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AliDropship Ultimate Package Review Summary;

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You are paying for more than just a theme with some products installed. 

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Ease of USe

AlIDropShip itself is pretty easy to use and to run.

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The underlying plugin allows you to run a full dropshipping store on WordPress, with a number of decent features. 

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A mixed bag here, I have never had an issue with their support, though I have seen more people having issues with reaching support. 

Summary: The Ultimate Package is a custom designed store with a high number of products, to allow you to run a full DropShipping site straight out the door. 

  • You Are Getting A Custom Built, Niche Specific Store
  • In Theory, You Could Run Ads Towards This Site Straight Away And See What Happens.
  • You Are Provided Pretty Much Everything You Need To Get Started
  • The Video And Social Media Accounts Do Give You Something To Get Started With. 
  • You Could Buy The Services Individually And Save Around $300 (Without The Consultation & Help)
  • You Have No Guarantee The New Store Is Going To Succeed 
  • You Still Actually Need To Learn How To Run, Grow And Scale A New Site, Buying A Custom Built One Won't Give You That Experience

If you have found this article, then I am going to presume you either know about DropShipping, you have an understanding of what AliDropShip is, or you are keen to get started with Dropshipping via WordPress. You may fall into a category that might not fully know any of these things yet, but that's fine, because today we are going to dive into and review, one of AlIDropShip's 'done for you' stores, with our AliDropShip Ultimate Package Review. 

I have spoken in the past about if someone should buy a ready made store, or get a custom store created, and I have even looked at AliDropships custom store packages from a much higher level, but I have always wanted to look a little closer, especially as this version is more expensive than say the standard one. 

What Is AliDropShip?

The company itself now covers a multitude of offerings, from their standard WordPress plugin, that allows someone to change a normal WordPress website, into a DropShipping store, to additional services such as ad creation, product research and social media account set up. 

They focus on the WordPress side of store creations, and I would say compete primarily with Shopify & Oberlo in terms of who to go to when creating a new DropShipping website. 

They have also go deeper into the custom stores or even readymade websites that can be purchased, a little bit like the websites you see on Flippa or Shopify Marketplace. Whereby they come with products loaded, theme setup and a general 'look and feel' sorted, which can then just essentially be updated with some logos and be promoted. 

What Is A Custom Store?

A fully custom store, is a website that has been created, and set up, with your input and requirement in mind. It is bespoke, or unique to you, or at least in terms of it's creation. 

Unlike an off the shelf store, which is simply a template, pre-loaded with some products, had a theme put on it and a logo, with very little thought into the products, the look or it's growth potential. 

A custom store should be aligned with what you as a customer wants it to be able to do, how you want it to look and feel and of course, contain products that sell well within your niche, or have the potential to start selling well. 

The custom store should feel like a one of a kind purchase, and nothing something that you can just scroll through some pages and grab off the store shelf without any thought process behind it. 

What Do You Get With An AliDropShip Ultimate Store?

The AliDropShip Ultimate Store is the 3rd option that AliDropShip offer, for those looking to get a bespoke website. It's probably their 'top' offering, if you don't take into account their super 'Supreme Package' that requires a full on consultation with before you even get a chance to buy. 

As such the Ultimate Store is the most expensive custom store you can buy, straight away, and it comes with a variety of extras and additional services, on top of the two other options that are available. I will look at the additional services that they offer as part of this package a little further down. 


Every custom store that AliDropShip offer comes with a personal manager, and someone to help understand your requirements or needs when it comes to store creation and niche research. 

AlIDropShip seem to focus on a broad niche research, i.e the part whereby someone actually decides on the type of products you will be selling, focuses more on long term growth and stability, rather than 'hot right now' product or flash in the pan trends. 

I would say this is a sensible approach for those who are just starting out, as it means you are not trying to constantly find the latest juicy high profit products, and instead you are creating a business that can surf the ups ad downs of different trends.

This is one of the key differences between an off the shelf product, and getting a custom store, the custom one actually has research and some kind of thought process behind it. 

Design And Creation

As part of the custom store, you are provided a premium domain, which personally I find a bit of a misconception, as premium could mean anything. I think what they are trying to get across is that the domain will be brandable, be niche relevant and help you be memorable. 

Rather than trying to brand a store called 'WatchStoree' or 'GoodFoot', hardly catchy or brandable names that stand out. 

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The second part too it, is that you get a unique look and feel, which is based on the domain and the brand that is being built, so you can stand out and again be a little different. 

