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Trying to find decent affiliate marketing courses can be difficult, I have covered in the past some of the The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses Under $500, but for many, spending $500 on a course, isn't feasible. So today, I wanted to try and find decent free affiliate marketing courses that allow you to learn a chosen subject, or area of marketing. 

You may argue that anything on YouTube could be seen as a free course, but they are rarely structured learning, they have no actionable steps, or any help or guidance around the video. So really this is looking at structured, well put together courses that someone can sit down in front of get and get started with, without spending money on joining. 

You may still need to spend money to implement some of the strategies, but the education and information itself won't cost you a penny. 

My Online Startup

The MOS training has been around for a few years (under one name or another), and covers a fair amount of different angles within the affiliate marketing realm. 

Top Free Affiliate Marketing Courses 2 free affiliate marketing courses

This free course allows beginners learn and understand a variety of traffic types and marketing efforts, so great for those who are unsure if they want to become a YouTuber, a blogger or possibly want to try and run adverts towards funnels and do email marketing. 

If you decide that the course is decent, and you want a program that you can earn money from, then you can sign up and become an MOS partner, giving you access to around 50 different products and tools that can be promoted within the training. Giving you access to a single product to give away for free and earn commissions from. 

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Frank Hachetts - ClickFunnels Funnel & Training

The not so underground affiliate marketer, who has recently really shot into the spotlight after winning the Dream Car competition from ClickFunnels (they essentially give you an extra $1,000 a month towards your car payments), Frank put together a short, but decent training series that comes with a free plug and play funnel (that works beautifully).

The training focuses on how to tailor the funnel towards your own goals, and how to use it as a lead generation tool, with the aim of building up your email lists. He also provides video guides and information on how to get traffic towards funnels, including some lesser known ways. 

On top of that he also explains how to build funnels to help you sell other products such as ClickBank affiliate products, or even JvZoo software and tools. 

All in all, a really good little training guide. Now, technically you don't have to pay for the course or the training area, but you do have to sign up to ClickFunnels 14 day trial to get access. Obviously if you don't like ClickFunnels or you just don't get on with the training then you have 2 weeks to go through it all and cancel if you want to. 

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Spencer Mechan - Free Courses

Another ClickFunnels dream car winner (theme here) Spencer is well known in the realms of affiliate marketing and his own paid for course (Affiliate Secrets 2.0) has churned out 10 new dream car winners! 

Spencer released a variety of free mini courses based around a variety of areas and spaces, from learning sales funnels, building blogs or even just getting starting with affiliate marketing. 

Top Free Affiliate Marketing Courses 3 free affiliate marketing courses

Each one requires an email to get access, but nothing else, so it makes it pretty easy to get started with these courses. Plus, you know the quality is going to be good, considering how decent the guys main paid for course is. 

If you are really struggling to find a good, free course, then these are definitely worth checking out. 

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Wealthy Affiliate - Free Membership

If you haven't read through the review, it's worth the read, though I admit a bit long. 

The Wealthy Affiliate free membership provides you with around 20 videos and the same number of lessons to get you started in the fun world of Affiliate Marketing. 

It's geared towards teaching you how to build blogs, or niche websites that can in time start earning you a passive income, either through advertisement or affiliate linking. 

The training is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and gives you access to a keyword research tool (though not as good as KeySearch) and they do provide 

If you are 100% new to affiliate marketing, have zero money for hosting and you are unsure what to do, then it's definitely worth checking the free training out and exploring their platform. 

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ClickFunnels - DreamCar Competition / Affiliate Bootcamp

The dream car competition and the Affiliate BootCamp from ClickFunnels go hand in hand, and the bootcamp teaches you how to promote the ClickFunnels platform to start earning your way towards the dream car payments!

You don't need to have a ClickFunnels account to be able to run through the BootCamp but they do provide you with pre-built funnels that you will need ClickFunnels to be able to implement them correctly. 

Top Free Affiliate Marketing Courses 4 free affiliate marketing courses

The BootCamp got an update and a revamp, bringing it in line with a lot of their other training, and more importantly, inline with their One Funnel Away Challenge, which helps people build their first funnel. This training is very much a lead gen into that $100 challenge, but it's still worth checking the Affiliate Bootcamp out, without needing to upgrade to the rest of the training if you can't afford to. 

The training covers a multitude of different areas, from talking about offer creation, relationship building and understanding copywriting. Spread across 4 days, each with 3 or 4 videos, you get a lot of information in exchange for an email. With some giants such as Gregg Jeffries, Jacob Caris and Spencer Mecham.  

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James & Sam - 5 Day Blog Training

Ok, this might be a little biased, but, Sam created some awesome training for those looking to get started with blogging and SEO. Split across 5 days, Sam provides a step by step guide, from understanding your mindset, to launching your first article. 

5 Day Blog Training - Top Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

Each day has a number of lessons associated, with downable guides, articles to read and reference and actionable steps for you to take. 

As with some of the other guys on this list, Sam is well versed in his chosen area, and has a proven track record of Blogging and SEO. Well worth signing up and getting this course

Top Free Affiliate Marketing Courses - Final Words

As you can see, there are a number of training programs that you can join that will give you a step up and could even be seen as 'beginner friendly affiliate marketing courses'. Each one is simple to sign up for, and you can start watching or reading your way through the courses in a matter of minutes. 

This page will be updated as other good or notable free training options start to appear. 

Do you have any other free affiliate marketing courses that you feel are worth sharing? If so, share below and I will add them as I go!

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