The Ultimate Fiverr Review

What if Fiverr?

Gone are the days when skilful and talented people barely make a decent living off their talents due to a lot of factors, one of which is lack of technology for marketing. Also, gone are the days of spending large amounts of money on articles, SEO or logos!

But thanks to freelancing platforms like Fiverr, now your talent can be a gateway to endless opportunities. Perhaps you've heard about Fiverr, and you don't know the answer to the question, "What is Fiverr”? Well, you are at the right place to understand the perfect picture of what Fiverr is.

Fiverr is one of the finest platforms where talented people get a great deal and reward for the use of their skills and talents. If you're talented in contents writing, web design, photography, arts and graphics design, voice-overs, or anything you can think of as a talent that distinguishes you from others, then Fiverr is the best place to harness your talent and benefit from it.

One of the attractive things about Fiverr is that it does not have a limited scope. As long as you can recognize your talent and market yourself properly, then Fiverr is a place for you to thrive.

The Ultimate Fiverr Review 2 Fiverr Review

Many people who work 9-5 quit their jobs in order to work with their talents at home on Fiverr, and some of them had regrets that they hadn't quit their jobs earlier. Because Fiverr allow them to become their own boss.

Freelance websites like gives you the enablement to promote yourself as a salesperson in your area of interest or niche market.

The Fiverr concept is easy, people create their gig as a niche market on what they can do for 5$ and they enjoy patronage from buyers in need of their service. 5$ looks small, but that's just a start and then you grow from there. What a rookie gets to do for 5$ can be done by an expert for 100$. The difference is consistency and delivering quality services always.


  • The website is user-friendly.
  • The website interface makes it easy to understand the concepts.
  • The big chance to earn a decent income doing what you really love.
  • Fiverr basics gigs are created at a set cost, which makes it easy to find quality service on Fiverr. Fiverr guarantees you the big opportunity to do what you love and make decent money from it.
  •  A lot of people out there have turned Fiverr to their offices and full-time jobs. Even though some people also use it as an extra source of income. Since it's a hobby, then it's easy to do. Earning handsomely for a hobby doesn't come easier than you have on Fiverr.
  • People are actively searching for work to be done, and Fiverr does the marketing for you.
  • Lots of categories to choose from when purchasing gigs.
The Ultimate Fiverr Review 3 Fiverr Review


  • Fiverr takes 20% revenue off every order you get as a seller, and that's big compared to what other sites take.
  • After completing the service delivery, Fiverr withholds your money for a period of 14 days. That requires a lot of patience.
  • Sellers don't have all the control as jobs are automatically accepted based on their gigs set up.
  • Restrictions on payment. You get paid via PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Sellers are bound by tight deadlines and user reviews.
  • The work provided, is not always of a high quality and can sometimes take multiple 

Sellers have limited authority on a lot of things on Fiverr platforms, and Fiverr rating system can have a positive effect if buyers are pleased and negative if they are not. If a seller has 10 orders in queue and all are meant to be delivered in a day, and he failed to deliver some, the orders are automatically cancelled.

 Sellers are obliged to deliver every order before the deadline. If sellers are unable to meet up with the deadline, this can reduce their completed orders thereby making it difficult to get more jobs. As a seller, ratings are crucial to getting find easily on Fiverr.

For a quality service delivery that cost just 5$, you couldn't find a better platform than Fiverr. Fiverr has grown rapidly because people get small tasks executed cheaply and quickly.

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Ease of use




Number of sellers & buyers available



  • Free to sign up
  • Can request revisions of work
  • Large market place of sellers (and potential buyers)
  • Can charge any amount these days


  • A lot of competition
  • Some sellers are poor quality

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