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eComHunt is one of the cheapest 'hot product' finders on the market at the moment.

If you do find a 'golden product' paying $17 to find it is well worth the price.

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Ease of USe

Easy to navigate around and pretty quick and easy to get the data you need to start testing.

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You are given a ton of different data points and hundreds of products to help you find products.

They have increased their tools and resources massively. 

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Both the facebook group and the online chat / email have been massively helpful over the last few years.

I dropped it in my recent update as I have noticed a few customers complaining about lack of support.

Summary: A well put together platform that can provide eCom Owners will valuable information about potential hot products. Definitely worth signing up and giving it a go to find potential products.

  • Large Number of products in their data base
  • a huge number of data points and information at hand
  • great for new dropshippers looking for inspiration
  • increasing number of tools and training to help you succeed
  • You can get started for FREE
  • they do find trademarked items - be careful
  • Targeting can be hit and miss
  • the free membership is limited (but hey..its free)

$0 Per month Free Membership or From $17 Per Month For Pro Membership

eComHunt has had a huge update since the last time we looked at it, so welcome to the new improved version EcomHunt Review.

One of the many difficulties when it comes to DropShipping is product research. Trying to understand or follow the latest trend that could make you money. 

There are a variety of platforms out there that do this job for you. EcomHunt is one of those platforms. It offers its members (both free and paying) the opportunity to be given these 'hot products'. They also provide other tools and data to help your DropShipping store succeed.

As part of this review, I will take you through what EcomHunt offers. Looking at how they operate, what information they offer and other tools they have.

What Are 'Hot Products' ?

To put it simply, A Hot Product is an item that is currently viral, or trending and making a lot of sales. This may be going viral on social media, or simply doing well because of an advert or celebrity. 

A hot product can be anything from a odd looking toy, to the latest kitchen gadget that everyone needs. The internet can pick up nearly any item and make it 'hot' or viral. 

cat with fidget spinner

Do you remember fidget spinners? They where a viral, hot product, that a lot of DropShippers jumped on.

The beauty of doing it via DropShipping, is that once the trend has gone, you are not left with 4,000 useless unwanted toys.

The other reason DropShippers like to get on these trends early, is that you can make a lot of money (potentially) if you manage to ride the viral wave before they become boring once again. Of course, it can be a huge gamble.

Any one can find these hot products, if you know where to look, or have access to the right data. This is where tools such as eComHunt start to be useful. 

What Is EcomHunt?

They are a 'hot product' curation platform, doing the research and effort to find the next viral product. 

In their own words, they are;

"a curation of the best new products, everyday."

Which is quite a bold statement to give people. At the core of their business, they are a sourcing and marketing company.

They find hot products that are selling online. They do this by watching large social media accounts or finding products that are trending on AliExpress. They then provide these on 'fire goodies' to DropShippers, with extra data.

The newest products are given to their paying members. Free members get access later.

As they have expanded, they have also created resources and tools to help DropShippers. You will find resources such as master classes, e-books and podcasts, designed to help store owners.

As well as a variety of tools and plugins to help improve your research, selling and growth.

Due to these new upgrades, we have now updated and split this eComHunt review into multiple sections.

Below you will now find, eCom Hunt Tools & eComHunt Resources.

ecomHunt Tools

Since my first review of this platform back in 2018, a lot has changed. With 6 tools and apps being released. Each offering different information or abilities to help you. 

All of these tools are open to free members. Though you get varying degrees of information, and free members have to wait longer to see products. 

Currently there are 6 tools or sections of the platform under this category, including;

  • EcomHunt Classic
  • Live
  • Lucky
  • Tracker
  • Adam
  • EcomHunt Chrome Extension

I will dive into each one below. 

eComHunt Classic

The core of what this platform used to provide, is now called eComHunt classic. A collection of trending aliexpress products that both free and paying members can access. 

These products come with a variety of information;

  • Product Images & Description
  • Profits & Analytics
  • Saturation Inspector
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Facebook Ads
  • Targeting & Audience ideas
  • Buyers Reviews
  • 1 - 1 Expert Consultation (via Messenger)

Each listing also gives you the option to import the AliExpress product into Shopify directly, or to review the product directly on AliExpress.

product overview

You are given a fair amount of information. If you are a free member, then you are given images, descriptions, profits and saturation data. If you want to access the additional data, then you only get 2 unlocks per day. I will explain a little more below.  

Product Description & Images

Every product you are shown comes with a variety of images, that can be used on your listings or ads. They also come with a description, this can everything from an energetic sales pitch description, or just a few lines explaining what the product does. 

I would suggest re-creating these descriptions into your own words, adding your own spin and edge. But the description is a great starting point for many DropShippers, and should offer a brilliant example of what sells. 

