DropFunnels Affiliate Program

Being able to promote tools or products that you use, have tested or love sharing with others is an awesome feeling. Having the ability to make money from promoting products online, for example a funnel builder, email tool or even a course is a brilliant way to bring in extra income. 

Today we are going to dive into the DropFunnels Affiliate Program, see what it offers, how easy it is to sign up for and if it's actually something worth promoting to your audience. 

If you are a video creator, network marketer or blogger who is looking to generate a monthly, recurring income by promoting a single product, then this may be the right one to promote. 

What Is DropFunnels?

To get a full breakdown of DropFunnels, check out the DropFunnels Review. If you are in a hurry, and want the TLDR, then DropFunnels is essentially a WordPress based funnel and landing page building platform. 

DropFunnels Affiliate Program 2 DropFunnels Affiliate Program

It can be used as an alternative to funnel building platforms such as GrooveFunnelsClickFunnels or even Thrive Architect

DropFunnels uses a drag and drop style builder, so it does make things super easy to do, I would recommend giving them a try before you join their affiliate program. It can help with applications if you have actually used the tool.  

Who Is DropFunnels Used By?

To be honest, DropFunnels could be used by anyone, or any business that has any of the following requirements; 

  • Capture Leads (emails)
  • Build a website (such as a blog, or sales pages)
  • Create a membership or course program 

It really can be used by a variety of industries, niches and entrepreneurs, it doesn't just have to be affiliate marketers. 

As with other platforms, I have known Dentists, PT's and Window cleaners use funnel builders to help book new clients, hand out free information in exchange for emails and so much more. 

How Do I Sign Up To The DropFunnels Affiliate Program?

The easiest way to apply, or to sign up for the DropFunnels affiliate program is to submit an application on their website. 

They use a platform called PayKickStart to run and help track their affiliate applications, campaigns and marketing material. So if you already have an account, for example because you promoted GrooveFunnels in the past, or maybe you promoted other products on the platform, then it's a simple and easy application process. 

You do need to create an PayKickStart account, but it's free to do so.

Depending on your promotion history, DropFunnels may request additional information. Such as; 

  • Promotion Strategies
  • Experience levels
  • YouTube or social media channels  

This is becoming quite standard these days, especially with how competitive marketing and promotion has become. You also need to be active, DropFunnels really only want active affiliates, and they do seem to flush out inactive ones. 

DropFunnels Affiliate Program

They do also state they want to be more focused on the customer experience, and the platform rather than the affiliate program, which may be a small nod or perhaps dig at ClickFunnels who have been criticised in the past about their heavy affiliate program, and lack of updates to the actualy products. 

What Does The DropFunnel Affiliate Program Contain?

Unlike say the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, or GrooveFunnels Program, the DropFunnels Affiliate offerings is very much just the platform builder. They don't currently have books, tools or other products to promote. 

This does allow you to promote their monthly subscription plans to your audience, which at the end of the day, is of course what most people looking at DropFunnels want. 

They don't exactly need the latest marketing book, or funnel software if they are focused on building their landing pages or new course. 

Promoting the subscription does give you access to 3 different plans, and as such 3 different commission amounts per month

  • Lite Plan ($49 Monthly / $490 Annually)
  • Starter Plan ($97 Monthly / $970 Annually)
  • Partner Program ($297 Monthly / $2997 Annually)

Each plan provides you with 30% monthly recurring commissions (or annually if they take the offer). So you could get from $14 to $89 per month, or $147 to $899 per year, depending on what people take. 

How Can I Promote DropFunnels?

There are so many different ways to promote products, from social media and networking, to blogging or YouTube. It will really depend on the platform that you currently use, or promote products on. 

All of these platforms will have an audience, and a hunger for DropFunnels content. Including;

  • How To Guides
  • Pre-Done Or Easy To Copy Funnel/Designs
  • Explanation And Beginner Guides
  • 1-1 Interactions showing how it may benefit a particular audience 

Of course, this will partly depend on what you as a marketer are good at, if you are technical, or maybe you are a design god. I would recommend finding your audience, or your passion and find a way of offering content to them.  

Can You Make Money From The DropFunnels Affiliate Program?

The shortest answer is Yes, you can be paid 30% on a monthly recurring commission if you are successful in bringing new people into DropFunnels.

Though as with any affiliate marketing program, you will need to stand out, or become best in class for your particular articles, videos or content.