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Super Affiliate System Review Summary;

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I originally pointed out that you do indeed get a quite a bit for the money, but as time has passed, it's evident that a lot of this is old and as such not as useful.

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Ease of USe

It's pretty easy to navigate around the site, plus the extra content that you are given is provided in a number of different formats. 

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You get a lot of content. The whole thing is meant to be split across 6 weeks, but you can fast forward that a little. I'm not sure the whole number of hours, but there is a fair amount. 

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You get access too private Facebook groups, and you have got the ability to talk to John and his team 1-1, so worth tapping into other people knowledge!

Summary: As time has passed with this course, it is becoming more evident that some of the tactics within Super Affiliate System are, less than amazing. And that swipes files and data etc are old, and not useful in 2020. As such, I will be updating this review to reflect that. 

  • He does understand paid ads
  • one of the more expensive courses
  • Questionable Tactics Around Promotion And Encouraging Students To Promote & Sell products (usually his own)
  • most of the Testimonials are from students with 10 years+ experience
  • this course teaches you to sell this course

As mentioned in the summary, a lot of time has passed since I did this review, and I have probably learnt a lot about marketing, tactics used, and even sat back and looked at some of the claims given. Especially the 70% discount claim. 

That means, that even though this particular article doesn't rank that highly, I still want to update it and provide a new 2020 version of the Super Affiliate System Review.

This Super Affiliate System review has now been updated to reflect the state of the course, the owner and the tactics used to promote it, and other products. I have always tried to be fair, unbiased and of course honest. 

Who is John Crestani? 

Well, originally I would have said that he was a guru of affiliate marketing. He has been doing this line of work for a decade, and has spent heaps of money testing out various ad networks, different offers, different landing pages and other marketing tools.

Which, is true, though I would probably remove the guru part these days, though he did make a lot of money in the health and fitness niches..

What Is The Super Affiliate System Program? 

The original course was created some way back in 2015, so 5 years ago. It has had recent updates, with the latest pushing it to Super Affiliate System 3.0, with new methods and modules added to try and highlight a change in how affiliate marketing works.

I would say that yes, it did make it modern, up to date and even relevant, though not as much as other courses.

So the course, from a high level view provides you with modules and teachings about;

  • How to get $900 worth of Network Coupons that lead to paid traffic
  • Pre-Sell Pages
  • Target Data
  • AdSwipes
  • Plus a lot more.

The course is sold as a way of getting you from 0 - Amazing in around 6 weeks utilising paid traffic. Though I have to admit I have rarely seen much proof that students do become amazingly rich from it, me included.

The program helps you get a handle on the important stuff about marketing, like:

  • Facebook & Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Native Ads
  • And even more ads

They do take a baby step approach to the ad end of things. You start off with a $5 a day or so ad spend, and then you will only bump up from that level if and only if the ad is profitable. Or, you will just wait until it becomes profitable.

I thought it was kind of cool but a little creativity-hindering that he provided templates. This is great if you just want to get started, but some of us want to really put our heart into it. Even so, the templates of audiences, landing pages and ads to use were helpful in getting started. 

You are given different ideas, from health and fitness, but recent updates and changes do focus more on promoting Johns products (one of the reasons I decided to give this a re-write). I have been critical in the past that Legendary Marketer do it for their 15 day course, providing you with funnels to promote it, but that only costs $7, and is meant as an introduction to other things. Not $997 and your sole selling point.

One issue you will face with this style of training, you don't learn much from it. You don't understand why the swipe or ad may work, it just does. Maybe.

The Learning Process

As with a lot of training, I will accept that the process for this, does work. It does what I would call a baby step approach. 

It’s nice if you like that method of learning, but can be tedious for some. The first two weeks of your time in the course are just learning the basics. Understanding affiliate marketing, mindset etc.

You are also shown things like tracking, how to create domains and of course landing pages with tools such as ClickFunnels. 

And then after you complete your first two weeks, you will learn how to start using the major sources of traffic. You know these:

  • Youtube Ads
  • AdWords
  • Facebook
  • Other like sources

And lastly, you will spend the remainder of the course going over methods of optimisation,  getting your affiliate campaigns to scale to thousands of dollars a day, and how you can hire and outsource your work.

Just What Exactly is Inside?

The course itself has got a decent amount inside of it, I said when I originally wrote this review, it is big ad does come with pre done templates and resources.

John and his team have given it's student's advice and information, plus ads and market information about products, but these days that information is more about Johns products than say, a diffrent product on ClickFunnels.

