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DropShip Spy Review Summary;

The DropShip Spy Review 1 DropShip Spy Review


They are no longer the cheapest out the 'hot product research' platforms, but they do also offer more tools and information as part of your membership price.

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Ease of USe

I have always found it easy to find my way around from trying to find the hot products to doing some light influencer research.

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I have to admit, this is ever growing. Every time I come back to look at DropShipSpy they have a new tool or app that can help me grow my stores.

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I have never had an issue with getting in touch with their support team, and I have done it a lot of times! Yes, they can take a day or two to reply, but with a few thousand members, that's not uncommon. 


They are not as cheap as they use to be, but they have increased their data and tools that you get with your membership. The membership pays for itself when you find those winning products and the video ads can save you both time and money. 

  • Increasing Number Of Hot Products Or interesting products
  • you get free video ads! That's worth the price alone
  • you can spy or look at other stores and products on the higher tiers
  • the Influencer tool can be massively helpful when it comes to marketing
  • integrates with shopify
  • Simple, Easy To Follow Pricing
  • products can be hit and miss
  • it's better for 'general stores'
  • it shouldn't be used as your own research tool
  • targeting can be off - you will need to do more research

$30 per Month!

Update 2: As of March 2019 DropShipSpy has had another update, including an update to their pricing, tools, apps and what you get access too, as such, we will be doing another update to this review. Be sure to check out what they have to offer using the link above!

One of the many difficulties when it comes to DropShipping is trying to find hot products or the latest trend that could potentially make you extra money, without having to go searching for it.

One of those services is called DropShip Spy an alternative to EcomHunt. This article with review how DropShip Spy works, and also  how they operate to give you a bit of a background tour. 

So welcome, to the DropShip Spy Review, is it really the secret 007 tool of DropShipping?

Firstly, What is DropShip Spy?

They are essentially a marketing company, who constantly look out or find products that are either selling well or getting a lot of attention on social media. 

They then provide their members with the details of these 'hot selling products' on their website (members only of course), as well as a number of other tools to help DropShippers succeed in the world of eCom. 

You could say that they are a DropShipping Spy Tool!

What are Hot Selling Products?

This is the bulk of DropShip Spy and one of the main attractions to using their platform..

The Winning Products as they are called here, are products that DropShip Spy deem as doing well and can potentially earn you money.

DropShip Spy Products - DropShip Spy Review

What Information Are You Given For Winning Products

With the recent upgrade, DropShip Spy have actually filtered out their pricing and membership options, including what you see on particular pages. 

For my original review (and images) I had full access, though due to the changes and how I use DropShip Spy for my own businesses, this is not the same case. I only have access too the Premium Package. 

For all of the following bits of information with regards to what you get from the Product Pages, I will explain what level of Membership you will need to access or see it.  

Starting with the Basic Level membership.

Social Media Information - Now Called Engagement Rating

A useful bit of information is the current number of Facebook shares, comments and likes on different Facebook posts and pages, showing you how viral the product is in general.

It can also be useful if you are trying to get inspiration.

With the latest update, this is now classed as an Engagement Score, and gives you a rough idea how well products are selling or how 'viral' they might be. To get engagement scores on products instantly, you will require Basic Membership or higher. 

Advert Copy Ideas & Product Videos

DropShip Spy also provides you with helpful, if not slightly over the top advert text for you to use within your advertisements. I would recommend tweaking them if you are going to look at using them as they can be a bit hit and miss at times!

They also provide you with a video advert that you can use. It's been shown that Facebook videos get a lot more engagement and have a greater chance of being seen than Facebook posts.

For me, this Facebook video advert was massively useful, as it meant I did not have to try and source it from other places (usually too very little success).

Amazon & Ebay Sales Reports

As part of the new update for 2018, DropShip spy now provides you with two different Sales reports. 

These products give you numbers and information on how well products are selling on larger sites. Obviously being Amazon and eBay.

One Click Imports

A long time coming, but something I am glad does not exist. 

You now have the ability to import the product you want straight into Oberlo, and then into your Shopify store. Pretty neat to be fair. 

You will need the new Chrome Extension that has also recently been released. 

You can see how easy it is with the video below. 

Supplier information & Profits

Essentially these are links to the stores that currently sell these products. They do offer a number of different stores, with information such as current number being sold, their prices, shipping prices and potential profit.

The profits are based on what other stores are selling the item at, so this is, of course, speculative, as you may not get the same price.

DropShip Spy

The following few bits of information found on the Winning Product,will require you to have a  Premium level membership or higher

Social Media Tips

The vast wealth of information that DropShip Spy supplies can actually help you beyond the initial product that you went to look at. 

Using the Cat Hammock as an example, they provide you with targeting niches to help you start finding the right people to get your product in front of.

This can be brilliant if you are stuck for ideas, or own a general store and you have never tried to sell cat-related products, you may find it's more difficult than you first thought, do you know certain cat related magazines, Facebook pages or similar? Probably not, so this can really help with your creative juices.

With the recent update to DropShip Spy, they have now provided you with more information with regards to Instagram and give you the ability to research products on arguably one of the best places to advertise your products. 

They have also added a bit of a boost to the Audience Builder, allowing you to see what Audiences they believe will work, and then giving you ideas on variations to that original audience. 

Finally, the last piece of information found on the Winning Product page will require you to have the Professional Plan.


Finally, after all that you are also shown both Amazon reviews and AliExpress Reviews.

For me, this was not quite as useful, as I didn't need to download the reviews and upload them to Shopify. I took that stress out by using an app called AliReviews.

You just add the link and they do the rest, magic.

If you are thinking of upgrading to the professional plan just for this bit of extra info, I wouldn't bother. Stick to the Premium Membership!

What else Does Dropship Spy offer?

