Clickfunnels Alternatives

Clickfunnels Alternatives 1 Clickfunnels Alternatives

There is no denying the fact, when it comes to funnel building platforms, or websites that allow you to build landing pages quickly, ClickFunnels usually comes out on top, or at least somewhere near the podium finish. For years they ruled the roost, with plenty of competitors appearing, and then disappearing, or simply never fully launching. … Read more

CF Affiliate Domination Review

CF Affiliate Domination Review 12 CF Affiliate Domination Review

CF Affiliate Domination Review SummaryPricingThe course is now open again.Ease of USeEasy to follow and easy to navigate around the training, it runs on Kajabi, so nothing crazy.ContentThe content is solid, it is too the point, but it can feel a little short(there isn’t much hand holding). So I may be over looking the high … Read more

Phoenix Review

Phoenix Review

Phoenix Review Summary;PRICINGAs with most Warrior+ products this front end cost is low, with additional up-sells inside of it. As with their last launch, the upsells are reasonable and are not stupidly priced. The price is great for the content. Ease of USeEach video is easy to follow, the training is split into 3 main areas … Read more

The Copywriters Playbook Review

The Copywriters Playbook Review 32 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

The Copywriter’s Playbook Review Summary;PricingIt’s $1, you really can’t go wrong for $1, considering it’s 45 pages of valuable information and it comes with downloadable content and videos.  Ease of USePretty easy to sign up for, and the platform is easy enough to navigate around. Each lesson has it’s own section with downloadable content to make … Read more

15 Second Free Leads Course Review

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 52 15 second free leads course review

15 Second Free Leads Course Review Summary;PricingIt’s $1. I’m not sure you can say much else, that’s a fantastic price.Ease of USeAs with all Legendary Marketer content, the videos and training are hosted on their site. Easy to navigate and follow.ContentThe information within the 15 Second Leads course is decent, and in-depth. Around an hours worth … Read more

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review 65 insiders guide to affiliate marketing review

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review Summary;PricingAnother low ticket offer from Legendary Marketer, at only $1.99 you get a lot of decent information inside of the eBook and you get access to the business builder challenge that usually goes for $7.Ease of USeSign up, purchase the eBook, download the eBook and start reading, can’t really … Read more

Simvoly Review

Simvoly Review 70 Simvoly Review

The Simvoly Review Summary;PricingIt has an unlimited free trial, and it starts at just $12 per month to start accessing more features. Plus the option to white label reduces that cost. Ease of USePossibly one of the easiest page builder, and funnel builder I have used in recent times. Easy to build pages and funnels, without … Read more

The BreakOut Code Review

The BreakOut Code Review 98 The BreakOut Code Review

The BreakOut Code Review Summary;PricingThe main course is cheap, and will give you enough information to get going. The upsells are not outrageous and are a fair price if you want that extra bump. Ease of USeThe videos are easy enough to follow and the concept behind the training is quite straight forward.contentThe content focuses on … Read more

GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels Review Featured Image

GrooveFunnels Review SummaryPiricingThere is a free tier, but it’s hard to tell if the lifetime access is actually worth it.Ease of USeIt is fairly easy to navigate around the platform. Though some of the UI is not easy to understand (tabs changing from affiliate to vendor without much of a reason)FunctionalityPotentially this could end up … Read more