AliDropShip Vs Oberlo

Today we are doing a comparison between AliDropShip vs Oberlo due to the popular nature of these two platforms, or plugins depending on how you see them.

When it comes to starting your own dropshipping store, there is an endless number of opportunities that you can take advantage of today. While it is possible to set up a custom website by teaching yourself HTML and other relevant development languages, this can take time - and let's face it, coding is not for everyone. This is where eCommerce and dropshipping platforms can become exceptionally useful.

While many platforms exist that make drop shipping easy, it is important that you realise not all of these systems are able to give you access to the right tools you need to be successful. Today, we are comparing two of the most popular online tools that online business owners are using to generate profit through dropshipping.

We will compare AliDropShip Vs Oberlo to help you determine which of these platforms will be suitable for you.

AliDropShip Overview

AliDropShip is a plugin and not a complete platform, it adds the automation functionality to the WordPress platform.  This is a solution for people who are looking to start a business dropshipping via WordPress. The WordPress platform is completely free to use and exceptionally easy. For most people, installation is relatively simple - especially when you consider the fact that many companies offer pre-installed WordPress hosting environments now.

The AliDropShip plugin also comes with full instructions and make things as easy as possible. You simply need to set up your WordPress website and install the plugin. Follow a few steps to get the extension for your web browser, and then you can start importing products from AliExpress directly into your online store.

The plugin also helps to automate the ordering process. When you receive an order on your dropshipping website, a simple click will send that order to the supplier on AliExpress.

AliDropShip vs Oberlo

The plugin costs $89. An alternative version is available for WordPress websites that use the WooCommerce eCommerce. This plugin will integrate into an existing WooCommerce website, which gives you the ability to gain more in-depth insights into your sales and other factors related to your store.

You can also take advantage of the AliDropShip Custom Store service that the developer of the plugin offers.

Prices for this service start from just under $300 and gives you access to a team of developers who will design a professional online dropshipping store for you - complete with products that you can start selling as soon as the website is delivered to you.

You can read a full breakdown of the AliDropShip plugin here to get a full idea of what you get. 

Oberlo Overview

Oberlo is one of the many Shopify apps that you are able to choose from if you prefer to use a cloud-based solution for running a dropshipping store. If you are looking for a solution that will help you set up a business that uses dropshipping via Shopify, then Oberlo is probably going to be your best option.

Oberlo is a plugin or extension to the Shopify platform that gives you complete access to a wide range of tools to use as a dropshipping business owner. Once you have signed up for this platform, you can easily import products from different suppliers directly from the Shopify dashboard.

You are able to add a markup to the products that you import, and the website will then take advantage of the Shopify payment gateway and related features, allowing customers to buy products from your store.

Oberlo is really a unique tool on its own. Even though some Oberlo alternatives do exist, they usually do not offer the same in-depth integration and the overall ease-of-use that you get with this particular system.

AliDropShip Vs. Oberlo: Which One Is Right For Your Dropshipping Business?

When comparing the Oberlo dropshipping platform to the AliDropShip plugin, it is important to note that each of these serves a specific target audience. One is not necessarily better than the other, as it really comes down to your own personal preferences, your budget, and the amount of expertise you have in running a website.

Those who are very new to the online world and does not have experience with hosting, domain registration, or similar factors, might find that Oberlo, along with the Shopify platform, is the easier solution among the two. You simply sign up, use a drag-and-drop builder to set up a website, connect Oberlo, and choose the products that you want to sell. This is a pretty straightforward process that does not require any extensive skills.

AliDropShip is a plugin that integrates with your WordPress website. If you already own a WordPress site, then the process can also be easy. Those who are not familiar with hosting and related factors may find it a little hard to use this option, but the WordPress platform does give you more flexibility in terms of taking control of your entire website. WordPress also has thousands of free themes and plugins that you can use to improve your online store.

If you do find that you would like to use WordPress along with the AliDropShip plugin but are not sure where to get started, there are two ways to go about the process. You can choose to take advantage of the AliDropShip Custom Store service. This gives you a full store at a relatively affordable price. Alternatively, look for WordPress hosting - this comes with WordPress pre-installed, which means you will only have to install a theme and the plugin that comes with your purchase to get started.


Alidropship and Oberlo are currently the most popular platforms that people use when they are looking to start an online dropshipping business. Both of these systems are unique, which does make it hard to compare AliDropShip Vs Oberlo.

If you are looking to choose between the two, then your own requirements should be taken into account first, along with the budget you have in mind. This way, choosing the platform that will meet your personal needs becomes easier.

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