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As with all W+ products, it's a low Front-End with a number of upsells. 

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Ease of USe

Some people will find certain parts challenging, that is the reality of funnels and emails. But the majority of this course is easy to follow.

The Online Student - Content


Full of useful information and content that can be put into practise straight away

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James & Mark higher a full support desk these days, so the support is top notch. 

Summary: Another well put together course that provides an updated version of two super affiliates marketing methods to incorporate new higher commission products. 

  • Relatively easy to get going
  • Videos are concise and to the point, easy to follow and actionable 
  • Low price point for the information provided (including the bonuses) 
  • There is always an element of luck with some of these traffic methods 
  • Not everyone can afford to run ClickFunnels from day one
  • Not everyone will want to have Facebook groups (they can be hard to run)

James Fawcett and his courses are no strangers to this blog, with a number of his products appearing as reviews. Including the breakout courses (There are a number of those these days) and the Phoenix Series in partnership with his long-time partner Mark. 

James Fawcett and his partner Mark Barrett are well-known super affiliates, having earned a combined $2m+ these days in affiliate commissions. They are highly experienced marketers in the W+ scene and to be fair, affiliate marketing in general. They have built a huge online business, with multiple and unique methods to help them get to the level they are at these days.

This Endgame 2.0 review will dive into this new, and improved training to see what has been updated for 2023. 

What Is Endgame 2.0?

EndGame 2.0 is an update to James & Mark's very successful 2021 Endgame. With brand new methods, step-by-step strategies, DFY money pages and multiple commission streams designed to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

The new methods look at their top converting strategies with high-ticket products, creating small ecosystems that can help new marketers build a following, as well as allowing you to promote products inside those areas.

Endgame 2 membership overview

EndGame 2.0 is an update to James & Mark's very successful 2021 Endgame. With brand new methods, step-by-step strategies, DFY money pages and multiple commission streams designed to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

The new methods look at their top converting strategies with high-ticket products, creating small ecosystems that can help new marketers build a following, as well as allowing you to promote products inside those areas.

It is a step-by-step walkthrough of a variety of different email list-building tactics, with a high-ticket twist.

This is one of the points that sets it apart from say Breakout Code (which focuses on just solo ads and email marketing) or Phoenix (which focuses on recurring commission products).

As with a lot of W+ products, this may not blow your mind and is just another angle of the 'Traffic + Product = Sales' method. Not to say there is anything wrong with people updating or offering a slightly different angle or view on this method. 

What Is Inside Of Endgame 2.0?

As you can probably see in the image above, the Endgame 2 step-by-step training is broken down into 2 traffic styles and then a high ticket boost method. This high ticket commission section is the part that makes the Endgame course what they are, boosting your commissions with products that offer $500 - $5000+ commissions. 

  • List Building - Email Marketing 2.0
  • List Building - Social Media 2.0
  • Endgame 2.0 High Ticket Sales

There are also sections that talk about the Endgame case study (which is worth the watch, but not worth having a whole section covering it) and then of course Endgame 2.0 bonuses, and Endgame 2.0 upgrades, which I will cover a little below. 

Endgame 2.0 - Email Marketing 2.0

As with pretty much all of James Fawcett's courses, email marketing plays a BIG role, mainly because the guy generates $30 - $100k a month from his email list, so he really does know how to build that email list, and how to generate commissions from it. 

Within Endgame 2.0 James covers the basic 'how to build an optin page' and 'how to build a bridge page' methods, as these are fundamental to your success. But he does also explore other ways to utilise your new leads, without going down the same 'show pre-sale video' page. 

A method that was introduced in the Phoneix course, and something that Mark Barret seems to implement a lot, is the implementation of rotators. Essentially sending people to different product sales pages after they sign up. 

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This method can work quite well, but I have personally found I generate fewer sales from both the front-end and the follow-up sequences, as you are chopping and changing products multiple times. 

The Email Marketing 2.0 section also covers autoresponders, email follow ups and obviously, ways to start generating traffic.  

End Game 2.0 - Social Media List Building 

The second part of Endgame focuses entirely on utilising Social Media to help build up your email list and of course authority and name. 

Unlike Affiliate Legion or even Legendary Marketer, which uses TikTok or Instagram, James looks at more traditional methods such as Facebook and Facebook groups. 

This is much more in line with Jamie Gardner's FIFS and how he builds his list and generates commissions. 

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This style of list building works in two ways, especially as you need to spend time putting out content, and pushing people towards your email list/Facebook group. 

Well worth diving into this section if you want to nurture smaller groups or even a secret list of potential buyers. 