On top of all of that information about the product, DropShip Spy go on to offer a number of extra tools and databases, though to gain access too these you are going to have to upgrade from the free plan.

DropShip Spy Tools

For the following tools, you are going to need to have at least Basic level membership (if not higher), as with the Winning Product information,  I will start from the ground up with base tools, rising to the Professional Plan Tools. 

Free Membership & Higher - Engagement Score Calculator

Recently introduced, this calculator allows you to understand the currently 'virality' of a product. 

By using a number of different data points, the calculator will tell you how engaged or popular a particular advert  or product is.

Obviously you should look into the data a little more and check to see if the comments or 'likes' are positive or not, an advert could have 500 angry faces and 100 'likes', but still be classed as having 600 'engagements'. 

The DropShip Spy Review 13 DropShip Spy Review

Premium Membership & Higher - Facebook Audience Builder

As already mentioned above, this tool goes hand in hand with the social media niche tips.

A pretty nifty tool that first appeared back in 2018, it's essentially a way of finding specific ideas within niches.

For example, you may want to target Jewellery, but have no clue where to start. The audience builder will then show you things related to Jewellery, for example, brands, other audiences or pages (Kick-Ass Jewellery or Badass Jewellery).

It helps build up a number of different areas to target.

Promising Products

The Promising Product, isn't really a tool, but more of a database. 

These are hand selected products that look to be going viral, or doing really well in their particular niche. They may be products that have a really high order rate on AliExpress, or they may be items that have not yet gone viral in an advert but the page, store or Instagram account in question could be doing well selling them. 

Essentially gives you the ability to potentially stat one step ahead of the competition. 

Instagram Research Tool.

Another new tool that has recently been introduced is the Instagram Influencer Research tool.

This tool provides you with a small, but useful number of stats about Instagram accounts, mainly their engagement score. Which shows you how useful they may be to partner with.

DropShip Spy engagement tool

By looking at the engagement score, you can start to estimate how many followers may be fake, or don't actually like or comment on images. Having run a number of high profile accounts, and DropShipping store accounts, I usually average at 2 - 6% engagement, but then again I try to find ones with a good number of comments. So not always useful!

Professional Plan - Instagram Influencer Database

Influencers are big business in 2018, they are arguably one of the best ways to try and sell a product. People buy from who they trust. 

DropShip Spy have collated a growing (from what I can see) database of influencers, and given you access to them. Helpful, but you can use other services to get similair to be fair. 


Essentially a way of asking the guys who run the site to do the research and provide you with details about any of the following; 

Products - Including niche products

Facebook Audiences - Including niches, interests, age ranges etc

Influencer Requests - Pretty much does what it says on the tin, give them a niche and they will try and find you an influencer within that niche. 

The new request ability is a way of using people who have been in the game for quite a while to help you with product research or advertisement, and hats off too them, because it looks to be working!

How Much Does DropShip Spy Cost?

DropShip Spy once again updated their pricing model to basically put it back to simple, easy to understand. They removed the Standard & Premium Tiers and have instead just gone for 1 monthly price. 

$30 per month will give you access too all their tools and features. 

The DropShip Spy Review 16 DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Free Membership

DropShip Spy no longer provides a free membership.

To get access to the other tools and the whole back catalogue of products, you do need to sign up for their paid membership tiers.

Pro Membership - $30 Per month

The pro membership used to be the top dog, costing around $60 per month, but this has bascially been dropped to $20 per month. 

It gives you access to all the tools and features that DropShip Spy has to offer. Including;

  • DropShip Spy Training Resources
  • Winning Products Database
  • Influencer Database
  • Promising Products
  • Amazon Review Downloader
  • And more

You get access to a lot of tools for $30 these days. 

Is There A DropShip Spy Coupon Code?

As far as I am aware, there is no official coupon from the company themselves, but they do slash the prices of monthly plans every now and then, so it's worth checking out the latest deal. 

DropShip Spy Review - Final thoughts

As with all the posts on this site, I like to keep a balanced view. As such, I do feel there are some downsides to such services as DropShip Spy and other sites like ecomhunt. 

But, they are minimal.

My main 'con' is that you could essentially go do this research yourself, you can easily open up AliExpress and view the top selling product within that niche, without having to click a lot of buttons, the downside is you do not get the targeting information or the adverts, you will have to request them.

Another problem I have is that a lot of the products are quite generic, or don't look to be huge winners, I have used the site for a number of months, and I have only found or used a handful of the products that they have offered, but I ran very specific niches and I found that finding my own winning product was much better.

With the new update, they have introduced the promising products database, so this could expand the overall product offerings and move away from the generic products, and you do have access too a team of people willing to go find products within your niches if you want to shell out the $35 a month for the privilege. 

Finally, after to speaking too a guy called Rhys and reading his review (check it out here) I went back and looked through some of the products that services like DropShip spy offer, and I have to agree with him, some of the products offered do break trade mark laws (i.e they are trade marked products for products such as Disney or Star Wars... a little risky).

If you are one of those people who doesn't care (you should care) then hey.. that's your own business.

If you want to reduce this risk then I would recommend looking at Salehoo, who offer guarantees on the products they offer.

Is Dropship Spy a scam?

Not really, would I say it's worth it?

Yes, if you are struggling for ideas and need a helping hand, then it's worth it for at least a month or two before you find your feet.

So, there you have it the DropShip Spy review and feature walk-through, enjoy

DropShip Spy

30$ Per Month



Ease of use




Product Avaiable



  • Number of products available
  • Amount of data given
  • You Get Videos & Ideas as Part Of The Membership
  • Audience Ideas and Advert Copy Provided
  • Great for general stores


  • Hit and miss products
  • Targeting does not always work
  • Free Option Is No Longer Available
  • Not great for niche products

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