AMZ Tracker Review

What is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker is an expansive suite of tools, designed to help Amazon sellers improve their marketplace place listings, as well as finding competitors rankings and comparing listings. 

AMZTracker allows someone who is doing FBA or trying to get into selling on the Amazon Marketplace to raise their product standards and it's ranking. 

AMZTracker Features

AMZTracker comes with 3 distinct areas to help you succeed with your Amazon journey.

They have  split into OffensiveDefensive and Reconnaissance. 

Each with their own unique set of tools, aimed at

  • Improving product rankings
  • Helping you find new potential products
  • Defend against listing hijacking and potential negative bombers!

AMZ Offensive Strategy

Product Tracking & Conversion Improvement Tips

Two tools that are probably some of the most useful tools, is that of the product tracking and conversion tip tools. 

The AMZ Tracker Product Tracking tool allows you to set a number of parameters  and then compare them with a competitor(s). 

A seller chooses the product, and then decide if they want to track based upon sales estimations, revenue estimations or even the Best Seller Rankings, allowing you to understand how you can improve your own listings. 

Following on from this, you can then use the Conversion Improvement Tips to find what issues you might be facing on your listing. 

AMZ Tracker Review 2 AMZ Tracker Review

The above image is an example of a listing and shows in clear and easy to understand the issues that a seller might be facing and why their product might be ranking well below others. 

You can then easily update your listing with higher resolution images, or try to get more reviews on the product listing to help boost your rankings.

AMZ Tracker Super URL

A nifty little tool that allows you to create links that can be shared directly on social media. 

A seller can choose the product, define what platform it will be displayed on (Facebook, Twitter, Google or Gmail).

Once the link has been created, this can then be shared and once the user has clicked through its tracked as to provide data. It can also be used to raise their product rankings. 

Keyword Tracking / Keyword Research Tool

The AMZ Tracker lets you track and monitor a number of keywords, much the same way as products such as KeySearch works for Google. 

You can also identify where your product is tracking for certain keywords. 

For example if you are selling Garlic Presses, and you wanted to see were you where ranking for 'How do I use a Garlic Press' or something, AMZ Tracker lets you see that instantly. 

You can also cheekily track your competitors. 


VIPON is not a product that I have used before in the past, or something I have much experience with. 

VIPON is essentially a market place for Amazon deals. 

You can create coupons and deals directly within AMZ Tracker and then either drip feed or post the deals all at once. 

AMZ Tracker Review 3 AMZ Tracker Review

AMZ Tracker Defensive Strategy 

Negative Review Alert

Receive instant alerts every time a customer leaves a review that is between 1 - 4 stars. 

As with eBay reviews and stars mean A LOT. 

If you get 4 stars on below your products, this can negatively effect your listing. 

By getting these alerts, you can respond to the customer and solve their issue, in the hopes that you can raise their rating!

Hijack alerts

As with the negative review alerts, the Hijacker Alerts provide you with notifications if other sellers have jumped on the same Amazon listing as yourself (possibly with lower prices) and gives you the opportunity to remove them (if they do not have the licence to sell the product) or appeal to Amazon to remove them because they are copying you!


Like what you have seen so far?

AMZ Tracker comes with a ton of features, seen one that peaks your interest? Sign up for the 7 day free trial to explore the others!


Deepwords Research

The Deepwords tool provides you with long tail keyword that are currently converting and gives you ideas on what keywords you can start to target to start ranking for those particular phrases or keywords. 

For example, you might use the keyword 'Garlic Press', and the Deepwords tool will suggest long tail keywords such as 'Garlic Presses that can press large pieces of garlic'. 

That longtail might be getting 50 sales a month and most keyword tools would miss this gem!

Competitor Analysis

This tool is the same as the product analysis tool designed to tell you what is wrong with your listings, this tool will tell you what is wrong with a competitors listing. 

Allowing you too improve on their products and potentially start to rank higher. 

