AliDropShip Themes Review

AliDropShip is of a premium plugin, designed for WordPress that allows you to change your boring manual eCom site into a fully automated DropShipping machine. Due to it being on wordpress, it requires themes to make it look and feel professional. I wanted to write an AliDropShip Themes Review to look at both free and paid themes and see how they compare and convert.

Because AliDropShip can be used standalone, or with the WooCommerce plugin, there are a number of different themes on offer, plus more than technically could be installed and used. As such, I am just going to focus on the ones that they offer. 

What Is AliDropShip?

I feel like this is the first question that should be answered, especially before we go any further. 

Putting it simply, AliDropShip is a wordpress plugin, that allows you to create an ecommerce style platform, on your WordPress website. It can be bundled with a well known and highly used plugin called WooCommerce to further increase it's capatabilities, or to bring in extra functionality, but it can also be used on it's own. 

It requires WordPress and your own hosting to run it (I reconmend SiteGround if you are going to do it) and of course the AliDropship plugin. 

It comes with a number of themes installed, with a number of extras that can be purchased or simply installed or used later if you fancy changing it up. 

Be sure to check out the full review here. 

AlIDropShip Plugin Themes

I am going to call these, the AlidropShip Original Plugin Themes, mainly because that's what they call them, and it makes life a lot easier. 

There are 11 in total that can be used on the original plugin, each with a different style and even target market. So, let's dive into this and take a look.

El Greco ($67)

First up is one of the latest releases, the 'El Greco', it's very visually focused, with lots of space for large images, small quick headers and of course grids designed to showcase the products off. 

The home page is a mix of coursells, categorie placeholders and again grids of best sellers or 'popular products'. The style is very modern, and is quite similar to ones you will find on Shopify, or other ecommerce platforms. It's designed to get the images and a single piece of eye catching text in your eye. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

There is also an Instagram feed at the bottom of the home screen, that can fed with your latest posts, as well as a large text area to add a bit of background or a few paragraphs to help with SEO. 

The sales pages for me seem really cluttered. With buttons, text boxes, badges, little icons and so much happening at once. The payment button is clear, but only because it's bright green. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

Thankfully, because it's AliDropShip a lot of this can be customised and turned off. Which is something I would persoally do. I ejoy the fact they do give you estimated delivery, shipping information and the refund, at least it's not hiding the buy it now button like a lot of them. But having the little icons as well as the big banner probably isn't needed.

The second part is that you get tabs to place all of the questions, FAQs, Shipping policies and everything else you want on a page..but not straight up in your face. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

I hate websites or themes that put it all on one page, it's not required, if people want to look they will click the tab. Finally the sales pages also have a review section right at the bottom, plus a 'You May Also Like' and 'Recently Viewed'. For me, they seem quite far away, but again it's good to have them somewhere. 

I would say that this theme checks a lot of boxes, and really does focus your buyer on buying the product and getting to the checkout. You can find out more about El Greco here

Andy Warhol ($67)

Actually one of the first premium themes I purchased when they started being offered, this style is a little different to the big banners and category focused El Greco.

This particular theme is really designed to be used with 'spur of the moment' purchases, with icons and badges designed to push that' fear of missing out' that a lot of companies use these days. If you go onto most big brand stores, you will see 'people veiwing' or 'selling fast' and this is what Andy Warhol is for.

I would probably say that this theme focused on a single niche, or a 'sales' style website quite well, with the home page focusing on showing you exactly what's on sale, how popular it is and why you should buy it. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

The product pages themselves are again focused on the idea that products are shifting, you may not get them if you way and allows you to set stock levels on items. For me, I try not to use fake scarcity to sell products, it's just not needed, and can be turned off.

AlidropShip Theme Review

For me there are just too many different 'look at this, it's selling out, honest!' thigs going on. I like the layouts, but I would probably keep the 'buy it now' stuff turned off I was to use it again.

You can find out more about Andy Warhol here

Van Goh ($67)

This particular theme really focuses on helping store owners sell one or two 'flag ship' products, with the home screen essentially being one large landing page or sales page. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

Each section of the home page is dedicated to introducing more information, sales copy or high quality images designed to help sell that product.

AlidropShip Theme Review

For me, what let's this particular theme down, is the actual sales page. The place whereby you make that final decision. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

I would want this page to be just that little bit more..exciting. The final page to entice me to buy this product. A lot of the information is found on the main sales page, but I would want some extra places to add more text, potentially making it look like a mini version of the front page, as apposed to just a normal sales page.

You can find out more about Van Gogh here

Picasso ($67)

Another theme focused on the 'single product' style, much like the Van Gogh, with large banners with HD pictures, and a large section to help sell and promote your product. 

