AliDropShip Services Review

Those who prefer not to use Shopify for their eCommerce store, or more specifically DropShipping store, will have probably heard of AliDropShip.

The guys at AliDropShip specialise in offering products and services to help entrepreneurs start their own DropShipping store. They sell a handy WordPress plugin (and WooCommerce version) or the ability to buy custom stores based on their plugins.

They also offer a number of custom services, so today we are going to have a look at the AliDropShip services that are on offer. AliDropShip offers a total of 25 extra services on top of their plugin and custom store services that they offer as a standard.

These services range from standard data entry, all the way up to social media help. These services can really help elevate your business, or just get you started in what can be quite a complicated world. 

I will split them up, and check out each of the potentially excellent services on offer. Focusing on the ones that I think can really help out a business, and maybe skip a few of the ones that can be found elsewhere. 

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Development Services

These services are what I would still classify as 'core services' due to their nature.

These services are going to be the ones that focus on getting your business looking out of this world, or making life a little easier. 

Add-On Setup

A bit of a generic one this, as we all know WordPress uses plugins or Add-Ons as AliDropShip call them, they, of course, offer a range of their own Add-ons that you can purchase such as Recent Sales Pop-Ups, Upsells, Social Rabbit and Countdown Timers. 

AliDropShip will set these things up for you, so you don't have to do it yourself. 

The cost itself is $10, per add-on, which is quite expensive, for something that should be fairly when it comes to set-up, especially as they come with instructions. You can pay to get all the add-ons installed in one go, if you do the Add-On Bundle And Installation Service, you do save $88 if you fancy that. 

Definitely a service for someone who may have paid for an install and now wants to take their store to that next level. 

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Product Data Entry

I am not going to lie, I like this service, especially due to the fact this can take time and effort. 

For $2 they will upload products, choose the top suppliers for those products, and sort the names, descriptions and images. 

For $2 you have a product that is ready to be shown to the world, that's a bargain. One thing though, you have to buy a minimum of $20 worth, so you have 10 products set up and ready to be purchased. 

Great for those who want to add extra products to their stores or are looking for some new ideas on the next best product to sell. 

The downside with this is that they are not writing new descriptions, just editing the huge amount of fluff you get with the AliExpress ones. So if you are after some amazing sales pitch, this is not it. 

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Plugin Set-Up

This service from AliDropShip goes hand in hand with the Add-On set up, and personally, I feel this should be added together, but let us take a look. 

The AliDropShip Plugin service includes someone setting up plugins such as email notifications, currency converters, pricing formulas, branded email set up or google analytics sorted. They do also do a payment gateway set-up, which could be worth it's weight in gold, because they are fiddly! 

This service is great for someone who may just want to do the 'install' part of the plugin but then may not want to get into the more complicated parts of setting the emails up or notifications. 

Not everyone is technically minded. So if you are trying to get into DropShipping and you may not be sure where to start, then you can be fairly confident it will all work.

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Custom Design & Development

This particular section of services do actually fall under the 'Development' heading, but they offer a number of these custom design and development gigs.

For those who are looking for a potentially cheaper way to get a custom dropshipping store or at least a variation to a standard or cheaper theme, the Custom Development Service will stand out.

Or, if you think your logo is looking flat, the social media banners are boring or you want something to hand potential business partners, then the Custom Design is for you.

Both of these custom services are paid by the hour, with both services starting with 1Hour slots. 

AliDropShip will work with you to understand your needs, as well as give you a time frame and amount of hours it will take.

It's worth noting that you should contact them before ordering. You may find it's cheaper to order an AliDropship custom store, or you pay for 5 hours logo design and it takes 2.

Custom Development

This is pretty much as it says on the tin, this gig is for someone who wants a specially crafted feature.

You may want a certain countdown timer, a way to boost sales or something that helps you achieve great customer service (Chatbots or a custom-coded tracking page).

You get access to WordPress developers to help achieve that goal.