Here’s a breakdown, week by week, of what you can expect:

  • Week 1: System Setup
  • Week 2: Understand the System
  • Week 3: Learning Marketing Skills
  • Week 4: Google & Facebook Ads
  • Week 5: Native Ads/Youtube Ads
  • Week 6: Automation and Scaling Technique

Helpful Extras -Are They That Helpful?

As part of Super Affiliate System, you do get access to some different products, these days I have realised those producs are not really worth that much. 

One such thing is the IM JetSet that is another course that from what I can tell, John doesn't bother promoting or updating. It used to explain how to get free traffic, and cost around $47 per month, though I can honestly say I am not sure who would have paid it monthly, considering I don't think ClickBank University's monthly cost is worth it either.

The webinars where good, though I haven't seen much about them for a while. 

The Jetset Forum is pretty nice. It is reminiscent of the old forums we used to post on in the early Internet days. I haven't touched it for a long time, and most of it is done on sites such as Facebook groups.

Ready2Launch Campaigns

Another cool bonus is the pre-made Ready2Launch campaigns. They have all you need to set up an ad campaign. It’s just like taking a frozen pizza and popping it into the oven.

You will get all you need to set up a campaign such as:

  • Audience targeting for Facebook
  • Affiliate Ads
  • Hot Offers to Promote
  • Landing Pages
  • And a lot more.

You will find that there are plenty of profitable categories to start with, like weight loss, building muscle, skin care, and diet. To be precise, here are the actual “Ready To Launch” campaigns:

  • Probiotics
  • Diabetes Care
  • Skin Care
  • Enhancement of the Brain
  • French Muscles
  • German Diet
  • German Muscles
  • Business Opportunities

You get everything that is needed and mandatory to run a successful ad campaign in the most profitable categories. Here are the topics you will cover in this portion:

  • Landing Pages That Are Proven to Convert
  • Affiliate Networks Worth Using
  • The Precise Offers to Promote
  • AdSwipe Files
  • Images to Use: High CTR
  • Top Performing Headlines
  • Best Performing Ad Text
  • Knowing Which Offer to Use on a Specific Ad Network

One user who took advantage of this program touted its usefulness. They wrote, “..I haven’t tested all [of the offers/networks/swipes/images] but the ones John provided...brought in results.” - I have realised after that they had actually just promoted Super Affiliate System - Which is not a bad thing, but does mean they may not have learnt much from the course.

Learning About Targeting Data

You don’t have to understand the term “targeting data” to get the gist of what this part teaches you.

There are about 25 helpful files of buyer targeting data that is available for download in the Members Only Facebook group. This is what makes some campaigns profitable right away, like the one I described above. This data gives you access to buyers that are in any niche that was discussed in the training. Again, success is not guaranteed, but you do get a better chance of it with this data set. - A lot of this data is now focused on the MMO niche

However, do be advised that those expenses come into play once more-for example, the user we discussed earlier who enjoyed about $1000 in profits had to test it out first, and it cost $400. Most people don't have another $400 to spend on testing ads, on top of the $997 cost of the course.

So now, let’s take a look at the different training modules. This will give you a better sense of what you are getting into.

Inside The Super Affiliate System

Module 1: System Setup

You will learn how to:

  • Set up goals in a way that is successful and realistic
  • Set up your website to attract traffic
  • Master the ins and outs of presell pages-these are, after all, your online sales drivers
  • Creating your Facebook ads account in the most efficient way
  • Start working with the top affiliate networks

Module 2: Understand the System (And Believing In It)

In this module, you will learn:

  • How you can tap into the “success” frame of mind
  • Great affiliate niche research
  • Where to find said Niche Data, and How to Speak The Language of Your Niche
  • How to network in this business
  • User intent and the role it plays in advertising

Module 3: Learning Marketing Skills

Here are the skills that Crestani and his special guest Ronnie Sandlin have perfected:

  • The key traits of great copy-writing
  • Learning from Ronnie Sandlin, a top earning copywriter
  • John’s 17 steps to perfect copywriting
  • How to optimise your ads to get a better ROI and enhance your payday
  • Key factors that go into optimisation of ads

So, don’t worry if you never felt you could write all that well. This will get you writing and soon it will become second nature. John really made it easy for all of us, even if you were never a strong writer beforehand.

Module 4: Google & Facebook Ads (How to work them!)

This module covers ads on Facebook or Google. These two ad networks are the hugest, and will be the big guys you want to master. 

