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Shopify Turbo Theme Review Summary;

Shopify Turbo Theme Review 2 turbo theme review


It is expensive, even for a premium theme, it's still an expensive theme. 

Shopify Turbo Theme Review 5 turbo theme review

Ease of USe

It is easy to set up and quite easy to navigate around it, as with a lot of Shopify themes they do not require a ton of coding knowledge to succeed with them 

Shopify Turbo Theme Review 8 turbo theme review


The themes are designed to be fast and help improve sales, they do that quite well. They are nicely designed and don't slow down your store, you can't ask much more than that. 

Shopify Turbo Theme Review 11 turbo theme review


As far as I can tell, their support seems to be on point, I had no issues and no need to speak to them, so I can only speak from my own research. 

Summary: A nicely designed theme, or set of themes I guess, the Turbo Theme for Shopify is well presented, nicely laid out and more importantly quick. If you want to turn your Shopify store into a professional looking business, and dont mind spending a few hundred $'s then this theme is a good shout.

  • Professional Looking
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Doesn't Take A Computer Degree To Work Out How To Set Up And Use
  • A Number Of Different Child Themes To Choose From (They All Use Variations Of The Turbo Theme - Each Theme Is Sold Separately)
  • It Is Expensive For Those Who Have Just Started Out
  • Each 'Flavour' Of The Theme Is A Separate Cost, So If You Fancy Changing To A Different Type You Will Need To Pay Again

Shopify has opened incredible opportunities to anybody with a brilliant idea worth listening to. Today you can create a thriving shop online in minutes and increase your chances of success with just a few simple steps. However, with so much competition on the market, it is essential to create a visibly appealing and efficient e-commerce website.

Most users have found that third-party supplied themes were inadequate to reflect the brilliant ideas they had and did not express their concept fully. The Turbo Themes designed by Out of The Sandbox are powerful, unique and focus entirely on bringing performance benefits to any growing Shopify merchant. 

The Specifics

Turbo Themes are created to be unique and powerful and ultimately guarantee enhanced performance.  With the Sport or Ludicrous modes, you can adjust the speed of the theme and the shopping experience of your users.


Images are today an essential marketing tool to attract new and returning shoppers. There is an extremely high competition, especially due to the spread of social media platforms among potential customers. With the Turbo Themes, you will be able to enjoy optimized, high-resolution images that are responsive to any sort of screens. This will help your customers enjoy shopping on their computers, laptops, and mobile phones. 

Page Transition

To adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern shoppers, the Turbo Themes have transformed the way users look at a web page. With the instantaneous page transition technology, these themes guarantee ultra-fast navigation which speeds up the shopping process and increases the chances of users buying products from your page.

Moreover, with the Accelerated Quick View functionality installed in the Out of The Sandbox themes, allows for quick browsing of large inventories.

To be highly recognizable and visibly attractive, the Turbo Themes feature configurable full-width slideshows and banners. Your favorite images can be uploaded and selected to be shown on the top of your eCommerce website.


Every shop is different, and every merchant is trying to portray a unique idea. Therefore, your Shopify theme should be able to reflect that and be completely customizable to the different business concepts out there. The Turbo Themes are able to adapt to your preferences easily and you will be able to create the online shop of your dreams without having to compromise on functionality and speed.

Turbo Theme Review Chicago

With multiple action buttons, text and color settings, every user will be able to choose the best combination to communicate their business concept in the best way. The high number of pre-designed layouts make it easier for anyone just starting out their career through Shopify to create highly appealing and practical websites in a short time. This will allow you to start selling your ideas faster and without having to reach out for professional help.

However, for the expert sellers that are not willing to settle for a pre-installed template, every item can be configured individually and adjusted. This will give you the option to create your own layout that reflects your needs better.

Versatile Navigation

Give your customers the best navigation experience by customizing your Shopify website in the way you prefer! These Turbo Themes are designed to be intuitive and reflect the way your users prefer to shop. With the predictive live search option pre-installed in the Turbo Theme, your customers will be able to reach and view the desired product in seconds.

Moreover, you will be able to add multiple menus to your page, which makes it easier for any potential customer to restart their search or jump to a different page. This also encourages shoppers to expand their cart and shop more items. The menu options are not limited to the main customizable and extendable one, but you will also be able to add mini menus across your pages for easier navigation.

