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Super Affiliate System Review Summary;

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This is a difficult one, as you get ALOT for your money, but the full price is $4k. You can get lucky on discounts, so be sure to check the link out below (you can save up to 70%)

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Ease of USe

It's pretty easy to navigate around the site, plus the extra content that you are given is provided in a number of different formats. It's also easy to follow and the videos are nicely done. 

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You get a lot of content. The whole thing is meant to be split across 6 weeks, but you can fast forward that a little. I'm not sure the whole number of hours, but there is a fair amount. 

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You get access too private Facebook groups, and you have got the ability to talk to John and his team 1-1, so worth tapping into other people knowledge!

Summary: This course is for people who are keen to learn the paid/quick way to earning money with Affiliate Marketing, unlike Savage Affiliates or even Secret Affiliates, this course is pretty much all about paid ads and utilising these. You get a lot of content, plus you get given target data, swipes and ad files. 

  • You get given a lot of stuff such as files and information
  • he obviously knows what he is on about and is Successful with his methods!
  • It does focus mainly on Paid Advertising, but that's not always a bad thing!
  • one of the more expensive courses
  • if you are new, you won't learn as much about SEO or Blogging etc with this course

Do you dream about finally saying “sayonara” to your job , and being able to make some good money at home? I think I am in the right when I say that ALL of us dream about doing that. You never know, after reading this Super Affiliate System review, you might be ready to do that. 

Think about it. We would no longer have to participate in the daily rat race of commuting, hurriedly driving kids to school and activities, and we could even live the digital nomad life if we wanted-a life where one can work anywhere without the need to show up every day at the physical office.

Sure, it sounds pretty good. But like anything, you have to put in the effort in order to make this life a reality. One way for you to do this, albeit expensive, is by trying out the Super Affiliate System. 

Our Super Affiliate System review is a comprehensive, fair and unbiased look at the program and what it can do for you. Use this as a way to gain an overview of the product and see if it’s right for you. 

Who is John Crestani? 

This man is a guru of affiliate marketing. He has been doing this line of work for a decade, and has spent heaps of money testing out various ad networks, different offers, different landing pages and other marketing tools.

He has wrapped up his findings into this Super Affiliate System program. 

What Is The Super Affiliate System Program? 

We are delighted to say that this program has come a long way from its first days in 2015. They completely redid the entire program, so it is very modern and updated; relevant to the entrepreneurs of today.

You will learn about some modern money-generating modes such as

  • How to get $900 worth of Network Coupons that lead to paid traffic
  • Pre-Sell Pages
  • Target Data
  • AdSwipes
  • Plus a lot more.

The purpose of this program is to provide you with a course that’s easy to follow. In about six weeks you will have what it takes to become a successful and paid traffic affiliate marketer.

The program helps you get a handle on the important stuff about marketing, like:

  • Facebook & Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Native Ads
  • And even more ads

They do take a baby step approach to the ad end of things. You start off with a $5 a day or so ad spend, and then you will only bump up from that level if and only if the ad is profitable. Or, you will just wait until it becomes profitable.

We thought it was kind of cool but a little creativity-hindering that he provided templates. This is great if you just want to get started, but some of us want to really put our heart into it. Even so, the templates of audiences, landing pages and ads to use were helpful in getting started.

This training is a lot like a super rigorous college course. It will take six weeks to finish, and contains over 50 hours of learning material. Yeah, it’s basically a workweek with some overtime thrown in to learn all this stuff!

But, the information is pretty solid.

The Learning Process

The baby step approach is used again here with all this info. It’s nice if you like that method of learning, but can be tedious for some. The first two weeks of your time in the course are just learning the basics. You learn what it means to gain a complete understanding of his business model. You learn how to get your mind right and into the money-making mentality.

You will also become well versed in how to set up tracking software as well as domains, and how to make up those landing pages that contain offers you’d like to promote.

And then after you complete your first two weeks, you will learn how to start using the major sources of traffic. You know these:

  • Youtube Ads
  • AdWords
  • Facebook
  • Other like sources

And lastly, you will spend the remainder of the course going over methods of optimisation,  getting your affiliate campaigns to scale to thousands of dollars a day, and how you can hire and outsource your work.

Just What Exactly is Inside?

Some of you may still be scratching your heads, wondering how you are going to make it through such a huge course.

Well, think of it as an investment in your future. And remember, it’s not a race. Becoming a great marketer is going to take lots of time.

That being said, John Crestani and his gang have made this program accessible to all, but also have made sure you and your fellow students are held accountable for completion of the course.

They did this because they found out that each and every student who did not have success with the program all had one thing in common: they didn’t even finish the course.

Here’s a breakdown, week by week, of what you can expect:

  • Week 1: System Setup
  • Week 2: Understand the System
  • Week 3: Learning Marketing Skills
  • Week 4: Google & Facebook Ads
  • Week 5: Native Ads/Youtube Ads
  • Week 6: Automation and Scaling Technique

(Note: Scroll down to where it says “Let’s Look at the System” to see these in detail).