I really enjoy this theme, except for one thing, and that is the 'mini checkout' or sales page on the home screen, I really think it breaks up the page. And needs to be moved.

AlidropShip Theme Review

Thankfully, you can move sections, though doing so may cause an issue, which I will explain in a second. I personally would move the mini checkout to the bottom, and just have the 'What Makes Us Different' that then has a small banner that explains the price.

AlidropShip Theme Review

This would be a lot cleaner, with that button then taking you to the mini checkout, because with this style of theme, there is no 'sales page' this is it. It's a single page theme, designed to sell a single product.

If you click the 'I Want This Cleaner' on this particular AlIDropShip theme, it will take you to wherever the mini checkout is. So again, for me I would have to throw it at the bottom, rather than breaking up the sales copy. 

All in all, a great single page theme for those looking to sell a single product. You can find out more about Picasso here

Da Vinci 2.0 (Free)

Now we rumble onto the free themes, these usually come with the installation packages (or at least did when I last downloaded it).

To start it off is the V2 of the first theme I ever used on an AliDropShip store, the Da Vinci 2.0. This theme is, different from most other modern day themes, and focuses around building up a large store, with plenty of places to show menus, new products, calls to action and it works really well if you have a variety of products on sale.

Some may find this style of theme quite cluttered, but it's actually the same layout and style a lot of the big eCommerce websites use.

AlidropShip Theme Review

Each page of this theme is designed to showcase everything that you have to offer your customers. With categories spacing out your products with decent sized images, review stars and of course sale pricing being shown in easy to see positions, this theme is focused on getting your customers attention. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

The sales pages themselves are, minimilist in their appearance. The buy it now buttons or pricing etc is not as dominant on the pages as other themes, it's more about getting the info the customer needs up front, with some product details below, but also still showing off other products.

Your aim for this theme is to fill that checkout up as much as possible with lots of related or complimentary products. For a free theme, it seems to do quite well. You can find out more about Da Vinci 2.0 here (or simply install it and see)

Rubens (Free)

Rubens is an AliDropShip that again loves to focus on the big wide 'niche images' to draw you in. The first thing you see when you visit a site with it installed is the large coursell of images or even videos, each taking you to different sales pages. 

For me, the part that I really like, and makes this theme great for those with imaged focused products, things that don't need a ton of description, is the sales pages. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

The call to action is clear, (we can ignore that stupid invent count), you can easily click through onto more details, or reviews, you can see the product clearly and the price is simple to find. 

Again, for a free theme, you can't argue with this. You can find out more about Rubens here (or simply install it and see)

Dali (Free)

If you are into your fashion or have a store that focuses on clothing then Dali may be the right theme for you. It uses large HD image boxes, combining Andy Warhol and Da Vinci together, again utilising the large coursell with videos, short gifs and images designed to sell your brand.

You can put your own short adverts, or welcome messages to highlight what the store sells or your brand message is. The home page also breaks itself down into sections, with room for new collections, focused content or simply showing off single items that you want to promote.

The sales pages for the products is again big on imagery, designed to show off the products, especially from multiple angles. For me, this is why this store is great for those promoting clothes, or shoes, or simply products that require different ways to see the product.

AlidropShip Theme Review

With big calls to action, and a right hand column that follows you as you scroll through the images, this theme is there to help sell those images. 

Really well made DropShipping theme and one that works brilliantly for clothing or showing off those images. 

You can find out more about Dali here (or simply install it and see)

Raphael (Free)

This particular design is another one designed for large stores, or websites that might have a few different categories they want to highlight. Big coursell with images and videos, but not taking up the entire page, it budles that with categories and top products quite nicely.

Raphael also uses a search bar in it's header, and quite prominent as well. You will also find on the home screen social proof, reviews and of course the mandatory Instagram feed.

I would say this is the free version of El Greco, without that final paid for polish. The layout and even the product pages all feel very similar.

AlidropShip Theme Review

Using the tabs at the bottom to contain the useful information, and of course big images and a large call to action to push people towards that sale.

You can find out more about Raphael here (or simply install it and see)

Da Vinci (Free)

I won't dwell too much on this theme, because really it's very similar in layout to Da Vinci 2.0, though this particular version still has some of the big countdown timers, badges everywhere and feels a bit cluttered.

Da Vinci 2.0 improves upon those aspects a lot. 

Rembrant (Free)

As with Da Vinci and Michelangelo that I will cover next, these themes where the original 3 that you would get when AliDropShip first appeared and you can see the style of theme they where goig for. 

Rembrant theme is quite boxy, utilising different squares on the home page for different calls to action, such as Best Deal, New Products and of course Best Sellers. Again these themes utilise the sliding images and videos widgets, something that seemed to be a big thing when AliDropShip started. 