Profit & Analytics 

The profit and costs, do exactly as they say. They find the average selling price, or recommended selling price for the item. They then find the cost (from one of the suppliers they provide) and then give you the profit margin for it. 

Obviously, this does not take into account any costs associated with advertising, but at least it gives you a baseline to work with. 

It is split into two separate areas, which is a little annoying. A free member is shown the 'Profit & Costs' section. 

profit and cost

This gives you a really rough profit margin, but doesn't take into account any marketing costs or additional fees. 

The second section you are provided tries to add the marketing budget, analytics and engagement.

products analytics

Analytics offer you an insight into the number of sales, reviews and upvotes from AliExpress. This provides you more information and can help you decide if the product is worth it. High orders and votes, with a decent rating may show it as a worthwhile product and could stop you wasting money.

Finally, comes the engagement metrics. A set of numbers that show the total number of comments, like and shares across social media.

The higher the numbers, usually the more likely it is that a product will do well. If an item is being shared a lot, or an advert is getting a lot of comments, it shows that it may be very popular. 

Overall, these metrics and numbers are quite useful for DropShippers, and it's good that even the free members get access too some of them. 

Saturation Graph

This graphic will tell you the total number of stores or online shops that have this product live and are selling. You can then hunt the stores, and see how they have marketed or sold the product.

Facebook Ads Information

This section provides you with information about Facebook ads that are already running. This includes links to stores with Facebook ads, the video that stores are using (sometimes a few videos) as as well as some advertisement information (ad copy, catchy titles etc)

This section is brilliant if you are completely out of ideas for ad copy, or you don't have a video at hand!


Much like other platforms, Ecom Hunt provides you with advertisement & targeting ideas.

They provide you with quite broad targeting ideas, usually a country, an age range and a rough idea about what interests to target, or the audience who may react well to your advert. 

It's massively useful as a guide, especially if you are not used too using Facebook adverts. 

Helpful Links

A small section, designed to give you links to adverts and stores. 


eComHunt has provided a selection of influencers who may be good for promoting the product you are viewing. This looks to mainly be based on keywords. For example you may be looking at a car product, and this will find a number of car related accounts. 

You could then use this data to find influencers to help with promoting your adverts and products. 


Finally, after all that you AliExpress Reviews from real buyers. As with DropShip Spy, for me, this was not quite as useful, as I didn't need to download the reviews and upload them to Shopify.

I took that stress out by using an app called AliReviews. You just add the link and they do the rest, magic.

Import To Shopify

This feature allows you to directly pick up the product from AliExpress, a bit like Oberlo does within Shopify. 

product import

Simply add your store URL to the box, sign in and get started on the import. Easy enough to use be honest and saves a bit of time. It does save you from having to find it on AliExpress and then using something to import it.

This removes the need for Oberlo, which may be useful for some. 

EcomHunt Live

A new addition to the platform, the Live tool shows you trending data from the last 30 days. Giving you an insight into the top, trending product, and the countries it is currently going viral in. 

Live Data

They also provide data on number of orders, which countries are buying it the most, and the platforms it is currently being purchased on the most. 

As a signed in member you can see the top 50 products. Each with a clear breakdown, and then a link to the classic view shown above.

Lucky or GetLucky

If you don't fancy looking through products, you can simply use the lucky tool. 

Designed to search and find you a 'winning' product, without the guess work. Giving you a randomly selected product that can then be used on your new store. It's worth keeping in mind, these are not categorised. They are random niches and categories. 

GetLucky Tool

As you can see, you are given information quite similar to the classic and the live tools. If you are a a pro member then you can find products that not many people know about, or have a decent 24hour score. 

You are essentially getting access to products before they go viral or they are starting to rise in popularity. They may not be the most obvious products, but some of these look quite interesting. 


If you are someone who loves data, or you think a product may become popular in the future, then this may be for you.

The ecom tracker let's you add 5 products, checking to see how they are performing and selling.

If they start to rise, then you can create your ads, and start riding that viral wave. If they drop off the mark, then you can forget about it and move on. 

I would say this is only useful if you are unsure and want to try and find a product before it goes crazy. 


Do you need a virtual assistant? Someone to do the hard work for you? 

If you answered yes, then Adam is the VA for you. Kind of. Again a combination or re-working of other areas. 

ecomhunt adam

Adam curates data that you can find within the Lucky, Live or Tracker and provides you with the details.

As with Lucky, you are shown products that have suddenly started to increase in sales, or have seen an uptake in orders going through. 

 I'm not sure if you need yet another place to see this, or if the view here is better than say the Lucky, or Tracker view. 

EcomHunt Chrome Extension

The chrome extension used to be a standalone section, but has now been placed under the tools part of this platform. Covering a number of tools and ideas, the chrome extension is a decent addition to your arsenal. 


