How To Install WordPress Themes

In today’s time, WordPress is one of the most used Content Managment Systems in the world.  

The CMS is extremely popular due to the high number of apps, themes and the ability to expand it beyond it's original use! 

WordPress started as a blogging platform, but has expanded beyond that, and you can use it for everything from running ​DropShipping stores too running a magazine! 

It is very easy to install and use.

Almost everybody prefers to type on WordPress, nowadays.

There are a few methods by which you can download it. In this article, we will discuss how one can install the WordPress and the WordPress themes without much difficulty.

The Easy Install Method - Get Someone Else (For Those With Good Hosts)

Select a host which comes with the WordPress!

 I would recommend someone like BlueHost. They offer the ability to have WordPress installed without needing to go down the manual route (so you could end the whole of your reading here..) 

Once you have signed up for their hosting, you can request it too be installed, and they will do all the install steps for you and provide you with the details. 

It can be really that simple. 

Some host also provide 3 other ways of installing WordPress - 

How to Install WordPress using the Softaculous?

Softaculous is supported by many web hosts and helps to install WordPress, WordPress press themes and WordPress premium themes. 

Step of installingLaunch the Softaculous from control panelFind the WordPress and then select the Install optionSet up the settings such as the domain and others.Configure the admin accountSelect the languageSelect the notification options

How to install WordPress using Fantastico ? 

Fantastico helps to install the WordPress faster and much simply. And this can be done in just five simple steps. These are:

Step 1

First, you have to login to the control panel .

Step 2

Then find and locate Fantastico icon.

Step 3

Click the icon in order to start Fantastico dashboard. 

Step 4 

On your left side menu, you can see the WordPress under the Blogs. Choose the WordPress, there and then click New Installation option or link.

Step 5

WordPress screen will appear. Then you have to enter your data, domain, username, site title, password and other details.After that you can click on Install WordPress option and hit the finish button. 

In just five easy steps, this can be done. Installing WordPress or WordPress themes or WordPress premium themes are not very difficult. With the right instruction, any can do it properly, without any difficulty or problems.

How To Install WordPress Themes 2 install wordpress themes

You can also install the WordPress manually without any difficulty. 

How to install WordPress manually? 

Though nowadays there is no, need to install the WordPress manually, you can still install it this way. Because of the auto installers, the process of installing has faster, simpler and easier. For any beginner, the auto installers are the best option to opt for. 

But if you want to do it manually, it is best you do it with the help of FTP. The FTP program uploads files. There are many free and high-quality FTP programs.

Step 1

At first, unzip the downloaded file. Then upload it, so that you can get into your own FTP account.

Step 2

Then an option for creating a completely new database will appear. This option should be clicked. 

Step 3

Next, all you have to do is create a new user account for the database. 

Step 4

After the user account has been created, make sure the access to the database is ensured and guaranteed. 

Now, you can assume that FTP transfer is completed. So you are free to visit your own domain name in order to finally complete the process of installation. 

Step 5

When you will visit the domain, you will notice the install wizard. Then you should select the language.

Step 6

Now, just make sure, all the details you have implemented are correct.

If all these are rightly done, the WordPress can be installed and run without any difficulty. Just provide the WordPress site with a title. Then you can create an admin account, to install WordPress.

How To Install WordPress Themes 3 install wordpress themes

How to install WordPress theme?

You can begin with any SEO plugin like the, Google Analytics in order to track the traffic, and the themes Security to prevent any virus. 

Alternatively, Goodbye Captcha can also be downloaded.

 You can receive all the premium WordPress themes with the Theme Shop, the Fancy Themes, the Elegant Themes and Theme forest. Many free themes are present also.​

You can chose a free theme if it suits your need perfectly.

For those who want to take their WordPress too the next level, I would suggest looking into Thrive Themes Architect (You can make awesome pages with ease on top of any theme!)

There are tutorials and guideline nowadays which give one the details of installing the WordPress theme. Video Tutorials can also turn out to be quite helpful when you want to learn about the process of installations. This article is for the beginners who want to install these applications, easily and faster. Now go ahead and try it out.

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