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Considering the upsells within the funnel, I would still say each one is worth it. The training and the course is worth it and you get your moneys worth. It starts at $7.95 and that could get you on the road and started.

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Ease of USe

None of the techniques taught within here are difficult or require a ton of software or complicated stuff. You can use funnels etc to maximise the effects, but you can also not.

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I enjoyed it. The training videos and the course are lengthy and well laid out. I knew some of the techniques, and John has put his own spin and advice into this course.

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I had a few questions and 'got stuck' for the purpose of this review to see what support was like and John got back to me with answers. So I can't complain.

Summary: Unlike the majority of products found within W+ I actually enjoyed this. The course material is good, and teaches you the 'Launch Jacking' method of generating traffic and commissions. It's a cheap, well put together course, with some nice additional extras you can grab if you want. 

  • Videos Are Well Done And Clear
  • Information Provided Is Solid
  • I Feel The Price For Each Product Is Worth It (Including the Upsells)
  • You Can Take The Information Found Within The Course And Quickly Get Started. It's Not That Complicated To Get Going
  • I Would Have Liked A Little More Information About The Traffic Offer, But I Understand The Need for Some Secrecy
  • The Re-Sell Rights Confused Me A Little, But Then Again I Am Not Fully Used To Alot Of Products That Offer The Ability!

Starts From $7.95 (At the time of writing this review)

It's rare that I will do reviews of Warrior+ products, usually because the products or courses found on there are not my target market, and also because I have only ever found about 5 products that I felt would be worth my time buying and reviewing. Today, I saw both a social media post, and also a MunchEye note about a product that caught my eye.

I will be doing a review on a course (and part DFY service) called 'The Collector'. Odd name, but hey it's 2020 and most of the standard names have been taken these days. So you can't simply call it 'The Amazing Program That Will Help You Get Started With Affiliate Marketing'. Mainly because that's a mouthful and also not that catchy. 

Now, I do know the guy behind The Collector, mainly as a guy who does a lot of YouTube reviews of products on Warrior+ & JVZoo, but also the guy who seems to know a lot about Launch Jacking & Email Marketing. 

Which is useful, because we will be going into some of that that. 

What Is 'The Collector'

I wanted to give a quick overview of what the program, actually is, before diving into some of the meaty stuff that is found inside. 

At the heart of this product, is a course. The course is of course about Affiliate Marketing, with a focus on a method called Launch Jacking, something that John seems knowledgeable about. It also covers email marketing, how to cover your costs and also some video marketing (think YouTube). 

 John covers everything from the tools you are going to need, the process in which you can essential borrow some of the big affiliate promoters traffic, and of course the structure behind the method.

There are upsells, as with most Warrior+ products, and I will also explain those, giving a highlight of what they are and the pricing, plus if I think it's worth grabbing. Having a look at the funnel and what is on offer, I would say there is nothing that jumps out and shouts 'wtf are you doing', which is nice, and there is nothing in here that is going to be taking $400 - $1000+ off of you (as with some products on there).

What Is Inside 'The Collector'

Right, let's actually jump into the heart of this. What do you get inside The Collector and what is it made up of.

So, you get what I will call 'Core' training, there is also the option to grab some 'Advanced Training', which essentially is a ton more value, for a small additional price. 

There is also the option of learning how John creates his 'Info Product' videos, and basically an easier way to create these assets. You will also get the opportunity (depending on when you grab this) to take traffic from one of Warrior+'s top Affiliates and Top Vendors (the sales page will basically send traffic to your site). 

Lastly there is the ability to re-sell this entire course and just keep the commissions yourself, so more on that in a bit. 

I will point out, you can also get an extremely cheap training session and support for 30 days as the final offer. Again, I will go into all of these in more detail below, as they are worth talking about. 

Core Training

This is what your price of entry into this course is going to be buying you. Good old fashioned core training. 

You will be met by John, the guy who runs this course, with a welcome & an overview video, both introducing you to what The Collector will be teaching you, and also a bit of an introduction to him. Always nice to meet your teachers. 

I also notice that there is a case study in the back-end, it's not an uber long case study, only around 3 minutes or so, but John basically explains how this Affiliate Marketing style works (and one that I have seen first hand can be successful) and he shows you how he has managed to do this method over and over to keep getting his $100 days.

It's worth noting, the videos are clear, and precise. It's not 25 mins of fluff, which is what I have found with a lot of products on that platform. In under 15 minutes you have been introduced, understood the core concept and even seen a bit of a case study. Straight to the point.

The Collector Review 4 The Collector Review

After the introduction videos and the case study, it's time to actually get on with the training. 

As I have said a few times, the first 2 videos inside of this main training are going to be an explanation of Affiliate Marketing, and yes, this training is aimed at people just starting or those with only a basic understanding of what Affiliate Marketing is. He also has a video on the tools you will need, you can then check out the resources tab for links to a lot of these products and tools. 

About 25 minutes long, they are still concise and well laid out. 

You are then given what I would see as your main method. Split into 5 separate videos. 

