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DropShip Spy Review Summary;

With yet another update to their platform, it's good to see some new features and tools. DropShip spy have over 5,000 winning products on their site, all with descriptions, ads and data. So you are not going to be short of ideas or items to try and sell on your store. 

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In line with other platforms that offer this services. You get a variety of tools and a ton of data for the monthly price.

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Ease of USe

It's fairly easy to import new products or find hot selling items. Some tools seem to crash or don't work, which is a shame.

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I have to admit, this is ever growing. Each time I come back, they have move tools, added new ones or removed them. Sadly sometimes these tools are broken or difficult to find.

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When coming back to update these review, I had a lot of issues with the platform. The support seemed to take a number of days to solve the issues. Though it did finally get sorted. 

  • Increasing Number Of Hot Products Or interesting products
  • you get free video ads! 
  • you can spy or look at other stores
  • integrates with shopify
  • Simple, Easy To Follow Pricing
  • products can be hit and miss
  • it's better for 'general stores'
  • it shouldn't be used as your own research tool
  • targeting can be off - you will need to do more research

From $19 Per Month

One of the many difficulties when it comes to DropShipping is trying to find decent dropshipping products. Especially the latest trend that could make an item go viral. Of course, doing so without having to go searching for it everyday.

Of course you can pay others to do the research for you. One of those services is called DropShip Spy, an alternative to EcomHunt. This article with review how DropShip Spy works, and also  how they operate to give you a bit of a background tour. 

Welcome to the DropShip Spy Review. Can this secret 007 platform find great AliExpress products for your dropshipping businesses.

What are Hot Selling Products?

A Hot Product is an item that has gone viral or is currently popular and making a lot of sales. This may be going viral on social media, or simply doing well because of an advert or celebrity talking about them. 

hot product can be anything from a odd looking toy, to the latest kitchen gadget that everyone needs. The internet can pick up nearly any item and make it 'hot' or viral. 

Fidget spinner is a great example of a viral product. A hot product, that a lot of DropShippers jumped on. The beauty of doing it via DropShipping, is that once the trend has gone, you are not left with 4,000 useless items.

The other reason DropShippers like to get on these trends early, is that you can make a lot of money (potentially). Of course, only if you manage to ride the viral wave before they become boring once again. Of course, it can be a huge gamble.

Any one can find these promising products, if you know where to look, or have access to the right data. DropShip Spy provides you with a single place to find that data. Scraping the data from a variety of points to help your dropshipping business.

What Is DropShip Spy?

They are a curation platform or product database. They scrape data from a number of different sites and provide them in one convenient place. They get this information from sites such as Amazon, AliExpress, Social Media and Google Trends. 

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They then provide their members with the details of these 'hot selling products' on their website. The data they provide includes;

  • Sales Trends
  • Video Ads
  • Cost & Profit
  • Ad Copy & Audience Ideas
  • Reviews
  • Suppliers & Influencers 

DropShip Spy has also released a number of apps to help store owners quicken up the product importing jobs. These apps include;

  • Shopify Connect
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Traffic Search 
  • AliShopper
  • Profit Calculators 

Winning & Promising Products

At the core of their business, are these winning and promising products that they curate and provide to you. This information needs to be on point to ensure that you can make informed decisions on if you want to use them in your business. 

They have 2200+ products that have been curated from Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. A further 3,000+ products that have been found to sell well on sites such as Amazon or eBay. The promising products may be steady sellers, or look to be gaining in popularity. 

These split between Promising Products & Social Proof Products. 

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The information that has been gathered is now shown in a variety of different ways. From social metrics such as shares and likes, to sales trends and different types of ad copy. 

Though the layout of the data changes over the years, the underlying information and data is the same. 

Descriptions & Images

Ever item that Drop Ship Spy offer comes with a variety of descriptions and images. The descriptions are a tidied up versions of AliExpress descriptions. Stripped of the random images and HTML they throw into them. 

Some have a few different descriptions, slight variations of the first description. This gives you a number of different templates that can be used within your store. 

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Each product listing also comes with a number of images. You will find a few products with different images, depending on the product being offered. 

Both descriptions and images can be imported into your Shopify store. You can then edit and update them as you wish. 

Sales Trends & Metrics

Not every item is going to be a winner, at least not to start with. Every product has a sales trend graph, letting you see how many sales the product in question has had each day for the last month. 

You can make your own informed decisions based on the data. If the graph is starting to rise (most are), then it may be a great time to jump on board, or if it's crashing down, then maybe leave it. 

Social Media Engagement

For the social proof products, they have included an overview of the ads or posts being used to promote the product. 

On these adverts, you can see the social engagement. For example, shares and likes on Facebook, or comments and likes on Instagram. They also come with view ratios to understand how engaged the audience is. 

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This can be useful, especially if you find a product with a lot of views, but no shares, likes or comments. It may show that the video is catchy, but the product isn't quite hitting the mark. 

Advert Copy Ideas

Knowing what to write for your ads is difficult, do you go for hype, sales focused or just explain the benefits? DropShip Spy offer a number of ads descriptions. They are a little over the top, so I would recommend tweaking these. 