The product pages are condensed, they don't use a ton of space, but get everything you require straight in eyesight of the customer. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

Not a bad theme overall, though personally I am not a fan of the boxes on the front page. 

Michelangelo (Free)

I believe this was the default theme that came with AlIDropShip when you installed it, and one I still really like, just because it's clean and simple. The design is a mix of Da Vinci and Rembrant, again aimed at the larger stores.

The home page is similar to that of rembrant, with section devoted to different categories. There is also part of the home page that runs with the standard trust badges.  

AlidropShip Theme Review

You will notice that the sales page is basically the same as the last two themes, a little cluttered, and quite squished. It's quite hard to show how condensed the sales page is, but there is a lot of background/white space that's simply not used. 

I'd say if you are going for free themes, stick to the others. 

AlIdropShip WooCommerce Themes

If you are someone who wants to play around with more plugins, or want to incorperate more stability when it comes to building your ecom store, then you might decide to pick up WooCommerce and use the AliDropShip Woo Plugin. 

There are 5 themes in total that AlIDropShip sell or give as part of the AliDropShip Woo Plugin, some of them are identical to the ones that are sold or shipped with the standard AliDropShip plugin, so I won't go over them, as nothing is really different in the look and feel. 

Claude Monet Woo

I have to admit, I really like this WooCommerce theme, mainly because there are some nifty little design aspects that make this stand out. Especially with the different styles for images and the curves and circles on buttons etc.

The theme demo is set up for 'kids' stuff, and I think it does work well with that niche or style. The home page is split into destinct areas, with places to put new releases, banner ads, big call to actions and of course a place for social proof. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

You will probably see that the layouts and pages look quite similar Andy Warhol, again focusng on images, sizing and of course pricing. 

A really nice, vibrant theme. You can find out more about Claude Monet Woo here (or simply install it and see)

Matisse Woo

Matisse Woo from AliDropShip is a single product store style theme. Designed to highlight and sell that 'one amazing product', without adding fluff or extras around it. 

I would say that the Picasso theme is the closest or the most similar in style, but if I am honest, I actually prefer this. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

There are some extras that for me makes this stand out more, with seperate pages designed to support your company, from tracking packages, about us pages and of course contact pages. Picasso looked to miss that, and tried to throw absolutely everything onto that single page. But, there is less focus on a large section that has a huge image with the seperate 'features'.

AlidropShip Theme Review

But they do have a large video section, with an extra 'promise' bar, aimed at increasing trust. 

AlidropShip Theme Review

The last point with this theme, is as with Picasso, it has that 'sales page' as a section within the page, but there is a single 'product page' that can be implemented, which is something I would probably look at doing. Keeping the home page as the large sales page, with buttons and calls to actions to direct the customer off to the single product page that then adds a little more information to help your customer buy that product. 

If you are selling a single product, then this is the theme for you. You can find out more about Matisse Woo here (or simply install it and see)

Which AlIDropShip Theme Should You Use?

Because there are two distinct plugins that is the first question that you should ask yourself, before picking a theme. If you simply want a store that can be set up, theme installed, products imported, without the need or desire to tinker or change,then AliDropShip plugin is for you. If, like me you like to play around a little, or find other plugins, then AliDropShip Woo Plugin could be the right move.

Once you have made that decision, then it's down to what type of business are you focusing on. Single products or large stores, this should then help narrow down what theme you want to load.

For a single store, I feel that Picasso works really well, with a bit of tinkering, turning off some of the plugins could really make this a clean theme. 

For larger stores, I would have to say that Rubens or El Greco look and feel amazing, again playing around with the plugins or the pop-ups etc and again you could create a reall nice looking store without a ton of effort.

How Much Do AliDropShip Themes Cost?

All of the paid themes, be it AliDropship Plugin or AlIDropShip Woo Plugin all cost $67 one time cost. That cost is a lot cheaper than similar Shopify themes, for example some of these.

I would say that getting a premium theme and a good plugin for around $120 is still cheaper then some ofthe Shopify themes out there, which means you can get an awesome looking store set up for under $200, that's pretty amazing.

Can You Get AlIDropShip Themes For Free?

Yes, AliDropShip offer free themes, as well as paid themes. So if you are tight on money, or you are trying to budget your store build, then you can easily pick up the free themes and still make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

AliDropShip Themes Review Conclusion

If you are someone who wants to create a Dropshipping business, with more freedom, less overhead costs and the ability to play around with the look and feel of your store, then AlIDropShip and the themes they offer might be the right move for you.

With premium themes still being a lot cheaper than Shopify equivilent, and lots of high quality free themes, there are plenty of opportunities to create your own succesful and decent lookig DropShipping store.