The 5 Must Have Apps For Dropshipping

Running a DropShipping store can be difficult and time consuming, especially when it comes to everday tasks such as finding products, creating nice product images or trying to do re-targeting and even just helping with advertising. Today I came up with 5 must have apps for DropShipping. 

The apps, or tools found are pretty much all stand alone products, apps or platforms, so they are not 'apps' that require installing onto a website and can be accessed or used no matter what platform you decide to DropShip from (either Shopify or WordPress)

This is also not a definitive list and everyone has their own versions of these apps that they want!

1. Canva

Top of my list, has to be Canva. Seriously, if you haven't heard of it, go check them out. 

Canva allows you to create awesome looking social media posts, newsletter images, logos and so much more. The logo you see above was actually created in Canva (yeah, alright..chuckle away). Why did I choose to do it in Canva and not something like Fiverr? Because I was feeling cheap, and needed something simple, but effective. 

I also create a lot of the images and posts that I share on Instagram or Facebook on there, as it allows me to make sure the images I am using fit within the perfect diameters. 

2. DropShip Spy

For those who have read the DropShip Spy review, know what I am on about, if you haven't read it then, well do it. 

DropShip spy allows you to find products that other eCom sellers have had success with, that's the long and short of it. You can see the adverts they have used, get access to useful audiences and also be given the advert text to use in your own adverts. 

Its perfect for those who don't know where to look for products that do well, or don't have the time to research. 

3. Facebook Pixel Helper

This App is actually a chrome extension, that you can also get for Firefox. 

It allows you to check that Facebook Pixels are working correctly on your store. If you have conversions set up to check for basket ads or checkouts. 

If you are using WordPress or Shopify then you should be fairly safe and you can use apps such as PixelCat or similar to get the correct conversions, but it's always good to be safe. 

A Two Parter... Bare with me. 

4.1 Ali Reviews (if you are using Shopify)

 AliReviews is a Shopify app that allows you to quickly, and easily pull through REAL reviews straight from AliExpress. 

This can save you hours and hours of work, or save you from having to pay a virtual assistant from having to manually add them too your store. 

All you have to do is install the app, attach it to your store and then find the products you want to import the reviews onto. 

The app allows you too import as many as you want, and will also stop you from importing foreign reviews or reviews with images if you prefer. 

5 Must Have Apps For Dropshipping - Ali Review

4.2 AliDropShip (if you are using WordPress)

If you have gone down the AliDropShip route, and haven't opted for Shopify, then you can use the inbuilt review importer. 

It's free, part of the package and is also pretty awesome. 

Once you have set up your store and sorted out the products you want to display, you just need to tell AliDropShip to start importing reviews for those products, again a bit like AliReview you can specify how many, what language and if you want images or not. You can even choose what start rating you want too import (none of those 2 star reviews!)

5. Sniply

An aboslute gem of an app, or actually a Chrome extension is Sniply.  This great little tool allows you to put your own unique spin on posts that you share. 

By creating small call to actions on blog posts or videos that you share, you can create focused and interesting looking popups based on the post you have just shared.


The image above shows one of the Call To Actions that I would use to get people to travel to my site. 
This works really well if you have viral blogs that people want to read! 

6. Bonus Round - Salehoo (my secret weapon)

A bit of a bonus for anyone who has got this far, because I absolutely love Salehoo and it really is my secret weapon for running eCom stores and Amazon FBA. I would recommend reading my full review on Salehoo and seeing why I love it.

Salehoo is a website and service that provides it's members with 8,000+ wholesalers, dropshippers and liquidators etc that you can use to purchase your items for your eCommerce business.  They give you access to thousands upon thousands of products that you can either buy in bulk or get DropShipped too your customers. 

They also provide you with hot/best selling items, to give you ideas on what the current trends are for the season or the moment. 

Remember, to see EVERYTHING that they do, be sure to check out the Salehoo Review.  

Well, that's just a small number of apps that I use on an everyday basis to ensure that my business run smoothly! Have you got any apps that you recommend for DropShipping or eCommerce? Let me know in the comments below!

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