10 Apps Every WooCommerce DropShipping Store Needs

WooCommerce has become a very popular plugin for the WordPress Content Management System, offering a way to set up online shopping in merely minutes and start selling with minimal setup. This is a preferred option for many people who have delved into the world of dropshipping, but installing the WooCommerce plugin alone often does not provide an effective way to set up a dropshipping store with minimal effort.

With the right WooCommerce extensions and plugins, you can easily speed up the process of importing products, set your profit margin, and even entice more people to add products to their cart and actually complete the checkout process.

In this post, we’ll take a look at our apps every WooCommerce DropShipping store needs. These are apps you should definitely be using if you are developing or already running an online dropshipping store.

1. AliDropShip Woo

First on our list is AliDropShip Woo, a very useful plugin that you can use if you plan on dropshipping products to your customers through the AliExpress platform. The plugin allows you to import any products listed on AliExpress within just a few clicks and the process if very easy – even for those who are not experienced with the platform. In addition to the import features, this plugin also allows you to process orders as they are made and provides a series of tracking tools to help you grow your business.

10 Apps Every WooCommerce DropShipping Store Needs 2 Apps Every WooCommerce DropShipping Store

2. DropShip Me

DropShip Me is an advanced plugin for the WooCommerce platform that integrates with your AliExpress account. The plugin allows you to easily import top-selling products from the AliExpress platform, add a specific markup that you can configure, and then posts these products on your website – you’ll be able to start selling immediately, often without the need for extensive editing. You can import your first 50 products for free, and there are no fees involved with downloading and installing the plugin.

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3. WooDropship

Yet another excellent plugin for anyone looking to start a dropshipping business through the AliExpress platform, WooDropship allows you to easily import products from the platform to your website and display the products to your customers in a professional way. The plugin offers features such as a built-in image editor, inventory sync, customizable pricing rules, and the ability to easily modify the imported products. You can also easily fulfill orders that customers place on your website with the help of this plugin.

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4. YouDroop

YouDroop is a complete dropshipping for those who want to extend their search for suppliers beyond the AliExpress platform. You can search for the perfect suppliers and products that you wish to sell. The plugin also comes with built-in product photo sync features and can be used to easily mark up the prices of the products that you import. It is free to install and activate the product, and paid plans are available for accessing more advanced features.

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5. Dropified


Dropified aims to be a complete solution for anyone looking to build an automated dropshipping business. With this plugin, you can find top-selling products to sell on your website, import them, present them to your visitors professionally, and even process sales once the customer has placed an order. Dropified comes with two different plans that you can choose from and offers you a 14-day free trial to test the platform before making any type of investment.

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6. Picreel

Picreel is a great plugin if you wish to increase conversions on your dropshipping website. The product guarantees that once implemented, and your conversion rates will increase by a minimum of 25%. With the Picreel plugin, you can easily set up exit popups that will notify the visitor of special offers if the visitor takes their pointer off the website, giving you a second chance to get their attention.

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7. Abandoned Cart

It is a known factor that a lot of website visitors tend to add products to their cart, but never follows through with the checkout process. With the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin, visitors will be reminded that they still have products added to their cart – this way, you can greatly increase the chance of the customer clicking the cart button, finishing the checkout process, and boost your profits.

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8. Yotpo Reviews

Reviews can be tremendously valuable to any type of business. When customers review your business or products, it gives other potential customers the ability to see what previous customers thought of the products you sold them. There are many review plugins out there – we really like Yotpo reviews due to the attractive layout and the fact that the plugin makes it very easy for the customer to leave a review after they have made a purchase from your store.

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9. Beeketing

Beeketing is a complete marketing suite for e-commerce stores – whether running a dropshipping store or a different type of e-commerce store, this plugin gives you a series of tools to help boost your conversions and profits. The entire plugin is powered by a custom artificial intelligent platform. With the platform, you can track the behavior of your customers, see what interests visitors, and access apps that will help you promote products to your customers in a smart way.

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10. Live Sales Notifications

Another great plugin to consider is the WooCommerce Live Sales Notification extension. This plugin analyses your e-commerce store’s sales data and will then present popups on the side of the website for visitors to show them what recent customers have bought from you. This not only tells visitors that people are buying from your store but can also spark interest in specific products that you are selling.

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Our 10 Apps Every WooCommerce DropShipping Store Needs - Final Words

 With the right plugins, you can greatly extend the functionality of WooCommerce to make your life as a dropshipper much, much easier. The list of plugins we noted in this post will help you import products faster, add mark-up to these products, and even help you get your visitors to convert to customers easier, by reminding them of their carts, as well as giving them an idea of what products are especially popular on your store

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