These videos are going to explain what the method is, in this case it's Launch Jacking, how John likes to stand out from others doing it, ways you can use this method to drive traffic towards your offers, as well as how to capture those who are 'interested' but not quite ready to grab whatever you are offering. 

He also covers structure, which is something most people who teach this method don't really touch on. They just say 'create this video' and then essentially let you guess how to do it or structure it. 

In all, there is just over an hours worth of valuable content within the first 4 videos. 

The Collector Review 5 The Collector Review

For me, the part about standing out is essential, launch jacking, if done correctly can be a great source of income, as let's be honest, something new comes on the marketer every day, if not every few days. 

With a near unlimited amount of launches, doing this for 1 or 2 hours a day, means you can earn those $100 days (if not more with bigger launches). 

Plus the beauty of this, is that what John is teaching you, the assets stay around, you are going to have these videos forever. That means if they get a V2 launch, as does happen a lot, or someone finds some information about it later because it's suddenly started going crazy,  your asset is there, waiting for people to watch. 

He also explains the beauty of using landing pages, with products such as ClickFunnels to obviously capture those potential leads, and how to do follow up with these, more on that later. 

Lastly in the main training is the final training video. Just over 10mins on how to actually upload, but more importantly RANK your new videos. 

Again, the ranking part is something people always seem to leave out. It's simply 'create' and BOOM magic, you are all happy and done. 

Advanced Training

So we have the 'Core Training' or as the course calls it 'Main Training'. That course has given you everything you need to go off and start doing this method. You don't need to get this up-sell if you feel that you can get on with it without needing more information.

But, I would say for $27 extra, it's going to be worth grabbing this, and I rarely say that for up-sells. 

For the most part, up-sells are bits of training that could be in the main one, and at the same price. They don't add more value, but a vendor will say that for another $10 you can have this 1 extra video. And I have been burnt on that in the past. 

The Collector and this course, is different, you get access to 14 new videos, so already double the 'core training' amount. This new training is all about helping you get your first 50+sales.

The new module includes, guides and videos on topics such as;

  • Getting Your First 50 Sales
  • The Strategy Behind That
  • How To Pick Offers
  • Paid Traffic Methods
  • Free Traffic Methods

You will also learn some tricks on how to get approved for products (as well as explaining the reasons you keep getting rejected). 

I also enjoyed the fact John gives you information about AutoResponders, this video goes hand in hand with the original video about using email marketing.

The Collector Review 6 The Collector Review

One main difference with this, is that you are given a 7 day follow up + 60 email templates. For me, that part alone is worth that $27. He uses Aweber, but hey they do make sharing sequences easier than other AutoResponders. 

The second extra module you get access too, or Module 4 as it's called within this, is all about 'Affiliate Secrets' 

This module covers; 

  • Building Your Buyers Lists (not just an email list)
  • Product Launching Formula
  • Products You Should Promote (With The Ability To Buy Full Licence Rights

As you can see this module is about giving you products for you to promote that have been handpicked, and then showing you how to can pick up other peoples work and launch them as your own. 

Or kind of rehash them (which you do see a lot on WarriorPlus).

I personally don't like doing it, but I guess nothing online is truly new, and you can make some decent cash with this method. 

At the end of the day, I have seen courses on WarriorPlus being sold for around $49  that will ONLY cover what you get within the 'Main Training', the amount you get for under $40 within The Collector really does show that for once you are getting some decent value.

Breath of fresh air to be honest. 

I would take Module 1 (Welcome + Zero To Super Affiliate) , Module 2 (Launch Jacking) and Module 3 (Guide To 50+ sales) and pay $47 or so for it, so to pay $35 or so and get Module 4 (Product Launching + Buyer Lists) then I say that's worth the price. 

Done For You Information Products

The second Upsell within this course is the Effortless Info Products, this is actually a full course, inside a course. 

It's a $197  - $297 (from what I can see, it may actually be more). John does mention that he purchased the full rights for this product, and it seems he is selling it at the bare minimum (it was $97 when I wrote this) that he is allowed, which is nice. Most people will buy the re-sell rights and just jack the price up a ton to maximise their return. 

So the product, called Effortless Info Products is an 8 module + 3 bonus module course, that focus on building those product.Each module looks at different types of products, from standard text, audio products and of course video products. 

Within each module you will be given the tools and the, ideas and of course examples of each different areas. 

The whole training and course is designed to go hand in hand with 'The Collector' giving you the ability to create these assets to help promote other products, or simply launch your own product. 

Limitless Traffic

This, got my eye.

I enjoy offers that basically allow me to legally steal (ok, siphon) traffic, either via traffic rotators, link rotators or any other way in which someone wants to send traffic to my offers. 

So from the video it sounds like they will set you up a landing pages and potentially product pages, which is then put in-front of some of the big Affiliates & Vendors traffic. Considering some of these pages can hit some insane numbers, especially on launch days, getting 1% of that traffic sent to your own landing pages could potentially get you a few thousand people eyeballing that page. 

The Collector Review 7 The Collector Review

If you have an offer for a few $$'s and 10% of those eyesballs pick that offer, then you could again make a decent little pocket of cash. 