To increase the visibility of your brand, the Turbo Themes also support multiple logo alignment options that will make you shop stand out and remembered for returning customers.

Promotional Sections and Banners

Promotional sections are one of the most essential parts of your website. They have the power to expand your customer’s cart and can persuade your users to buy one more item. While this can bring increased revenue to your business, it is essential to get them right in order to avoid ruining the design of your webpages.

The Turbo Themes are designed to be completely customizable, especially in terms of promotional sections and banners. You will be able to decide where you would like your promotions to be seen by your customer or dismiss a banner to maintain your webpage as clean as possible. 

While presets and layouts are available throughout the themes for easier setup, there is nothing that can’t be adjusted in these themes. For a more interactive experience, you will be able to add videos to your banners. These support YouTube, Vimeo, and native MP4 videos, which allows you to create a unique banner that keeps your users entertained throughout their shopping experience.

Ultimately, promotions and techniques to increase your customer’s loyalty should be a priority if you have just started out your business as well as if you are a navigated seller. However, most Shopify merchants have seen that the option available in most third-party supplied themes are inadequate to reach out to customers and convince them to come back to their websites.  

With the expanded styling options for newsletter signup featured in the Turbo Themes, you will be able to gather your customer’s data more easily and design a marketing campaign that reflects your business the best.

The Shopping Experience: Adjustable from Start to End

Through the layouts, the two-speed modes, and the available presets, the Turbo themes are incredibly easy to use but extremely appealing. You will be able to control your customers’ shopping experience from start to end.

  • The fast navigation and instant image loading help your shoppers to browse your items faster and better than any other theme on the market. 
  • The predictive search and the responsiveness to any screen site are perfect to convince anybody to explore your shop just a little longer. 
  • The promotional spaces and responsive banner help you create a perfect marketing strategy that is unique and functional. This will also make your shopper aware of the discounts, promotions, and unique offers that you have made available without damaging the look of your website.
  • Lastly, the most important moment for any shopper is when they decide to proceed with their purchase. While the look and functionality of the cart page are often overlooked by many merchants, it is important to convince your customers to complete the buying process. This all comes down to how well your cart page is designed. In the Turbo Themes, you will be able to adapt it to your needs and strategy in the best way. The cart page options are animated, functional, and interactive, which help to encourage your web page visitors to complete their purchase.

Turbo Themes Review: There Is One for Any Merchant

All the incredible features mentioned above are available in any of the Turbo Themes and make them a unique product on the market. However, Out of The Sandbox has modified the look and feel of these themes to adapt them even more to the needs of any merchants. Let’s have a look at the best one for you!


The Portland Turbo Theme is a basic and highly configurable option that fits the needs of any merchants without challenges. It is perfect for anybody that can’t renounce to a sleek design to have a high performing and functional website. 

While it is completely customizable, this theme is incredibly responsive to all of your needs and can be set up in no time with great results. This makes it perfect for anybody willing to start their Shopify career straight away without having to spend too much time getting their website ready. You will be able to focus entirely on selling your product and setting up a marketing strategy that works for you. And let the Portland Turbo Theme do the rest!


Just as powerful as the rest of the Turbo Themes, Florence offers a refined and polish look that helps your consumer focus entirely on your product without distractions. It is highly customizable and features all the main options of the rest of the Turbo Themes. However, with Florence, you will be able to create an elegant and clean webpage on a pastel color pallet and with plenty of white spaces. This will allow your unique product to shine in an unclustered website.

It is perfect for any merchant setting up their jewelry or fashion store that does not want to miss out on opportunities due to slow loading pages and confusing themes.

Turbo Theme Review


This Turbo Theme uses tidy fonts and a subtle color palette that gives an elegant and strong look to your website. While the minimalistic look can really help your product stand out, this theme’s features are just as incredible as the other Turbo Themes. Your consumers will be able to reach the desired product in no time and enjoy a flawless navigation experience.

This theme is perfect for up-market products and merchants that are shooting for the stars. Among some of the best revenue increasing features of this theme, you will be able to set up upselling options at checkout and a sleek newsletter to reach out to potential buyers.


