Where Will I Be After This 30 Day Challenge?

I actually joined the original 15 day builder training a few months ago, around the same time that I purchased the Dream Car Profits training. Why? Because I felt like it was an interesting 'training' session and it was $7 to join. 

$7 for roughly 15 videos, with a decent business plan and the ability to help others is a good deal. Most of the people who read this blog don't have $150+  to spend on training, courses or funnels etc, but tons of people want to get started in this interesting world. Now, there are free training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate, which is good, it gives you 10 free lessons and some free hosting, but many people don't like the 'DIY' way that Wealthy Affiliate works, and prefer a step by step plan of action. 

Now, Wealthy Affiliate in my eyes is quite linear, but a few readers have complained that it just doesn't give enough value, but they don't want to spend $190 or so on something like Savage Affiliates, so I point them in the direction of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Plan

Where Will I Be After This 30 Day Challenge? 2 30 day challenge

I completed the 15 day plan quite a while ago, and I had semi forgotten about the platform, as I hadn't decided to buy into the upsells, as I personally had no need for it (though they do offer a lot of value if you are starting out, and still cheaper than other courses out there). But about a week ago, they sent me an email explaining that for anyone who was part of the 15 day plan, could access a free 30 day challenge, aptly dubbed 'The Free Bootcamp To Get 30 Traffic In 30 Days Or Less'. 


I Love A Challenge

Now, I am a sucker for Challenges, they give you something to focus on, rather than just churning out random articles, looking for new keywords to target. So, I signed up, I jumped straight into this challenge with both feet, and I must admit, I have been pleasantly surpised!

I have done similar challenges in the past, though one of them was based around a different niche, and as such was not done for this site. In the past it is usually a spreadsheet, with some ideas and then a rough idea about how many words, or the type of content, and that was it. 

You might get an email every few days asking how you are getting on, but then that would be the last of it. No follow up emails at the end, no contact to see if you completed it, a bit like being put in a boat, put in the sea and then told to row.

The ClickFunnels 30 day challenge, or the One Funnel Away challenge is still, one of the best things to happen, but you do need access to something like ClickFunnels to make it happen (or at least really succeed with it)...and for many that's a turn off. You need to pay $100 and then potentially $69 a month to get ClickFunnels. People starting out in this world don't always want to splash that kind of money..though I admit this is not a lot of money, some people see it as a lot and are shy or anxious. 

I admit, the Legendary Marketers recent 30 day challenge, I a little different. It's free, for a start and doesn't require you to really have access to a lot of stuff. A computer, the 15 day business (Which is about $7) and your phone. That's a low barrier to entry. 

The other difference, is that as soon as you signed up, you where sent a lengthy email and video, and then directed towards a VERY active Facebook group. 

Now this group has been organised brilliantly, with units set out, a resources page with tons of details and even moderators and content owners jumping on board, left, right and centre to give their support. 

That is the way to do something like this. 

You need a central place for people to engage, learn from each other and to thrive, it allows the members to feel like they are getting something from joining the challenge, it also allows others to provide feedback on content. 

What I Hope To Get From This 30 Day Challenge

If I am honest, I am mainly aiming to get some content ideas, the connect with a few of the guys who run Legendary Marketer, and also to finally kick start the YouTube channel that has about 6 items on it, seriously it's an embarrassment. I do hate getting in-front of the camera though, so I may end up using something like content samurai, then creating the article and converting it into videos afterwards. 

At the end of the 30 day workshop, I also hope to have 30 fresh pieces of content, with the majority of it created by the beach, so that's nice! 

If you want to join the 30 day free traffic challenge, then first you will need to sign up for the 15 Day Legendary Marketer Business Training, once inside, drop me a message and I will send you over the link!