Helpful Extras

And on top of all this, you will also be gifted the bonus course Internet Jetset. This is a free traffic training seminar that which is normally $47 a month. This is a great video training guide that covers all you want and need to know, about how to get free traffic from the big sites like Google, Facebook and Youtube.

The Internet Jetset course is  a gift in and of itself. You will get to partake in JetsetLIVE, which are cool monthly webinars that are informative and a chance to get some guidance. You will also learn new tips and techniques associated with online marketing.

There are some other great secondary features too, when it comes to Internet Jetset.

You can look forward to email support, which is critical for any online platform in this day and age. However, it does take a while to get a response back. Live chat would have been better.

The Jetset Forum is pretty nice. It is reminiscent of the old forums we used to post on in the early Internet days, but much more advanced. You can share ideas and questions with your fellow entrepreneurs. It’s a great classic way to stay connected and ask questions.

This course also has you learning about some of the other stuff you will learn in the Super Affiliate System review, so the more you learn the better. You will be learning about Facebook ads, affiliate marketing basics, creating landing pages, and what the best tools and software are for this business. 

You will also enjoy training that takes the same “baby step” way that John’s materials use. Everything goes one step at  a time, and everything is planned so beginners move at an appropriate pace.

Ready2Launch Campaigns

Another cool bonus is the pre-made Ready2Launch campaigns. They have all you need to set up an ad campaign. It’s just like taking a frozen pizza and popping it into the oven.

You will get all you need to set up a campaign such as:

  • Audience targeting for Facebook
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Hot Offers to Promote
  • Landing Pages
  • And a lot more.

You will find that there are plenty of profitable categories to start with, like weight loss, building muscle, skin care, and diet. To be precise, here are the actual “Ready To Launch” campaigns:

  • Probiotics
  • Diabetes Care
  • Skin Care
  • Enhancement of the Brain
  • French Muscles
  • German Diet
  • German Muscles
  • Business Opportunities

You get everything that is needed and mandatory to run a successful ad campaign in the most profitable categories. Here are the topics you will cover in this portion:

  • Landing Pages That Are Proven to Convert
  • Affiliate Networks Worth Using
  • The Precise Offers to Promote
  • AdSwipe Files
  • Images to Use: High CTR
  • Top Performing Headlines
  • Best Performing Ad Text
  • Knowing Which Offer to Use on a Specific Ad Network

One user who took advantage of this program touted its usefulness. They wrote, “..I haven’t tested all [of the offers/networks/swipes/images] but the ones John provided...brought in results.”

It’s really no wonder these are known as shortcuts to success. This is just the first one.

Indeed, some users were absolutely showing off their successful and profitable campaigns they enjoyed using John’s Buyers List. They wrote that they had some experience with online marketing but...never considered themselves well-versed when it came to PPC, or pay per click.

Once they ran the offer through Facebook ads, however, they pulled in some pretty solid results-it was an ad spend of about $3100 and then some ad revenue of about $4200. That’s about one grand in that user’s pocket-a true example of some solid profit. The user then went on to say he looked forward to optimising the campaign, as it would bring in a greater return on his investment.

Learning About Targeting Data

You don’t have to understand the term “targeting data” to get the gist of what this part teaches you. There are about 25 helpful files of buyer targeting data that is available for download in the Members Only Facebook group. This is what makes some campaigns profitable right away, like the one I described above. This data gives you access to buyers that are in any niche that was discussed in the training. Again, success is not guaranteed, but you do get a better chance of it with this data set.

However, do be advised that those expenses come into play once more-for example, the user we discussed earlier who enjoyed about $1000 in profits had to test it out first, and it cost $400. That can be more than a week’s wages depending on the type of job you are currently working-sheesh! Again, it’s a great program, but the expenses are not for the faint of heart.

And to help you avoid making costly mistakes, be sure you take advantage of the free training that Crestani offers on his website. Even though it is pricey to get into this program, Crestani offers some preliminary info for free so you can really see if the investment is right for you. I think this is a good move on Crestani’s part, as this program is definitely an investment.

Let’s Look at the System

So now, let’s take a look at the different training modules. This will give you a better sense of what you are getting into.

Inside The Super Affiliate System

Module 1: System Setup

This is your first week of training, young Jedi. This is where it all starts. Do not be tempted to skip this training. Some people have, but that is a result of them thinking they know it all already. Just stay with it-you will be glad you did.

You will learn how to:

  • Set up goals in a way that is successful and realistic
  • Set up your website to attract traffic
  • Master the ins and outs of presell pages-these are, after all, your online sales drivers
  • Creating your Facebook ads account in the most efficient way
  • Start working with the top affiliate networks

Module 2: Understand the System (And Believing In It)

This is another module that you MUST pay attention to-do not skip this one at all. Staying in the right frame of mind will enable you to succeed at whatever you are doing, even if it’s not affiliate marketing!

John explains his process in super detail with plenty of helpful nuggets of info that are worth their weight in gold. This showcases his research!

In this module, you will learn:

  • How you can tap into the “success” frame of mind
  • Great affiliate niche research
  • Where to find said Niche Data, and How to Speak The Language of Your Niche
  • How to network in this business
  • User intent and the role it plays in advertising

Module 3: Learning Marketing Skills

The biggest thing you should glean from Week 3 is the copy writing formula that John Crestani has perfected. You will learn some cool ways to communicate through the written word, in a way that you’ve never dreamed of.

