Forsage Review

Usually when I do these reviews, I add a 'review summary', for this Forsage Review, I am not even going to bother and you will find out in a second. 

Forsage started to make an appearance on social media around May 2020 (though it actually began life at the start of 2020), with a few large MLM promoters pointing towards a new 'smart contract' platform that basically provided unrivalved earning potetials and the promise of something big. 

Now for many, the word 'cryptocurrency' doesn't mean a lot, and even provides confusion, especially when you start to talk about blockchain or smart contracts, but when show with $'s it suddenly becomes something everyone wants to get involed in. 

What Is Forsage

Forsage was sold as either a Crowdfunding International Platform, or a Smart Contract Crypto Earning Platform, depending on who you spoke to and what website or funnel was promoting it. 

So, when I joined it (yep, the things I do for this blog), the website that I originally signed up under focused on the fact you could make a large amount of $$'s within a very small amount of time, with the smart contract. The contract that means you can't fail. 

They explained step by step that you could buy in at just $15 and other people can do the work for you, and make you some insane money. 

Now, it's worth noting, there are loads of these sites that have been set up that funnel you towards forsage in some way or another. One sets it up as a crowdfunding website (funding the big players new Lamborghini..) and that it was just peer to peer crowdfunding whereby people pay you money, to be able to earn money. 

I would also note that Forsage themselves call it an Instant Peer-To-Peer Payment gateway that allows its members to pay each other. 

As of today, 1st July, 2020, there are 435k peer-to-peer lenders on this platform, with a total of $3.8m flowing daily. 

Forsage Review

But, at the heart of Forsage, are 3 main elements that set this 'platform' apart from others.

The 3x Matrix

Using Forsage's own wording for this, the Forsage 3x Matrix is your direct referrals matrix. These people have been directly bought into the pyramid peer to peer system by you with your unique affiliate link. 

Each Matrix and each buyin (more on that later) has 3 slots, hence why it's called the 3x matrix.

Forsage Review

The matrix is set up to allow you to get direct payments from 2 people, and then 're-invest' your 3rd payment, which essentially means this goes to your sponsor. 

So same is said for every sponsor you bring in, they will also pass their 3rd sale to you. 

Forsage Review

There are 12 tiers that you can buy in at, starting from 0.025 Eretheum (around $14), all the way up to 51.2 Eretheum (around $10k). You must own each tier to purchase the next one, so the total amount you spend is around $20-$25k to get all 12 tiers. 

You purchase each tier once, and you then get the ability to 'sell' that tier. A bit like a MLM or platforms whereby you must own the product to sell it. 

This Matrix was one of the reasons this platform was spreading like wildfire, as each tier meant IF you managed to sell people into the highest possible tier, you could earn $150k if someone purchased EVERY tier up to the highest 12 tier all from you.

The 4x Matrix

Now, here comes the huge selling point behind Forsage, and my personal belief why it really did spread like wild fire on social media. 

The 4x Matrix. 

This Matrix runs a lot like the 3x Matrix, except that this is not filled by you, but filled by the people above or around you.

Forsage Review

The 4X Matrix bring in a whole new level of people, as well as an extra spot. 

The way the 4X Matrix works is the 1st two slots (so slot 1 /2 in the above image) are filled by Forsage going through every single person in the system above you and seeing if their 4x slots have been filled (because remember you have to buy both 3x and 4x matrix). When it comes to an empty slot 1 or 2 on the 4x Matrix, that new person is positioned below you.

This of course does mean you can have 2 people allocated too you, as more people join. It's worth nothing you dont get paid the purchase price. So when that person pays the price to buy into that level, their money actually goes to your sponsor, so whoever bought you in. 

The same is true for those two people, when the system finds a space to fill in, you will actually be paid, as you are technically their sponsor. Even though you didn't actually do anything.

So it's a bit like a butler finding slots to fit these people into and just slotting them in where it can. 

Obviously the more people joining, the quicker those slots get filled up, and every time all 4 of those slots are filled, you have to 're-invest' and you open your slots back up again and that 're-investment' goes to your sponsor. 

Forsage Review

Having this working on both sides, means IF you happen to be quite near the top of this 'system' (though supposedly it works both up and down..) then you essentially earn X amount 3 times. Giving your first slot a potential value of 3x 0.025 Eretherum, or about $19, which means you are actually now in profift by a small amount. 

If you happen to have purchased say the $10k slot at 52 Eretheum, the total number of investors at this point is actually quite low, so you are fighting against a small number of people to get those new slots. 

Which is one of the reasons why people who had purchased the $5k slots where noting they where getting $500 pay days or $50 etc, but they where not fighting everyone else for the $15 slots and could have their 4x matrix filled a lot quicker.

Obviously as with a lot of platforms and 'get rich quick schemes' this promise of making money by simply owning a few pixels and having a system throw them underneath you and eventually have them pay you money, is in my opinion, the reason it ran wild.

If you purchased all 24 tiers to access both the X3 & X4 matrix's, you would have spent between $40k - $50k. Remember that.