It lets you find, use and analysis real competitors Facebook adverts, providing you with traffic amounts, how longs its been running, what countries have hit that ad and a few more useful bits of data!

ad hunter

The extension allows you to find a shopify store, then analyse ads that they be running. You can then filter the ads, look for posts, sponsored posts or viral ads.

Store Analyser

The second part of this chrome extension, is the ability to review their products. Finding the top sellers, viral products or even understanding what theme they are using.

Essentially your own store spy to understand what they are doing that is making the store successful. Very useful if you are new to DropShipping and you want to find what decent profitable stores look like.

eComHunt Resources

The second half of this platform, or eco system is the ecomhunt resources section. This is one of the areas that I believe sets them a little above the competition at times. 

This section is made up of the following areas; 

  • ecomhunt Masterclass
  • eBooks
  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Community 

Some of these are their own paid for extras, they don't come as part of the membership. 

Videos & Training

One thing that I think gets overlooked with a lot of these services, is how little their potential users might know. 

Many of their users usually have just started DropShipping. They require some information on how to get started, to then utilise these products. 

Now the majority of them are locked for Pro Members only, but people sell similar courses or webinars for a few hundred $/£ so getting it as part of your membership on top of the rest, pretty good deal. 

ecom hunt training

Ecom Hunt Masterclass

A new addition, this masterclass is a paid for addition for those who want step by step training. 

It is a separate program, and training, but was created by the same guy who made the platform. 

Spread across 14 chapters and 70 videos, this masterclass supposedly takes you from knowing nothing about DropShipping, to having a website sorted and ads running. With modules covering understanding why ads don't work or how to deal with shipping, there seems like a lot.

I would compare this with EcomElites, Frank Hatchett's dropshipping course. Priced around the same, at $199 and covering the same content. I have not gone through this, so I unfortunately cannot give an in-depth review. 


The final area of the resources section are the eBooks. A varied selection of books for you to indulge, including dropshipping hacks, ultimate guide on Facebook ads and how to use ecomhunt on steroids. 

They do require an email to get started, but a small price to pay for some interesting books. 

How Much does eComhunt Cost?

At the time of writing, there are two membership options available. 

The free membership offers you limited data about products and limited use of the additional tools. For example, to get analytics, videos or Instagram influencers, you are given 2 unlocks per day. 

pro account

You are also limited with the timing, brand new products are only released for pro accounts. 

To access unlimited amounts of data, up to date products and even some of the videos and tools, you will require a pro membership. 

At the current time of writing (I will update this), there is an ecomhunt discount code available. This discount will reduce the monthly price from $29 per month, to $20 per month.

Click this link if you want to take advantage of the discount and stop wasting money.

ecomhunt pricing

If you are someone who is in this for the long term, and can see themselves wanting products for the foreseeable future, then a yearly offer is available. This gives you nearly 12 months, for the price of 10. So worth using if you are serious about finding hot dropshipping products. 

Is There An EcomHunt Free Trial?

I wouldn't call it a free trial, I would call it a 'lite' version of the pro account. It means you can use the platform without having to spend any money.

Though keep in mind, you are getting a limited data set. Start your free account

How To Get Ecomhunt For Free

It's pretty simple, just sign up here and you are good to go. 

Ecomhunt Review - Final Thoughts. 

A lot has changed since my original review. With new products, new tools, more data and an increasing amount of information. As with my initial review, there are downsides to ecom hunt

One of those problems, is the data. It can be lacking at times. With a lot of the Facebook data simply there as a suggestion, which I get. But a lot of it, you could work out yourself. 

See a product about a new dog toy, you could work out to target dog owners. 

Also, as I have said before with the DropShip Spy review, you could do this research yourself. But I understand it takes time, patience and some luck. A luxury not everyone has. 

Another problem I found in the past, was the fact that some products where copyrighted or trademarked, which for me is a worry. I also found a lot of generic items. Including some that where useless.

I feel that some niches where better than others, which may be a problem if you try the lucky tool or Adam. 

Now, on the flipside, I did find decent, profitable options. Items I could import into my store, add the adverts and use the targeting to start promoting. Everything was easy to find and import, with no major issues. 

If you are new to DropShipping, you are finding it difficult to research products for your store, then this could help you out. Especially as you can get started for zero cost, adding a few new items onto to your store everyday, without spending a dime. 





Ease of use




Products Available



  • Number of products available
  • The amount of data available
  • Facebook Ad Hunter
  • Increasing Number Of Tools & Training
  • Great for new DropShippers


  • You do see trademarked products being recommended
  • Targeting is somewhat limited
  • The free membership is limited (but free)

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