7 Figure Launch System Review

7 Figure Launch System Review Summary;

7 Figure Launch System Review 2 7 Figure Launch System Review


The initial product is well priced, though you will see a few upsells (thankfully each one is related to the initial offering + doesn't stop you from succeeding if you don't get them)

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Ease of USe

The steps shown do make it sound quite easy, but I think there should be a few more steps on the tech side of things. 

The Online Student - Content


There is a lot of content inside of here, and each section is explained well to help you launch that product. 

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This used to be a huge issue for a lot of programs and courses. These guys have introduced a full 24/7 support team

Summary: One way to build a list, and an online business is to launch your own product. For many that feels crazy, but Michael does a really good job of explaining the mindset, steps and tech required to do your own launch (over and over). 

  • michael is Knowledgeable within this area and has proven time and time again he is a master launcher
  • each step is easy to follow and you even get a pdf designed to keep you accountable
  • you can follow this training, even if you are new to this world and be able to launch your own product
  • You get a lot of content for the price - Even the upsells are worth their price (see my 1 negative with this though)
  • It Does Feel Like It's Missing The 'Launch Part'. I.e how to load your new offer on a marketplace 
  • some of the upsells have additional content that is focused more towards an affiliate than someone looking to launch their product

Possibly one of the biggest 'secrets' when it comes to making money online, especially in the email marketing space, is that launching your own product can really help build that list, very quickly. 

It also allows you to get paid, for the privilege of getting a buyers list, one of the best lists you can hope to build online. Many big list owners will launch multiple products per year, selling thousands and thousands of units, building their lists as they go, allowing them to earn a huge income from those launches, while also having an engaged, buyer hungry list. 

Today we are going to dive into Michael Chaney's new 7 Figure Launch System and see if it's worth you investing in, and seeing how easy it might be to launch your own product to build that buyers list.  

Who Is Michael Chaney?

Michael Chaney is a 20 year veteran of the online marketing game, with his last 4 launches reaching an average of $150,000 per launch (on the front end) with as much again on the back end, resulting in $1m+ in sales. This doesn't take into account any of the 1-1 coaching, private support or high ticket offers that he also offers in email follow ups. 

This guy may know a thing or two about launch products. 

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With those launches, he has built up 19,500+ emails, and that's only from people who have purchased, not the ones that might have added their email and decided not to grab it. Or perhaps where given a free case study or something in exchange for an email. 

Launching products really does give you a a large email list that can be utilised to offer other products, services or tools that they may find useful. 

What Is The  7 Figure Launch System?

To be honest, the name really does explain exactly what the 7-Figure Launch System is going to teach. The whole program is a step by step guide on how to launch your own product on sites such as W+, JVZoo or Clickbank

Michael walks you through the steps and requirements you are going to need to take you from potentially 'zero know' to 'launching your own product' that people are going to want to buy, promote and show to others. 

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The course also explains how to find affiliates, buyers and how to benefit from your launches to ensure they get full exposure. So it's a little more than just create product, launch product into the void and hope for the best. 

Michael also shows you how to generate free traffic, increase your commissions (or value per customer) and of course ways to keep customers coming back for more. 

As part of the 7-Figure Launch System you will also be given a live onboarding session, the profit calculator, launch codes, fast selling framework, five-day fast start guide and the fast profit rolodex. 

What Is Inside the  7 Figure Launch System

Now you have an idea of the overview of the whole 7-Figure Launch System, it's time to deep dive into each section and the whole product to see if it's fit for you!

Onboarding Session

As part of buying this during the launch, there is a LIVE onboarding session, designed to go through everything inside of the program and explaining how everything fits together. 

I have been on some of the live sessions in the past, and Michael is honest, to the point and really does explain what you are going to learn overt the next few days (or weeks). 

As far as I know, this is part of the initial launch period, so this may not be around if you grab this at a later date (I will update this 7-Figure Launch System Review if there is a replay or alternative offering). 

7 Figure Launch System - Overview

So the main training is split into 8 separate steps, which look like; 

  • Money Map
  • Extract Maximum Money
  • Accelerate Product Profits
  • Copy Our Tech Stack
  • Unlock The Get Rich Secret
  • Turn Words Into Money
  • Active Free Traffic
  • Blast Off To Profits

Each of those steps include a training video, given by Michael Chaney, that walks you through what you need to do, for example following Michael's exact 'money map'. 

7 Figure Launch System Review 7 7 Figure Launch System Review

Each video ranges from around 10 - 25 minutes, depending on the section you are watching. 

The videos can also be downloaded in case you want to go through these at your own time, on a different device or maybe offline. You can also grab the transcript (useful if you want to take notes, or highlight sections).

7 Figure Launch System Review 8 7 Figure Launch System Review

Some of the sections will also include additional content, for example tools or platforms that will help you build your offer. For example, Screencast-O-Matic is used for screen recording videos etc. 

These 8 steps take you from essentially having no product, or no idea, to actually having your first product, ready to launch on a market place of your choice. 

7 Figure Launch System Bonuses - What Else Do You Get?

As well as the 8 step system, you also get a number of additional bonuses to help you launch your new promotion. These include; 

Launch Profit Calculator

A complete downloadable spreadsheet that you can add in all the details about affiliates, launches and conversions to start to better understand who is helping you promote your launches and products. 