For example if you and your competitor are both missing high resolution images, you can add some, and potentially rank higher. 

Unicorn Smasher Pro

This Chrome Extension is an addition to the standard AMZ Tracker tools and essentially allows you to browse Amazon, while getting real-time information about;

  • Revenue
  • Number of reviews
  • Quality of the listing
  • Number of sellers
  • Plus more

Pros & Cons of AMZ Tracker

As with all products and tools, there is always two sides.

AMZ Tracker is a great tool, but does have a few downsides. 

Pros of AMZ Tracker

  • You can track product data in real time - Both yours and competitors
  • Up to date information with regards to pricing, products, estimation of sales and product reviews
  • Its a Service on Demand System and works with all Amazon sites - So if you break into other markets you can start to look up other competitors!
  • The listing improvement tips can help you increase your ranking by simply improving your images, or finding more reviews.
  • You can instantly set up coupons and push them to another marketplace too potentially improve your rankings and social proof. 

Cons of AMZ Tracker

  • The marketplace is becoming competitive, with products like AMZ Scout and AMZ Shark (Though AMZ Shark are currently looking a bit lacklustre). 
  • A lot of users have complained about the high pricing (see more on that below) but after looking at other services, their pricing is around on par. 

AMZ Tracker Pricing

You can get a 7 day free trial for AMZTracker and I would recommend giving it a trial first to see if it's for you. 

As with a lot of these Amazon tracking software there are a number of different tiers. 

AMZ Tracker Review 4 AMZ Tracker Review


Coming in at $41.70 per month (if you take out a yearly subscription) or $50 if you do their monthly plan.

It provides you with 110 keywords and 50 products that can be tracked. 

You also get 3 marketplaces and 50 vouchers per month that can be created. 


Starting at $83 per month (if you take out a yearly subscription) or $100 if you take out the pay monthly plan. 

You double your products, and quadruple the number of keywords that you can monitor per month. 

You are also rewarded with 150 vouchers and they have increased the number of product sales tracked to 100.

God Mode

For those running a bit of a bigger eCommerce store, God mode might be the better option. 

Pricing starts at $166 per month (if you take out a yearly subscription) or $200 on the monthly plan. 

Again as with basic to professional, you have double the number of products that can be tracked per month, giving you 200 different products and 1500 keywords!

You are also rewarded with 10 marketplace promotions and 600 vouchers that can be sent out!


Finally, you get to Legend mode..

This mode comes in at $333 per month or $400 a month if you fancy taking out the month by month plan. 

Legend gives you an eye watering 3000 keywords that you can potentially track and 400 products! 400 competitor products, that's alot of products to get information on!

As you can tell, this is for the big boys and girls, and you get given 10 promotions and 1500 vouchers! 

Finally you can also track 400 different sales and track 400 listings for negative reviews! 

All of the above modes come with a 7 day free trial, so you can see if this tool fits your business without spending any money!

Does AMZ Tracker Comply With Amazon Policies?

I am happy to say that AMZ Tracker does not go against any of the policies or practises.

Some users worried that using AMZ Tracker to get people to review, or even change their review could fall foul of the big A. This was discussed on the Amazon forums and has been discussed a number of times before.  

AMZ Tracker Round Up

From looking at all the tools that AMZTracker provides, it is fairly obvious, it can be used by a variety of sellers. 

Every package level gives you access too all the tools, and someone who may be running a small Amazon store who is possibly struggling to rank products or may be having issues with their listings can fairly cheaply look at ways of improving sales. 

Compared with similar products such as AMZ Shark or AMZScout, it's very much on a level playing field and again they are all roughly the same price, with the others offering less payment levels. 

If you are serious about your Amazon store or running FBA then I would recommend looking into AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

$43 /m



Accuracy of data




Ease of use



  • Large number of tools
  • Easy to see and up to date data
  • Accurate and useful information
  • Competetive pricing
  • 7 day trial


  • Can be expensive
  • Customer service is sometimes lacking

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