This minimalistic theme has been optimized for mobile or tablet view. It offers a smooth vibe and pastel colors that help your consumer to focus on your product throughout the shopping experience. The warm and sophisticated color palette available in this theme makes it different from the other Turbo options.

While it does guarantee high performing navigation and responsiveness, this theme creates a unique area for your customers to spend time looking at their favourite products and comparing them. With the upselling options at checkout, you will be guaranteed maximized revenues out of each visitor.


The Chicago Theme is perfect for the boldest merchants out there. If you have had a business idea that can’t be portrayed by any of the standard themes out there, The Chicago look can really enhance your concept. Through the high contrasting colors and bold fonts, the dramatic look of this theme can really create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.

If your shop is dedicated to providing funky apparel or tech gear, the Chicago theme will lift you above the competition in no time. While each product will have enough space that makes it easy to examine and compare, it provides a visual impact that not many themes on the market can achieve.

Customer Service

If you have just started your career on Shopify or you are an experienced seller that is looking at expanding their already thriving business, the Out of The Sandbox team will be there to help you.

The themes are all incredibly easy to set up and customize, but you will never be left without assistance in case of need. Each Turbo Theme comes with a 14 days guarantee that allows you to try and explore this product yourself and feel whether it is the right one for you.

Moreover, Out of The Sandbox’s comprehensive website is up to date with any information you might need. They offer tutorials, guidance, updates, and FAQ page that can supply all the information you need.

Things I Like About Turbo Theme

There are a large number of items that I enjoyed with the Turbo Theme. 

The themes are clean and well laid out. As you can see above, there are a number of variations to the Turbo Theme, sometimes called child themes, they are essentially different flavours on the baseline coding. They do have individual cost though, sadly you don't get them all for one price. 

You get a decent amount of customisation, from pages to checkout, which can make a huge difference when it comes to trying to influence your customers or convince them to buy from your store. 

The speed of the themes is also decent, they load quickly, even with a lot of images and text, partly down to Shopify itself, but also down to how themes have been coded. 

Things I Did Not Like About Turbo Theme

For me, there was only one issue, or item that made me dislike Turbo Theme, and that is the price. 

It is expensive, though obviously this is completely subjective, if a theme can increase profits or conversions by 1 - 10% and your profits per month are up to $3k or more, then you have paid back your theme within the first month. 

Who Should Buy Turbo Theme?

Due to the price, I would say the Turbo Theme are for DropShippers or sellers who have an established store and wanting to move away from standard themes, but don't want to pay large amounts of money for a fully custom approach. 

Newbie entrepreneurs may see this as a huge investment when they are just starting out, and as such should probably look at free themes, or themes such as eComTurbo if you have some money to spend on a theme.  

Are There Any Turbo Theme Alternatives?

There are a large number of themes for Shopify, including whole marketplaces full of themes, but a lot of them are quite expensive, or don't offer much in the way of additional benefits. 

One of the best ones that I have found, and still use, has to be eCom Turbo, it was created by the guy who created eCom Elites. The theme itself is great for those just starting out, or who are looking to consolidate their plugins and reduce the monthly cost on apps. 

eCom Turbo comes with a large number of apps such as social proof, timers and related products as standard, meaning you don't have to clutter your store with lots of additional apps. It's also a lot cheaper than Turbo Theme, which may be easier on some ecom entrepreneurs. 


The Turbo Themes are the perfect choice for any merchant that is not willing to renounce a stylish website to have functionality and responsiveness. These Shopify Turbo Theme Reviews are aimed at first-timers or experienced sellers that are looking at giving an incredible and unique look to their eCommerce websites. 

They can be customized and configured to adapt to the quirkiest of ideas and portray it in the best way to returning and potential buyers alike. While any Shopify theme can represent an investment that any new merchant should make, this Turbo Theme Review should help you make the right one!

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Turbo Theme






Ease Of Use





  • Easy To Navigate & Set Up
  • Beginner Friendly (Yes, even if you don't know how to edit themes)
  • You Do Get A Number Of Different Child Themes
  • It Really Does Make Your Site Look Professional


  • It's Expensive, No Two Ways About It.
  • Each Theme Has A Separate Cost (Child Themes Are Different)

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