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For the price, the basic version is well worth it considering the amount of features you get for the price.

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Ease of USe

Drag & Drop features, add content from URLS, not sure it could be much easier considering what it's allowing you to do.

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They have packed a lot of functionality into this software. Tons of templates and niches all catered for.

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I can't comment as I have not required it yet,but having a look around, there doesn't seem to be any issues in getting support. 

Summary: Sqribble is a well thought out, content and feature rich product designed to give you amazing looking eBooks, for a brilliant price. There isn't much more that can be said. 

  • packed with templates and styles
  • brilliant bit of kit for the price
  • can convert blog posts into Professional looking ebooks by just adding the uRL
  • can technically build an ebook from multiple sources (via database or URL)
  • drag and drop builder - everything else is automated (headers, table contents, numbering)
  • To Access The Agency Rights You Do Need To Buy Them (shocker)
  • Need Access To The Internet To use it (Not a deal breaker these days)

Get Access From $47

Sqribble is the latest from Internet marketing guru Adheel Chowdhry. This cloud-based software is designed to allow anyone to create professional-looking eBooks, whitepapers, and reports. The beauty of it is that it requires no writing or technical skill. And it pares down the time needed to create your content to mere minutes.

Anyone involved in marketing knows how important it is to create the perfect sales pitch. They also know how much work and time goes into creating that pitch. Sqribble offers a great set of features that automate and speed up the whole process. Amazingly, it does this while giving your eBook a thoroughly professional look.

Intuitive and easy to use, Sqribble offers professional quality in-built templates and covers. It automates content creation. There is a comprehensive training module too. And with the commercial rights you get, your designs and profits are 100% yours to keep — every single time.

So What is Sqribble?

Simply put, Sqribble is a cloud-based platform for designing eBooks, reports, and whitepapers. It is designed with the info marketer in mind and has a rich set of features to suit. Covering all aspects of marketing, from design to content creation, it is a complete e-creation resource. This is professionally made software and doesn’t come riddled with bugs and crappy templates. 

Who is Sqribble For?

This easy-to-use eBook builder platform will work for anyone and everyone. Freelancers and marketing professionals will love the simplicity and control Sqribble offers. Since Sqribble comes with agency rights, it's also an excellent tool for small and medium marketing agencies. Anyone that needs to create quality e-marketing material will love this tool.

Sqribble Offers E-book Development, Beginning to End

The process of creating your digital info product with Sqribble is straightforward. It is a complete product development platform that sees you from concept to final product. The process is broken down for you into three simple steps.

Create your eBook

This may sound like a daunting task. And usually, it is. But not with Sqribble. Choose your topic and design your product’s look and cover. Sound complicated? Just pick from one of 50 stunning designs in 15 profitable niche areas, and you’re good to go. Get great content filled in for you automatically, and publish your product.

Share your private link with colleagues or clients

Once you have your eBook ready, Sqribble will automatically generate a private link for you. You can choose to share this link with colleagues or clients. This lets them easily review your creation wherever they are.

Receive Feedback and Edit your Product

Sharing a private link to your product lets your select audience take a look. They can then share their opinions with you in real-time through the client feedback tool - no need for emails, Skype, and the like. You can see their comments and act on them directly on the platform.

And voila, you’re done! With the commercial rights Sqribble gives you, your profits are 100% yours. And the number of jaw-dropping eBooks you can create is limited only by your imagination.

But, creating the eBook is the hard part, you will say. It’s something that usually costs long hours and hundreds of $$. What does Sqribble really offer to make it doable in minutes?

How to Create an eBook with Sqribble

This usually time-consuming and resource-draining task is reduced to easy, painless minutes. All you need is your marketing idea and a few clicks of your mouse.

Pick a Template

Don’t waste time searching for suitable templates online or paying to have one designed for you. Instead, pick from one of 50 eye-catching designs across 15 profitable niche categories. These stunning templates are beautifully made. Each comes with a professional page layout and a table of contents.

Add your Content

Writing good, quality content takes up a huge percentage of the time and resources in eBook creation. Sure, you can write it yourself or hire someone to do it for you if you like. But Sqribble can automatically fill your pages. Instantly. Just feed it a URL, and it will do the rest.  It also has a built-in content engine with 1000 niche articles.