The Smart Contract

One thing about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies, is the use of the 'Smart Contracts'. 

The smart contracts are large pieces of code, written to serve a purpose, either to reward miners for mining 100 blocks or potentially sending a miner a bonus for being in a platform for a long period of time. 

There are hundreds of these contracts, and they are designed to be fully transparent and avaiable to read. 

Forsages smart contract is the aformentioned matrix. It is the butler that will ensure that new people in the 4x matrix are handed over to people 'somewhere' inside of Forsage and that sponsors are paid for each new 3x matrix referall they bring in. 

Plus it also deals with the re-investing. 

So What Does Forsage Sell?


Remember, it's a peer-to-peer gateway, designed to allow people to send money to others, for nothing in return other than the ability to get money sent to them. 

You pay to be able to refer others, who can also pay, to refer others. 

Is Forsage A Pyramid Scheme

Something that has recently been thrown around, is wherether Forsage is a pryamid.

It supposedly has no 'admin' or 'leader' and as such cannot be a period, because no 1 person ultimately gets the money and runs.

But if you look at the Matrix structure, and the overall structure of the platform, it does have a pyramid structure. When this was created, a number of accounts would have had to been set up to be able to promote.

With a lot of these systems, 1 - 50+ 'starter' accounts are created to start the flow of people and to show off what can be made.

These may be started and owned by the founders (who do actually have to pay in to be fair, as it is recorded, though they ultimately pay into themselves) or they are created by people with extensive marketing lists or networking abilities. 

As they are ultimately the start of the platform, they will recieve a lot of the sponsor payments (if their army of accounts recruit 100 people each..) and they will also benefit from the 4X Matrix as they will be at the start of contract. They will also have a higher chance of getting anyone who buys in at higher levels, as people may be skeptical at first and the first 5k - 10k people may only buy in at the $15 - $200 levels, with only a small number buying those big purchases. 

So, does Forsage fall under the term 'Pyramid scheme' in my humble opinion, yes. Plus the Philippine government seem to agree..

There is no tangible product, even under the guise of a peer-to-peer platform whereby you simply send money to others, there is no real benefit. Nothing is gained other than the ability to recruit people yourself.

What Makes Forsage Different From Other Platforms or MLMs?

An interesting review (in favour) of Forsage, is that Forsage is the same as platforms like Easy1Up or 25Dollar1Up and things like 'ThisIsNotMLM'.

Now platforms such as Easy1Up are definitely MLM in nature, they have compensation plans that pay sponsors, and they have different tiers. But they also have tangible products that they sell. 

It can be argued that the price paid for the training may not be worth it (I argued this in my own review) but you are at least getting something for you money, as well as the ability to resell it as your own. The training you get within Easy1Up can be read or watched and then put towards running adverts, creating a blog or any number of other things depending on what product you purchased.

25Dollar1Up is similar in it's style, selling different levels of training, and of course having a compensation plan that allows people to earn money with someone elses effort, but again you are getting access to something that can be used to help you learn a skill, usually outside of the platform you are in.

A platform like ThisIsNotMLM starts to smudge that boundary, with a lot of the training focusing on recruitment, and how to get your affiliate link out and about to the world. Which means it focuses on getting you to recruit people, in a vague promise of training to earn money, which turns out to be just getting people to sign up. As with the other two, there are different tiers, that open up more training or programs, but the cost of these are overhyped.

But, you are given a tangible product, unlike Forsage.

Forsage Review Conclusion

Well, there you have it, my own personal experience with Forsage, as I said right at the start, I did actually purchase this, as I was interested to see what it was about, and for some reason I had 1 or 2 Eretherum lying around. 

Which means I did spend $15 to be able to give you an inside view into Forsage. 

Having purchased by 0.05 or Tier 1 of both Matrix's (because you pretty much have too to start with), I can safely say I have earned $0 back. I do have 2 people below me in the x4 Matrix, but of course payments went to my sponsor, whoever that may have been. So they grabbed themselves $15 thanks to me!

My Reconmend Alternatives 

Honestly, just about anything would be a good alternative to this cluster of a platform. 

If you are trying to learn how to make money online, and want to create a tangible asset, be it a YouTube channel or perhaps a blog, then I would reconmend Savage Affiliates. It teaches you how to become an affiliate markter, utilising different platforms and traffic types. At a reasonable price. 

For those who may want to get access to training + have the ability to re-sell it, and want to grow a team doing so, then products such as the afformentioned Easy1Up is going to be more up your street. With product packages starting from $25 all the way up to $2,000 the of course the fact you can earn from your team, it can be seen as a slightly MLMy platform with training!

If you are flat broke, and simply want to understand the basic fundementals of Affiliate Marketing, then I would check out either this FREE course by Spencer Mecham (ClickFunnels dream car winner) or this FREE course that offers you the ability to add your own affiliate ID's inside of the course once you understad the fundementals.

But whatever you do, don't buy into a pyramid crypto/cash gifting scheme. 

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