Here are the skills that Crestani and his special guest Ronnie Sandlin have perfected:

  • The key traits of great copy-writing
  • Learning from Ronnie Sandlin, a top earning copywriter
  • John’s 17 steps to perfect copywriting
  • How to optimise your ads to get a better ROI and enhance your payday
  • Key factors that go into optimisation of ads

So, don’t worry if you never felt you could write all that well. This will get you writing and soon it will become second nature. John really made it easy for all of us, even if you were never a strong writer beforehand.

Module 4: Google & Facebook Ads (How to work them!)

This is where we start to really get into the nitty gritty. Everything that you ever wanted to understand or know about ads on Facebook or Google will be discussed here in great detail. These two ad networks are the hugest, and will be the big guys you want to master. After all, it will be these two that are gonna lead to those big paydays!

In Week 4, you will learn the following:

  • Facebook ads plus a case study for better understanding.
  • Compliance with Facebook Ads
  • Metrics to examine when working in Online Marketing
  • Google Ads, Part 1
  • Google Ads, Part 2
  • More Case studies about Facebook and Google Ads
  • Another special guest: Brian Pfeiffer on the Anatomy of a $100k/Month Ad on Facebook

Indeed, the inclusion of special guests really makes the time go by faster. It becomes something of a pleasure to learn about this material and really makes you want to get started  working right away!

Module 5: Native Ads/Youtube Ads

Now, this is a whole new world for you. You have to have the right materials to really understand the importance of Affiliate Marketing. The number of buyers that you can touch with these networks will make dollar signs appear in your eyes (like the old cartoons).

So, it is critical to get your message across to as many individuals as possible so you can earn more of that green stuff.

In module 5, you will learn the following things:

  • How to set up your MGID Ads in the Correct Way
  • How to “outbrain” native advertising
  • How to learn the Voluum DSP Native Ads Platform
  • How to do Youtube Ads and Set Them Up to get Max ROI

Module 6: Automation and Scaling Technique

If you have closely followed everything, and done the work, you should be making some profitable campaigns already here in Week 6. However, it is only by the process of scaling and automation that you will make your way up to a six-figure earning power.

In Module 6, you will learn:

  • How to use Survey Funnels
  • A case study: Solar Niche -$240,000
  • How to scale a campaign from $1k to $20k
  • Make use of Media Buyers
  • A case study on Student Loans

The Community

And of course, there is access to a community of like-minded people. There is a private members only Facebook group. Here you will find Q & As, content updates, new training opportunities, and other people to talk with about your experience.

Plus, John Crestani even signs in and interacts with group members, which is always a plus.

Weekly coaching is another great feature. These are live webinars that John does for about 2-3 hours  every Friday around 3 PM PST. In these webinars, real people share their ad campaigns with the group. John then gives ideas about creating improved ads, optimisation, and answers general questions.

They are kind of fun and good for learning.

How Are Others Faring? 

So, you go looking at reviews other than mine, as you should. Informed consumers like yourself should not simply trust one site or one random Internet guy.

And if you look closely you see some screenshots here and there about campaigns, earnings, etc from other users who bought and completed the course. It all seems a little surreal- surely, this has to be the work of Photoshop or your eyes are playing tricks on you.

Super Affiliate System Review

All I can say is, there is no magic formula. No, simply wishing you could make money with affiliate marketing is not gonna do it. You have to stick with the program as if you were a bumper sticker on a car and do not deviate from it.

By doing this, you too may be able to enjoy the same success as you fellow students. You can find evidence of success in the Facebook group-people enjoy posting about their “wins” in there often.

Super Affiliate System Review  - Students

Of course your results will vary, but the idea is that the success is real.

My Verdict

I think this is a fairly good way to start your online business. It is truly like attending a college class that teaches you all you need to know.  And just like college, it’s expensive. But, you are learning from one of the best, plus a few special guests along the way to make the experience a little more interesting.

I think this course really does give you value for money. You pay a lot to access this course, but I think it will pay off for you with plenty of hard work and the right mindset.

How Much Does The Super Affiliate System Cost?

The total cost of the course will set you back about 4k, yikes, not cheap at all.

Though, he does run some mental discount offers, which takes it down to around  2k for the whole 6- week course. 

I usually tell people to check out this link as it usually shows the latest price and shows if you can get a discount. 

And if you do buy it there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so keep that in mind, too.

If you want to try some of the stuff out first, you can also get access too his Webinar (though it's currently only running on a Thursday)

Does John Crestani Have Free Training?

Yes, if you follow this link then you can schedule a webinar visit. 

Well worth it in my opinion.


I think the course itself is really good, and it compares with courses like Spencer Mechans Secret Affiliates 2.0 (though that is cheaper) but this course focuses more on high ticket sales and a lot on media buying etc. 

This course also comes with a crazy amount of 'done for you' things like swipe files, images, targeting etc. 

If you have the money to spend, then I believe this course will be worth your time and the 30 day money back guarantee does give you peace of mind. 

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