12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review 1 12 minute affiliate review

12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary;PRICINGIt’s difficult to rate this against other services, so as they do offer a few services. For a landing page provider, it’s expensive. But for everything, it’s kind of fair.Ease of USeSetting everything up is easy. It doesn’t take long to get the emails imported and affiliate ID’s added.FunctionalityYou get access … Read more

eCom Elites Review

eCom Elites Review 29 12 minute affiliate review

eCom Elites Review Summary;PiricingAs with Franks other courses, I feel that it’s a reasonable price, considering the amount of content within this course. Ease of USeI said the same about Franks Savage Affiliates, I don’t like Membership.io where the course is held, as it’s annoying to navigate, but the videos are easy to view and content … Read more

The Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System Review Summary;PRicingI originally pointed out that you do indeed get a quite a bit for the money, but as time has passed, it’s evident that a lot of this is old and as such not as useful.Ease of USeIt’s pretty easy to navigate around the site, plus the extra content that you … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review 63 12 minute affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary;PricingThe base training is free, and that includes hosting for 2 websites. The upgraded version rises to $49 a month, but gives you access to 50 web hosting opportunities. Ease of USeIt’s easy enough to work your way around the Wealth Affiliate platform, and if you don’t know much about WordPress it’s pretty … Read more

The Secret Affiliate Website Review

The Secret Affiliate Website Review 110 12 minute affiliate review

Secret Affiliate Website Review Summary;PRICINGThe cost is about $17 for a tool that will help set up affiliate websites + some training. That’s cheapEase of USeIt’s a quick and easy to use turn key style platform.FunctionalityThe sites are designed and set up for the sole purpose of promoting products and earning commissions. Pretty simple functionality, … Read more

The Savage Affiliates Review

The Savage Affiliates Review 119 12 minute affiliate review

Savage Affiliates Review Summary;PRICINGSavage Affiliates is a steal. For the price, you are going to get a lot for your money. Other courses go for 2-4x this price and some of them are awful! I can’t think of a better affiliate marketing course for the price. Ease of USeThe site uses membership.io which is a membership … Read more

The ClickBank University Review

The ClickBank University Review 126 12 minute affiliate review

ClickBank University Review Summary;PricingClickBank University 2.0 is going to cost $47 a month, and this is to keep access too the live training and forums etc. I would argue that you can pay for a month or two, work your way through the training and then cancel. So for that, it’s worth it. But I … Read more