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Advert Videos

They also provide you with a video advert that you can use. It's been shown that Facebook videos get a lot more engagement and have a greater chance of being seen than Facebook posts.

For me, this Facebook video advert was massively useful, as it meant I did not have to try and source it from other places (usually too very little success).

Suppliers & Stores

The original version used to show you all the individual prices given by the different suppliers, but most of the time it's the same price.

As such, Dropship Spy simply offer you a number of different places to find to purchase these products.

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This includes Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. With each supplier given a ratings, reviews, number of items sold and their score. Once again the sales price isn't shown anymore. Instead you are given an average sales price. 

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Shopify Imports

In the past, the only way to get items into a Shopify store, would be to use Oberlo. Thankfully, you can do it with other apps and tools. Including DropShip Spy. 

Of course, this won't do the whole ordering or any of the automation that Oberlo has. But at least you don't have to use their random products or suppliers they keep adding. 

Once you have found your product, you can click 'Quick Import', or 'Add To Import List'. Depending on if you are doing these one at a time, or if you are filling up a whole store. 

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Either way, you will kick off their import wizard. There are 4 steps in total, allowing you to play around with the descriptions, the supplier you want and of course pricing. 


Finally, after all that you are also shown both Amazon reviews and AliExpress Reviews.

For me, this was not quite as useful, as I didn't need to download the reviews and upload them to Shopify. I took that stress out by using an app called AliReviews.

You just add the link and they do the rest, magic.

Facebook Audience

Originally found within it's own tool, the audience data gives you an idea on the types of features or brands to use in your targeting. You can copy these ideas into your Facebook ads account, building up your audience.

If you are unsure on who may want to buy the product, or who you should get your items in front of, this is a helpful list of ideas.  

What Else Does Dropship Spy Offer?

On top of the promising products, you will also find apps and tools. Some of the tools are found on the product pages, but they have a separate area for a few. 

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Traffic Search

This tool allows you to add competitor websites, and see what their traffic is like. 

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work for me, so I can't say much about it. 

Instagram Influencer Database

Instagram Influencers have been big business for a few years now. Though I believe that they may be starting to become less popular. 

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The influencer database has around 200 different influencers across a variety of different categories. 

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Under each category, you can then see 5 - 40 influencers.  DropShip Spy used to provide key metrics on the influencers, but this data doesn't seem to exist anymore. 

It's a useful database, and you can inspect their past posts and account, which is nice. But I wouldn't say this is ground-breaking any more. If you are struggling to build your own Instagram account, or you need shout outs, then this could be semi useful. 

Monthly Best Products

Dropship Spy also offer a monthly best products data. They look back on the last month, reviewing the best sellers and what have been selling well. 

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They also include the niche that has done well. For example July was really good for the electronic niche. It's semi useful information, as these products may be still trending and doing well. 

How Much Does DropShip Spy Cost?

Once again, Dropship spy have updated and changed their pricing model. This is one of the reasons I decided to update this review. 

There is now only 1 account tier, which is the pro tier. This gives you full access to the DropShip Spy platform. 

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The normal price is $39 per month, which considering some of the tools are broken, is quite high. The $19 special offer, or the $200 per year offer is more inline with what I would expect to pay. Especially as the DropShip Spy alternatives out there cost around $19 per month.

Is There A DropShip Spy Coupon Code?

You may on occasion find an email with a coupon, or a holiday special. I would recommend checking out their pricing page, as you will find their latest deals there. 

Review - Final thoughts

As with all the posts on this site, I like to keep a balanced view. As such, I do feel there are some downsides to such services as DropShip Spy.

The big argument for these services, is that you can do this yourself. You can easily open up AliExpress and view the top selling product within that niche. It wouldn't take a lot of time to find these products. AliExpress even offers you the information as one of their filters. 

Another problem is that these products are very varied and generic. I have used sites like these for months, and only found a few 'winners'. I did use to run very specific niches, so I used to go find these products myself. 

After to speaking too a guy called Rhys and reading his review (check it out here). I went back and looked through some of the products that services like DropShip spy offer. I have to agree with him, some of the products offered do break trade mark laws. Some are trade marked products such as Disney or Star Wars... a little risky).

You can reduce the risk using services such as Salehoo, as they do offer a service that ensures those products are real. 

Now, of course, they have their uses. The massive amounts of data, such as the descriptions, ads and videos are great. This meant I wouldn't have to pay someone on Fiverr to create me a cool ad, as I would have one. 

I could also use their ad data to target different audiences, increasing my chances of success.

They do offer as lot of data, and you can get a whole ton of information for $19 per month. If you are completely new, and you run a general store website, then DropShipSpy could be the answer. 

Is Dropship Spy a scam?

Not really, would I say it's worth it?

Yes, if you are struggling for ideas and need a helping hand, then it's worth it for at least a month or two before you find your feet.

So, there you have it the DropShip Spy review.

DropShip Spy

From $19 Per Month



Ease of use




Product Avaiable



  • Number of products available
  • Amount of data given
  • You Get Videos & Ideas as Part Of The Membership
  • Audience Ideas and Advert Copy Provided
  • Great for general stores


  • Hit and miss products
  • Targeting does not always work
  • Free Option Is No Longer Available
  • Not great for niche products

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