AliDropShip Services Review 2 alidropship services

Of course, they will only work on stores that use either the AliDropship woo plugin or AliDropShip Plugin, which makes sense.

The price for the custom development sits at $30 per hour. I think that's a good price, compared to sites such as Upwork or Fiverr.

One thing I am not sure about is at what point their skills end. Would they create software, or start creating websites if you came up with ideas?

You know these guys are used to the AliDropShip Plugin and these types of DropShipping stores, unlike a random developer found elsewhere.

Custom Design

The second half of this of course is the design aspect.

The listing does state 'all kinds of graphic design', so if your new DropShipping business is lacking some Instagram banners, or you are missing a snazzy logo for your online store, this could work.

AliDropShip Custom Design

They even talk about offering brand books and media kits. Both of these can be used if you are looking at creating your own products, paying someone to run Instagram ads or any kind of digital marketing.

At $30 per hour, I feel this is still a good offer. Again you could look on sites such as Fiverr.

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Website Installation

If you are completely new to WordPress or don't fancy messing about with databases, or your hosting company sucks and won't install WordPress for you, then you can get these guys to do that bit for you. 

They will even install AliDropShip plugin and a theme, how kind of them! 

For $37 it's not that bad, but these days most hosting providers should give you a website, with WordPress installed, because it's massively popular. Plus, it's pretty easy to drag a plugin onto a screen or upload a zip file them into a window. 

Or you can follow some nice instructions on how to do that part. I will only charge $20 for the advice! 


For those who might want to focus on finding new products, or maybe would prefer perfecting their store, there are a number of services on offer from the AliDropShip team that might help you with this. 

Luckily, this is not just your run-of-the-mill 'social media' marketing, they have actually thought about this. 

SEO Starter Pack

Straight off the metaphorical bat, the SEO starter pack is designed for those who want to get a little push up the Google Ranking list.

The list of services within this pack is there to help your store move up the lists, and drive more organic traffic, but also show the big search giants that your store is worth visiting. 

They have included the standard creation of an SEO-friendly article.

This type of SEO copywriting allows dropshipping stores to add niche-relevant keywords to their sites. You could keep adding blog posts to target different keywords, but this would be a great way to start.

Especially as an online store can struggle to get enough relevant keywords inside their product pages.

You are also given a variety of backlinks. The diversity in these backlinks is what actually helps with this service. 

Most back-linking services will just create a bunch of blog posts or try and spam your link into comments on blogs.

The AliDropShip team have diversified with articles, blog posts, the creation of PDFs and submitting of PDFs to different sites. This is great for showing Google and other search engines that your site is being linked by multiple different types of sites and medium. 

Check out the SEO Starter Pack

Promo Video Creation

I hate doing video promos, or any type of video if I am honest, my brain is just not wired that way!

You can check out the page to see a few examples, as trying to describe what you get is quite difficult.

Essentially they take photos and screenshots from your store and add them into really nice-looking templates, so you have people scrolling through your store, or liking photos of the products your store sells. 

The video can be used in a variety of places such as YouTube or adverts, allowing you to promote your store across a number of places. 

For the price, the video is well put together, the music is catchy, though a little samey, and the templates are well put together. 

Check out the Promo Video Creation page to learn more.

Ad Creations

There are a number of ad creation services, so I have decided to bundle them all together, as they are all roughly the same, but for different platforms. 

The AliDropShip team offer both Banner Ads, for when you want to find websites to promote your store, and also Social media style adverts, for those who want to promote their store via Facebook or Instagram, or maybe Twitter!

Both advert services start from $29, with final prices decided once you have discussed the requirements with AliDropShip, allowing you to request a different number of adverts to fit your requirements. 

The examples shown are bright, colourful and professionally done, so I can't complain about the quality at all. 

