Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses 2019

We are just over halfway through 2019 when this article was written, and already we have a ton of decent affiliate marketing courses, one or two have actually been pulled over from the Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses 2018, as they are still relevant in this day and age! 

Be sure to check back, as it may change in the coming months!

1. Savage Affiliates 2.0 - A Brilliant All Rounder

 It doesn't matter if you are a complete newbie when it comes to affiliate marketing, or if you are possible a few months or even years into your journey, Savage Affiliates really does have something for everyone. 

Made up of over 10 different modules and spread across 70+ videos, with take-aways and plenty of information to keep you busy, this course really is jam packed with information. 

This course is still cheaper than other courses of it's kind coming in at around 50% of the cost. The average affiliate marketing course seems to set you back around $500 (or $497...) Franklin Hatchett's course will only costs you $197, so better than half price! 

Edit: With

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2. Wealthy Affiliate - Free Training

Currently holding the number 2 spot in the Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses, the fact that this training course is free, does really helps it's ranking! 

The training for this is limited, but it is free, you only get access to around 10 starter videos and a number of classes or videos made by others. 

The bonus part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the fact you get 2 free hosting slots. So if you are a beginner, it really can help you out!

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3. Affiliate Secrets 2.0 - This man knows Adwords

Another new one for the list, and one that could have made it last year, but I never had much exposure to it (and still haven't had a chance to write a full review).

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is Spencer Mechans brainchild, it does aim itself towards ClickFunnels, and parts focus solely on the ClickFunnels Platform, which isn't a bad thing, but it can sometimes feel like you are in a vacuum!

The training is focused towards adverts and using adwords or bing ads to help bring home the bacon.

Spencer does obviously know what he is on about, he is one of the highest earning ClickFunnels Affiliates and also Top 10 for BuilderAll as well, and that's just the platforms that I am on and can see the high earners from! 

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4. Dreamcar Profits - Sneaky takes on solid methods

This list is getting filled up with dream car winners, we have had 3 so far on this list! 

Dream Car Profits is a small, but useful course created by one of the latest ClickFunnels dream car winners Jacob Caris. 

The course itself focuses on ClickFunnels and how to find interesting new ways of potentially getting the coveted Dream Car prize.  There are only a few separate modules and videos, but they do provide some decent advice for those who want to have a different take on some tried and tested methods. 

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5. Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0 - Learn to retire in 100 days

When this course originally came out, I thought it was awful. It was laggy, poorly put together and the emails and lessons just never ever appeared. 

It would also teach you about products that could no longer be promoted because they had been removed, it was a mess and one of the reasons it never got into the 2018 version. 

Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0 is a free training course put together by some of the best affiliate marketing minds that teaches you the skills and the methods to try and help you retire in 100 days. That is a bit far fetched, so don't expect that in 3.5 months you will be job free and sunning it up in the Bahamas. 

The focus is on the ClickFunnels platform, and having a ClickFunnels account will help, but it's not vital, but just be aware!

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So there you have it, this list will more than likely change over time as more courses become available or other training is released (training gets released nearly every day, just the majority is $7 and pretty rubbish!)