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Blaze Funnels Review Summary;

Hyped up as the only 'funnel builder' you could ever need, without the need for hosting, autoresponders or anything else. With supposed one click clones and 1.2million funnels, let's be honest, it's just marketing hype. It's buggy, poorly made and pretty crap. 

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I would honestly say even for this price, it's too much.

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Ease of USe

Creating a page is fine, but editing is awful.

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There isn't a lot of it. 

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Sure, you can email them. So I will give a few stars

Emails bounce. You can't get in touch. 

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Some Templates Look Professional
  • These Are Not Funnels, They Are Landing/Thank You Pages - Basic Ones At That
  • A Lot Of Marketing Hype - It Doesn't Live Up Too It
  • Editing Or Changing Pages Or Campaigns Is Horrendous 
  • There Are No Instant Clones (God, I Wish) Or Instant/Unlimited Traffic Solutions As Part Of This

I have probably heard the term ' This is a ClickFunnels Killer' more times than I have written articles, and I can safely tell you now, that is reaching the 400+ mark across all the different websites.

It seems to be the go to mantra of ANY funnel builder or landing page design software that gets created. It can no longer just be a 'awesome Funnel Builder' it has to be the ClickFunnels killer

Well, today we look at Blaze Funnels. A Warrior+ product that I got sent to look at, so yes, I purchased this with my own hard earned money. It means you don't have to. 

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With the usual marketing hype such as

  •  '3 easy steps'
  • Self Driving Traffic (super targeted)
  • Or claims that you don't need to pay for autoresponders. 
  • Ability to clone 'super funnels' 

You get the picture. We are going to see how well this platform holds up, and if you should spend $13 to get it. 

You are promised a simple, 'clone button', and the ability to activate your traffic button in seconds. With other claims of $231 per day, or $411 (depending on the version of the page you see).

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Spoiler Alert... it's shit. If you are broke, grab GrooveFunnels, or any of these ClickFunnels alternatives.

What Is Blaze Funnels

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way and done with. Blaze Funnels is a lead capture page builder. It allows you to create simple, basic lead capture pages, with a thank you page. 

It also allows you to put your affiliate ID from W+, ClickBank or JvZoo into that thank you page. Letting you choose from products from all of those websites to promote. 

There are also inbuilt social share buttons, allowing you to share a page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other websites. 

There are also a number of other products or upsells found within here. Including a page called the High Ticket Maximiser, whereby they state you could start earning $1000 sales. But, the picture they try to upsell you with, is of them earning multiple $16 commissions. The same thing they are saying you shouldn't have to deal with. 

Anyway, enough of the waffle, let's actually look into the core aspect of Blaze Funnels App.

What Can You Find Inside The Blaze Funnels App?

At the heart of this, there are a few areas. The campaigns section, the hot offers and the autoresponder set up (shocker, you have to pay for an auto responder).

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On the main dashboard you will see;

  • Tutorials
  • Campaigns (More on that in a second)
  • Money Pages
  • Leads
  • Stats/Reporting
  • Traffic
  • Hot Offers
  • Setting up Autoresponders
  • Upgrades

I am just going to focus on the tutorial, money pages, traffic and autoresponder set up. 


You are provided with 7 different videos. They explain how to set up the auto-responder, create your pages and understanding statistics.

Some of the videos are ok, but the automated traffic or traffic on demand videos don't make much sense, and don't offer much in terms of advice. 


I will briefly touch on these. A campaign houses your money pages. You can have 1 money page per campaign, and as such, are pointless. 

You might as well just give your money page a unique name (as you do anyway) and run the report on that. You can't edit a campaign, you can only delete it. 

Money Pages

These are your $1.2m funnels, so be ready to have your mind blown with these. 

I will point out, I am no way saying that these guys haven't earned $1.2m. I am sure they have, but they also have their traffic source nailed down. They are willing to spend $$$$'s on traffic, and also launch multiple products, with 1,000's of people being added to their list. So let's at least bring the hype train back to the station here.

Inside Blaze Funnels, you are given 32 different examples of capture pages. There are a number of different niches, including health, business and relationships. 

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These pages can also be edited with a pretty awful page designer. You essentially can change the words, anything more will require you to play with HTML. 

The actual pages look ok, with different images and backgrounds to choose from. Be warned, YOU CANNOT EDIT THESE OR CHANGE THESE. Yep, once you have created it, if you want to say, update the page to a different one, you can't. You can edit the wording, but that is it. 