If you have ready content in a Word file, all you have to do is upload it. Sqribble will automatically extract the content and fill your pages for you. You can also copy and paste content from other sources directly into your pages. In short, content creation has been made so simple; it leaves you with no excuses.

Customise, Publish!

Now that you have chosen a template and your content is ready, all you need is those final touches. Pick a colour theme and customise your template. Dive in and start click-editing. Almost everything is editable. You can add, remove, or change your pages and dividers, headlines and text blocks, buttons, and links, name it. Hit publish once you're through, and your book is ready to roll.

It’s as easy as that to create a professional-looking, content-rich eBook that will turn your readers into buyers. 

Other Sqribble Features - Great Interface, Rich Features

Sqribble comes loaded with features but is still very intuitive and easy to use. The drag-and-drop approach lets you click with your mouse and get things done in seconds. Unlike many other eBook builders, it’s well-designed and not riddled with annoying bugs. 

Great Design Options

Let’s face it, people do judge a book by its cover. A lousy-looking cover will not get you any readers, no matter how great your content. Getting the design right is the first thing you need to make sales.

Normally, you will spend valuable hours searching for a good template from stock sites. You may find something you like, but it will cost you quite a bit. You will still want to edit it too, and this may not be easy to do. Often you end up with a design that you're not entirely satisfied with due to editing constraints.

The other option is to pay a designer to make one for you. This is downright expensive and doesn’t come without pitfalls either. You’ll wait for days to receive that design you’re so excited about, only to hate what you see.

Sqribble takes all this hassle away. The platform offers you a set of 50 fully customisable, professional-looking templates to choose from. They are spread across a range of profitable niche areas too.  You can design attention-catching e-Covers in just a few clicks. Your imagination is your limit. 

Automatic Content Creation

Writing is a time-consuming task. You may have a great idea, but find it hard to put it into words. Hiring a freelancer every single time can rack up quite a bill, too. Instead of spending hours hammering away at your keyboard, Sqribble can make your content for you. It will fill your eBook with professionally written content from a range of sources.

You can give Sqribble any URL you like, and it will pull content from there straight into your pages. You can also feed it a Word document. The platform even comes with a built-in content database, accessible with a single click.

Easy Formatting

You already have a ridiculously simple way to create content. Sqribble takes this up a notch and makes the formatting a breeze too. 

Automatic Table of Contents

Sqribble will create an editable table of contents page, fully themed. You can re-word and rearrange it as much as you like to give your readers a smooth experience.

Headers and Footers are created for you

Smart headers and footers will be automatically inserted for you as you create your content. They work great for adding logos and branding or a call to action on every page. It’s also easy to add your contact details with this nifty feature.

Pages are Numbered Automatically

Simple as it sounds, page numbering can be a bother if you have to do it manually. It’s easy to make mistakes and spoil an otherwise great reading experience. Sqribble saves you the time and effort and automatically numbers your pages as you work. This feature is an absolute must for professional online publishing.

Drag-and-Drop, No-coding Approach

The whole point with Sqribble is that anyone can easily create great eBooks. You really don’t need any writing or technical skills. We’ve already mentioned the automatic content creation feature and how it works. In addition to this, Sqribble lets you do everything without having to code. Everything is drag-and-drop, from customising a page layout to adding content.

Everything is Fully Customisable

Branding is all-important when selling your product. You want it to be unique and reflect your concepts and ideas. Sqribble makes this easy to do by letting you customise anything you want with a couple of button clicks. 

You can change colours, layouts, fonts, styles, and entire themes; however, you like. Add and remove design elements as you please. You can add icons, logos, paragraphs, buttons, and links, pretty much anything, anywhere. You can also add as many pages as you like. Sqribble even gives you some page formats to work with, such as a table of contents and thank-you pages. 

Sqribble Review

Because Sqribble is fully customisable, your possibilities are endless. You can create truly unique and engaging designs and content, easily and quickly.

You can also create Flipbooks

A smaller but interesting feature of Sqribble is the option to create flipbooks. Some readers prefer the traditional style, even when reading on their devices. Many eBook builders out there will not give you this option, but Sqribble does.

Tool to Collect Feedback

Many times, creating an eBook is a back-and-forth process. You will frequently need to share your work with colleagues or clients. This can quickly become confusing if you have to rely on email and Skype to communicate. 