I am torn on this one, some of the examples they provide, look a bit like their standard themes and offerings, so it feels like they maybe focus more on changing the logos and colour scheme, more than actually giving you a unique looking shop. 

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For example the Borjuz store, looks like they have taken the 'Claude Monet Woo' theme, and just jazzed up the colour for it, possibly costuming it a little, though it's quite difficult to tell.  

They do state that you can choose any theme and it will be loaded for you, at no extra cost (except WooCommerce ones). So maybe that's what they mean by professional design. I would have preferred a little more customisation, especially for the price. 

Products & Setup

One of the big reasons people go for a custom store, apart from having some design experience, is the fact they come with products ready and waiting. 

Some off the shelf stores will have products loaded, but don't have copy, images or even pricing and variations sorted correctly. 

With the Ultimate Package, you are provided with 200 products, ready and waiting to have traffic directed towards them. These are niche specific, research products. So you know you can pair this with an ad, either done by AliDropShip, or yourself and have a much better chance of success than simply having a product someone found in a list and imported in, without changing anything. 

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You are also given the AliDropShip plugin (so that's no big surprise), but it has been set up, ready deal with orders, and of course accept payments, both PayPal and Credit Card payments, so it looks like you can choose if it's Stripe or PayU etc.

SEO Or Content

The big difference between the Basic, Advanced and then Ultimate packages is that the Ultimate comes with some SEO advantages. 

AliDropShip provide you with META data (I assume descriptions), a homepage SEO focused article and then of course Google indexing, so that the Big G knows that your new store is here and ready to for customers to appear.

I'm not sure how much of a difference that single SEO article is going to have (it will bring in a few buyers, and will provide some SEO use, but one article isn't going to be a massive impact). 

Social Media & Promotions

The final piece of the puzzle is the Social Media side of the advertising, and something I think works really well, and can give you a decent head start with building up that brand and authority. 

The Ultimate Package comes with a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account & a YouTube channel, so it provides you with 3 different platforms to start running ads, promoting products and sharing content. 

Thankfully you are also given a Promo video, so that can be shared on all 3 sites. So at least your new social media sites will have something on it, and it's not just an empty, boring, forgotten about page. 

You will need to keep posting content, sharing products and reviews to keep the pages relevant, and to keep Facebook or YouTube recommending your sites.

AliDropShip have made that in part, slightly easier, by giving you their Social Rabbit tool. This tool can be used to automatically post your products online, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. So at least you get 200 posts ready and waiting to be posted and promoted. 

How Much Does The Ultimate Package Cost?

So, this is probably the part that sets it apart from an off the shelf store that anyone can pick up and try and make work. 

The AliDropShip Ultimate Package, will set you back, $899, which includes access to the plugin ($89), a premium theme ($67ish), the SEO work ($69), promo video ($69) and the social media tool ($69), so you do get a few hundred $$'s worth of extras as part of it. 

Which indicates you are paying for the research, product importing and optimising and the more manual work around getting the store set up and ready to go. 

Which, for a business that most people would call 'done', isn't a bad price. I have seen stores with zero traffic being sold on popular websites for a couple hundred $'s more.

Now, I will say, that you could buy the items separately, get a domain yourself and choose your own niche, for around half the price, but of course, the idea of these custom stores is that you don't have to do anything, aside from answer a few questions and then read some guides on how to run your store. It doesn't make much more thinking than that to be handed a done for you store. 

Is The AlIDropShip Ultimate Store Worth It?

This will always be a difficult one to answer, for some paying $900 for a website with 200 products ready and waiting, a promo video, some social media accounts and a tool to automate some of your business, is a steal. 

But for others, they will want 000's of products, ad copy, videos and all kinds of other things included, but in reality, if you want professional videos or high quality promo shots of products, you are probably going to be paying a lot more, and that will be covered when we look at the hidden, or possibly not so known about additional package, the Supreme.

AliDropShip Ultimate Package Review Conclusion

 If you are someone, who is keen to get into DropShipping, but you don't feel you have the knowledge, or possibly the domain expertise to do the research required to find winning products, then purchasing a custom store may be completely sensible for you. 

At $899 for this particular custom store might be a bit pricey for some, and there are other options available, but if you really just want to be handed a ready made, bespoke site, that has some social clout and the ability to grow it further, then I would say the Ultimate package might be exactly what you are looking for. 

Will you still need to put time and effort into growing this business, of course, but has AliDropShip at least made it quicker, easier and less hassle to do so, quite simply, yes. 

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