You have to create a new campaign and a new money page if you want to change stuff. 

I love that clone button. 

Thank You Pages

After you have chosen your squeeze page, you can then choose the thank you page. I have zero clue why they do this. I have reviewed other platforms that do this. 

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Why not just offer pairs of squeeze + thank you pages. You are never going to have Detox Page 1 with Business Thankyou 4. It's stupid. 

After you have chosen your mismatched pages, you can then give them a name, as well as play around with the product you want to offer on the page. 

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This page will only search for ClickBank offers, or you can add your own affiliate link if you prefer not to search. 

As with the money page, you can't edit these once created. If you don't like the page layout or theme, you have to create a whole new campaign and as such money pages. 

You had better get it right first time. 


Shock horror, this is where your leads are kept. You are given their email, created date, and that's it. You can filter by campaigns, but you can't see on the table what campaign someone was capture under. 

You can also export to Excel. Cool.

Stats & Reporting

As with the leads, these are some cursed tables. You can't see overall stats, or high level stats. You have to find a campaign, then choose a money page. Considering they are 1 money page per campaign, why not default. Or get rid of campaigns. 


There are two sections to this traffic part. Automated traffic, and traffic on demand. 

The automated traffic part, is I guess automated. You can set up a free account, or a twitter account. Then each time you create a new landing page, you can post a new 'blog post' onto these sites. 

Resulting in a random page going out onto the internet for no-one to see. Unless you happen to have 000's of followers on Twitter, or a secret Instapaper following, I cannot see these pages or posts doing anything for you. 

The second part of this, is the Traffic On Demand. Remember this is the FREE traffic that will flood your funnels. In reality, they are social share buttons. 

You can share your new funnel to social media sites such as Facebook, Telegram, Pinterest or Twitter. Or, you can send them via email, SMS or WhatsApp. 

Revolutionary. I guess social share doesn't sound as sexy as 'HOT FREE TRAFFIC'. 


If we cast out mind back, to the sales page. There was a bold statement. 

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You do not need to pay for an autoresponder. The leads you capture can just sit on your computer or excel spreadsheet and gather date. Jesus Christ. Maybe someone forgot to remove that one out of the copy. 

You need an autoresponder, you are running a lead capture page, what else will you do with the emails. Eat them? You may be able to get one for free, such as MooSend or Aweber, but neither of them integrate with this, so that's pointless.

Who Created Blaze Funnels?

On the sales pages a guy called Shawn Josiah is the creator, or vendor of the product. Though I do have to admit, I don't know if he is the creator, or just a partner in this. 

Who Is Blaze Funnels For?

Honestly, no one. 

How Much Does Blaze Funnels App Cost?

The basic price for this is $15, no not the $197 per month they claim you should pay. 

There are also a number of upsells that can be found within this product. 9 to be exact, including the order bump on the first page. 

These range from $28 for an additional 50 templates (they never appeared), up to $498 for the franchise licence. Though the $498 franchise cost is knocked down to $97 if you click away.  

Should You Buy Blaze Funnels?

No, I can't see a lot of use in it. There are other products and platforms out there that can do this better, and even for free. People may argue that $15 for some landing pages isn't bad.

I would say the time it takes you to set these up and even try and get them rolling, you might as well look elsewhere, or pay for a proper landing page builder. Also support doesn't exist, so if you have issues and you can't set up the auto-responder or you are missing upsells etc, you have no way of getting in touch.

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After emailing them to pick up the additional 50 templates (as I thought I would check them out), I simply got an email bounce. This could be a temporary issue, but you have no other way of getting in touch. Just an email, that doesn't work. 

For the same price, or similar prices you can find other decent builders. It doesn't have to be ClickFunnels, there are lots of alternatives to look into. 

Blaze Funnels Review Conclusion

 An over-hyped product that barely covers any of the marketing claims that they throw at you.

  • There are no 'simple clone buttons'
  •  You have to pay for auto-responders,
  • The website is a buggy and you cannot use this on mobile
  • There are missing videos (with placeholder text)
  • The traffic sources are laughable
  • I am sceptical the auto-traffic would generate any leads or any views, at all. 

Save your time and money, and find something better. Because let's be honest, they are not using this to sell you this product. 

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