Sqribble makes collaborating with colleagues and getting clients’ feedback simple and straightforward. You can share your work with your select audience through a private link that Sqribble creates for you. They can then comment directly through the tool in real-time, avoiding any confusion. This can really save on effort and time to publish.

Great Training Center

Sqribble is very easy and intuitive to use. But it’s packed with lots of great features, and you may wonder how to put it all together. The developers have taken the time to create a well-thought-out and complete training module. 

There is a whole set of clear, step-by-step tutorials on every aspect of using Sqribble. Every feature and aspect of the software platform is covered. You’ll also find some pro marketing tips on creating a stunning, engaging eBook that will rake in the $$. Going through this training program will get you creating your first eBook in no time.

Commercial and Agency Rights

What makes Sqribble worth every penny is that it gives you full user rights. It comes with a commercial license. Any design and eBook that you create is fully yours. No royalty or subscription fees for using Sqribble. This means that no matter how many eBooks you create, publish and sell, the profits remain 100% yours.

Sqribble takes this one step further and gives you commercial agency rights as well. You can set up your own design agency and create stunning e-Marketing material for your clients. Sqribble even provides you with a ready-made website to showcase your work to potential customers. 

The Pros and Cons of Sqribble

So what does Sqribble offer that makes it worth buying? We’ve looked at this cloud-based platform’s multiple features. Is there anything that’s not so great about it?

The Pros

  • Ease of use has got to be number one on this list. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, it doesn’t take ages to get up to speed. 
  • No installation required. Sqribble is cloud-based so that you can access it anywhere, any time. All you need is the Internet.
  • Great design templates. They’re professionally made, and they look it. Creating a unique and attention-catching eCover is not only doable, it’s also fast and easy. A selection of 50 templates spread across 15 niche areas has you well covered. 
  • Automatic content creation. This one is a deal-maker. Save yourself hours and hours of sitting at your keyboard. Or hundreds of dollars paying a freelancer to write for you. Sqribble lets you create great content from a variety of sources with a button click. Choose your URL or Word document, and Sqribble will do the rest. Or use Sqribble’s in-built content database. 
  • Automatic Formatting. All the mundane work is done for you. From creating a table of contents to numbering pages and smart headers and footers, Sqribble does it all. You can always change and edit anything you don’t like, too.
  • Fully Customisable. Sqribble gives you full control over your eBook. From changing colors and layouts on your themes to editing page layouts, you choose what you want. All design elements such as fonts, dividers, images, and links are fully editable too.
  • Option to create flip-books. This is something far from every eBook builder will offer you, but can be invaluable in some cases. Sqribble lets you create a flip-book when you need it.
  • Great training module. Sqribble is easy to use and intuitive. Everything is drag-and-drop. Even so, it comes with a set of tutorials covering every aspect of the platform. A quick look through these will get you creating stress-free.
  • Feedback and Collaboration Tool. You’ll probably want input from colleagues or clients before you publish your eBook. Sqribble’s feedback tool lets everyone involved communicate and comment in real-time. This avoids confusion and saves you a lot of time and effort.

The Cons

Not much to be disgruntled about, really. The software is well-designed and intuitive.

  • Sqribble is cloud-based, so you need the Internet to use it. This could be a problem if you travel to the ends of the earth.
  • Some features of Sqribble are not available in the basic version. You have to pay for the commercial version to get the full experience. Going premium gets you extra content libraries and more templates. The full range of pricing options and alternatives is available on the official Sqribble website.

Is Sqribble a Good Buy?

We'd have to say a definite yes. For any marketer that wants to create exceptional, sellable online content, Sqribble is basically a must. It painlessly takes you through the entire process of eBook creation. The drag-and-drop interface shortens the learning curve and has you creating quality stuff in no time.

The respectable set of fully customisable design templates let you create exactly what you want. A unique and attractive design is at your fingertips. You can substantially cut down on development time and costs with Sqribble’s automatic content creation. And editing whatever you want costs you a few clicks. 

Sqribble gives you commercial and agency rights, so you never have to worry about royalty or subscription fees. Buy the software once and create as many eBooks as you like. The profits will be yours to keep, 100%. 

If you’re serious about creating and selling eBooks, it’s hard to find a better deal.


Starts From $67





Ease Of Use





  • Drag & Drop Style Builder
  • Easy Import Of Content
  • Can Create Some Amazing Looking eBooks and Reports


  • Does Include UpSells
  • Cloud Based - Requires Internet To Get Started