The same can be said for social media adverts, though each package they sell actually comes with more than just the image. They include;

  • Advertisement Image
  • Advertisement Text
  • Target Audience Ideas
  • Extra Guides & Information

That's a lot for $29. Most places will charge you $50+ just for the image, and the images and text that AliDropShip offers look to be eye-catching and great for engagement. 

It's also worth noting that the prices drop significantly if you order more than 1 pack. 

Check out the advert packages

Marketing Services Bundle

If you are looking at getting a ton of your marketing sorted out without having to lift a finger, including;

  • Site Audit (Explain how you can improve your site)
  • Advert Creation (10+ Adverts)
  • Email Campaigns (8+ emails)
  • Extra Information & Guides

This bundle is designed to help you improve your overall conversion rates, as well as the traffic towards your site. Now, this is a hefty price, but you save around $75 if you where going to buy them all individually, so you are already saving money. Plus, the type of services you are getting should help you increase the money you are getting from your store. 

Many well spent in my eyes. If you are someone who has got some sales, but want to increase that then I would say this is a must have to see what you can do to improve. 

Find out more about the marketing services bundle.

Blog Advert Set Up

When I read this, I thought to myself..damn this is clever. Lots of successful stores don't run adverts straight to a product or a store front. 

They send people to blog posts, or articles, designed to capture your interest and to show you items that they might like, without pressing you into buying stuff. 

Some of the best type of marketing is the kind you don't realise is marketing, because you don't realise you are having products shown to you. Newspapers and magazines do it quite a lot, they do give them a stupid name 'Advertorial'... luckily you don't have to call them that on the internet, you can just call it a blog post. 

Costing just $69 for the advert and the post, I think that is a great way to switch up your advertisement.

Other Marketing Services

There are a whole host of other services that AliDropShip offer, with a number of different bundles designed to save you money, as I haven't tried some of the others, I couldn't really comment. 

But it's worth taking a look and seeing if any of the other items take your fancy! From social media posts, to niche research, they really do have you covered when it comes to marketing and research.

Hosting Services

When you purchase AliDropShip you do get the option of purchasing hosting, and I think it's a great deal considering the cost of eCommerce hosting with other providers. 


Their hosting service starts at $69 a year, which works out to $5ish a month. To get an eCommerce store hosted for $5-$6 a month is a great deal. 

The $69 plan offers you the ability to have up to 5 websites. Each DropShipping store will be loaded with the AliDropShip plugin and a Free SSL.

If you happen to be an AliDropShip store re-seller or you create custom stores for people and offer to host, this is a great way to resell your services to others.

You can quite easily charge $20- $50 a month for servers and hosting, so being able to get optimised hosting for such a low price is brilliant. 

Check out their hosting packages

Hosting Setup & Support

The final service within this list also comes with professional support.

This gig can be seen as an extension of some of the installation options seen earlier.

If you are struggling with getting your online store up and running, or possibly having issues with WordPress, then this hosting setup is the right one for you.

The support team also offer data recovery (Your store may have become compromised) and setting up security and access rights to your hosting.

This is a $20-per-hour offer, and you do need to contact the support team before you place the order, to ensure you get the right quote for your online store.

Check out their hosting set up


If you are trying to take your own DropShipping store, on WordPress or Shopify, then some of these dropshipping services may be great for your business.

I really enjoyed the marketing and SEO services, simply because you rarely see these products and services for Dropshipping sites.

Most service providers will focus on some ads, or maybe data entry, you rarely find someone writing your blog posts and submitting press releases.

None of the prices seems to be that high, most are in line with sites such as Upwork or Fiverr, and I have a feeling they will be of a much higher standard. 

Most of the gigs are a one-time payment, so you can save money by just buying the 'SEO starter pack' or the Promo Video Creation. You don't have to pay a monthly retainer to a company that may or may not create a video or blog post.

It's worth noting for some of them, you will need to have the AliDropShip plugin for them to work, but for the marketing ones, it looks like you can have any platform, as long as they can access it. It's definitely worth speaking to them before you purchase any of the AliDropShip services though.