In Week 4, you will learn the following:

  • Facebook ads plus a case study for better understanding.
  • Compliance with Facebook Ads
  • Metrics to examine when working in Online Marketing
  • Google Ads, Part 1
  • Google Ads, Part 2
  • More Case studies about Facebook and Google Ads
  • Another special guest: Brian Pfeiffer on the Anatomy of a $100k/Month Ad on Facebook

Module 5: Native Ads/Youtube Ads

Now, this is a whole new world for you. You have to have the right materials to really understand the importance of Affiliate Marketing.

In module 5, you will learn the following things:

  • How to set up your MGID Ads in the Correct Way
  • How to “outbrain” native advertising
  • How to learn the Voluum DSP Native Ads Platform
  • How to do Youtube Ads and Set Them Up to get Max ROI

A lot of the native ads images and style are what I would call spammy and not 100% true. as I said in the beginning, John made a lot of his money selling health products, usually using 'interesting' ads.

Ever seen an ad with something about Elon Musk giving away Make Money Courses or bitcoin, yeah, this is that kind of ad.

Module 6: Automation and Scaling Technique

If you have closely followed everything, and done the work, you should be making some profitable campaigns already here in Week 6. However, it is only by the process of scaling and automation that you will make your way up to a six-figure earning power.

In Module 6, you will learn:

  • How to use Survey Funnels
  • A case study: Solar Niche -$240,000
  • How to scale a campaign from $1k to $20k
  • Make use of Media Buyers
  • A case study on Student Loans

The Community

And of course, there is access to a community of like-minded people. There is a private members only Facebook group. Here you will find Q & As, content updates, new training opportunities, and other people to talk with about your experience.

How Are Others Faring? 

So, this is one of the big areas I wanted to come back too and update, I originally thought 'holy shit, this has got amazing sales and testimonials!'.

Super Affiliate System was one of the big courses that I actually looked at 'past performance'. But if you look at some of the snapshots, it kind of becomes apparent what they are selling and promoting or that they had a lot of experience prior.

Super Affiliate System Review

The above sale is for selling Super Affiliate System. Which means the guy has learnt how to sell the same program, using swipes within the program. I never saw this when I first wrote this.

Super Affiliate System Review  - Students

Guess it's time for me to update this as well, because I never realised that this image is from 2010. That is 10 years ago, or was 8 years ago from when I first wrote this, that was before Super Affiliate System existed, and this guy had already had experience.

My Verdict

Well, the 2020 version of this, I would say it's not worth your time buying this course, there are better courses out there that teach Ads + Funnels (Legendary Marketer) or just 'Affiliate Marketing' in general (Savage Affiliates).

It has become apparent that a lot of the success stories have come from selling Super Affiliate System, or have come from people who have a lot of experience within the space already. I rarely care about testimonials, and really care about the core of the training, but at nearly $1k for a course that really only teaches you to sell the course, I had to look at some of the testimonials.

How Much Does The Super Affiliate System Cost?

If you happen to fall on the course on a blood red moon Tuesday within a a leap year, then this course will cost you $4997.

Everyone else will get a coupon added that knocks $4k off the price, because John is nice and will make the price $997. 

Plus you will eed a budget of $500+ to do the ads (unles you manage to get lucky with free coupons)

Does John Crestani Have Free Training?

Yes, if you follow this link then you can watch the webinar, it does of course try and sell you Super Affiliate System.


These days, I would say that this course is outdated and mainly exists to sell this course. 

There are better alternatives, that are potentially cheaper, or simply a ton better.

Super Affiliate System Alternatives

The main one that Super Affiliate System can be compared with is of course Spencer Mechans Secret Affiliates 2.0. I wish I had known about this before looking into Johns course. Spencers course focuses on different advertisement methods such as Youtube & Google Ads, but does also explain other styles of Affiliate Marketing. 

Secret Affiliates 2.0 costs $897, and comes with some pretty decent bonuses. Not quite sure I agree on the 'value' of those bonuses, but you get 2 courses for the price of 1. Plus Spencer brings in other teachers to plug the gaps that he doesn't know. I like that!

I would also add, Spencer does actually give a decent webinar & a free course

Super Affiliate System

$997 (Don't bother)








  • You Get Some Swipes
  • John Does Understand Ad Traffic (I Can't Deny That)


  • The Product Is Designed To Sell The Course These Days
  • Questionable Testimonials
  • Questionable Pricing
  • Swipes & Ads Are Done To Sell This Course

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