It also comes with a tutorial to explain how it all works, and why you need this when you are ready to launch your new epic product. 

Fast Profit Rolodex

This bonus is a set of groups, platforms and places that you can use to help spread the word about your product launch. This does of course include the obvious ones such as MunchEye (a well known website to learn about new launches), but also some interesting groups and other sites you can use. 

Fast Selling Framework

A quick start guide on how to increase and generate sales quickly, straight out the gate. 

Five-Day Fast Start Guide

Basically a PDF guide designed to accompany the rest of the training. You can refer back to the guide to ensure you have followed the steps and taken the action required. 

7-Figure Launch System Private Community

Having a community of affiliates and other people who want to launch their own products is super helpful. You can promote or show other launches to your new buyers list, or partner with others to help promote your new product launch. 

7 Figure Launch Codes

The exact steps and 'codes' that Michael uses to launch his own products and generate millions of dollars (for his affiliates and him). 

Who Teaches The  7 Figure Launch System?

As previously mentioned, the whole program is taught by Michael Chaney, a multi 7-Figure marketer and entrepreneur who has launched a ton of products over the last 20 years. 

Who Is The 7 Figure Launch System For?

In reality, anyone who wants to build their own online business, even if you just want to be an affiliate marketer, this could still benefit from you. Launching your own products is a brilliant way to build your own email list, authority and of course commissions (Yes, you can promote tools and platforms that help others succeed with your particular method. 

Even if you are brand new to a particular method or style, this 7-figure launch system walks you through what is required to build, launch and of course succeed with your own product. 

How much does the  7 Figure Launch System Cost?

So as with many new launches and digital products, the actual cost of a product is difficult to say, as they change the price and offer quite a bit. At launch, the standard product looks to be $9.95 - Though you will always want to check the sales page to find the latest price. 

That gets you access to the core 7-figure launch system + the bonuses mentioned above. You get a lot of bang for your buck, especially for that price.

7-Figure Launch System Upsells 

Now, this will be no surprise, there are upsells and additional products you can buy, though unlike most W+ products, these really are 1-time offers. This rarely happens, most of the time you can pick up the upsells later on, including via email follow ups or prompts inside of the training. 

400k Product Launch Case Study

As the name suggests, this is a step by step video that explains how Michael earned 400k+ from one of his latest launches in the first half of 2022. 

I would recommend grabbing this, the whole video is about 10 minutes or so, but it explains all the parts that went into this 400k product launch (and where a lot of the cash came from). 

Hint - More cash was generated with back-end offers. 

Lucrative Launch Partnership

So this is a two part product, allowing you to make money with Michael, providing exclusive access to additional products that you won't see on the marketplaces, such as 1-1 coaching or additional offers. 

This include access to $30k credit (You are given 50% share on a high end ticket offer that is offered elsewhere, resulting in $3,000 paydays). You are given the ability to use this on 10 sales.  

The Licence also gives you access to 3 of the largest launches that Michael has done in the last year. Having access to these products to promote is awesome, as you can earn up to $300 - $450 per funnel (these can be sent to your new buyer hungry list) and keep 100% of the commissions. 

And, if that wasn't enough, you can pick up Chaneys other products that are not sold on W+ or through his funnels. These provide you with monthly commissions for these other products. 

Finally, he also hands over his 1k per day blueprint, market domination formula AND lifetime profits masterclass access. 

Yeah, I would say this is definitely worth picking up if you are trying to capitalise on your buyers list and want to mix in other products. 

10x Profit Launchers

These are a set of videos and DFY content that is designed to help you with your launches or even affiliate marketing campaigns. Some of them are copy and paste email campaigns and ideas. 

There is also a whole section on bonuses and how to increase your launch sales, or affiliate sales with useful and tangible bonuses that buyers ACTUALLY WANT.

This is a huge mistake by many marketers, they simply attach 500 random, often counter productive bonuses together in the hope that someone will buy their course or tool.

Again, worth picking up if you want some DFY emails or campaigns that you can use to promote that launch. 

Traffic Automator

The final upsell is all about bringing in more traffic to either your offer, website or subscribers list. 

The whole premise works around using Quora, a method I have used with success in the past, and it can be a great way of bringing in cash, visitors and traffic. But, it can also be a bit hit and miss, with a lot of the traffic being from so called '3rd tier countries' or places that don't have a ton of spare money to spend on products. 

The information provided by Michael does allow you to tap into a huge traffic source, and Quora can be a lucrative source, but can also be hit and miss. Again, you can receive 100's of thousands of views, IF you manage to get into Quora newsletters, get picked up by big Groups or put the time and effort into this source. 

7 Figure Launch System Review Conclusion

So there we have it, a breakdown of the 7-Figure Launch System by Michael Chaney. I have to admit, I do enjoy Michaels content and his 7-Figure training series that has has been dropping over the last few months. 

If you are someone who wants to look at building a buyer lists, and launch your own product (even if you are not an expert...yet) then the 7-Figure Launch System is a decent information product to follow a long with. 

With step by step instructions, decent content, and a wallet friendly cost, this isn't a bad course. Though, I do wish they added a bit more about marketplaces and actually throwing your offers up on those marketplaces. 

Of course, if you simply prefer to learn how to become a G.O.A.T at affiliate marketing, then you can check out the 7-Figure Affiliate System instead.