affiliate program is one of the newest funnel builder, or all-in-one platforms that have appeared recently. Each platform is trying to provide an edge or unique selling point to help them stand out from the crowd. 

One of those unique selling points, is the Affiliate Program. But the thing that helps them stand out, is not just the ability to promote, but the ability to promote other users. 

What Is Systeme.Io?

To put it simply, is what many people call an All-In-One Marketing Platform. That means you can build websites, funnels, build or host courses, send emails and even run your own affiliate program. 

That means you can run your complete business, with just the Systeme platform, without having to use other tools such as FirstPromoter, ClickFunnels or GetResponse. 

You can check out the full Review to get a complete overview of what they have on offer. Or, you can grab their free plan, which basically gives you access to most of their tools for the grand total of $0. 

What Is The Affiliate Program?

As previously mentioned, Systeme actually has 2 'affiliate programs', which can make it a little confusing (it was for me when I first signed up!). 

Core Affiliate Program

First off, they have the core affiliate program, this allows you to promote the platform to others. affiliate program dashboard

The affiliate dashboard is a little confusing, as it seems to show you all the vendors you are an affiliate for (more on that in a second). As well as the Systeme stats and details. 

So you can see a multitude of different numbers, with 'total leads' saying 25, but freemium registrations showing 50 or variations on that. It would be nicer to see these in 2 separate areas, a bit like ClickFunnels actually manages to do. 

Marketplace Affiliate Programs

The second part of their affiliate program, is the ability to promote any product that has been built and hosted on the platform. Which means if you build a course, or create your own product, you can in theory set it up in the marketplace and have the thousands of Systeme users promote it for you. affiliate program marketplace

Currently there are 109 programs that can be promoted on the marketplace, each giving you different commissions rates (I have seen a few as high as 80%) but most sit around the 40% - 50% range.

If you want to promote one of the products on offer, you can click on any of the descriptions and it will open up its own marketplace listing. 

systeme io affiliate program marketplace listing

The listing provides you some information about the product, commission rates and how much people have earned with the product. The listings can be a little hit and miss, with some offering some full product descriptions, and others basically telling you to go and look at the sales page.

Coincidently, if want to promote the product, you don't click the big button that says 'Promote Offer'. If you click the button, it simply takes you to the sales page, with your affiliate ID embedded into the URL.


Instead you have to right click the button, grab the URL and share that instead. Thankfully, everything uses your affiliate ID, so you can find any URL, throw your affiliate ID onto the end and it seems to track quite nicely. 

Secret Third Way - Share Funnels

One of the ways that ClickFunnels managed to capture a huge share of the market, was by offering share funnels. An easy way to get your platform and product in front of thousands of people, is to allow them to easily share something they have built (either selling it or sharing it for free). 

Systeme is no different, and it's one of the ways I have started to build up a following and earning commissions. As more courses or other programs realise the power of Systeme, the more share funnels with start to appear. 

Legendary Marketer is one of those companies who have seen the value with talking about Systeme as a ClickFunnels competitor. Some vendors have even started to build Legendary Marketer focused funnels

Other uses include funnels for those who run Solo Ads or want to follow 'paid traffic' training such as BAM. This allows many users to lower their monthly costs while they are getting started. 

How Much Can You Earn With The Systeme Affiliate Program?

Realistically, there is no fixed amount that anyone can say. It's impossible to say you can earn $$$'s per day or per week with their program. All that can be honestly said, is that you can get 50% on any paid program that someone signs up too with your link. 

In theory you can earn up to $58 per month, or $498 per sale (for annual plans) if someone grabs the highest tier that Systeme offers. Unfortunately, there are no bonus payments, or 'pay for your lease' promotions with Systeme. It's just straight up 50% payouts. 

How To Join The Affiliate Program?

As far as I can tell, the only way you can join the Systeme Affiliate Program, is to have a Systeme account, including the free plan. You can grab your own free plan here and get started with the Systemeio Affiliate Program. 

Once inside, you will see a 'Affiliate Dashboard' with your brand spanking new link. 

Systeme Affiliate Program Conclusion

So there we have it, a complete breakdown of the Affiliate Program and a few ideas on how you can utilise the program to start earning monthly or yearly commissions. 

If you are someone who loves building funnels, or creating products, then the army of affiliates can also help you makes sales via their marketplace. 

Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of the affiliate program, then drop them below.