful, if you want to see ideas while on the move. 

Is UberSuggest Good?

What I Enjoyed About Ubersuggest

UbberSuggest is free, so that's a big bonus, though you are only given 3 searches per day..and I am not 100% sure the tracking on that work.

The tools you get access too are pretty good, with a fairly wide variety, from keyword ideas, SEO analysers and traffic estimators. 

I also enjoyed the layout, I find it really clean, easy to read and a lot less confusing than other platforms and tools. You can find the information you want without needing to constantly go through lots of clicks, tabs or pages. 

What I Didn't Like About UberSuggest:

I found the data or information they gave, lacking. For want of a better word. I crossed checked some of the traffic estimations, or ranking guesses and they seemed to be really far off. 

I also used up the 3 audits on a few different sites, then did it again with SERanking and the warnings and 'help' I received seemed to be really different. I am used to seeing different ranking difficulty scores or changes in the number of backlinks detected, but rarely do I see differences between 'issues'. 

I also find that the limit on the daily search is a bit, well limiting. If I want to do some research on a topic that may have a number of different searches, for example variations on the topic, I would be screwed, maybe limiting the answers or putting part of it behind a paywall makes sense, but the 3 limit is awful. It would take 10 days to run any kind of decent keyword research. 

Lastly, this platform is buggy as hell. I tried to look at some additional information on one of the keywords, and I suddenly got provided with 0 data. Or I would navigate to one of the different keyword filters such as 'Comparison' or 'Questions' you are once again provided with 0 information.

Even if you had pages of data, that filter removes it all and renders that screen useless. 

How Much Does Ubersuggest Cost - Is UberSuggest Free, Or Does It Cost Money?

There is no monthly fee, which I think is a great thing for those just starting out. Though the free version only allows for 3 searches per day.

Is Ubersuggest Right For You?

It really depends on what you are willing to only use it on. If you want to use it for an SEO research tool, or if you just need a few results from keywords, then maybe Ubbersuggest is the right one for you.

There is no monthly fee, which I think is a great thing for those just starting out. Though the free version only allows for three searches, so you can be super limited on what you can use it for.

Ubersuggest Review - Final Verdict

UberSuggest is a free and easy-to-use keyword suggestion tool for those just starting out in content marketing or SEO. It's also great for those who don't have a monthly budget to pay for other tools.

I would recommend this tool for those just starting out in content marketing but not necessarily SEO because the limit on using it can be frustrating at times. I think that there are better free platforms and tools available though. But if you're just looking for something quick or easy, that comes from a guy who obviously knows SEO and content marketing, you could give this a try.

Overall, I think that UberSuggest is just an OK tool for beginners in the content and SEO space. It's free which means it doesn't have any monthly costs like other tools I've used. That said, there are better resources out there with more features if you're looking to use such as SERanking, or KeySearch, from about $10 - $15 per month.