EndGame 2.0 - High Ticket boost

This section is another one that sets it apart from other similar courses or methods of making money online.

At the heart of it, if you want to have big day days, you usually want to be able to sprinkle in high-ticket products that can offer huge commissions.

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High Ticket Sales Boost is all about finding and promoting products that can potentially offer you thousands in commissions.

The premise does revolve around you utilising social media more to help with the high ticket offers, as you will find that people want to get to know you before they spend $$$'s, but James does also show you how to integrate this into your email marketing as well. 

Who Teaches The EndGame 2.0?

The super affiliate and now 7-Figure marketer James Fawcett, alongside an old launch friend Mark Barrett.

EndGame 2.0 Pricing - How Much Does It Cost?

Most of the time Endgame 2.0 will sit between $13 - $17 for the Front End offer, but of course, you will find a number of upsells within the product.

These upsells do not go on sale, so will always sit at their original price or down-sell price. 

End Game 2.0 Pricing - How Much Does It Cost?

The core price, or at least the front end cost is $17.25, but you can find it on discount on occasion. So it's worth checking this page to find the current (and only official) price. 

This gives you access to all of the sections above. 

Endgame 2.0 Upsells ?

As with pretty much every Warrior+ product I review, there will be upsells. This is no exception, and as I have said before, the options do work alongside the initial offering.

10x Profit Automators

Essentially a large number of email swipes that can be deployed (at least tweaked) to your growing email list.

With 300+ different swipes to get started with, you basically don't have to write your own email for a year. Plus you can chop and change them as you see fit to work with different products.

DFY Package

This is an offer I have seen before, across multiple price points. This upsell will provide you with a ton of swipe assets that you can use within your own email marketing campaigns.

They do convert really well and can be used as autoresponders or single campaigns.

Endgame 2.0 Inner Circle

A lite version of the BAM product that Mark & James created a while back. You get access to their Facebook community, with additional training, content and assets to help you maximise profits and sales.

10x Profit Box 2.0- $37

This product shows you how to increase sales (by offering bonuses and additional offers as part of your sales pitches).

Quite similar to John Newmans' 10x Training.

Unlimited Traffic - $197

A lot like the original Little Black Book, this upgrade dives into multiple traffic sources, including buyer traffic, how to convert cold traffic and other traffic methods to help you build that email list.

Super Affiliate Reseller Bundle - $197

This an upsell that I believe can be super useful for ANYONE who is just starting out with affiliate marketing, or who wants to increase their profits when it comes to marketing products.

This bundle gives you resell rights (and boosts) on every product these guys have sold. Essentially allowing you to earn higher commissions on their products (70-80% boosts). So rather than earning say $7 for a $14 sale, you can earn $10. This may not feel like a lot, but when you get into the $100+ upsells you really start to see the difference.

EndGame 2.0 Bonuses

You will usually find that W+ products come with either hidden bonuses (i.e just a random page with additional access to other products) or known bonuses, advertised on the sales page to increase conversion.

EndGame 2.0 has both. On the sales page, you will find access to their additional cash magnets + masterclass training (a decent watch).

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You will also get access to;

  • Endgame 2.0 funnel,

  • 70k in 30 days blueprints,

  • Access to Profit Pad social media software,

  • 2 Reseller Rights Licence (Yes, you can get approval on 2 older products offering 70-80% commissions)

  • 7-Figure cash magnets

So as you can see, you do get a lot for your original $17 or so price tag.

Who Is EndGame 2 For?

If you are completely new or haven't seen any affiliate marketing success yet, then this could be for you.

This method does include a focus on more high-ticket products, which can really help when you are scaling and trying to grow.

If you are looking for the exact method, or even a brand new method (or at least a new twist) on a way to build an online business, then Endgame 2.0 might be the right course for you.

Is Endgame 2.0 Right For You?

As with all these products that look at teaching you how to create a successful affiliate marketing business, it depends on what YOU want to do.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, or you don't want to do something like blogging or you don't want to touch social media (not everyone wants to dance on TikTok) or be all over YouTube, then EndGame 2.0 offers a sensible, easy to follow training on affiliate marketing with regular cold traffic and different traffic sources.

Endgame 2.0 Review Conclusion - Should You Get This?

Endgame 2.0 is a new, updated version of the original EndGame training, with the added twist of high ticket products, buyer ecosystems and additional ways to generate buyer traffic thrown in.

It takes everything that James & Mark have been doing for the last 4-5+ years and improved upon it.

Even just picking up the Front-End offer can provide you with a ton of information, without needing to pick up the upsells etc.

It's worth buying if you are interested in this style of marketing, and want to copy these super affiliates.