Without seeing it in full, it would be difficult to fully appreciate what you are getting, but the offer does sound decent. Though there seems to be a limit to the number of people who can grab it. When I last looked it was limited to 100 people, so at least you are not going to be sharing this offer with thousands of people all fighting for the same traffic.

For $197, I think it's worth getting, especially if you can get a part of that 1 million page views, even 1% of those views could be worth hundreds of $$'s. 

Reseller Rights

One of the last up sells within this funnel is the ability to resell The Collector and package it as your own. 

As with a lot of Warrior+ and even JvZoo products you can grab the courses, repackage them and put them into your own, either as upsells, bonuses or potentially as your own course in full. Yep, seen that a few times, usually stating that they are working with whoever created the videos. 

The cost of doing it isn't that much, plus you obviously get to keep all the commissions from the upsell across the  funnel as your own (if you sell the Effortless Info Products part you get your money back..if that's included, not 100% sure). I expect the price to rise after the initial launch, so $47 for the resell rights is pretty good. 

It maybe that you can only sell The Collector & The Collector Pro, may be worth watching the video and getting a better understanding. 


The final upsell is the for you to jump on a 1-1 skype call or zoom call, with John. From the video it looks like you get a couple of these coaching calls, plus you get access to John via email and Facebook, for 30 days. 

So you can pay (a very cheap price) for Johns knowledge and basically grab as much as you can for him for those 30 days, asking him questions about internet marketing and of course some of the methods spoken about in his course. 

At the time of writing this, it was $97 to get those 2- 3 coaching calls and 30 days of email and Facebook support. 

Who Is The Collector For

I would say the target market for this product, is for people who are new to affiliate marketing and would potentially enjoy creating these types of videos. 

To make the videos can take a few hours, or possibly quicker as you get better, and you can expect to be doing 1 or 2 a week. So if you are one of those people who want to build up a digital library of these style of videos, while grabbing some of the big affiliates traffic, then this would be great for you.

If you don't like being on camera, then The Collector Pro and the Endless Info Product upsells would suit you, as John goes into methods that mean you don't have to show that face of yours (perfect for me!)

The Collector Pricing - What Will It Cost?

To get the core training, which anyone can pick up and start implementing straight away, will at the time of writing this, cost you $7.95. So about the cost of a coffee and a slice of cake. 

If you want to see more case studies, and have more training modules, including that guide to 50+ sales, then you will need to spend another $27. As I said further up, I have seen courses with the same number of videos within core training being sold for the same price as both of these put together. 

Next up is the additional course that you can get access too, so this is the Effortless Info Products, again at the time of writing this was $97, which is the lowest price this course can be re-sold for under the licensing agreement. 

Limitless Traffic will cost you $197, if you happen to grab it while it's still active. I believe after those 100 people have got it then it's closed. I am surprised how few people grab these types of upsells, especially considering you can keep getting this traffic over and over, and if you can't monetise thousands of page views then something has gone wrong. 

Moving onto the resell rights, again for some reason this is only $47, I believe this gives you access too the whole funnel, but definitely need to re-watch that video!

Then lastly, the coaching calls and month of support will cost you $97. Which I personally believe is cheap and should be more expensive, especially if paying for someones time and support (John has 10+ years doing this). 

And there you have it, if you did grab everything, you would be at around $470, but then you would also be getting traffic sent to landing pages that had been set up for you, 2 full courses, the ability to re-sell a course and coaching. 

Is The Collector For You

Hard question to answer really. 

If you are someone who is interested in learning this method, then yes, I would say The Collector is for you. 

If you are not interested in this style, then no, it wouldn't be for you. You may be more interested in learning different methods or finding the right method for you. If that's the case, I would suggest looking at Savage Affiliates. A course that teaches you a variety of different affiliate marketing methods, and a course I took 3 years ago (it's been updated a few times since).

The Collector Review Conclusion 

For a Warrior+ product, I actually for once enjoyed it, which is rare for me. 

The initial course is informative and you can definitely get started with it, without the need to grab the upsells if you don't want. 

The upsells throughout the funnel are still reasonable, with none of them being stupidly prices (which is one of my main issues with W+ products), each have a reasonable price tag, and I believe the collector Pro training is actually cheap and could be a bit more expensive, so maybe it will rise in the future. 

Launch Jacking isn't something I have spent a lot of time doing, mainly because I never liked having my face on camera, I still don't even after all these years, but I have got a few ideas now on how to start doing this method without having to show my mug to the world. 

Let me know your thoughts.

The Collector Bonuses

It seems like most people throw a ton of shit PLR products or software into the mix at the end of every Warrior+ product review, because for some reason paying $8 for a training course isn't worth it unless you put $600 worth of 'value' into a stack. 

Sadly, I'm not one of those people..If you do decide to grab the course, and the full stack, then I will also offer 30 days of access to my inbox and messenger, and I will also offer my advice and expertise on anything affiliate marketing. 

I would say that's worth a little more than a bit of software you will never use or a PDF document that was created in 2002 and died about the same time as MySpace.

The Collector

From $7.95