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Before we get too far into this Lead Conversion Squared Review, it's worth noting that LCS2 has not launched yet, so this review it looking into what we know, and a way of updating as we learn more. 

I will be running through the features that we know, I will also look into the creators of this platform and course, what the point of Lead Conversion Squared actually is. 

What Is The Lead Conversion Squared System?

Currently, knowledge is pretty limited about what the LCS2, though from what I have read and seen, it will be a split between an online training course and a platform, designed to help you increase leads and conversions.

The training course will be focused on how to generate those leads, through ads, calls and other methods. Then showing you to to nurture and grow those leads, through your funnels, turning them into actual buyers. 

There is also a 3 day workshop that will happen on the 28th of September (sign up here to be told about this). This workshop is going to cover;

  • How To Generate A Stream Of New Leads
  • How To Find Your Ideal Client, And How To Attract Them With The Perfect Message
  • How To Build & Improve Your Funnel To Increase Conversions

So the workshop will give you the knowledge you need, using existing tools and solutions out there. 

LCS2 also sounds like they will be releasing a software as a 'business in a box' style solution. Allowing you to run a fully automated lead generation process. 

How Will The Lead Conversion System Work?

Currently, it's unknown how LCS2 will actually work, and nothing is known about how the LCS2 software is going to work or function. 

From the limited information that has been release so far, we know that it will be an automated lead generation software, designed to help you take cold traffic from start to finish, as well as helping you increase conversion rates and of course commissions. 

I am also aware that it may contain a virtual assistant piece of kit, that could also be run to keep the leads flowing in every single month.

Who Created The Lead Conversion Squared System

The LCS2 system is an amalgamation of Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely. 

Daven is a guy who is big on Virtual Assistants, outsourcing jobs and introducing others who can do the tasks you don't want too. 

Chad is the guy behind the software and possibly a lot of the automation that comes with LCS2.

Having released a number of apps and software in the past on sites such as JvZoo and ClickBank. Especially those that focus on the lead generation market.

When Will The Lead Conversion Squared System Launch?

Currently the only date that has been release is the 28th September, this is when the first of the 3 online master classes will launch, two more will then follow on the 29th and 30th. 

Again these are designed to help you increase your own conversion rates, and learn new ways to start generating leads. 

Lead Conversion Squared Review

It will of course introduce you to LCS2 and the Lead Conversion Squared System.

What Will The Lead Conversion Squared Cost?

Currently, this is not known, as the prices have not been release yet. 

As more information is released, this LCS2 review will get an update. 

LCS2 Review Conclusion 

Obviously at this moment in time, not a ton of information is known. This LCS2 review will be held as a place holder and updated as more information is released over the next few months. 

If you want to keep up to date and be notified when this post get's an update and when of course LCS2 get's released then sign up here and I will only notify about the Lead Conversion Squared launch.