6 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Shopify Store

So, you have decided to start your own DropShipping store, or maybe it's an ecom business that you have just set up.

But you can't get much or any traffic? 

Never fear, because we are going to look through 6 ways to get traffic to your DropShipping store. 

Firstly, traffic shouldn’t cost you money, it should make you money.So, really you want to find traffic that brings you the best return on investment.

Anyway, let’s look at a few ways of getting traffic to your store.

Free Traffic

Always the best type of traffic, let’s be honest.


SEO or search engine optimisation ALWAYS gets overlooked when it comes to Shopify stores.


Because it can take time and people always worry about getting as much traffic right away and never think about long-term goals.

You really want to start running a blog, or some how-to guides or even some editorial pieces about the products you sell.

Sell sports products? Write small articles about the products you are selling and how they are used etc.

You will slowly build up keywords and long tail keywords that you rank for, increasing your organic traffic (it takes time, but it’s free, other than some small amount of time dedicated to writing it).

You will be surprised how easy it is to rank for silly things like ‘hiking poles’ or ‘cat jewellery’.

Use a tool such as KeySearch to help you target low competition keywords for your articles.

Social Media

Growing your own social media accounts (Especially Pinterest if you are selling items that look nice in pictures) can be invaluable!

It doesn’t take a lot of time to find images that are related to your store, posting a few times a day (you could use auto posting such as TailWind though obviously, automation can always be a little risky, so I wouldn’t recommend it with new accounts)

Building up that social following means you are starting to get targetted traffic.

Sell items in the outdoor niche?

Run accounts that show the beautiful outdoors or show people hiking outdoors and then start to slowly add images of products you sell.

Just look at all the fitness accounts on Instagram or accounts targetted towards pets and animals

Email List

The cheapest and best way of getting repeat traffic (won’t be useful to get that first bit of traffic).

Using services such as Picreel or Wheelio etc (or even just adding your current customers to email services) means you are starting to build up an email list that you can send emails too about new product launches (you can always use the emails to build audiences within google).

Paid Traffic

If you are after quick traffic to just get started, then as I said to begin with you want to find paid sources that pay for themselves and allow you to grow, so let’s have a look at a few.

Social Media Influencers

Buzzword of 2018, but Influencers can be a nice way of getting your product in front of your potential customers in target niches.

You are going to want to try and find accounts with a good rate of engagement. Don’t use accounts with 500k followers who get 500 - 1000 comments or likes on their images…they use bots.

Look at accounts that have 40%+ engagement (id even argue 60%+) even if they are smaller accounts, don’t be scared.

Talk to those accounts, ask for prices on posting up some cool images of your products, give them a link (use a tracking service like Bit.ly or similar) and track how well the traffic converts.

If you spend $50 on the post and you make $150 then you have got a 3x ROI if you make $60 then it might not be the correct account!

If you are struggling to find Influencers, then platforms such as EcomHunt provide tools that help you find influencers in different niches. 

Facebook Ads

This one is a nightmare, mainly because Facebook loves to change how they work and change their targeting quite a lot, but hey it still works.

You are going to want to get some good ad images, or videos if you can.

Some good ad copy, are you going to tell stories or just talk about the product

And then try to understand your audience, what are their hobbies, where are they based, do they like certain brands etc.

You then want to do the same as you did with influencers, use tracking URLs to understand if you are making money on your campaigns.

Use the Facebook pixel and set up conversion tracking (plenty of advice on it on both Shopify and Facebook).

Again if you spent $50 on your campaign and you are earning $150 then look to scale, spend more per day or per campaign, if you are losing money or only getting small amounts then look at tweaking what you are doing.

Google Adwords / Retargeting 

If you are already getting people via other methods, but they may not be purchasing from you.

You can run fun ads called retargeted ads.

You essentially show the same product or other similar products to people on other sites.

Ever go on Amazon and then 5 minutes later seen the products you where looking at appearing in adverts?

Welcome to re-targeting.

It’s a potentially cheap way of getting people back to your store if they were on the fence about it!

You will need a Google AdWords account, but it’s quite simple to get started and Google will pretty much guide you through the process.

And those are a few ways of potentially getting more traffic to your site.

If you are 100% serious about making your online store work, I would suggest checking out e-commerce training from someone who has made their living doing this.

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  1. I love some of the ways you have thought about traffic, honestly…I hadn’t even begun to think of these. Very clever


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