ListSmasher Review

Listsmasher Review Summary:

A pretty basic, overhyped plugin that promises to unlock the secrets to $$'s per day, but in reality it's just an email capture plugin (and a bad one at that). You still need to drive traffic via SEO/Paid Ads to actually capture people, this isn't worth your time. 

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Starts from $7

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Ease of USe

It's easy to install, can't argue with that. 

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It's limited, it's just an email capture plugin with some ability to send emails from WordPress. 

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From looking at other reviews and past launches, it's fine. Like, middle of the road.

  • You Can Capture Emails With It
  • Overhyped And Somewhat Scammy Sales Pitchs
  • It Isn't As Amazing As They Want You To Believe
  • It Simply Catches Emails - You Still Need To Find Traffic On Your Website (Even Though They Say You Don't)

Building an email list is an important part of any business, and there are hundreds of tools, platforms, plugins and software on offer to provide the ability to do so. 

Listsmasher is sold as '1 click software that builds a cash creating email list without ANY hard work'. Is this just overhyped fluff, or can this 'exclusive' 2-1 software actually deliver on this?

Keeping in mind that Listsmasher sells itself as;

  • No paid ads
  • No SEO
  • No creating videos
  • No hard work
  • No time sucking methods

We will think about those claims in a bit.

What Is List Smasher?

Technically, it's part WordPress plugin, part training or information product. But the baseline product that you buy, is the WordPress email capture plugin and email responder. 

There are a number of additional upsells and 'one time offers', which can always be accessed again anytime in the backend (so hardly a one time offer).

WordPress Plugin

So the core of this, is the ListSmasher WordPress plugin, a simple plugin that can be installed onto any WordPress website, be it a blog, eCommerce store or just a profile funnel style page. 

The plugin provides you with access too optin forms, which can either be used to capture emails (possibly in exchange for a eBook, newsletter or some other form of helpful gift), or it can be used to lock content (i.e your posts) once again in exchange for an email. 

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So the optin form is their way of building your email list, which is pretty standard for blogs to have, I myself have a number of buttons and widgets dotted around that do something quite similar. You can also use platforms such as Moosend to do something similar (more on that later). 

Of course, you will see traffic to your website to actually be able to capture leads (which does require SEO or paid advertisement to accomplish).

Email Responder

The second half of this "$97" product, is the email autoresponder. Again part of the WordPress plugin, and is found within the same area, the email autoresponder is essentially a WordPress email handler.

It uses your domain (hosting) and WordPress to build simple, pretty flat looking 'emails' that can be sent to the emails that you captured with the optin form/content lockers found above. 

The email responder, isn't really an autoresponder, it's just a place to holder lists, or send an email. The 'auto' part of this autoresponder doesn't exist, you are not sending any emails automatically, simply creating an email and sending it 1 at a time. 

Who Created ListSmasher?

A joint venture between Trevor Car (A pretty big W+ vendor and affiliate),  Laun Henrique (who seems to do the videos) and Jonas Lindgren (zero clue, didn't appear in any of the videos I sat and watched). 

Who Is List Smasher For?

Honestly, probably no-one, there are better services or apps out there. But, if we are going to be picky, I would say a blogger or possibly a marketer who wants to lock their content and try and get some signups. Something that NowSite used to try and do.

How Much Does Listsmasher Cost?

The initial cost is $7.95. The 30minute countdown isn't real, it gets to 29minutes and then re-sets itself. There are of course a number of upsells or one-time-offers that will appear as you go through this funnel. ALL of these upsells are supposedly time sensitive and limited in number, they are not. 

ListSmasher OTO 1 - Traffic Addon

The first of the many OTO's within the funnel, the Traffic Addon is a $297 $19 upsell that offers you...wait for it. 

Sharing buttons. 

Yep, they have hyped it by saying you can get hundreds of thousands of visitors, but in reality, unless you have a huge network, or you understand how to do Pinterest marketing, these buttons are not going to do a ton.

The buttons simply share your content onto social media platforms. 

You can get free plugins to do this. Don't buy it.

ListSmasher OTO 2 - Email Hijacker

An email lead 'finder' that supposedly finds you emails in any niche. You add a keyword or niche, tell it to search and it will supposedly bring back hundreds, or possibly thousands of leads that can be imported into an email responder of your choice.

Considering you don't know where these emails are coming from, and there is a pretty big worry that they are going to be scraped, I would personally steer clear. 

Cost is $297 $27.

ListSmasher OTO 3 - Agency Licence

Your next option is to sell this plugin as your own, or to install it on as many sites as you want. This essentially changes the licence agreement from a personal to a commercial use licence. 

They claim people would love to pay $$$'s to get this plugin installed. They wouldn't, or at least my personal opinion states they wouldn't. Supposedly this is a $597 option, but only $32 for you lucky little devil. 

Not worth it. 

ListSmasher OTO 4 - Email Masterclass

One that I actually hovered on, as it sounded semi interesting. The email masterclass actually teaches you about email marketing, including;

  • How to write emails
  • When to mail your subscribers and list
  • How to write catchy subject lines
  • 100 DFY Subject Lines for you to use

Sounds interesting, and some of the DFY subject lines may help with open rates and help you get back the $27 it costs to do this.

ListSmasher OTO 5 - Reseller Licence

A pretty common one these days, this option essentially allows you to sell Listsmasher as your own. You can keep 100% of the commissions across the whole funnel. If you are new to marketing and you are trying to find a product you can put your name behind, this is probably not the one to do it with. 

There are better training courses or products you can buy yourself such as E1U or maybe some low ticket stuff such as BreakOut2.

ListSmasher OTO 6 - VIP Coaching

Finally, the 6th upsell within this funnel (it's not that uncommon and I have mentioned numerous times how many upsells you get with W+ products).

The VIP coaching is a $57 offer that provides you access to additional training (not sure what they mean additional, they didn't offer any to start with), an actual members area and some additional PLR rights on videos and additional content on finding free traffic etc. 

You can actually get this offer as a $37 downsell, which I would say may be worth looking into. Though I am sure 21VIP will probably show up as a $14 product in the near future. The original version of 21VIP has been sold for $97/$67 in the past, so it looks like it is dropping in price with each new product he launches. 

List Smasher Review Conclusion

I kind of knew what I was going to be getting myself into with this plugin, especially as the videos did show off some of the demos, though I wasn't quite sure how little/much I would actually get for $7. 

I of course got a ton of additional bonuses and PLR I can now ignore and not do anything with, and a plugin that I can honestly say, I won't use, but hey that is the nature of reviewing software, tools and online courses at a time. 

Ultimately, this plugin isn't worth your time, or your money. It doesn't do anything that amazing, and you will find other tools out there that can do a lot more, and usually for free. 

If you are trying to leverage free leads from your blog, checkout the Moosend platform.

They offer a WordPress integration, a free email responder (that actually automatically emails and has sequences) and a load more tools, for free for your first 1000 subscribers. Then it's only $8 or so a month, and if you can't make $8 per month off 1,000 emails, then something needs to be done about it.

Maybe grab OTO number 6.

Actually, don't bother.


$7 + 6 OTOS







Ease Of Use